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Reshad Jones not at offseason session today

Safety Reshad Jones, the Dolphins most productive and promising defensive back, did not attend Monday's offseason conditioning session according to a team source.

The club spent much of the morning trying to locate Jones, who until Monday had near perfect attendance in the offseason program. The Dolphins start their first set of OTA days Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday and Thursday with on-field drills. The work Monday was closed to the media but the club is scheduled to open the OTA workout Tuesday.

All offseason conditioning and OTA activities are voluntary and players are not subject to fines for missing them.

The reason for Jones' absence is not completely known to the team's front office and coaches but there has been speculation among some teammates that Jones is unsatisfied with the progress -- or more accurately, the lack of progress -- in talks to extend his contract.

It is known Jones' representative and the Dolphins have had intermitent discussions about a new contract for Jones but those have obviously not been fruitful to the point of getting an extension done.

Jones was unavailable for comment. Agent Joel Segal, who represents Jones, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Whether Jones plans to attend the OTA sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is unclear. Missing those would be a more clear and obvious sign that Jones is unhappy.

[Update: A source close to Jones tells me he is not planning to show up for OTAs Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday unless contract talks begin.]

This season, Jones is scheduled to be in the final year of his rookie contract which he signed as a fifth-round draft pick out of the University of Georgia in 2010. But Jones has largely outperformed that deal, starting 28 games the past two seasons. On a team looking for defensive playmakers, Jones has been second only to defensive end Cameron Wake in that department.

Aside from leading the team with four interceptions last year, Jones also forced two fumbles, recovered two fumbles, had one sack and three quarterback hits. Jones was also third on the team with 74 solo tackles.

Jones is scheduled to make $1.323 million this season, according to figures filed with the NFL Players Association. That would make him the team's lowest-paid starting defensive back and among the club's lowest paid starters -- depending on which players win starting jobs in training camp.

The Dolphins have had other players show their displeasure by staying away from the offseason program recently. Defensive tackle Randy Starks, Miami's franchise player, skipped the early portion of this year's offseason program. Last year, Wake skipped part of the offseason program as well as he was looking for a contract extension because he was enterring the final year of his first deal with Miami.

The Dolphins eventually rewarded Wake with a five-year, $34.53 million deal last May.

This offseason the Dolphins have spent $91 million in guaranteed money and approximately $204 million overall on new contracts.


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The Dolphins are being cheap again

I do remember that one, Remembers, but that was partially set up by the League. No?

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 20, 2013 at 06:09 PM


Not quite sure which 'league' you mean, Oscar.

If you mean the WFL (which I'm guessing you do?) then not really. It was pretty much a one-man thing (John Basset) who owned the WFL franchise in Toronto that signed Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield.

Before the WFL started play, that franchise was moved to Memphis under the same ownership--which is where those three played for one forgettable season (1975) before the league disintegrated.

Robbie was given every opportunity to keep them but apparently never thought the threat was real.

Clearly, it was, and they called his bluff.

From the NFL's perspective, of course, it was a huge black eye from a p.r. standpoint to see three stars from the league's best team defect to a rival league.

Not Joe Robbie's finest moment. And as much as we revere those players (and should) we also should remember that they, too, put the almighty pursuit of money ahead of any loyalty to the Miami Dolphins.

Some here really do suck dick.

Oscar what in the heck is "je je"?

Is that ha ha in spanish or something?

Trolls suck dick.

ANY League, bud.

suck my dick.

Thanks Kris. You're right, hell he was right. I over reacted as I have been known to do. Should have ignored or said my peace and moved along. I have to stop coming in here after long days! Ha

can I get a hand?


Kris--I am NOT "jack" and Phins and I settled whatever dispute we were having already.


Miami can either pay him now and get a deal or pay him later while competing with other teams and pay a lot more. If the Fins are smart they'll lock this guy up.

Oscar you lie. you say you have a big weiner.


I posted a 'no worries/no hard feelings' response a while ago (or thought I did) and now it's vanished. Or maybe I never hit "post."

In any regards, I can see why you might have thought 'snarky' even though that was never the intent and as for any 'over-reaction' on your part--no worries.

I know we can have good Dolphin convos in the future!

