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Pouncey: Tannehill must be more vocal leader

The Dolphins wanted Jake Long back. General Manager Jeff Ireland wanted him back. Coach Joe Philbin wanted him back. And teammates wanted him back.

“I was texting him, I was all on Twitter, and I was calling him," center Mike Pouncey said Monday during his visit with the NFL Network. "We definitely wanted him to stay down here in Miami. He is a Pro Bowl football player. He is going to be missed greatly."

“Me and Richie Incognito were going to pick him up at the airport if he was going to sign back. We tried to get him back. We are going to miss him a lot. I wish him nothing but the best up there in St. Louis."

Long indeed decided to sign with the Rams and so he's gone. And now all the love the players had for Long shifts to Jonathan Martin, Miami's new left tackle.

"I think Jonathan Martin will do a great job," Pouncey said. "Left tackle is his position. He played it all throughout college. I think he is more comfortable on that side of the football and he has a year underneath his belt in the NFL. I think this year he is going to go out – he has put on 20 more pounds – and do a great job for us."

Pouncey along with Incognito are the new defacto leaders of the offensive line. But Pouncey realizes that the man who is called to lead the entire team plays quarterback. And he is apparently hoping Ryan Tannehill takes on that role a bit more than he did as a rookie.

“He has to be a more of a vocal leader," Pouncey said of Tannehill. "He has to keep us on the field on third downs which he has done a great job of. I think it is going to be a collective thing on offense this year. We have to run the ball to help him out. But I think he is ready to take next step for us."

So what's that next step for the Dolphins? Is it winning more games than they lose for the first time in four years? Is it making the playoffs?

“I can’t really say that right now," Pouncey said. "[Making the playoffs] is going to take a lot of dedication, it is going to take a lot chemistry. Obviously we have a lot of great players that we added to our football team and our quarterback has to play exceptional this year.”


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It was a blessing in disguise that Gerrard got hurt. this really helped Tannehill develope faster. now with all these aquisistions this off season, he is better equipped to lead them and succeed.

Posted by: Jay D | May 14, 2013 at 01:14 PM

Probably 95% of Hartline's catches were were sideline routes. Then 90% of those, Hartline wasn't truly open, they were back shoulder or "body up timing catches". Hartline knew when the ball was coming and the defender didn't.

Sure, Tannehil can stand to improve his accuracy. But, do you remember during the season when we were cutting wr's like swiss cheese because of "easy drops"? Factor in mny of those drops, and Tannehill's accuracy can easily jump 3%-4%.

Tannehill's 2012 accuracy level was 58.3%. It could have easily been as high as 62% on those drops alone. Also, don't discount how much being under huge pressure pass rush pressure equates into this factor too.

Slightly better pass protection and more sure handed pass catchers also does wonders for a qb's comfort and accuracy rates. Had Tannehill had a little more of both of these. He could have easily approached 65% completion percentage. Though, just in pure accuracy alone, he can still stand some improvement.

Thank God we're not talking about Pat White. Count your lucky stars!

agreed yesterday's gone

Pat White is on the Redskins now.
RG3 ran the Pat White offense in college.
Now when RG3 gets hurt, and all running QBs get hurt, the Redskins can continue to run thier base offense.

White, Henne & Tanne will all start games this season.

Man, I really don't know where Ireland found those middle-of-the-Season WRs but they all sukkked. I guess that's all there was then.

Richard Matthews will be good...

...Wallyfin. Great post. Seriously. Garrard getting injured is perhaps the best thing that happened to this franchise last year.(outside of drafting Tannehill) Who knows how far into the season the team would have gone before Tannehill got his chance. It could have been week 2 perhaps not at all. So with what we know as fact. Tannehill was able to gain valuable experience last year. Something that cannot be taken for granted going into this year.

So now we have the sophomore season. Odds are that Tannehill may have some struggles. Most Qb's do in year 2 as their responsibilities within the offense are much more then year 1. Even so, it puts the team that much farther ahead in his development, and the total evaluation for the future. We will answer more questions about Tannehill this year then we would have if he had not taken the snaps he did last year. A win for everyone.

oscar, what's the sb line 4 the phinz i lv?

With improved protection and receiving corps, I can easily see Tannhill's accuracy level improving too around 65% this season. That's a 7% increase from yr 1 to yr 2.

