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Pouncey: Tannehill must be more vocal leader

The Dolphins wanted Jake Long back. General Manager Jeff Ireland wanted him back. Coach Joe Philbin wanted him back. And teammates wanted him back.

“I was texting him, I was all on Twitter, and I was calling him," center Mike Pouncey said Monday during his visit with the NFL Network. "We definitely wanted him to stay down here in Miami. He is a Pro Bowl football player. He is going to be missed greatly."

“Me and Richie Incognito were going to pick him up at the airport if he was going to sign back. We tried to get him back. We are going to miss him a lot. I wish him nothing but the best up there in St. Louis."

Long indeed decided to sign with the Rams and so he's gone. And now all the love the players had for Long shifts to Jonathan Martin, Miami's new left tackle.

"I think Jonathan Martin will do a great job," Pouncey said. "Left tackle is his position. He played it all throughout college. I think he is more comfortable on that side of the football and he has a year underneath his belt in the NFL. I think this year he is going to go out – he has put on 20 more pounds – and do a great job for us."

Pouncey along with Incognito are the new defacto leaders of the offensive line. But Pouncey realizes that the man who is called to lead the entire team plays quarterback. And he is apparently hoping Ryan Tannehill takes on that role a bit more than he did as a rookie.

“He has to be a more of a vocal leader," Pouncey said of Tannehill. "He has to keep us on the field on third downs which he has done a great job of. I think it is going to be a collective thing on offense this year. We have to run the ball to help him out. But I think he is ready to take next step for us."

So what's that next step for the Dolphins? Is it winning more games than they lose for the first time in four years? Is it making the playoffs?

“I can’t really say that right now," Pouncey said. "[Making the playoffs] is going to take a lot of dedication, it is going to take a lot chemistry. Obviously we have a lot of great players that we added to our football team and our quarterback has to play exceptional this year.”


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Well, back to the Hartline comments....the last time we heard about how our receiving corps stacked up vs. the East or the league came from Wanny & it didn't translate. I think Hartline will be even better vs. predominantly #2 DB's but he HAS TO find the endzone. It DOES all rest with Tannehill, whose accuracy is concerning. This is a 'solid' group as a receiving corp - not a 'special' group by any means. Be careful sellin' Amandola short with Marcia Brady - the guy is a very good WR (when healthy) & now has a MUCH better QB tossin' the rock. I hope Hartline's right but I don't care to hear about it prior to fact/reality.

Posted by: Warfield42 | May 14, 2013 at 06:22 AM

For the first few games he lined up against teams number two best was seeing the number 1 corner. After ariozna he started seeing number one's and he turn-in a few goose eggs or 1 catch games. not sure Hartline was worth the money. He's not a number 2 on alot of teams

Matt Moore will be starting by game 6 right after the bye.

Ireland botched the Jake Long deal and its gonna be costly to Tanny and the team. JMHO.

Isn't it great to have Moore to bring in?

I think we could have a winning season with him playing QB. You notice we wasted no time signing him.

I may be wrong but, if he isn't the highest paid, Moore is 1 of the highest paid backups in the league.

Wasn't he the 1st FA signing we made?


I'm no sure if any of these guys are worth the money half the time but as far as the player I really like how Hartline has developed over time. He gets better every year and just IMO he is a good #2. Adding Wallace and even Keller really helps not just Hartline but other recievers as well. The coverage's change dramatically when defending Mike Wallace's speed. Wallace makes the offense better just lining up on the field. Hartline should see his fair share of balls and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually caught more balls then Wallace this year.

Hartline has good speed forget the word deceptive speed. He runs good routes which allows him to blow by guys. He has good body control where he can manuever his body to make tough grabs. He has reliable, good hands. He's never played with a great QB but Tannehill is on his way if you ask me. I think the money on Hartline was a smart investment to keep him in Miami. I think he's a good player and better then Stevie Johnson and the forever over rated Santonio Holmes whose career rated over 1 play. In New England they have nothing. Hartline alone could very well be the best WR in the AFC East. Add Mike Wallace to that conversation and now Miami has not only the best 1-2 combination but the 2 best in the AFC East.

some people don't have tvs or NFL network... thanks for the info, mando.

Really, the only thing it takes to make the Playoffs is to beat NE twice.

The only way to get Dashi and his filth banned is by EVERYONE emailing Armando and requesting he be banned....

