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Reshad Jones not at offseason session today

Safety Reshad Jones, the Dolphins most productive and promising defensive back, did not attend Monday's offseason conditioning session according to a team source.

The club spent much of the morning trying to locate Jones, who until Monday had near perfect attendance in the offseason program. The Dolphins start their first set of OTA days Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday and Thursday with on-field drills. The work Monday was closed to the media but the club is scheduled to open the OTA workout Tuesday.

All offseason conditioning and OTA activities are voluntary and players are not subject to fines for missing them.

The reason for Jones' absence is not completely known to the team's front office and coaches but there has been speculation among some teammates that Jones is unsatisfied with the progress -- or more accurately, the lack of progress -- in talks to extend his contract.

It is known Jones' representative and the Dolphins have had intermitent discussions about a new contract for Jones but those have obviously not been fruitful to the point of getting an extension done.

Jones was unavailable for comment. Agent Joel Segal, who represents Jones, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Whether Jones plans to attend the OTA sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is unclear. Missing those would be a more clear and obvious sign that Jones is unhappy.

[Update: A source close to Jones tells me he is not planning to show up for OTAs Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday unless contract talks begin.]

This season, Jones is scheduled to be in the final year of his rookie contract which he signed as a fifth-round draft pick out of the University of Georgia in 2010. But Jones has largely outperformed that deal, starting 28 games the past two seasons. On a team looking for defensive playmakers, Jones has been second only to defensive end Cameron Wake in that department.

Aside from leading the team with four interceptions last year, Jones also forced two fumbles, recovered two fumbles, had one sack and three quarterback hits. Jones was also third on the team with 74 solo tackles.

Jones is scheduled to make $1.323 million this season, according to figures filed with the NFL Players Association. That would make him the team's lowest-paid starting defensive back and among the club's lowest paid starters -- depending on which players win starting jobs in training camp.

The Dolphins have had other players show their displeasure by staying away from the offseason program recently. Defensive tackle Randy Starks, Miami's franchise player, skipped the early portion of this year's offseason program. Last year, Wake skipped part of the offseason program as well as he was looking for a contract extension because he was enterring the final year of his first deal with Miami.

The Dolphins eventually rewarded Wake with a five-year, $34.53 million deal last May.

This offseason the Dolphins have spent $91 million in guaranteed money and approximately $204 million overall on new contracts.


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Nothing unusual about this. Every team probably has a similar situation with a player or two.

Jones clearly IS underpaid at this point based on his production and rapid ascent.

They'll work it out.

Que the media hysteria !

One good season and he's holding out ? What a joke, have fun getting fined and being replaced dummy !

Boo hoo!!! you dont get paid after 1 good season my man. Ball the first couple of games and you'll get a good deal

Reshad Jones should have a little more patience. At present, negotiation priority is focused on getting the drafted rookies signed. No way, do I believe the Fins allow Jones to see open fa market.

Especially with him being BY FAR.......... the best safety on the team. Have a little more patience Reshad, you're next batter up after the rookies are signed.

He's started looking good, but it's only been for single digit weeks. Not that long.

I've lived in seven different NFL cities and cannot remember ANY of them not having a situation exactly like this. Nor is it unusual for Miami, as Armando already mentioned with Wake and Starks.

A few of you will make MUCH more out of this than it is, but reacting like headless chickens to nearly meaningless, typical NFL minutiae is what you do best.

He will get his deal and be on the field. Not an issue. He should be making more based on his performance. Hopefully they lock him up for another 5.

Would love to see Woodsen come in and mentor Jones this season. A one year deal would be very nice. Problem is he's probably looking at a multi-year deal worth more than Dolphins will pay. And unless he's cheap I may prefer to roll the cap over to next season.

Either way I'd love to see a playmaking safety in Jones here long term. We need it...

oh no he's not at first day of stupid OTA with shorts!
Hurry sign washed up Charles Woodson right away!
Maybe he was in Zephyrhills last week and bought the winning powerball ticket.

Posted by: tj turner | May 20, 2013 at 01:40 PM

Easy on the professional "nerf football players" in this blog. They still haven't adjusted to the fact that everyone doesn't play this game for free.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | May 20, 2013 at 01:44 PM

No disrespect to you, but I highly disagree signing players to "mentor" other players, is a great idea.

Certain players have particular skill sets and physical attributes that set them apart from certain other players. This is what makes them great.

You cant teach a physical gift that makes you to another player. Michael Jordan cant teach another player to be Michael Jordan. The same as water cant teach fire to be wet.

