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Reshad Jones not at offseason session today

Safety Reshad Jones, the Dolphins most productive and promising defensive back, did not attend Monday's offseason conditioning session according to a team source.

The club spent much of the morning trying to locate Jones, who until Monday had near perfect attendance in the offseason program. The Dolphins start their first set of OTA days Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday and Thursday with on-field drills. The work Monday was closed to the media but the club is scheduled to open the OTA workout Tuesday.

All offseason conditioning and OTA activities are voluntary and players are not subject to fines for missing them.

The reason for Jones' absence is not completely known to the team's front office and coaches but there has been speculation among some teammates that Jones is unsatisfied with the progress -- or more accurately, the lack of progress -- in talks to extend his contract.

It is known Jones' representative and the Dolphins have had intermitent discussions about a new contract for Jones but those have obviously not been fruitful to the point of getting an extension done.

Jones was unavailable for comment. Agent Joel Segal, who represents Jones, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Whether Jones plans to attend the OTA sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is unclear. Missing those would be a more clear and obvious sign that Jones is unhappy.

[Update: A source close to Jones tells me he is not planning to show up for OTAs Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday unless contract talks begin.]

This season, Jones is scheduled to be in the final year of his rookie contract which he signed as a fifth-round draft pick out of the University of Georgia in 2010. But Jones has largely outperformed that deal, starting 28 games the past two seasons. On a team looking for defensive playmakers, Jones has been second only to defensive end Cameron Wake in that department.

Aside from leading the team with four interceptions last year, Jones also forced two fumbles, recovered two fumbles, had one sack and three quarterback hits. Jones was also third on the team with 74 solo tackles.

Jones is scheduled to make $1.323 million this season, according to figures filed with the NFL Players Association. That would make him the team's lowest-paid starting defensive back and among the club's lowest paid starters -- depending on which players win starting jobs in training camp.

The Dolphins have had other players show their displeasure by staying away from the offseason program recently. Defensive tackle Randy Starks, Miami's franchise player, skipped the early portion of this year's offseason program. Last year, Wake skipped part of the offseason program as well as he was looking for a contract extension because he was enterring the final year of his first deal with Miami.

The Dolphins eventually rewarded Wake with a five-year, $34.53 million deal last May.

This offseason the Dolphins have spent $91 million in guaranteed money and approximately $204 million overall on new contracts.


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The Dolphins are a rinky dink franchise.

Posted by: Shula 72 | May 20, 2013 at 11:16 PM


Well, seeing as you're a rinky dink fan it should be a perfect fit!

Is it true, YG..

..Yg go check out Sportrac..it has all the salaries for all the players. Now..before you come back and apologize. Check Miami Dolphins 2014 free agents. Right next to Reshad Jones name says RFA..Wich means restricted free agent..So. There you go. Take it or leave it.


mame chocho!

Does the Troll **EVER** take an original position?

Reshad Jones has steadily improved. In Coyles new system he took a giant leap forward. Probably should have made the Pro Bowl.

What's couple of voluntary OTA's from the perspective of a whole season?

He's young, fast and really coming on strong. We know it, the Coaches know it and Jones' Agent knows. He's advising him accordingly.

They'd be crazy not to extend his contract.....and soon. Jones and his agent are actually doing the team a favor at this point. This is the BEST time to get Jones locked up Long Term.

On top of all that, in these situations, the Team usually comes out very good. Just like Wakes situation. We got one of the top 4-3 pass rushing DE's on a very Team Friendly Deal.

The same should be done with Jones and Right Now!

Darryl Dunphy,

Don't think I'll be apologizing buddy:

Unrestricted Free Agent

A player who is released from his contract by his current team or one whose contract term ends when he has been in the league for at least four years is designated as an unrestricted free agent. That classification allows him to sign with any other team in the league and gives his former team no compensation when he does. He can begin negotiating with other teams on March 2. His former team can maintain some control by offering him a contract for at least a set minimum salary by the first day of training camp in July. If that happens and he has not signed elsewhere by that date, the right to sign him goes back to the former team until the 10th week of the football season in November.

Jones will have 4yrs in the league at the end of this year.

YG has this nasty habit of making stuff up.