The Dolphins have been in a sophomore slump since 1999.LMAO

have NO doubt, by game 2 our crafty opponants will identify our weak link, and try everything to exploit it. in my opinion, with the small amount of knowledge i have in reguards to this years roster, i'm going to say(offensively) that the tackles and backfield are already being targeted for the point of attack(weak link) in early versions of new englands gameplans. i hope miami brass are counting on this and making efforts to make this a strength.

..Yg..That would be sweet. Probably not going to happen though. That would put Tannehill in the top 5 in the league.(2012) Consider that Brady was a 63 percent passer. Not impossible. But IMO a huge ask from year 1 to year 2. I would settle for 60-61 percent. That would be a lot of competions averaged over say 450 attempts.

Last I checked I think it was 40-1, 2 wtts.

You really cant judge Tannehill's yr 2 with previous past qb. His is an entirely different scenario.

Tannehill's in "uncharted waters". Never before has a rookie qb entered the nfl having nearly 2 yrs in the exact same offense, he played in college, under the exact same coach a he playe for in college.

Also, in 2013, Tannehill will have easily the best weapons that he's ever had playing this offense pro or college. Plus I love Tannehill's mental toughness. He's light years ahead of Chad Henne just in this department alone.

It is a 7-9 Season for us as per LV now. I don't agree. 9-7.

40-1 for the SB, 2wtts.

Daryl D.....

Its for the reason's that you stated that it makes ZERO sense to draft a guy @ #8 overall...and then have him sit on the bench.....

imo...Tanne should have been the starter regardless of Garrard or anyone else playing QB was throwing the ball....

You draft a guy @ #8...you see what you got....

Ireland is doing a great job this off-season....

let's see how long I will be able to continue to post in BLUE...hopefully we got this straightened out this morning....

I think Tannehill will be a lot more like Brady than Marino.

He seems to be methodical and technical.

With the speed of the game today every step is calculated on the short throws. Timing is everything. Playing QB is more about knowing the play, setting the offense in response to the defense's set and throwing the ball accurately on time.

The days of dropping back, reading the defense and making it up as you go are gone. It was fun to watch Tarkenton, Favre and Marino do that.

Bill Walsh ended all that with Montana and Young.

What I am saying is, don't look for a lot of looong passes. Short passes and YAC, yes. Notice how big Ben keeps getting hurt? Looooong passes.

.Budtki..You are certainly free to have your opinions. I think it is fair to see the product before making any judgements. For instance. You mention the tackle spot. A lot of Phin fans assume that Martin will be a liability at left tackle. If he plays like Jake Long did last year..Then these cries will be heard loud and clear. Probably even louder because Martin is playing without the resume of Long. No pass for him. Is it unrealistic to expect at least Longs 2012 level of play? Something better?

Now look at RT. Clabo is an upgrade to Martin at RT. So we are already better there. The only issue, a real concern is the depth at the spot. Who plays if injury takes a toll? Thomas? Yeatman? Injuries are a concern for every team. I get it. But as deep as we are at guard. We are supremely shallow at tackle. That is a legitimate concern IMO..

..Running back..I think we are better. Sure unproven players. Another that cannot stay healthy, or hang on to the ball. But, we weren't going anywhere with Reggie Bush as the premier back. He is what he is. And if we want to have a chance at improving. We had to move on. We solidified a weakness with the accusation of Gillislee(pass pro)..Lamar Miller has the ability to be a gamebreaker. And D. Thomas if he can stay healthy gives us an option on short yardage. All of these guys can catch the ball out of the backfield. So this gives us another dimension I hope we take advantage of more this year..

For as many question marks this group has. IMO we have the chance to be better at both units. Perhaps farthest from the weakest links when the story is told.

There are many elegant and refined Tarantulas in Baltimore now.

Only mine have tiny bells attached to their legs, however.

..Kris. Yeah. Into todays NFL. Guys that are drafted in the top 10 are expected to play now. I don't know what we would have done. We can only speculate. All we know is that when Garrard got hurt. He was the starter. Whether or not he would have been week 1..we will never know. Garrard getting injured sealed the fate for Tannehill. Moore was garbage in the preseason. So it became a no brainer.

As much as we want to say this would have happened. We can't. That is why I think the Garrard injury was a blessing for this team. It forced our hand.

