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Pouncey: Tannehill must be more vocal leader

The Dolphins wanted Jake Long back. General Manager Jeff Ireland wanted him back. Coach Joe Philbin wanted him back. And teammates wanted him back.

“I was texting him, I was all on Twitter, and I was calling him," center Mike Pouncey said Monday during his visit with the NFL Network. "We definitely wanted him to stay down here in Miami. He is a Pro Bowl football player. He is going to be missed greatly."

“Me and Richie Incognito were going to pick him up at the airport if he was going to sign back. We tried to get him back. We are going to miss him a lot. I wish him nothing but the best up there in St. Louis."

Long indeed decided to sign with the Rams and so he's gone. And now all the love the players had for Long shifts to Jonathan Martin, Miami's new left tackle.

"I think Jonathan Martin will do a great job," Pouncey said. "Left tackle is his position. He played it all throughout college. I think he is more comfortable on that side of the football and he has a year underneath his belt in the NFL. I think this year he is going to go out – he has put on 20 more pounds – and do a great job for us."

Pouncey along with Incognito are the new defacto leaders of the offensive line. But Pouncey realizes that the man who is called to lead the entire team plays quarterback. And he is apparently hoping Ryan Tannehill takes on that role a bit more than he did as a rookie.

“He has to be a more of a vocal leader," Pouncey said of Tannehill. "He has to keep us on the field on third downs which he has done a great job of. I think it is going to be a collective thing on offense this year. We have to run the ball to help him out. But I think he is ready to take next step for us."

So what's that next step for the Dolphins? Is it winning more games than they lose for the first time in four years? Is it making the playoffs?

“I can’t really say that right now," Pouncey said. "[Making the playoffs] is going to take a lot of dedication, it is going to take a lot chemistry. Obviously we have a lot of great players that we added to our football team and our quarterback has to play exceptional this year.”


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Odin, why dont you get your own blog. Then you could tell everyone what you want them to say.

Posted by: Just Saying | May 14, 2013 at 04:19 PM

So I can just assume you're only interested in Dashi and Dansby's cup size?

I only asked that we discuss Miami Dolphin's Football. What part of that do YOU have a problem with?

You opened your mouth, so why don't you try explaining exactly what your problem is with coming to a Dolphin's Blogh and discussing The Dolphin's?

If you want to talk with like minded men and talk about other men, being jealous, he said/she....ah.......HE said/HE said gossipy crap, they have Blogs for toadys gay Men.

It's 2013, you don't have to be angry anymore, you don't have to hide or be ashamed. So really, you don't have to come on sports blogs to try and take it out on Sports Fans.

It's OK to be YOU, just take it to the appropiate type of website. Geez Fella, it aint Rocket Science-LOL.

Is the moon really made of green cheese?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 14, 2013 at 04:32 PM

YG, I get it. They were/are mad at Dashi.

That's all fine and dandy. But christ almighty, they've been going on about it for two months now. It gets old and their again, ruining it for everybody.

**YOU** and **DASHI** fightning and arguing about some of your Football convictions is another matter altogether. I have actually enjoyed following along with some of your fights/football arguments.

Big Difference is these two lowlifes with.......well.....NO LIVES! There whinning and crying EVERYDAY about EVERYTHING.......**EXCEPT** Miami Dolphin's Football.

Talk about a Couple of Creeps. If I were Armando I wouldn't let these loasers polish my Knob or my Vette. I wouldn't let them pooper scoop up after the Doggies or clean my pool.

Armando should fire these FeeAggTards and ban them from the blog.

Just Saying.............

This is the primary reason his td totals have been so low. Not to mention he's a nonexistent redzone scoring threat. There lots Hartline still needs to work on in order to become better. Even at the #2 wr position.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 14, 2013 at 04:42 PM

YG, I think this is an excellent post and should be forwarded to Sherman immediately-LOL!

I don't know all of the playcalls, or if Hartline was simply covered over the middle all the time.

To date though, most of his success semms to have been one dimensional. Working the sideline/back Shoulder/comeback routes.

I too would like to seem Hartline on tons more crossing routes, drag routes, even The Skinny Post-LOL.

Hopefully the Wallace Factor opens all of this up for him.

PS: Watch Gibson! I have a feeling that Wallace and Hartline will draw so much attention, Gibson will be able to work all over the field. Even though he might be physically limited, I see him playing BIG like a Brandon Marshall type. As far as Marshall's posession type of play goes.

I'm not comparing the two. I'm just saying, I think Gibson will play that BIG type of Receiver that makes those big receptions in traffic or with a DB or safety drapped over his back. That's my vision anyways.

Tanny might be the QB but Im not sure of "leader",,,yet. Tanny doesnt know the pro game as yet and I think Pouncy, Cog and others need to pick up the slack in the leader role. Tannys plate is already full why should he now have to worry about getting other millionaires to follow him? IF Tanny produces with the FA's jeffery signed, team members will rally around him. But if he continues to over throw TD's which he did last season then I think he'll have problems in that leader role. You gotta walk it like u talk it. If he starts slow and throws some ints and gets down on himself like Sanchez did, then this yr might be the last yr as starter. And of course the big problem is no one really knows what Tanny will do. Wait and see,,,

Why People worry so much? The fact of Tannehill starting at QB was as inevitable as Taxes are.