I speak with the voice not of a fat, drunk, well-fed, father of college students which I do have in real life; but of he that dissapoints.

Anybody here ever read anything by Cormac McCarthy? Great Writer but depressing Moder.

...Yg..I don't get it. At the end of this year. At the end of this contract. That is 4 years of service. Right? I don't know if you misunderstood. I'm not talking about today..Right now. I'm talking about 2014. If the team chooses to wait..then this would be the outcome. Jones would in 2014 be a UFA..I'm not sure how you missed that..I know he isn't one right now.


Why be a total dk head? Do you need that for some reason? DD is always a respectful poster and you droop down to dashOdy standards for no reason.

I happen to agree it would be quite sensible to renegotiate Jones contract now. He is an ascending, young player and has clearly exceeded his original draft status (and contract).

...Sorry RFA..Not UFA..


Have no clue what you saw, Sportrac has Reshad Jones as a fa in 2014. Julius Pruitt is the only rfa on the roster.


Don't complain to me, here's a website to check for yourself. I copy and pasted it, not explained in my own words.

You, my friend, is the one confused.


Reshad, Reshad, what kind of name is that? Seems like a relative of YG.

Q. What is the difference between a Restricted Free Agent and an Unrestricted Free Agent?

A. In the 2013 League Year, players with three Accrued Seasons become Restricted Free Agents when their contracts expire at the conclusion of the 2012 League Year. Unrestricted Free Agents have completed four or more Accrued Seasons. An Unrestricted Free Agent is free to sign with any club with no draft choice compensation owed to his old club.

Q. What constitutes an "Accrued Season"?

A. Six or more regular-season games on a club's active/inactive, reserved/injured or reserve/physically unable to perform lists.


Ma me chocho

What, you have chocho now? I knew there was something going on.

Undrafted fa's are the only ones who become "restricted fa's". They are the ones signed to contracts of 3yrs or less.

All drafted players are signed for at least 4yrs, thus they could never qualify as an "restricted fa".

The transition from the 3-4 to the 4-3 hasn’t been kind to Odrick.

In 2012, he was limited to just 26 tackles and struggled to chase down runners laterally. At 305 pounds, Odrick is simply too big for the position he is playing.

Unless the Dolphins can move him to defensive tackle, they would be better off either cutting or potentially trading Odrick.

By trading up to draft Dion Jordan with the third overall pick in April, the Dolphins have prognosticated their views on Odrick. Not to mention, by releasing Odrick, the Dolphins can save $3.6 million next season.

Wow, phins78. You sound like a really mature guy!

This Fvcking piece of shyt come suckers immediately attacks a new post and this is his come back.

It's pretty easy to get your number Come breath, you're ALWAYS guilty of what it is you accuse others of.

Thankfully, the Good Lord didn't waste any brains on your dumb ass-LOL.
== == == == == == ==

For the record, anyone else's opinion here (including mine) is just as valid as yours.

You don't have any opinions dip shyt and few you offer up are totally ignorant. Bets for the idiots to just sit quietly in the back. That way, you don't expose and embarrass yourself as bad(giggle, giggle you little Beatch ;)

Futhermore, what you may think is an "excellent" point or some kind of insightful commentary may not dovetail with the opinion of others.

Irrelevant. If you weren't so incredibly ignorant you'd know the value of differing opinions(in case you're having comprehension troubles here, this means:Just STFU Dilwad-LOL).

apparently, though, any disagreement with your opinion on the matter is grounds for some kind of infantile meltdown.

Wow, how do you get everything wrong every time? When it comes to plain old dumb, "You're Amazing"-LOL.

You know exactly where the meltdown comes from and why. It's what internet creeps like you live for. Sorry Pal, you're simply too fvcking dumb to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. They got your tired worn out number. Ho Ho!

Oh, and just to be clear on one thing: I'll post whatever and whenever I damn well want to here. You're just another guy here, sorry. And it's not your blog.

Posted by: Remembers | May 20, 2013 at 05:27 PM

Or.......you're next Ten Dollar client could stab you in the head. Ok, I guess they ALL stab you in the head, I mean the next one could shoot you in the face.........ah.......forget that. Bad example.

