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Dolphins four-wide package a big upgrade

OTA days don't directly translate to regular season success. Players that look brilliant in shorts sometimes fade in the padded violence of games. But OTA do speak to alignments and the vision of a coaching staff. They do serve to provide a glimpse of what may be coming in those areas.

And that's why the Dolphins four-wide set during Tuesday OTA was intriguing.

Mike Wallace. Brain Hartine. Brandon Gibson. Dustin Keller.

Two speedy receivers who have both had 1,000-yard seasons. A proven big, physical reciever that can work the middle and occasionally get deep. And a seam-threat receiver who has a reputation for uncovering quickly and making himself available to his quarterback.


We've come a long way from Hartline, Anthony Armstrong, Davone Bess and Anthony Fasano“Yeah you know we’re still learning, but I’m excited about what I see from those guys. They’re all getting a grasp on the offense and we’re starting to get a lot of reps with each other, so (we’re going to) continue to work that to .

If this group stays healthy, there is little reason to doubt that Miami, 26th in the NFL passing the ball in 2012, can become an efficient, effective and scary pass offense that threatens a defense in multiple ways.

"Yeah you know we’re still learning, but I’m excited about what I see from those guys,"quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. "They’re all getting a grasp on the offense and we’re starting to get a lot of reps with each other, so (we’re going to) continue to work that to get better. I'm excited about what they bring to the team and what they showed today."

There wasn't tons to show during Tuesday OTA because it happened in mostly slippery, wet conditions. In fact, that's the first thing Wallace addressed.

Yeah I forgot about that part when I came here, but it’s all a part of it so it’s fine," he said.

That's perhaps the reason everyone looked a step slow to Wallace -- particularly Keller and Gibson.

“I learned about those two guys that they look a lot better on the field than in off-season drills," Wallace said. "They looked a little slow out there but then they get on the field and they’re a lot faster on the field than in workouts."

Part of playing fast is knowing what you're supposed to do. Wallace, Keller and Gibson are still figuring that out to a degree.

“It’s fairly different, fairly different," Keller said comparing the Miami system to that of the New York Jets. "I think pretty much everything in the NFL is all related, but you have different terminology and just different ways of running these things. All in all, it’s fairly similar."

When the players get the system figured out, when they get in proper shape, when they find a comfort level for their roles, then the four-wide package in Miami might become a staple of the passing game. At least, I hope so.

 “I’ve always kind of said it’s a passing league, you have to run the football but you have to be very multi-faceted, but you have to be able to throw the football and do it effectively," Hartline said. "Have depth have guys that can do many different things brings a lot to the table."


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Mark, thanks I hope your annalysis of Egnew is correct but I cant recall one player who didnt play 1 snap as a rookie in the regular season all of a sudden become a big contributor his next season. Just name 1 if you can?? This is essentially Egnew first year

We dont have a running game.

Could have had a tone of cheap FA for backups - Bradshaw, Ringer.

We got no one.

No running game = more blitzes = Tanny getting crushed with tiny Martin covering his blind side.

You can put lipstick on a pig - but it still smells like a crappy ass pig.

This has a different tone then most covering the Phins right now out of OTA's. Where's the good quotes and positive vibe? Right now is a good time to feel good about the team..it's an all new season with a good mix of new talented young players and vets.


“Yeah you know we’re still learning, but I’m excited about what I see from those guys. They’re all getting a grasp on the offense and we’re starting to get a lot of reps with each other, so (we’re going to) continue to work that to .

Copy and Paste...FAIL!

HAHAHAH C'mon man!..

We need a C'mon Man! segment around here...


Posted by: Ireland WILL screw up | May 22, 2013 at 11:18 AM


You zigged when you should have zagged...

Clue, off the top of my head, Dennis Pitta .. even to use the same position as a comparison.

(By the way Egnew did get in some games this year but no stats)

Year One 1 rec, 1 yard receiving

Year 2 40 rec, 405 yards.

Also remember Egnew will not have any kind of burden to bear this year. he will be going against the oppositions 4th or 5 th best defender. If he can get the coach's trust and show he can play, there will be opportunities to make some plays.

Since when don't we have a running game? Javon Ringer??? How is this guy even any better than daniel Thomas?

Dads, everywhere else I read I hear good indications and positive tones. yet, Mando says nothing. Nothing about Egnew showing signs of progression. Nothing about Martin being noticeably bigger. nothing about Tannehill being accurate on deep passes and showing good poise and signs of progressions like we've read in other places. Nothing....

Mando, how about some freakin insight man ...

Everyone is slow compared to Mike Wallace.

No need to worry about the running game.

Cane and Gator will hold that down.

Even with Sean Smith last years defense finished 7th.

Major upgrades to offense make us a LEGITIMATE CONTENDER.

ASking Mando for insight is like asking the Troll to STFU...

Aint happnin...

$50 to park now
$20 for a warm beer
$10 for a hot dog
an 0-5 start because the QB Tannehenne can't even hit his WR's in practice shorts with zero rush and to see an empty stadium,


Gonna be an exciting season for once!

