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Impressions of rookie camp -- all one day of it open to media

Unlike other NFL teams, the Dolphins rookie camp is closed to the public and closed to the media after the first day. So the three-day event is mostly, well, closed.

But these are my impressions of what I saw the one day it was open:

First round draft pick Dion Jordan didn't practice and so didn't do anything impressive yet, as I write in my column. He'll miss a couple of OTA days. He'll be back for the June minicamp but probably still won't be ready to work. He's looking to take care of his shoulder injury and be ready for competition during training camp.


Former Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs, an undrafted rookie free agent signee, knows how to make an impression. He was a walk-on at Michigan and rose to prominence and had something of a cult following in Ann Arbor. He knows the way to draw attention and that's hit. He did plenty of that, taking some liberties at times in the defensive backfield. He also had an interception. So he's got my attention, at least.


Yes, running back Mike Gillislee was good in his first practice of rookie camp. He ran with authority. He hit the crease hard. No shuffling of his feet. No chopping. I like that. Will that translate to anything once hitting starts? No idea. But good start.


The competition for kicker will be real. Kicker Caleb Sturgis connected on a couple of 50-yard tries. No, he's still not been in the fire of a pressure kick with his job on the line. But the kid kicked in The Swamp for the Gators. He's played in front of crowds much bigger than what the Dolphins will see in the preseason. I don't get the vibe that he'll be nervous.


The Dolphins need to find good athletes and good system-fit players when searching for corners. Let's face it, Sean Smith wasn't a fit. He's better as a press corner. The Dolphins don't play press coverage. Jamar Taylor seems better suited for the off-man scheme the Dolphins use. And he said what he's seeing from coaches is similar to what he saw at Boise State.

“Most of it is similar, just different terminology you’ve got to get used to," Taylor said. "But most of the plays are kind of similar.”


The Dolphins brought a couple of QBs to camp, including undrafted free agent Clay Belton of Findlay. He's has a way to go. A long way. His delivery is methodical. Takes too long. His accuracy is inconsistent. His footwork needs to be tightened up. He has a live arm, that's for sure. But I understand why he wasn't drafted.


I mentioned Jamar Taylor above. Third round pick Will Davis looked every bit as natural and like he belonged. He had an interception. Good first day.


Receivers Jeff Fuller and Brian Tyms -- both with the Dolphins last year -- were at the first day of rookie camp. Inconsistent. All I'm saying on that.


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AMEN ,,,,,,,

This team has no chance until 3-4 years AFTER Ireland is fired. He is the worst GM I've ever seen and it'll take a while after he's gone to rebuild the talent up to the rest of the league.

This team will never have a winnig record again. We should all commit mass suicide

Obviously all the bloggers here are closethomos. all of them.



AMEN ,,,,,,,

Posted by: ALoco | May 04, 2013 at 11:39 PM

Thank You ALoco and may I sincerely say:

May God Bless You And Your Hottie as well.

ALoco, we're not real crazy about eating Smelt.

The real fun is in the camaraderie and manner in which we catch them. Everyone around goes out and camps by the Riverside. The Smelt "RUN" in the middle of the night.

It's like one gigantic, archaic party up and down both sides of every river and stream between Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior!

Bonfires and Beer Coolers stretching across the entire Upper Peninsula! It's Great for the Kids, they have a blast and meet up with their Friends(their not completely innocent. But their troubles are nothing compared to the Inner City stuff like we grew up with)

Anywhoo.......ALoco, you'd LOVE this Viking Warrior Tradition. Catching the Feast Fresh! **Some** take the Smelt right out of the nets and onto the open Flame!


Obviously all the bloggers here are closethomos. all of them.

Posted by: Pregu | May 04, 2013 at 11:50 PM

And his **INTERESTS** **YOU** enough to mention............WHY?

Ah.......Yep........We Already Know(Smooches, wink, wink)!!!!

Valhalla To **YOU** Closet Bu-oy!!!!

BTW - Just Kidding With U Pregu!

Having a Good Time Tonight and I hope you are Too!

With age I've become fond of goat cheese.

