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Impressions of rookie camp -- all one day of it open to media

Unlike other NFL teams, the Dolphins rookie camp is closed to the public and closed to the media after the first day. So the three-day event is mostly, well, closed.

But these are my impressions of what I saw the one day it was open:

First round draft pick Dion Jordan didn't practice and so didn't do anything impressive yet, as I write in my column. He'll miss a couple of OTA days. He'll be back for the June minicamp but probably still won't be ready to work. He's looking to take care of his shoulder injury and be ready for competition during training camp.


Former Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs, an undrafted rookie free agent signee, knows how to make an impression. He was a walk-on at Michigan and rose to prominence and had something of a cult following in Ann Arbor. He knows the way to draw attention and that's hit. He did plenty of that, taking some liberties at times in the defensive backfield. He also had an interception. So he's got my attention, at least.


Yes, running back Mike Gillislee was good in his first practice of rookie camp. He ran with authority. He hit the crease hard. No shuffling of his feet. No chopping. I like that. Will that translate to anything once hitting starts? No idea. But good start.


The competition for kicker will be real. Kicker Caleb Sturgis connected on a couple of 50-yard tries. No, he's still not been in the fire of a pressure kick with his job on the line. But the kid kicked in The Swamp for the Gators. He's played in front of crowds much bigger than what the Dolphins will see in the preseason. I don't get the vibe that he'll be nervous.


The Dolphins need to find good athletes and good system-fit players when searching for corners. Let's face it, Sean Smith wasn't a fit. He's better as a press corner. The Dolphins don't play press coverage. Jamar Taylor seems better suited for the off-man scheme the Dolphins use. And he said what he's seeing from coaches is similar to what he saw at Boise State.

“Most of it is similar, just different terminology you’ve got to get used to," Taylor said. "But most of the plays are kind of similar.”


The Dolphins brought a couple of QBs to camp, including undrafted free agent Clay Belton of Findlay. He's has a way to go. A long way. His delivery is methodical. Takes too long. His accuracy is inconsistent. His footwork needs to be tightened up. He has a live arm, that's for sure. But I understand why he wasn't drafted.


I mentioned Jamar Taylor above. Third round pick Will Davis looked every bit as natural and like he belonged. He had an interception. Good first day.


Receivers Jeff Fuller and Brian Tyms -- both with the Dolphins last year -- were at the first day of rookie camp. Inconsistent. All I'm saying on that.


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Ross had a lot of nerve asking for handouts after 4 losing seasons in a row.

Bad owner, bad timing, bad team.

Oscar, How are you so clever with the creating new screen names? Do you just stromb your fingers thru hundreds of patient files.


Are they just many short friendships made during many stays at the Insane Asylum?

Some have faced Death and lost the fear of dying, and of everything Else. Tough, dried Wall, impenetrable.

Did anybody talk to Paul today? I was supposed to call him but got tied up. Hope everything is ok.

Posted by: Chuck | May 04, 2013 at 02:49 PM

Well that explains it.

ALoco was wondering where Mario went with all the rope.

The Dolphins dont need a renovation they need a new stadium. That place is old as hell and wreaks of urine. Its no wonder the Sun life Co. is pulling out.

In addition to 4 or 5 sacks, Vernon made some Impact Plays. Tackles for loss, blocked a couple of kicks and even returned one for a TD I believe.

I think Vernon had a very decent and productive rookie season. I think he's earned more playing time too. Especially when you consider the improvement in setting the edge.

I'm hoping Jordan gets tons of sacks. I hope he breaks the rookie record. But that's not the end all. From watching Jordan, he has the ability to make impact plays all over the field.

I just hope they don't limit him in any ways. Especially with the claims of bringing him along.

Find a way to put him on the field from day 1. Jordan will do the rest. In addition to being supremely talented, he's a straight up football player.

These types of Players find ways! It's that simple, just get him on the field-PERIOD-LOL!

It's Dolphins Stadium, Dolphins Stadium. Nobody else's.

Jordan kovacs is from mich st, not mich

The new stadium sponser should be Charmin.

I stand corrected, kovacs is u of m. As u were.

It's sponsor.

No disrespect Bodine, but I suspect you're wasting your breath with Armando.

Posted by: odinseye | May 04, 2013 at 06:41 PM

No doubt about that. Armando is an absent moderator who rarely participates in his own blog. It surprises me he even has a following, but how many fans across the country are there and how many blog here? A very tiny fraction of them, probably in the range of 0.0001%

of all the free agents in America this is the best group we could find??? Seriously? This undrafted free agent class is absolutely terrible. With guys from small confernece USA and a bunch of wannabes. Miami continues to find ways to drop the ball.


Armando is the best Dolphin writer and has the best blog. 3 times the hits of all other Dolphin blogs combined.

You know Paul and I are reading you, don't you? So do probably many other People that don't care to comment in here.


Quantity does not make quality. What % of hits here are nothing but nonsense? The regular names are very few from what I can see. Compare that to how many fans are out there and you'll get my point.

If Armando participated regularly in his own blog, he would likely have a bigger and better following.