Daryl D....

You won't get any argument from me....I pounded the table for Tanne to be the day one starter from the second I heard his nam on draft day....and I didn't even like the pick....

regardless of how it cam to fruition....I'm with you....i'm just glad it did....


To your OT concerns I say two things:

1. Ryan Tannehill
2. Sparano's gone.

On of Tannehill's strengths is throwing on the run. So, if push ever comes to shove, we probably see far more "designed rollouts" in the pass protect system.

Tannehill is probably the most mobile and definitely the fastest qb in Fins history. Sherman held back on him for most the 2012, to get inclimated to playing in the "pro pocket".

Sparano, oh Sparano. Does the guy that anointed him oline guru sill have a job? ENUFF SAID.


Kudos to Ireland for having the forethought to draft a QB last year...when the getting was good....

Too bad Dashi's 9:05AM comment got deleted.
Dashi is one seriously fu( Dashi please go away - you absolutely are sick.

James Harrison to the Bengals......

Some of you kill me. Several people in here are really Dolphins fans, but for the rest of you......you should really grow a pair and let us know which team you root for after you post your anti-Dolphins slop. It has to be mostly Patriot, Bills, and Jets fans right? Don't hide behind your keyboard and MAN-UP!

la phins.

cheap ross.

oscar, r u gonna follow the phinz 2 la?

where's ross blowz?

an o-5 start should/will light the powder keg.

armando, who u gonna bump 2 pix ^ the lost revenue when the phinz split.?

ya'll knuckleheads best brace ya'llselves,
there's a bigger chance 2day that the phins and ross split than last week.

Hey 2watt



I'm going to disagree with your 2:01pm post. I don't believe you hand a guy the starting position, just because he was drafted 8th overall. I don't believe anyone should just be handed a job, including you and me. We have to earn it, based on ability to do the job, knowledge, experience....all that stuff.

To me it sends a very bad message to the rest of the team, just handing a guy a starting spot. If Tannehill had come into camp last year and shown he just didn't get it, then the right thing to do is to start the best person. I believe there have been times the Jets started Sanchez when he shouldn't have, maybe because of the money he was making, making because he was drafted 5th overall. Regardless, I think like any position in sports, you need to earn your spot. It was clear that Tannehill did that last year in camp.

go finsssssssssss

Hey dusty

Tannehill was very dissapointing last year. He looks like Henne did.

thill solid for a rookie, henne has looked awful entire career, didnt play as rookie

T-Hill wouldnt even start for his college team next season.

Why do Armando's TwinTard Trolls **ALWAYS** have to talk about Posters, Personal Issues and Expose their own ignorance and short comings in so doing?


Why is that?

Seriously, why can't these idiot Trolls just stick to discussing Miami Dolphin Football?

Oh.....Yeah, I suspect it's because they don't know jack squat about REAL Football matters.

They like the Tight Pants and the Tight Ends. That's unfortunately ALL they know about Sports.

So much like the Gay Sterotype(I don't like stereotypes, but if the shoe fits. And in the TrollTards case, the shoe DOES fit)these two imbeciles much rather talk about other Men and try and twist this into an "Anti-Straight Social Page".

If this is the best you Two Warped Queenies can do, why don't you just concetrate on getting Mando his Blog Hits and leave your personal attacks and personal bullshyt out of it.

I mean, after all, The Blog would be an INCREDIBLY better place without you Two. I know you're going to come back with some more of your ridiculousness, but we all know these are the facts.

Just Kool It, Post about Football or make this blog a 100% better by just going away. You can't beat "The Facts".


LOLOLOL Agree Everybody Knows!

If anyone wants to become instantly dumber today, read Dashi's post about how wonderful China is!

Posted by: LOL | May 14, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Why do you two care so much about Dashi and/or China?

This is a Miami Dolphin's Website. What part of that don't you two get.

It's obvious by the sheer numbers alone that you'd prefer to post about other Men you're jealous of and anything other than football.

Go back and read the past 100 blogs. It's all there in Black and White.

Pretty Pathetic in my opinion.

Odin, why dont you get your own blog. Then you could tell everyone what you want them to say.

Hartline alone could very well be the best WR in the AFC East. Add Mike Wallace to that conversation and now Miami has not only the best 1-2 combination but the 2 best in the AFC East.