Jones should have learned from Hartline's situation that patience is rewarded. Hartline wanted a contract extension, which never happened, then subsequently his breakout year rewarded him with millions more than what he would have received by extension. No need to worry MR. Jones, your hard work and great play this year will pay off, literally.

Play out your rookie deal, go to free agency and then get paid, that is how the NFL works.

hey jones. 28-0. huh?
hey jones, the worst home game loss against tenn. since 67" huh.
u part of that huh?

Hartline and Jones situations are totally incomparable. Jones looked like a "rising mountain" the season before his contract year.

Hartline looked more like a "rising ant mound".

Jones is arguably a "pro bowl snub". It was easily Hartline's greatest year playing in his contract year. Still, no one even considered him in "pro bowl snub" territory last season.

In Hartline's season before entering contract year, there were still HUMONGOUS questions surrounding his Dolphins performance. The only question surrounding Jones right now, is how tall will this mountain rise?

This is all done by design by the agent!!

Rashod Jones deserves a new contract hopefully he'l get his wasnt he ranked in the seventies for the NFL Network top 100 players of 2013??

coyle made him, he'll sux any where else.
cut 'm irecorn.
f u 2 starks. u be a ghost the last 6 anyways.

Im sure Jones will be at tomorrow's ota. Just an ahem.... moment, to re-remind fo, "please don't forget about me".

Footsies underneath the table by tomorrow morning.

watch weeden shread jones for an 80yd td 2 bess on the opening drive.lol

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2013 at 02:09 PM

Unfortunately, you're one of the same types who whine, "Ireland creates to many holes."

he's under contract db, so stop pushing those # 2 pencils all the way through both of u'r ear cavities.

there's no i in ego db, get it huh?

Unfortunately, you're one of the same types who whine, "Ireland creates to many holes."

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 20, 2013 at 02:13 PM


so stop pushing those # 2 pencils all the way through both of u'r ear cavities.

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2013 at 02:15 PM



watch weeden shread jones for an 80yd td 2 bess on the opening drive. lol

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2013 at 02:10 PM


so stop pushing those # 2 pencils all the way through both of u'r ear cavities.

Posted by: 2 watt | May 20, 2013 at 02:15 PM


last 5.
ne,1-tax. 0 axxix.
here ya go at sf. the big 0 and 0.lmao
the power house jax. 1 uhhuh. just 1.lol
buff. 1 again.lol
ne. 28-0----.2 comb. 1 tax 1 axxix. hahahahahahaha. and 8 f'ng m$ huh?

now thats a big f'ing hole right there db.
a folding chair can get better stats than that the last 5 huh?

Jones looked good last year but really sucked the year before , so the question is how will he be this year? I would say to him have another good year and you will get your contract. I can't see giving him a big contract just yet, finish this year and we will see, because in 2011 I could not believe they would even consider him to be on the team, he was that bad.

Jones is awesome. He'll get paid eventually.

Play out your rookie deal, go to free agency and then get paid, that is how the NFL works.
Posted by: Sam | May 20, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Nope that's not at all how the NFL works. Just about any player capable of starting renegotiates before hitting free agency. They'll sign him soon to a long term deal.

Cut Jones now

I think the Phins will wait to see how he does for at least part of the season before resigning him. He played very well last year until the last few weeks when he basically disappeared. And he did not play well the previous seasons. Gotta be careful with one hit wonders.

You left off all of the other 1st and 2nd round picks that have departed for other teams, with no compensation to us.

Safety Reshad Jones, the Dolphins most productive and promising defensive back, did not attend Monday's offseason conditioning session according to a team source. - A. Salguero

Evidently Rahsad Jones not Brent Grimes is our most promising DB.

We're fukked!

Hey Cameltoe,

Where is Jose Cuervo today?

I see there is still nothing worthy of discussion about my Dolphins. I'll check back later.

Agree with We Know @2:58

I do not understand why a contract is signed for a four year deal and a fifth round draft pick wants his extension,and big bucks,now. WTF? Hartline is a perfect example. He waited until his rookie contract was up,and then he got a new contract. Someone please tell Jones that his contract is not up until next year,duh!

Agree with JoseCuervo@2:58

I like jones but its not like he is ed reed back there. Making a mill on the last year of a 5th round contract is nothing to sneeze at. He should be happy he made it to the end of his contract.