Mando, I'm not going crazy with predictions or nothing like that but this team just spent a zillion dollars to improve the roster and looks vastly improved on paper. There's no reason to be looking at the glass half full at this point. I'd rather enjoy the promise this team has and hope for the best.

Just saying there's a bunch of feel good stories out there on this team. Every player interview I've seen these players on the team are ear to ear smiles. And not be forgotten Wallace and Keller are raving about T-Hill.

Going out on a limb and predicting Tannehill will be Dolphins offensive mvp 2013. Absolutely love the percussion beating from his drum, ota's 1st 2 days.

Tannehill's being described as gym rat. Henne was the rat outside of gym. Im sensing fantastic 2013 Tannehill boom!

Thus far, Tannehill lightning strikes, opening season comes the thunderous boom!

odin is that u?

Posted by: 2 watt | May 22, 2013 at 11:57 AM

dads, jack!, I get your drift....

Mando, you dissapoint. Just go cover your redskins already.

Ass hole


I might be wrong about this one, but how about Steve McNair? Did he play at all during his rookie season?

It's very early in the process and none of this really means anything but it's good to hear that Egnew is still getting a look. I'm one of the few on here who hasn't given up on this kid. Big surprise.

sounds like it is going to be a good season. Nothing like some turd saying they are going to win a superbowl after the first no pads practice

It's very early in the process and none of this really means anything but it's good to hear that Egnew is still getting a look. I'm one of the few on here who hasn't given up on this kid. Big surprise.

Posted by: Craig M | May 22, 2013 at 12:19 PM

Have you given up on Henne yet?

Wasnt Armando in Boston on tuesday, that might explain why he couldnt comment on the OTA's. I could be wrong

I have been following the dolphins since 1971. I have to admit that there sure seems to be a different vibe coming from the whole organization this year. I am again excited about the upcoming season, a feeling I have not had in a long time!

rdubs, I thought that was a joke from 2watt??

mark, he went up there 4 the sb stuff.

Mando has felt burned a few times too often on the New, Improved Dolphins, I think. Let's win some games.

... The "no running game" is an automatic confession that one is a troll and to be ignored.

but i tink he went up to c ben v to get a gig at the globe.

keith, just make sure the feeling lasts longer than the opening k'o return from cribbs 4 a td.


Mark Duper. He didn't play a lick in 1982 after being a 2nd round pick. Jimmy Cefalo and Nat Moore both thought he would get cut. He had super speed of course but couldn't control. Worked over the offseason w/ David Shula, Don's son, who was WR coach. Did the same in 1983 offseason w/ Mark Clayton and they have super careers. In fact Mark Clayton did very little his rookie year as well though he doesn't exactly fit your definition of playing a snap, he caught 6 passes in 1983.

Urlacher calls it a career...that's kind of a bummer.
You can't not like Urlacher...period.

4 Wide?

Sounds Interesting. Where Did I Hear That Before?

How Many Times Do I Have To Say Look At The Packers. Look At T-Hills College Tape.

4 Wide, Not 2 TE.

Why You Ask?

Teams Can't Play Their Base Defense. They Will Have To Play Nickel And Dime. You Are Not Going To Put A LB On Any Of Our WRs, Even Hartline.

And Our O-Line Is Better As A Whole. So We Can Still Run Out Of 4 Wide. Specially When They Are In Nickel Or Dime.

Which Team Is Dumb Enough To Bring A Safety Down When We Go 4 Wide.

And RB. We Have L.Miller. The Next Great RB From The U. The New Generation. 22 Yr Old Starter. Not Some 29yr Old Failure.

L.Miller Will Gain 1200yds, Minimum This Season.

RB Competition? HA!

That Happens When The RBs Might Have Equal Talent. L.Miller Is In A Class By Himself.

He Is Fast, Strong, Decisive, And HE DOESN'T FUMBLE.

Cribbs is no longer a Brown. Raiders I thnk.

Nothing is ever exactly this or exactly that. There must be balance in all things, even football.

I just can't believe there is NO NFL team that can find Urlacher an important role on their team...like Chargers? Situational player whos main function is to help develop our up and comer for a cpl mil.
Freeny found a job in San Diego...took long enough and a season ending injury...
Everyone remember what Freeny did to Long last season right?? Any wonder why he is in St. Louis...

Miami's passing game will be something teams will have to respect. And with a better O-line, our running game will improve. I liked Reggie Bush, but the guy spent too much time tap dancing and too little time going vertical. When Miller was on the field that changed. At 200-210 Miller will be a tough, quick to the daylight RB. And Gillislee is going to have a good career. He has the right build, low milage and is quick. Miami is deep at RB. The idea they have no runn9ing game, that it all left with Bush is laughable. Miller, Gillislee, Thigpen, Jonas Gray, Daniel Thomas... We have no issues at RB, the ONLY issue is who will come out on top as the starter and who will be the COP back.
I knew last year was going to be tough. Rookie QB starting, a bunch of players who really didn't fit and a slow roster in general. I've seen over 40 opening days in Miami (47 to be exact) and have come to the determination that if it looks right, if it moves right and if it practices right... A team can go as far as they're talent and will can bring them. This team will be a winner... it will beat some very good teams.

phinz 7.5. o/u.