"Trolls like him"

Just out of curiosity, what is your definition of a troll? The rest of us define troll as someone who lies in wait (as in a troll under a bridge) to attack any new posters who join the conversation. Or they pointlessly attack someones opinion on the story at the top without adding their own opinion of said story.

THIS is the definition of trolling as the rest of the blog sees it. You seem to be confused.


We're cool Remembers. Got to run people, talk to you later.

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what I don't like about modern day sports tars is they sign a deal and want to change that deal part way through complaining hey are worth more!!!!
I wonder how he(and others like him) would feel if the team wants to renegotiate the deal down because of poor performance or missing a season due to injury?
I doubt very much whether they would be willing to restructure then!!!! Do you agree?

U Really can't blame Jones for asking for More $$$.

Everyone else just got paid and funds are available.




No worries here, let him miss OTAs. See what he looks lik when he comes in. If he is playing at pay raise lvel as the season starts an into some gams then give then cat an extension. Or wait til after the season, whatever. Non-story.

Don't worry Jones the team will take care of you and before the season (maybe even preseason) is over. It is best for the dolphins to take care of this before the season starts because then it shifts in favor to Jones. If he has similar or better performance this year he will be a Pro bowler and will get major money on the open market. It will get done . Go Fins!!

Miami is in a tough spot here. They have the room to get a deal done with Jones. But, Miami ran a defense last year that funneled evedything to Jones. Thay did it because of weakness at the corners. It actually created a little jealousy in the secondary because Jones was getting to eat big time while others had go play out the zone they were responsible for. The touchy issue hear is whether Jones REALLY took the huge year three leap, or if a system made an artificial star. I would bet that Jones and his agent are aware. And no doubt Miami is watching him closely (this hold out doesn't help Miami, but it does Jones)... Also, if Miami were to sign Starks to a long term deal, it would free up much.of the money the franchise tag is eating up, it wkll be interesting to watch this whole deal llay out. Who wins? Who loses?

I noticed that the white players graduated from college and honor thier deals whether they like them or not.
I also notice that those same players invest thier money rather than squander it throwing parties and getting swindled.
Lastly the same ones that stay in college, honor thier contracts and invest thier money tend not to get arrested.

...I don't know what the team has in mind as far as Jones' contract. I think that this is an example of a player that was drafted and groomed here through a couple of regimes. A guy taken in round 5 who is a restricted free agent. A guy who will no doubt have a nice tender attached to his name should he hit free agency after this season.

Now the team IMO holds the chips here. Why pay him now? To make him happy? To lock him down? We have the money to do it. Why not get it done? If I am the team I gamble, I wait. If Jones plays at an all pro level, it is a win win. Sure it may cost us more. But we have an all pro guy we drafted in the 5th round. Again, we have the money. If Jones is underwhelming, if he slips a bit, gets hurt. We are in the drivers seat negotiation wise. Again not the best case scenario(I think the team would rather see him keep improving, then offer him a nice contract)

Jones had a very good year last season. He is still under contract. I would understand if the team got a deal done. I certainly understand why Jones would. I would wait it out if I was the GM.

Thank you for that racist post cameltoe. Hopefully you will be banned for that one.

You sound like Jeff Ireland because that is the formula he has followed for 5 years.
That is also the reason we keep losing our draft choices and get nothing in return.
Either extend him or trade him now while he has value. No athlete that is a starter and makes it to free agency doesn't test the water.

The person using those players for thier own personal gain: The media, the owners and the agents are the racists.

By shining the light of truth on what is going on I am the one that is tryin to change it.

Do you honestly believe that any of the non-white starters in the SEC can read?
Do you honestly believe that any of the white starters can't read?

The truth hurts and when it hurts bad enough things change.

Camelhoe trying to say only whites save money.


I've never understood how holding out is supposed to make a team want you more. Especially considering Philban clearly doesn't like players who step out of line.

Screw him. Sign Woodson and develop the kids.

You're trying to twist my words the wrong way. I've been on espn radio 5 years ago saying that I believe all NCAA football and basketball players should get paid a stipend on top of thier scholarships.
And I live in a big time university town.
I'm not putting the man of color down - I'm the only one sticking up for him.