Fvck it, if were lucky, you could get hit by a Bus and God Willing, we'd never have to hear any of your useless drivel ever again!

Reshad, Reshad, what kind of name is that? Seems like a relative of YG.

Posted by: oscar canosa

What kind of name is Telly Savalas?

Yet, we honor him with parades, speeches, fireworks, military drills, honorary doctorates, aircraft carriers, etc. Even LAX has been renamed "Los Angeles/Savalas International Airport."

Reshad Jones was drafted, therefore signed to a 4yr deal. It's written into the cba that a player after 4 accrued seasons automatically becomes a "unrestricted fa".

..YG..What I looked at is www.spotrac.com 2014 Dolphins restricted free agents...Reshad Jones name comes right up..Make sure you aren't on 2013..

Anyway..You said you had to be undrafted to be a restricted FA..Not quite. Go look at this years group of restricted free agents(starting from pre free agency
Via NFL.Com..Plenty of drafted guys on that list) In fact wasn't Mike Wallace a restricted free agent last year in Pitt?

Yeah, he seems to have learned well. That interception at the goal line, he knew where the ball was most likely to go, read the eyes, and he jumped on it. Good.

Devon Bess was to become a "restricted fa" because he made the team as an "undrafted fa" therefore signed to "3yr contract".

He was extended before the restricted fa clause kicked in.

Darryl Dunphy,

Waiting for your apology. Don't run, don't hide.

Odick = Another Irescum bust?

Completely agreed with odinseye here that it would be in Miami's best interests to explore extending Jones' contract NOW.

Perhaps in a perfect world every player would honor their original contract and patiently await a new one but none of this is new stuff. Teams rip up contracts all the time when players outperform the original terms so that they don't LOSE those same players a year down the road when a bidding war can (and often does) ensue.

Jones is one of the guys on the roster it's essential to keep around. He and his agent know it, too.

We don't have to like that but it is reality.

Well, Savalas(Telly) is a Greek name and everybody and his Fans know they like to take it up the Asss there, since Antiquity.

Where's Darryl Dumfounded?

Odrick has steadily improved and is a solid--if unspectacular--performer.

You may want to see more from him (as would I) but to call him a 'bust' is fairly ludicrous. He wouldn't be cut from any roster in the NFL.

Jumping Jehosaphats, Jone is only holding out of "VOLUNTARY OTA'S".

The guy isn't going to hold on anything that involves fines kicking in. Wake and Starks did the exact same thing, then reported for all of the "MANDATORY" sessions.

You guys are leaping from tall buildings over nothing at all!

Well, Savalas(Telly) is a Greek name and everybody and his Fans know they like to take it up the Asss there, since Antiquity.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 20, 2013 at 11:55 PM

How dare you imply any such thing about our Lord and Savior Telly Savalas and blaspheme His name in this manner.

May Savals have mercy on your soul. Sinner.


Very true. Way too many folks going all 'chicken little' over this VERY minor story.

...Here it is..I went nowhere. You guys look for yourselves. Oh btw..The thought you have to be an undrafted FA to be a restricted FA is hooey..http://www.spotrac.com/free-agents/nfl/2014/rfa/

Dear Lord Savalas,

Please forgive the blasphemies in Your Name that oscar canosa has written, for he knows not what he does.

Lead him to your Glorious Light, that he may know the True Path of Savalas.

Bathe him in your Grecian Oils of Telly Salvation and bring upon him the Souvlaki of Understanding.

the less likely it is that he'll have a year worthy of a new contract. Good luck with that!

Posted by: Tracyh474 | May 20, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Jones was probably snubbed by the Pro Bowl. And lots of people, players, coaches and Pundits alike took notice.

Reshad is a young talented player whose stock is on the rise.

Jones Agent probably won't mind standing pat for this season and shopping his client on the open market next year. I guarantee you Jones and his agent comes out of this scenario with more money. There would be at least 15 to 20 teams with SERIOUS interest all driving the price up.

I think Jones wants a new contract right now for two reasons. One of them being that he believes Miami is on the rise and he wants to be a big part of it.

The second being that a new contract now, means more money in his pocket quicker.