S. Johnson and S. Holmes vs Hartline

Stats wise they both are far more accomplished but S. Holmes is a soon to be 30 year old WR who is a complete locker room distraction and although he's a decent WR at this point in their respective careers Hartline is the not only the better teammated but a better player.

Stevie Johnson does have more talent and far more production then Hartline but again attitude and off field act is old and he's cost Buffalo 2 games where he flat out just drops wide open TDs. I would take Hartline all things considered.

New England I don't even know who they have these days besides a bunch of unproven rookies and Wr is never easy to step right into in the NFL let alone earning Brady's trust to be on the field. Amendola? He's ok but he's a Davone Bess. Nothing special just a quicker then fast guy who is limited to the slot.

lol. more moore.

Free Agent RBs still out there:

Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Turner, Peyton Hillis, Cedric Benson and Brandon Jacobs.

I wonder come training camp if Miami adds 1. I would like to see one of the stronger backs added to compliment Miller and Gillislee. With so many vets on 1 year deals why not add an insurance policy at RB?

My preferences are in order at the top.

Bottom line is that it is all on Tannehill this year, if he succeeds then the team does. If he fails it will be another bad year and probably another regime change (at leat at GM at a minimum). But Tannehill looks like a guy that can do it and do it well, he has all the tools and seems to have the right makeup to be a very good QB in the NFL. Lets hope that he becomes great.

I'd be a lot more confident of a decent season with Matt Moore starting.

Apparently, Dashi, YG and odin studied in the same Place.

Jake Long was injured like Drew Bress was injured.....NOT!! Ireland's a complete moron.

changing names is allowed. filth isnt.

Besides Andy, nothing going on here today ...

Valiant effort Andy but the blog is overrun by drama and trollism today ...

..Andy in NJ..I think that for now. The team must go with the group of backs we have now. Signing a vet at this point, would go against the plan to get younger-more dynamic at the RB position. IMO we could have re-signed Reggie Bush if we thought the position would be incompetent.
..Of course if there is an injury..ne of those backs may come into play. But just signing one to get a body? To expensive for camp fodder. These young dudes need all the reps they can get. A end of the line vet does nothing for this team today. I want to, and I would bet the team is eager to see what we have in our young group. Let them compete, let them show us what they can and can't do before freeking out and going after one of those washed up draft mules

Ireland played games with Jake Long and lost.



Changing names should not be allowed, it is confusing and alienating on Internet. Still, now, it cannot be avoided. I thought that Facebook would do away with all that but it hasn't. It's even worse. People post all sort of names and pictures there that are not their identity and from different URLs and e-mails and WhoTH knows who they truly are?

Jake Long took LESS money to leave this garbage cheap franchise. Cant blame him a bit.

Do not worry that your true identity will be known. It is already known and not exactly by Internet. And in some cases followed.

The title of this blog is "Pouncey: Tannehill needs to be more vocal"
Then the first 6 paragraphs talk about Jake Long???
Come on Armando, writing 101


I think Lamar Miller is going to be very good and explosive out of draws and just his one cut and go style. Gillislee is a lot of the same with his one cut and go style. Both backs are around 210 lbs and I just would like to see a RB who sticks his head in there on short yardage. Maybe thats what they continue to use Javorskie Lane for. I've seen enough of D. Thomas. He stinks.

The difference between Bush and the FA backs is no way Bush came back on a 1 year deal. I think all these backs would come cheap on a 1 year deal. But you make a good point that Miller and Gillislee need all the reps they can to get integrated into the offense.

BobbyD at 11:51

I wondered the same thing. Armando does a good job and we enjoy the blog but my biggest gripe with him is his insistance to bring up guys no longer on the roster. Who cares. How about tell us that Jonathan Martin has addes 20 lbs and working to get better, etc, etc instead of Long. He's long gone.

oscar, it wouldnt be any fun if we couldnt change names. its what makes it fun. you know that as well as anyone.


Hartline has good speed forget the word deceptive speed. He runs good routes which allows him to blow by guys. He has good body control where he can manuever his body to make tough grabs. He has reliable, good hands. He's never played with a great QB but Tannehill is on his way if you ask me. I think the money on Hartline was a smart investment to keep him in Miami. I think he's a good player and better then Stevie Johnson and the forever over rated Santonio Holmes whose career rated over 1 play. In New England they have nothing. Hartline alone could very well be the best WR in the AFC East. Add Mike Wallace to that conversation and now Miami has not only the best 1-2 combination but the 2 best in the AFC East.