Personally I find Armando to be a terrible writer with a very limited command of the English language. He writes at a very generic 5th grade level and often with mistakes. He doesn't seem to proof read his own work. He is certainly no role model for professional journalism.

Nahh, Armando can write very, very well, Bodine.

Bodine, why are you here? Armando is the best Dolphin writer there is.

I've yet to see that oscar. I'll let you know when I do.

Armando never displays wit, humor or imagination. Occasionally, he is good at giving a run down on a situation.

His level of journalism would not have been remotely acceptable before the internet age. Now a much lower standard is tolerated, but he even lags behind that.

Armando is wily, Bodine, very, very wily. That's why he's lasted so long.

Bodine must be mad that Armando didnt give him an autograph.

Mediocrity or less is what lasts long, just like all this inane, horrible and stupid tv shows.

I remember when I pointed out on Internet that Fidel Castro could write much better than those reflections that he publishes once in a while, he got mad as all hell. That's another wily One.

I don't watch TV anymore, it has never answered me.

One of the very best sports interviewers ever, intelligent, articulate, extremely knowledgeable and well read, could only get a very, very late night time slot, because the masses needed their nightly dose of nonsense.

Later with Bob Costas. He was great on every topic, not just sports. Now that is what I call journalism.








I just saw Costas today at the Derby show. Older but still well prepared, sharp.


Yes oscar, he still has it. Still one of the best in the business in my opinion.

Costa Vs Gumble

Who You Got?

Side Note: Marlins might be showing signs of life

I can't remember this team ever changing so much in one offseason. It will be interesting to watch this play out, but I am optimistic for the first time in awhile.

My only concern now...so many new players at once, it could take some time for them to gel.

So Will Davis and Jordan Kovac's both had Int's in their Very First Rookie Camps!

That's encouraging. It doesn't mean anything at this point obviously, but it sure doesn't hurt either.

That's the way to get the Coaching staffs attention. Hopefully it serves to push and motivate the others as well.

Kovac's is my Favorite Dark Horse Candidate to make the final 53 as a Special Teams Demon and a Back Up for Chris Clemons.

Davis hasn't been a CB for long, but he just keeps getting better. I'm sure Jamar Taylor doesn't want to be upstaged here either.

Good competition rounding out everywhere!

My only concern now...so many new players at once, it could take some time for them to gel.

Posted by: Bodine | May 04, 2013 at 09:19 PM

Definitely! The X-Tra Pre Season game is a True Blessing in my opinion. If there was ever a year we could really use it, it's this year.

Keeping things in Perspective Bodine, this really is only year two of a major rebuilding project.

I'm impressed so far.

Bodine No Lebatard Rant Again Please.

We Know The Expose On D. Jordan Would've Been 2 Page Long. With Explanations On Why Dion Jordan Will Be A Bust Just Because Of His Name. Forget Comparing Him To Jason Taylor, The Batard Will Point Out How DJ Will Never Be Michael Jordan.

But What Armando Does Better Than Lebatard Or The Suck Up Of Miami Heat Writers. (Talk About Babying Someone. Ever Heard Spoelstra Talk Or The Questions They Ask Him. That Is My Own Personal Rant.) What Salguero Does Better Is He Is Extra Critical Of The Team. He Isn't Bob Costas Or Bryant Gumble. But He Does Better Than Most Beat Writers. Objective.

Mando Doesn't Get Off Subject. Like Say A Omar Kelly. Violin Is Pretty Good. But He Sugar Coats It At Time.

I'm most curious about Dion Sims. Armando said nothing about him.

Armando isn't a beat writer, he is a columnist. Violin I haven't read much. Omar, is not only awful, but he is a joke and a dummy. I won't spend one more second reading anything by him. Yes, Armando is better than Omar, but that isn't saying much at all.

The sports writers for the Florida newspapers are simply appalling. That is all I can say. I find them to be embarrassments to journalism.

Definitely! The X-Tra Pre Season game is a True Blessing in my opinion. If there was ever a year we could really use it, it's this year.

Posted by: odinseye | May 04, 2013 at 09:25 PM

Ireland's greatest pick may have been Philbin. He strikes me as a guy that knows exactly what he needs to do well before he needs to do it. So, I agree, an extra game plays right into Philbins strengths.

Bodine That Is What I'm Saying. The Best Of The Bunch. Not A Great Bunch. But The Best We Got.

Agreed. Mando Is Also A Columnist. Don't Want To Short Change Him.

We Ran About 60 Plays A Game Last Year. With A Better Offense And 1 Year, With Most The Offense under The System. No Reason This Offense Can't Run 70-75 Plays A Game.

And The Offense Was Pretty Balanced Last Year. Even With R. Bush Not Establishing A Running Game.

504 Passing Attempts 440 Rushing Attempts.

More Plays Means More Yards, More Yards Means More Points.

70 Plays A Game. Will Give The Fins 580 Pass Attempts, 540 Rushing Attempts.

We all love to analyze the draft. I'd say we did well. The thing is, we were behind...the teams ahead of us also had drafts. Some of them did very well.