I cannot believe that there are some morons out there that did not want a new stadium even though no south floridian is paying for it
The ones that suffer are us the fans that do go to the games and support our team irregardless of who owns it or whether we make the playoffs or not
Of course we want a better team and a better stadium
Your class envy hatred is blinding you, and making a fool of you
You don't like Ross because he is a billionare
You think the janitor can be the owner of an NFL team ??

We the fans lost today
All the S florida business owners lost also
If we dont get a new stadium we might host one or two less Superbowls in the next decade
Not getting a super bowl is millions in lost revenue

You brouhht politics out - you do realize that the dolphin owners raised more money for obama than all other NFL owners put together right
Gloria hosted 3 fund raising events that netted millions for obama as did j-lo and her husband and Jimmy Buffet
Be smart - leave politics out of sports please
We love our dolphins and we don't give a rats ass if you are republican or democrat we just want to win and watch our dolphins be great again

Good comment dolphinfan
Hope Ross not move the team to other place

Well said dolphinfan
I agree with you
But we do have uneducated idiots that know nothing of what they speak

Go dolphins

All those brain dead jagovs could talk about was "don't raise my taxes" even though NOBODY was ever asking for a freaking PENNY of their money.

But if there's one thing South Florida does well, it's having an extraordinarily stupid and uninformed populace.

Read the actual bill? UNDERSTAND any of it??

You must be kidding. That stuff is for 'edumacated' types.

I'm from there. Born and raised.

But sometimes it's embarrassing how brain dead the place genuinely is.

Enjoy the rain and palmetto bugs and thinking South Beach is even on the same planet as anything genuinely 'cool' in 2013.

Some of us have moved on to better things.

Out of all the units on a Football Team, the OL is the hardest to make Gel(and once there it should be kept glued). Might be a good idea not to tinker too much with it this Year.




Quebec makes complex, beautiful beers full of texture, heft, and intrigue.

Bravo to their craftsmanship and artistry.

I especially recommend Fin Du Monde and Ephemere.


There's a great read out there on the phinsider about the expectations for all the draft choices. A great comparison for Jordan...Cam. He started as a part time player his first season with us and had 23 tackles and 5.5 sacks. One other thing though..rather than use the guy as some kind of hybrid DE/OLB I think it would be best to keep him at DE at least initially.

Bottom line..the team has enough vets in key places to allow a smoother transition and time for these rookies to develop.

Screw the stadium. Why should people who don't even go there be obligated to pay for it?

Super Bowls?
I need all that extra traffic and inflated prices like a hole in the head. Who cares where they play it really. It is far better on TV anyway.

For those bashing an injured Dion Jordan...
and that he was a bad choice because he's an injured rookie.
You forgot this tidbit:
October 1997. Rookie Jason Taylor breaks his forearm and misses a
decent part of his rookie season. I don't think that diminished his effectiveness
as player over the duration of his career. #justsayin


dont agree that missing the playoffs this year would be an abject failure......disappointing, yes, and they have to be in the hunt at the end of the season, 9-7 or 10-6ish--gotta be close at least--if they dont make it after next season, Philbins 3rd, then yes, abject failure at that point--when they hired Philbin, I said it would (should) be a 2-3 year rebuild......he'll need some time--we'll see.

At last the stadium issue has been resolved. There were so many opinions on whether or not the money should come from the, mostly out of state, hotel residents.
Aws does not care one way or the other as long as the traffic will not drive up prices and inconvenience his commuting. I can see his point.
Many make statements concerning the tyrant cheapskate Ross. They express their concern that he will get the people to pay for his property upgrades, and this appalls them.
Well now comes plan B for Ross. I can not say for sure what it is, but it will concern tax dollars. He did not get to be a billionaire by accident. You can also bet that he has very smart people working for him to figure out how to maximise his investments. At the least, he can pay for the renovations himself and rite off the investment and the depreciation for many years to come.
It is a win more or win less scenario. But he will win and get the stadium work done.

Can't wait for the Dolphins to follow the Islanders and move out of an area that clearly doesn't want them. It's what you deserve for your own stupidity. Don't worry though, you can root for the Bucs or Jags while the Dolphins new city welcomes them with open arms and a brand new stadium.