Hartline should also be more effective this year since he will no longer be the focal point of opposing secondaries. I'm hoping Gillislee and Miller will manage to be a threat like Bush was on the checkdowns. If that's the case then defenses are going to have their hands full with the Dolphin's this season.


With Urlacher You Have To Make Him The Leader Of The Defense. It Isn't Just What The Team Wants. And Run A Defense He Knows.

And No Coach Would Want To Do That. Sacrifice Your Defense For 1 Year.

Plus, Urlacher Lost A Step Or 2.

Only With The Bears Will A Player Like Urlacher Play His Last Season For Less Than The Usual And A Smaller Role. If He Wanted.

Look Who C.Woodson Had To Sign With. At That Age Players Sign For Sentimental Reason Or To Start. And Most Teams Don't Want 35+ Year Olds Starting. They Have No Future.

Four wide? Whose going to block? Unproven line with huge tackle issues . We don't have a decent blocking tight end now that Fasano is gone or a back that can block.
This is a major cluster f... . A lot of folks feel wonderful about this team . That's nice. Enjoy the offseason - you clearly won that .

I am talking about bringing him in, in a complimentary role. He would have to accept that, of course. Even if he barely plays most of the season...if one could manage to get in the playoffs you ramp up Urlacher a good bit more...ala Ray Lewis. Before that he is your situation player/rookie coach...As soon as he walks in the door he is a leader immediately...just due to respect.

like @ 1:06

The Other RBs Are Playing For #2.

If They Want To Make It A Competition They Would Have Let D.Thomas Get A Couple Carries.

They Let Egnew See Some Time With The 1st Team. D.Thomas Saw Zero.

This Is A Non Issue. This Is Even Worst Than You Guys Thinking Moore Was Better Than T-Hill.

L.Miller Is The Starter, The Other Guys Are Role Players.

The Coaches Made That Decision At The End Of Last Season.

Reason NOT 1 Free Agent RB Was Ever Brought In. And We Didn't Address It Early In The Draft.

They Know/Knew Who Will Be The Primary Back. And L.Miller Is Deceptively Big. He Weighs 212-220lbs. 10Lbs Lighter Than D.Thomas, 10Lbs Heavier Than Gillislee.

And He Runs A 4.3. While The Other Guys Run 4.5. L.Miller Is Only A Little Slower Than M.Wallace. L.Miller Is The 2nd Fastest Starter On This Team. Both Sides Of The Ball.

But obviously my thinking on this is wrong as no one is biting and Urlacher is off to the sunset. Thank you Urlacher for being a GLADIATOR on the football field for 13 years...

Who was it that said the Bears defense was better without urlacher last year and Briggs told the guy to shut it (protecting his leader). Looks like that opponent was telling the truth and respecting the guys in Urlacher's shadow.

Father time catches up with all of us. At least we aren't chicks... we keep longer ...

Fire that pigskin!!! I'm all in!!! Our running game has been mediocre at best & Thomas fumbles too much!!! Ireland should be done after this year anyway too much too little too late, should have done this 5 years ago idiot!!! BOYCOTT ALL NEW FEMININE LOGO PRODUCTS!!!

Dashi, fyi, jamar taylor ran a 4.33 at Boise.

the new tight end Simms will block

Jack!, is it wrong that I remember Urlacher for banging a young Paris Hilton as much as anything he did on the field?

he was a phenom though. he was the punt returner in college ... crazy skills.

Urlacher.? Why ? The guy is old , has had major knee neck and hamstring injuries and himself said no to playing again. Duhhhhhhh? Hmmmm.?????? Confused,? Try tilting your head and looking slack jawed when you read this.

Aint nothing wrong with that Mark...
Good times


Thanks. But J.Taylor Isn't Starting Yet. Now That You Mention It, Isn't C.Clemons A 4.3 Guy.

It Is Nice To Have A Group Of Football Guys With 4.3 Speed. Heck, We Have A Couple DE's That Run 4.6. And LBs That Run 4.5.

Even Our WRs Have Above Average Speed This Year.

Right ... Speed = wins in the NFL . Just ask the Raiders.

Speed certain does not necessarily equal wins in the NFL guy...but slow certainly equals one thing in the league...


4 WR package actually being decent, funny how a team can change from season to season. We won 7 last year with no 3 or 4 receiver packages.

Mark, thanks I hope your annalysis of Egnew is correct but I cant recall one player who didnt play 1 snap as a rookie in the regular season all of a sudden become a big contributor his next season. Just name 1 if you can?? This is essentially Egnew first year

Posted by: Clue | May 22, 2013 at 11:16 AM


Mark Duper is one that comes to mind immediately.

People forget he was a rookie on the 1982, pre-Marino Dolphins. Didn't do a thing his first year. Showed absolutely nothing on the field.


Obviously, Dan coming in (and Clayton being added) had a huge impact on Duper developing but it's equally true no fan would have foreseen just how quickly he'd become a big part of that offense based on his forst season.

Absolutely no idea if Egnew can make that kind of leap, but palyers do sometimes emerge as real factors after a very quiet start to their careers.

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