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 14, 2013 at 10:57 AM

That's a fair and accurate assessment. Look for Wallace to get doubled and Hartline to be open. The rap on Hartline is TD production so we'll see now that there are multiple targets.

Tannehill? I don't know how good of a QB coach ZacTaylor is. My hope is Tannehill's learned some of the finer points of being a NFL QB this off-season. Things like looking off a safety. Or a good pump fake. A good pump fake (Peyton Manning is the best in the business at it) should be a part of his pass routine. Hard count, learn it!...no more 48 go.

its a shame i cant enjoy the blog from the beat writer from the hometown paper of my favorite football team.. what a brigade of clowns and deadbeats. i just wanna read intelligent comments about my favorite team and contribute my thoughts as well. but i have to scan down through a constant barrage of sick profane irrelevant babble by this freak show of comments. yes there are other blogs to follow - plenty - and very professional too. but i bet it drives armando crazy that his blog has turned in to such a joke. ARMANDO - i know that clicks on the blog are keeping you employed but maybe you should have a forced approval before a comment is posted and eliminate this crap. your bosses might even reward you further for such integrity and proactive repair to this debacle of a blog. i enjoy your reporting and opinion - but i cant participate.

boycott, the phins can start 0-5.

how 'bout, no mo 3 + outs 2?

bess gave cle. the play book.= loss
indy at them = loss
atl.home.= loss
mon @ saints.= loss
the sb champs at home = loss.
ouch ross, just ouch.

IMO unless Sherman the OC changes his way of seeing things after all the years in the NFL, the offense depends on the Dolphins really playing the WCO this year.
I dont think they will run the ball much better in total yards in 2013 than in 2012,but the yards they gain will be the tougher to get, inotherwords they wont have Bush and his TD scores from 10-50 yards out, but Miller will have a lot of 20+ plays and he will catch the ball out of the backfield.
I see the Dolphins controling the ball with the passing game via the WCO,moving the chains and getting more turnovers from the defense and short fields to score.
If you remember the 3 game winning streak last year T-Hill won by not making mistakes, not by ripping the defensive backfield apart.Eventhough they have many more receiving threats,I think that is the type of QB T-Hill will become.


It took me a little while to warm up to Hartline but he does get open and makes tough, acrobatic catches game after game. His TD production is surely an issue but with a much better and rounded offense surrounding him he should get his chances. Just remeber last year there were more then a few times, Tannehill couldn't make the throw when Hartline was open deep or open in the endzone.

Which brings us to Tannehill.

I feel he will be much improved in year 2. He was supposed to be this project yet he was clearly the best QB on the roster. He hasn't seen the reps in game time to digest all the looks a defense throws at him which is why he gets caught staring down his target. He got better with it as the season went on. You're right that's something he needs to continue to develop his ability to look of defenders as well as set them up with a good pump fake. As the game slows down for him he will be able to take his time and make better decisions as well as see the field better. That will be the key to his development the game slowing down.

Not to bring up Henne but that was always his issue that the game never slowed down enough for him. And therefore he never developed. Henne was never cool under duress and once he was rattled he was done. Tannehill was far from perfect last year and made mistakes under pressure but he was able to make his share of big time throws while getting hammered and did have a calmness about him. That's at least the eye test I saw anyway.

Again, I see him building off of all what we are mentioning. His reps in training camp, OTA's and preseason will all be very helpful as it is to all young QBs. The more looks he sees from a defense the more it becomes second nature which allows him to process it quickly.


I see many of don't get it. Armando didn't say that Tannehill needs to be a more vocal leader, therefore, the topic doesn't have to primarily be about Tannehill.

Armando says:

"Pouncey: Tannehill must be more vocal leader"

Pouncey says:

“He has to be a more of a vocal leader," Pouncey said of Tannehill.

There are at 3 subtopics in this blog topic. The main topic is what "POUNCEY SAYS". Obviously this was an interview with Mike Pouncey.