And just think Floridians, the more you stop projects that will BENEFIT your hometown the closer you come to being just like New York. Way to go, congrats! You just shot yourselves in the foot idiots. Lmao

White rice has no nutrients. It is nothing but empty fluff to fill your stomach. To get white rice they remove the hard outer shell of brown rice. This makes the rice cook faster and also last longer in storage.

However, all the nutrients and fiber are in the outer shell of brown rice. This is why brown rice is healther. Get used to eating brown rice and you'll never go back to white rice. Also you will have wonderful, daily bowel movements.

Funny thing is most of you are too stupid to see it or to understand what an incredible opportunity was just passed up. And trust me, the money the town was going to LEND to the Dolphins will now be GIVEN away to another developer that is in the pocket of the very same politician who didn't allow this to go to a vote.

This is the game politicians and their interests play with uneducated voters. Watch the money, it will go somewhere and if you think it's going to roads and schools you're a fool. Coming soon to a neigborhood near you, more cheap housing or a strip mall, BANK ON IT?

No question mark, bank on it period.


Your post is ignorant. It wasn't the Floridians, it was a few jack off politicians and businessmen consipiring for political reasons.

It is no different than any other state or in Washington.

If you want to blame anyone, blame idiots like yourself that vote these crooked idiots in that don't represent you in any way, shape or form, and whose only agenda is their own political and personal gain.

Oh, and by the way, the Dolphins signed Clabo.

How much does a two week SB event once every several years really help the economy? Even the jobs it would create would only be temporary.

It is no big deal. New stadium or not isn't going to change anyone's lives.

Floridians didn't make a stand and signed a petition that Weathorford used to champion his efforts to turn the vote down. I didn't vote for him, did you? Either way, you should educate yourself on the facts before commenting, you must be from Florida. The fact is no one stood up against it and that makes you just as guilty as Weatherford.

Phag78? What are you f%$&ing twelve? I love that you tried to make me look bad but only further proved my point about ignorance and stupidity. Thank you for that.

The new stadium was going to create thosands of jobs in a downed economy. But yes, keep saying it wouldn't benefit anyone. Please keep proving my point about stupidity. You're doing great.


What Floridians are you talking about?????

This place is 90% 3rd world immigrants that could give a rats assss about football. The other 9% are idiot italian and jew New Yawkas that are not Fin Fans.

That leaves 1% left of the population, which is where I fall into :)

Thousands of short term temporary jobs, big deal. Also, it isn't a downed economy any longer here. Housing is booming here, the tourist season was busier and lasted longer than for some time. Parking lots are filling up at the stores, malls and business parks.

Wake up, it isn't 2009.

Look man, if you are one of the few smart people down there kudos. Don't stick up for the morons around you. There's a reason people from New York move there, they feel right at home. Both states, equally f&%$ed up.

This has all the makings of anoher 1-15 year like we had 6 years ago. Big questions all along the OL, as well as RB, QB, and TE.

Finally an answer at Tackle. Fine. I'll take Clabo at RT. Now we have a complete roster and can focus on having a highly competitive camp and getting everyone on the same page. It's all on Philbin, Sherman and Coyle now.

We just signed Clabo

Also, in case you hadn't noticed, our stock markets hit all time record highs last week!

Downed economy?

The stadium wouldnt create any more jobs. We heard that same nonsense on the Marlins. The renovations would only benefit cheapskate billionaaire Steve Ross.

Vazsectomy, were you born stoopid?? Big questions on OLine, TE, RB and QB??
Go back to your pity party.

And who wants a roof anyway?

I'm not going to argue with you about something that can not be changed. There were many permanent jobs lost. And I don't believe you're from the area around the stadium because you don't have a grasp on what is going on with businesses there. This would have been a big get for the them. No small business is celebrating this news right now. Only those who are jealous of the rich are happy right now. It wasn't going to cost them one dime so why are they so happy, why are you so happy that this didn't go to a vote? What did you 'WIN' here? And if everyone down there was so against it why not let the citizens vote and decide for themselves? Certainly you weren't scared you were in the minority right?