Reshad Jones: The only, I repeat the ONLY, playmaker drafted by the Fins since ireland has been GM. A safety, that's it. Nothing more. Not a WR, not a RB or TE, nothing. 1 playmaker in 6 drafts. then people wonder why nobody goes to the games and nobody watches on tv anymore. But this is our year, just like last year and the year before that.


It's very common. And it goes both ways. Think if we signed Long for 4 years he would ever see the end of that contract? That's why teams try to backload these contracts, because they know the player will never be here that long.

Also, do you know the average life span of a NFL player? Shorter than their rookie contract. So a lot of these guys basically have one chance to get paid during their careers. And if he got injured this year, there goes that chance.

Miami has shown they understand the business, so hopefully Jones won't get railroaded by staying away. He's good enough that this shouldn't hurt his ability to play this Season like he did last Season. The guy gets better every year. I'm excited to see him in Training camp.

Happens with players on every team in the NFL every season.

Apparently, a few of you have been asleep the past 20 years and have never been aware of this or think it's a big deal.

It's not.

Well, they gonna have to pay him something. They can't afford NOT to


C'mon, c'mon, is not as bad as all that, is it?

Hey Reshad did you miss Hard Knocks last year? Get your butt to camp or the next thing you know you will be calling your grandma like V Davis was!

Reshad will get his deal, whether he stays away from OTA'
s and appears to be a whiny little million dollar baby or he comes to OTA's and gives Ireland one more reason to give him and extended contract. He's good, and will be rewarded.

love when these idiots hold out. give me a break

rick u should know better than that, miami already shopping him now


By the way, those old Dolphins teams in the 70s that we all glorify (for good reason)?

The ones that dominated the NFL and brought home Super Bowl titles?

The ones with all those Hall of Famers led by the winningest coach ever?

Well, along with all that excellence there was something else that was an EVERY YEAR occurrence back then.


And I'm talking a LOT of holdouts. Nasty contract squabbles between players and management (i.e. Joe Robbie)that each and every year devolved into pissing matches that were VERY public.

Larry Csonka, Jake Scott, Manny Fernandez, Paul Warfield, Jim Langer, Bob Griese, countless others--ALL of them had nasty contract disputes and holdouts at one time or another.

It was FAR worse on that front than it is today. Hell, it used to be a shock if Miami could get their first rounder in camp within the first 10 days.

People have forgotten this stuff or have very selective memory of those times, but I haven't.

This stuff now? Big deal.

pay the dude he's a top 15 safety

pay him when his contract is up only, if hes gonna cry say see ya

u comparing jones to those hof's?

Dusty, I'm not comparing the PLAYERS at all so don't even ATTEMPT to go that route.

What I'm saying is that this is barely even a blip compared to how things USED to be with the Dolphins and player contract/financial disputes.

Those that remember those times ACCURATELY know this is the truth.

Despite the greatness of those teams, the holdout stuff was VASTLY more common (and nastier) back then, and it was a yearly thing.

Jones isn't doing anything different than hundreds of other players have done to voice displeasure over their pay.

It really isn't a big deal even if we sometimes latch onto EVERYTHING here as if it is.

I get it. It's the offseason. :)

So Jones probably wants a big extension with lots of money for little show. He played one full season at his current position as far as I can remember.

So do you break the bank for a guy who has only shown one year of good play? He wasn't a pro bowler so he is considered good not great. How do you extend a guy when you don't even know if he's going to be the same player?

Here's the deal. The defense was built for Reshad to roam. He didn't have a lot of assignments, not as much as the other dbs, and he was allowed to free lance. The other defenders mentioned it a couple of times in jest. They joked about how they wished they had Reshad's job because he was able to get after the ball more. Coyle designed the defense this way partly because he wasn't sure of exactly what he had on the field talent wise. This year Jones is going to have A LOT more responsibility.

And now his agent is pushing for an extension which scares me. It tells me that maybe his agent doesn't thin Reshad can handle more of a workload and he's worried about having to find him a new team next season if he can't. I like Reshad but what is the problem with proving you can handle the extra assignments THEN go for an extension? The big push throws up a red flag for me.

We know there is a big squabble between you Two, Apple and Microft. We have known since you started as We were the ones that put you there. Don't bother Us as there is Space for Everybody. Right?

And now his agent is pushing for an extension which scares me. It tells me that maybe his agent doesn't thin Reshad can handle more of a workload and he's worried about having to find him a new team next season if he can't.


It tells me it is a very common occurrence around the NFL and that (perhaps) you are grossly overthinking/overanalyzing/jumping to conclusions about something that will ultimately be resolved and long-forgotten.

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