Tannehill wipes his asss with what Pouncey said. He is going to try to win Games Period

Andy, once again I agree. I think Tannehill has the smarts & mental makeup but I'm not sure what quality coaching he's getting. Looking at Zac (QB coach) Taylor's resume, leaves a lot to be desired. Then you have Matt Moore as a 'mentor'. Hey, I like Moore and what he can do on the field but I'm not sure if he's the best guy yo be learning from.

Guess what I'm saying is, it's a crucial time for Tannehill. With his lack of experience, it's important to get it right as he goes.

What throw you referring to Andy? Because that throw actually touched Hartlines finger tips. Tannehill highly efficient 20 plus yards.

No worries though, no such thing as over throwing Wallace.

U better wear your track shoes playing these Dolphins.

Not only was Jake oft injured but the money he wanted was going to present a problem for Dawn and Jeff when the rookie contracts for guys like Reshad Jones, Pouncy and Odrick expire and when / if the Fins want to sign guys like Grimes, Keller, Lance Louis and Clabo to longer term contracts after this season.

I love how we like to jump to conclusions: "Tannehill couldn't make the throws when Hartline was open."

Where you at those games? Do you have a television set that hasn't been invented yet? I know that my tv set only shows what the cameraman is showing at the time. My set doesn't allow me to see the entire field.

I do know that on countless occasions tv announcers would say, "not a single Miami receiver got separation on that play". This seemed to be the theme song of the season amongst the tv announcers during the 2012 season. Hartline is a dolphin receiver right?

In 2012, Tannehill did connect with Hartline on throws of:

80yds td

Is it also Tannehill's fault Hartline sucked at yards after the catch and did not elude or break any tackles to turn more of these catches into tds?


Posted by: Chris | May 14, 2013 at 11:33 AM

So Jeff wasnt around when Saban didnt sign Brees and Long is breaking down. Just a simple yes or no question, you want to sign Long back at what he was asking for so that when it comes down to the wire in December and we are vying for a playoff spot so he can sit and watch from the sidelines because he wouldnt have finished his 3rd yr?

Under the exact same similar wr situation, if Peyton Manning would have been our qb, I still don't think Hartline has more than 5tds.

Also, I love how this worthless piece of s'hit Dashi thinks I have nothing better to do than chase his worthless no account ass, around the blog all day and into the wee hours of dawn. Using fake screen names.

Anyone with half a brain knows that anyone using himself in the 3rd person as consistently as he does. Is the absolute only one that would be that overly obsessive with a worthless no account piece s'hit that he is.

It wouldn't surprise me if Dashi is trolling himself in various troll screen names, just to get attention.

Last time I'll refer or speak to that worthless no account piece of dashit. LOL...

JPAO sucking Omar weenie again. Dude, the guy's married. Find another black man to love. Jason Collins is free after dropping his fiance.

If Tannehil had better accuracy and could hit Hartline in stride of course he'd have a lot more yards after the catch.

Kind of hard to be vocal when your being drowned out by jake and reggie. They tried telling the HC how to run things.Those kind of guys aren't going to listen to a rookie even if he tried to be a leader.

Uff, I love the Desert.

Miami Dolphins' quarterback Ryan Tannehill gets up after tackling Tennessee Titans' Zach Brown after Brown intercepted a Tannehill pass in the fourth quarter at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, November 11.

It was a blessing in disguise that Gerrard got hurt. this really helped Tannehill develope faster. now with all these aquisistions this off season, he is better equipped to lead them and succeed.

Mace taggart is nothing but a lonely hopeless jets fan that hates. Go away you troll idiot hater. You all can quote me on that.

As the crowd leave the stadium Miami Dolphins' fans sit silent in the fourth quarter as the Fins lose to the Tennessee Titans .

Miami Dolphins' quarterback Ryan Tannehill sits on the end of the bench with Reggie Bush and others in the fourth quarter as the Fins feel their overwhelming defeat to the Tennessee Titans .

Mando, good post as always. My only complaint here is that you allow total turds like Dashi to come on here and speak lies about you. Stand up for yourself, bro.

I know you wouldn't allow that punk to say these things to your face. Don't let him say it on your blog. Give him an internet punch in the nose.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill lays on the ground after being sacked in the second quarter as they play the Tennessee Titans .

Bring in Pat Devlin! Bring in Pat Devlin! Quick!

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill tries stop stop middle linebacker Colin McCarthy (52) from scoring a touchdown after an interception in the second quarter in the game with the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee.

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