I still believe that an extension now would be a lot more team friendly. If he hits the open market there will be all kind of competition driving the price up.

...Yg here is what I have been looking at..Had a phone call.http://www.spotrac.com/free-agents/nfl/2014/rfa/

..Yg..Here is what I am looking at..Had an important call. I have a my girlfriends sister lives in Lawton OK(real close to OK City)...she called so I had to take the call..But anyway. She is Ok..

Here is what I have..http://www.spotrac.com/free-agents/nfl/2014/rfa/

I agree with Odin, get it done now for a bit cheaper. Jones will hopefully take a bit of a discount for some guaranteed money up front. The team has the cap space and he's a good young player.

By trading up to draft Dion Jordan with the third overall pick in April, the Dolphins have prognosticated their views on Odrick. Not to mention, by releasing Odrick, the Dolphins can save $3.6 million next season.

Posted by: From Bleacher Report | May 20, 2013 at 11:45 PM

I won't argue with your overall conclusion.

But, what quite a few people have missed is that Odrick has already dropped 20 pounds and looking to drop more.

I'm just reaching here, but it tells me that Odrick plans on playing DE in this years 4-3. It's put the damper on guys talking about moving him inside. That and the signing of Vaughn Martin.

It also tells me the Coaching Staff is on board, if not BEHIND Odrick's new Health Plan.

Odin, Jones (and his agent) is seeking more money for those reasons you listed and because I think you'd agree he has CLEARLY exceeded what you expect from a 5th round selection--even if you hope for it. Certainly, from a financial standpoint he is the vey definition of a big-time bargain for the Dolphins right now.

Not that the team should get hosed here and just agree to anything. Part of the good thing about finally having the cap in good order is the ability to KEEP it in good order moving forward. Obviously, you don't accomplish that by just throwing money around like confetti (even if getting some players like Mike Wallace necessarily induce just that).

But this is why you have a conversation...negotiations. And hopefully you meet somewhere where both parties basically get what they can live with.

As you said, I also believe Jones wants to stay a Dolphin as he sees the team (like his career) on the ascent. I don't think he'd jeopardize his season over this, either.

But he is a core guy on this roster. It's in their best interests to not let him hit the open market.

But he is a core guy on this roster. It's in their best interests to not let him hit the open market.

Posted by: One Of The 479 Trolls | May 21, 2013 at 12:39 AM

Agreed and I see Ireland and Aponte looking at this situation just like they did Wake's.

If I were Ireland, I would be relieved with the news. It signals that Jones and his agent are ready to talk numbers. That's fantastic from our perspective.

Jones could have just focused on having his best season ever knowing that Free Agency is getting close.

If that were the case Jones wouldn't miss or be late for anything. It would be Brownie Points when talking numbers with a new team in next years free agency.

Instead, Jones wants to stay put and talk about an extension. He's let it be known and out the ball in Miami's court by missing a Voluntary OTA! That's good news in my opinion.

I have two predictions in Jones' case.

1. He's coming into his own and now has some really good pass rushers up front. I believe that he'll now become that dominate force that he was at Georgia. He latched onto Coyle and his DB friendly system. He's being surrounded by quality talents. This season will dwarf the year he had in 2012 and he'll make the next 3 or 4 Pro Bowls.

2. I believe his deal will get done SOONER rather than later. I also think it'll be very similar to Wake and his situation last year.

Hogwash, about Jones coming cheap if the Dolphins extended him right now.

You have to understand, Jones counts a little over 1 million against the 2013 cap. What Jones and his agent are really after is the "SIGNING BONUS" an extension now would bring.

Say, if the signing bonus is 5 million. Add the 1 million plus to that, and then Jones counts $6 million dollars plus against the 2013 cap. To fit Jones in under this, Marshall or Patterson definitely have to be cut.

Patterson counts 4.6 million on the 2013 cap, Marshall 5.7 million. Jones can get his 5 million "signing bonus" to supplement his 2013 salary, but, one of these 2 players will most likely get the preseason axe.

If extending Reshad adds zero to his 2013 salary, then what's all of the muss about anyway. It's the signing bonus that would increase his 2013 salary.