R. Matthews.

I Expect Big Things From Him This Year. He Plays Big And Physical.

I Wouldn't Be Surprised If He Is The #3 By The End Of The Season.

It is good to see into the Future. It makes you not worry so much.

And I Apologize If My Words Hurt.

Funny Thing Is People Can Be Derogatory And Denigrating Towards Dashi. All Day Every Day. Dashi Shows His Thick Skin. Yet, They Cry And Complain As Soon As Dashi Starts Slapping Them Around.

Makes You Wonder.

And I Repeat For The Millionth Time!! Dashi Has Never Instigated 1 Argument. I Wait Til People Attack Dashi. Then I Respond.

Even With You YG!

Dashi And You Were Having A Civilized Discussion Til You Decided To Start With The Personal Insults.

And I Even Tried To Be The Bigger Man After Your Initial Attacks. And You Kept Coming At Me.

Ask Anyone Who Saw The Discussion.

But Again Dashi Will Be The Bigger Man And Apologize If You Got Offended.

Your Body Composition And Your Genetics Has A Lot To Do With It.

Posted by: Dashi | May 14, 2013 at 05:09 PM

True Dashi and I could be totally wrong. I have no problems admitting that. And you're right about Genetics. There's not much I can do to learn about an individual players genetics and physiology.

Having said that though, I can speculate with the available evidence.

1. Jordan played at or about 230 at Oregon.

So I can assume that **HIS NORMAL** playing weight is around 225 to 235. That's a fair dedeuction going with the available evidence.

2. Jordan gained as much weight as he could preparing for the draft and the possibility of being considered a DE.

Jordan was able to go from 230 to 248. He wasn't playing during this time and I'm sure he was working with competent trainers to put on the weight intelligently.

From all of this, I think you can safely draw some somewhat accurate conclusions.

1. For now, with his body fat down to 3%, Joradn has somewhat maxed out as far as gaining weight.

2. He could put on more weight before training camp. But it will be minimal. Just like losing weight, the first pounds are always easier than the later pounds.

3. It's common knowledge that most NFL players(The Big Guys anyways)usually start to lose weight during training camp and continue to do so over the course of the season. The ones that play alot.

So my overall conclusion is that Jordan will eventually be big abd strong enough to play DE exclusively. If that's what he's trying to do and that's what his Coaches want.

I believe this because of his age and his frame. At 6'-7", he could eventually carry 260 to 270 pretty easily.

I'm just saying, it won't be this year. He's maxed out at 250 and is getting close to the point in the off season(training camp)where guys like him start to lose the weight.

This brings me to my "OLB over DE" conclusion. I think the Kid is way to talented and that it would be too big of a waste to just play him as a situational pass rusher.

It would also be a waste of picks 12 and 42, Not a complete waste of course, but who spends picks like that on a situational project type of player?

Jordan's a perfect OLB prospect. He has all the tools to be a great 4-3 OLB and a 3rd down pass rush **OPTION**. In this scenario you would be **FORCING** O-Lineman and the QB to account for Jordan at all times. EVERY SINGLE SNAP! He could blitz or drop and the O-Lineman, the RB staying in to block and the QB better know where he's at and what he's doing at all times.

One last note: In this scenario, Jordan's weight, strength and body fat percentage would **ALREADY BE** PERFECT!



you are right on! if you are not behind tanny then dont write on this blog. you are just one of the negative fans that dont ever want us to be good, just so you can criticize the franchise. grow up and get behind your QB you morons. I swear to god some of you people are just idiots. well said dadsmithwest.

Screw Jake Long and the wife he rode in on.

I honestly think the season is on Philbin and coaching staff.

T hill will improve but doesn't have to carry this team. You could certainly say that Flaco is better but not by much in my opinion. Flaco is good but not as skill full as Manning, Brady, Rogers. Right?? The 3 forementioned QB'S are top flight and NO superbowl. Maybe it's not just a qb league maybe you have to have a damn good team too. right?? For crying out loud, Trent Dilfer won a SB.

I think it's funny that B Hartline was the Fins #1 receiver last yr and was marked by opposing teams best corners and NO ONE could stop him from making his catches. Who else did they have to cover?? He's worth the $$.

As I said, it's on the coaches. How quickly can they get this team in sync?? The talent is there.

As a Fin fan, I am excited about this season because the acquisitions will give them a chance to make the playoffs - with some luck a playoff run. Beyond that the future is looking bright for the following season for this team that continues to improve.

To go on what the woodshed gang I agree he has the ability to make things happen with his feet an extend plays. But also he never seemed uncomfortable mentally with what he saw on the field and didnt really make mistakes twice which is great. I think he is ready to have a huge year.

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