Ross is a cheap SOB.....Part of the reason the team stinks every year.

It is either better to sign him now or to sign him later.
Or it may be better to not sign him now, or to not sign him later.

Even Tanny had to hold out to get a fair deal from this cheap franchise.

It's his agent bending his ear and telling him how great he is and how the Dolphins don't appreciate him enough. So, he'll hold out as much as he can to show his displeasure in hopes that it will force the team into giving him the contract that his agent thinks he deserves. That might work with most other teams, but Jeff and Dawn won't blink. And, the longer the kid holds out, while the coaches are installing their defensive plans, the less likely it is that he'll have a year worthy of a new contract. Good luck with that!

It's his agent bending his ear and telling him how great he is and how the Dolphins don't appreciate him enough. So, he'll hold out as much as he can to show his displeasure in hopes that it will force the team into giving him the contract that his agent thinks he deserves. That might work with most other teams, but Jeff and Dawn won't blink. And, the longer the kid holds out, while the coaches are installing their defensive plans, the less likely it is that he'll have a year worthy of a new contract. Good luck with that!

Ross and Ireland are rank amatuers in an NFL full of sharks.

It is more advantageous, usually, to shoot for a new contract after a good year, than to wait to see what that next year prevails.

Anybody can say Nothing, but can someone, anyone, say Something?

..Cameltoejoe.. I disagree. Jones is a restricted free agent. So we will be compensated handsomely should a team make a play for Jones. If he plays well this year. If he plays at say a Pro Bowl level(and that is a huge assumption) We would no doubt ask for first round compensation for Jones. At the same time we could match any offer. So how would we be losing something for nothing in that scenario?

I could see the team coming to a deal. I just think we would be better off waiting. We don't owe Jones a thing more than what his contract says. We can show appreciation in a nice extension down the road. Perhaps Jones earns himself a handsome payday? This is a contract that we hold the keys too.

don't know what sort of extension the two sides may discuss(if any, remember this is all rumor anyway) If the team thinks that they can get a better deal by doing one now..They should. But there are reasons teams tag guys as restricted. These guys don't usually get extended before the end of those contracts.

Hey, Ross tried for a handout after 4 bad years! LOL


I just got back from Dominica Republica. Digustingly poor and ugly place outside of the few tourist zones. Dog ugly women and one of them gave me a rash.

Stay away!

My point exactly, continue to posture, this is the way it is done.

..Fins of Fury..If Jones plays well. The last thing the Phins will want to do is let him get away. So what if Jones earns a nice payday. We can afford it. This isn't a player that has excelled from day 1 of his rookie contract. This is a player that has developed. who came into his own last year. And we should reward him with an extension because? To many options in our favor to do this right now. Let Jones earn it..Make the team pay you by backing up last year with a better show this season..


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Is it true, YG?

If the offer is for more than Ireland lowballed then the player will leave.
Ireland ovrpays: NoodleArm,Wilford,Dansby,Wallace or watchesthem walk.

It is entails, what the next year entails.

None of you know as much about football as I do. Don't pretend to care about locker room chemistry when all you care about is wins. In other words I'm much smarter than all of you because I ask players and coaches questions and I read a book on football once. Yall aint got nuttin. Smh

The Dolphins are a rinky dink franchise. They do very little right. If they were serious about winning they'd pay the man pronto.

Darryl Dunphy,

Where do you get the Reshad Jones "restricted fa" bs from?

Jones becomes "UNRESTRICTED" in 2014. Only "Undrafted fa's" become "restricted fa's". They are usually under 3yr contracts, so their 1st yr of fa is always restricted.

Restricted Free Agent

A player who has just three years experience in the league, but is sitting on an expired contract, is not free to sign with any team and move on. He is classified as a restricted free agent. If his former team makes an offer that meets the defined standard as a fair qualifying offer, the player has the time period between March 2 and April 15 to find a better offer. If he does, then his former team can match that offer and keep him at that amount or it can let him go. If he gets no other offers, then he plays with his former team for the qualifying offer amount.

Having a 4 year contract, Reshad Jones can never qualify as a "restricted fa".

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