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 14, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Andy, you're a little higher on Hartline than I am. If he had scored a few more TD's, I would agree completely.

In my opinion though, Hartline has improved his game across the board. He's continued to improve since coming into the league.

Even with the short off season, he came in and got it together with Tannehill pretty quickly.

So, now with Wallace, the Tannehill-Hartline connection should be even better.

Considering Hartline looked good with a completely new, inexperienced rookie QB last year, I think he would've made a solid No. 2 WR on a team with a Good Experienced QB.

However this team does this year, Hartline won't be part of the problem.

agree, hartline will put up better numbers than wallace now, with coverage all sliding to wallace

My preferences are in order at the top.

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 14, 2013 at 11:15 AM

I could take it or leave it.

If Thomas, Gillislee and Miller play up to their potential, I couold see us getting by without an add.

Having said that, I wouldn't mind bringing in another bigger, stronger power back for certain situations.

I still think our guys can get it done. And if we need some short yardage power dives on a 3rd and short, we could put Yeatman at Fullback and Javorski Lane at Tailback-LOL!

Double TE set of course-LOL.


All joking aside, really serious s'hit my man, who in their right mind would be jealous of Dashit?

Do you realize how many cyanide laced martinis that would take?

Is the moon really made of green cheese?

7-9 sounds about right but if i had to bet id take the over. ive got us at 8-8

What Pouncey said, is a non-issue. It's an obvious bald faced FACT!

All rookie QB's come in and go through this. The ones that take over the team and start anyways.

Tannehill was 3rd on the depth chart and a rookie to boot. So he got his big break soone rather than later. These kind of kids come in and their a little timid or reserved. Their trying to shine, learn the offense, learn their players and hang on until the game slows down for them.

Tannehill passed the acid test and hung onto the starter's job.

The next level of his development is for him to "Take Over" the "Whole Offense" and become "That Guy".

That's all Pouncey is saying and he couldn't be more right. It's something all young rookie/2nd year QB's go through.

I have to see far more of Hartline on slant and crossing routes, to see if he can gain separation this way. Basically, I need to see far more of "horizontal pass catching game". Thus far, in Miami, it has been next to nonexistent.

Hartline's "horizontal pass catching game" is average to slightly above average at best. Then we all know that he isn't very elusive or break tackles at any acceptable levels of rates.

This is the primary reason his td totals have been so low. Not to mention he's a nonexistent redzone scoring threat. There lots Hartline still needs to work on in order to become better. Even at the #2 wr position.

miami needs to lock up one of the dt's. starks or solia. both free agents bafter season

Perfect Case Scenario:

Although Wallace may now have some #1 wr type abilities. I would still rather see him at the #2 wr spot. Can you imagine a #2 cb covering him? It would be a mismatch of nearly astronomical proportions.

Meaning, I would rather see truer #1 wr playing the position, one who also strikes fear of God into defensive coordinators.

At #2 wr, I would like to see someone more elusive and explosive than Hartline. Even though Hartline has been clocked in the mid 4.4 forties, he's closer to "possession-type" than elusive or explosive as a wideout.

You draft a guy @ #8...you see what you got....

Posted by: Kris | May 14, 2013 at 02:01 PM

OK, so what about a Guy you took at No. 3 overall. A no. 3 that cost you the 12th and 42nd?

Wouldn't you have to get him on the field and "See What You Got"?

Or is it **NOW** different and OK to just play him once in awhile and see how he does periodically? Like say, only OBVIOUS passing situations..........?

Have I stumbled upon a contradictions here Kris-LOL?

agree odin, and didnt like that trade at all. u stay at 12 and take eifert

Any chance of Volin taking Omar with him to
Boston ? Oh well ! I just hope the S. Fl. beat-
writers keep it coming fast and furious when camp
starts. Can't get enough of news re: The Dolphins.
Go Mando', and Go Dolphins............


Agreed And Disagree With Your Comment On DJ Gaining Weight.

It Is Hard For People With A Low Body Fat To Gain Weight.

With That Said Some People Can Gain Weight. Genetics.

Take Ricky For Example. I Remember Hearing Stories When He Was Coming Back That He Gained 20lbs In A Couple Months And All Of It Was Muscle.

Your Body Composition And Your Genetics Has A Lot To Do With It.

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