ROSS WAS PAYING FOR THE VOTE!!! And you guys signed a petition and let ONE politician decide what was best for all of you. Ridiculous.

Phinmanski and whomever, if Im really debating more than one person which is highly doubtful in this place. You repeat thesame nonsense over and over. ANSWER MY F$%-ING QUESTIONS OR IM DONE TALKING TO YOU. Get it?

Ross cant have one single winning season yet he wants taxpayers to buy him a roof? Hilarious.

Clabo adds short term stability, decent vet who will start or at least provide valuable depth at T--hopefully they'll continue to look to upgrade but this reduces the pressure

The Dolphins sign right tackle Clabo!
I guess that means the kid better beef up to play left tackle now. And, it makes me wonder if Incognito gets moved back to the right side and let the rookie play left guard. But, that would put the youngsters on the left and the veterans on the right. Tannehill could be running for his life....or not.

Ross is a cheap inept owner and the sooner he and Ireland get out the better off our Dolphins will be.

Woohoo! Miami signs Tyson Clabo!

Phinmanski, I agree. Ross did nothing to deserve a handout. He can easily afford to buy his own roof and he probably will. If he doesnt want to spend his money then he can get a celeb/investor to put up the money. Going to the taxpayers was wrong especially with his poor track record of losing. The Cubs are doing a bigger renovation and didnt ask the taxpayers for one dime.

The depth at LT is Dallas Thomas and possibly John Jerry. If the Fins were really so worried about Martin they would have made a deal happen, even if it meant giving up extra or paying more. This should be a solid line with Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Louis and Clabo

Keep up the impressions whenever media is open to any form of camp coming up this offseason, makes for a good read and so we can see progress on these guys that me might not get anywhere else, thanks mando!!

Fins fans have reason to be excited. However, lets pause and take a breath. As a longtime diehard fan it truly sucks to be out of contention 4 or 5 games into a season. Normally our team does not have the talent. If the team has talent it's in spots but not all over the field. Or maybe we have talent all over but no depth and we have to be super lucky to avoid injuries that inevitably sink the ship.

This years team has talent everywhere as well as adequate depth. Does that guarantee a good season or playoffs?? No. Teams loaded w talent regularly fall flat. However, if you don't have talent to begin with or glaring weaknesses, the team doesn't even have a realistic chance. So, unlike other years this Phins team has a chance and something for fans to legitimately get excited about.

Now my rabid Phins fans hear this. This year is a "gravy" year. The Phins are making moves to win now but will not be a failure if it doesn't click this year. With all the changes - even if they are the correct moves - it is understandable that they would need a season to mesh and mature. Combined with what looks like a brutal schedule could temper our team this year. The ultimate destruction to the team would be the fans unrealistic expectations and subsequent pressure ala J E T S. This year relax and enjoy a Dolphin team that has the opportunity to compete. Look for next season to finally surpass the Patriots and compete for a championship. Support the management, coach and team until it's obvious they are off track. Currently the Dolphins are on the right course. Thanks for reading.

It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

What about jelani jenkins, don jones ??? And offensive lineman dallas from tennessee?

Rb mike gillislee was a very solid draft pick....love it! The guy hits the whole full speed...he is a tuff runner...shifty feet, can follow blocks until he sees a seem and hitsit....proven vs sec schedule and defenses...miami has nice dept. Now at running back...if gillislee dont gain yards its probably the offensive lines lack of opening a running lane at all...this kid will have an impact in the game...hope he wears that #23 again?

Jelani jenkins is a bigtime draft pick...his speed and versatility is crazu..he will be in to cover the elite tight ends...3rd down guy....and he will impact special teams right away...guys gonna be a fan fa vorite fast....i think phins fans will love all 3 florida gator draftees...

Whats this about ross wanting a roof? I thought he did nit wanna renovate an old stadium? he wanted a new stadium only....

Business is booming for the rich, middle class is disapearing...poor class is growing fast...lots of jobs not being created, the few jobs created pay mcdonalds wages......its a joke....stocks are breaking lots of records

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