Have we closed the gap? I have no idea. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

I've said this before....anything less than a playoff berth I will consider an abject failure. Furthermore, if we don't finish ahead of the Bills and Jets, I will have serious doubts about our leadership. For now, I remain optimistic.

Folks, Philbin is smarter than Fisher. I am certain. Fisher has had the benefit of multiple high picks, because he traded out of #2 when he could have had RG3. I don't know if that was a mistake or not, time will tell.

Mano a mano, I take Philbin over career .500 Fisher. I like Fisher, I just don't think he is great, only good.

504 Passing Attempts 440 Rushing Attempts.

More Plays Means More Yards, More Yards Means More Points.

Posted by: Dashi | May 04, 2013 at 10:02 PM


I agree, it all adds up to more scoring possibilities.

Honestly, I was UNDERwhelmed by Sherman's play calls last year. I'm sure a certain percentage was due to a Rookie QB and personel issues.

Having said that, I like the pass/run ratio. Hopefully the upgrades and add ons equal better results. Of which Sherman is able to realize and utilize better and bigger amounts of his playbook.

Either way you cut it, we should have been a 10 win team last year. This year SHOULD be even better

I really have no opinion about the whole stadium situation. I do have an opinion about politics though, and it's ugly. Politics is evil. I know one thing, no way in hell I buy my next car from SlimeBag Braman.


I'd buy a car from Braman way before I'd buy one from Ross. LOL

Ross and his republicans need to stop their assault on the middle class.

What I like about Ross, he called out the speaker of the house DIRECTLY! He manned up. No politically correct nonsense. He exposed the source of the problem. There really should have been a vote, but obviously, the speaker, with residence in Tampa, has his own political interests in mind.

odin, Sherman and Tanny suck. Texas A&M's offense exploded when they both left.

Ross places blame on everyone but himself. Hilarious.

Nat Moore,

By any chance to you have a stiff curved object stuck up your rectum?

Steve Ross, maybe if you had a winning team you'd have half a chance.

Maybe if Ross listened to his customers and fired Ireland he would have a winning team.

Maybe if Nat Moore had a girl more than once every 3 years he'd have something better to do.

Maybe if Ross owned the Pats he'd have a winning team

gotta agree with many here......Jordan was a top 5 (or so) ranked player pretty much everywhere, was mocked just as high for the most part......Fins showed some balls trading up for him (c'mon.....that was pretty cool on draft night, wasnt it?)-ok, so he's hurt (which they knew) but this wasnt a pick for the next 3-6 months.....hopefully he'll be a stud for us for 10 years--I dont get it......why the focus on the next 4-5 months.....that period will be meaningless in the big picture.

BE ......




Maybe if Ross owned the Pats he'd have a winning team

Posted by: benz | May 04, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Nah, he'd screw them up too! lol

Obviously the loser who hasn't had his wang sucked by a girl in years is trolling my name. If that is what he needs, better than him raping some girl to take out his frustrations.

Have we closed the gap?

-Bodine, I personally think it's safe to say we've closed the gap. At least in the AFC East. The Pats will still be tough. But their fall from grace has begun. Their drafts have been less than stellar in the recent past. It will really start to show as Brady turns 36.

-Honestly opining, the bills and jets really had poor drafts overall.

I've said this before....anything less than a playoff berth I will consider an abject failure.

-I have to agree. Taking a serious look at the circumstances surrounding last years 7-9, certain conclusions can be drawn. We had a lot of fat to trim and some of it involved cutting some of our more/most talented players. Whether it was character issues or system fit concerns, it carried over to this year.

-Up until last year, Ireland was still drafting for SpOrano's antiquated offense and Nolan's 3-4 defense. Picks like Odrick and Misi come to mind. Now at least, it APPEARS we're all on the same page.

Furthermore, if we don't finish ahead of the Bills and Jets, I will have serious doubts about our leadership.

-Times Two Man! Not only should we finish ahead of the bills and jets, in all actuality, we SHOULD Easily sweep them both. Ireland has provided our "Leadership" with enough to start showing results.

-Lets be honest, The bills and jets are in total disarray. If our rebuild is "On Time" we should be able to make short work of them.

-The bills and jets SHOULD represent 4 wins-PERIOD!

For now, I remain optimistic.

Posted by: Bodine | May 04, 2013 at 10:14 PM

-As do I. I'm a Homer anyways(to be honest), but for the first time.......in a LONG Time.......I'm feeling very optimistic. In all three phrases of the game. Philbin, Sherman and Coyle have definitely earned a certain amount of **MY** respect and with it, a TEMPORARY Benefit Of The Doubt!

-In the recent past it's seemed to ALWAYS be ONE step forward, TWO steps BACK. At least now, I think it's pretty evident were taking more and more steps FORWARD.

It's all for naught until the WINS start to pile up. Until proven otherwise, I'm convinced it's about to happen.


(PS: Sorry about the delayed responses. I'm teaching my Favorite Hottie how to "Fix Up" The Smelt tonight!)

(PSS: There you go ALoco, there's the "Set Up")

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