Only way to comfortably fit it under 2013's cap, is cut Marshall or Patterson.

YG and Darryl,

Reshad will be an UNRESTRICTED Free Agent after this season. It's like what YG said and the 4 accrued seasons.

Darryl, I'm not sure what website you were reading from, but I think they botched it.

There is a variable though. With the new CBA there's this thing they call a "Restricted Tender". I believe each team is allowed two of them and they are similar to a Franchise Tag.

Having said that, I'm admittedly not to clear on these, how new they are or even how they work. I'm not even sure that one can be used on Jones next year.

Even if Jones isn't extended this year, his situation will be handled the same as Hartline, which wont allow him to test the fa market.

He would have to have an absolute lights out year, to get a top 5 safety contract in 2014. Antrelle Rolle(Giants)is the #5 top paid safety at 7.4 million a year.

Polumaulu is #1 top paid at 9.1 million a year.


Jones is after the signing bonus. I posted that earlier. "It's the quickest way for him to put some REAL money in his pocket".

I agree on Marshall/Patterson as well. One of them(if not both-lol)will be gone.

I think training camp and the 5 pre season games will go a long way in determining whether one or both goes.

If Taylor, Will Davis and RJ Stanford show enough here, I believe Marshall and Patterson will both be gone.

Even more to the point, I believe one of them might even be cut BEFORE June 1st.

(Disclaimer: I included Stanford above only because he's one of my DarkHorse/Under Dog Favorites. The Kid has the skills, he just needs a chance in the RIGHT system)

Who is saying Jones would come "cheap?" I don't see anyone making that assertion--certainly not me.

Look, here's a guy who arguably could have made the Pro Bowl LAST season and just as arguably was snubbed simply because he arose so rapidly as a top safety in the league and others have more notoriety--even if their play wasn't as good.

Young guy on that kind of ascent is not going to come cheap. Emphasis on the "young" part.

But agreed with odin here that it is in Miami's best interests to attempt to redo that contract NOW before Jones is able to hit the open market and allow other teams to bid his price up.

Like I said before, it would be ideal if ALL players just sat tight until their contracts run their course but that hasn't been an NFL reality for a very long time. Jones and his agent are simply using the same kind of leverage and 'sending a message' as hundreds upon hundreds before him.

It's not a matter of getting him 'cheap.' They already have had that luxury with Reshad (and may yet this year). It's about coming to an acceptable agreement for both parties and keeping an essential building block on the roster BEYOND 2013.


For a team to restrict a player of 4 or more years, they have to place the transition tag or non exclusive franchise tag.

Posted by: One Of The 479 Trolls | May 21, 2013 at 01:23 AM

Just like in Hartline's case, the Dolphins have until the new league year to resign Jones, stopping him from hitting the open market.


I do believe there's strong chance Jones could get an extension before season's end. The closer it is to season's end, the more of that signing bonus money the dolphins can pro-rate under 2013's cap.

But if Marshall and/or Patterson is/are cut before season begins. Jones can be extended an awarded his signing bonus money right away.

Just checked sportrac, cutting Marshall is still 2.3 million in "dead money". So he'll have to be awful to get axed.

Patterson, on the other hand, counts "zero in dead money". Cutting Patterson takes "every dime' of the 2013 cap books.

Bye-bye Dimitri Patterson!

I read every post here in the voice of John Facenda.

Even Aloco's.

2.3 million in dead money is too much to wash our hands of by cutting Marshall. Marshall looks really safe right now. Unless he's just god-awful coming out of camp.


Valid point. Miami does indeed have time to get this done but the hope here is that the conversation on doing that can at least ensue sooner rather than later. As long as Jones and his agent don't pull any stunts that would hurt his playing status THIS year (and I don't believe they would) I have little issue with this small maneuver on their part.

With that, I'm dog tired and gonna call it a day. All the best!

Looking at the Dolphin player salaries on sportrac, gives pretty good idea who will be cut before the season starts. A good start is, are players that count very little or nothing at all as dead money when cut.

Any player on that list had better do more than just "flash" at the coaches during camp. Looking at these figures, do you guys realize that Charles Clay has afar greater chance than Michael Egnew of getting cut?

Charles Clay counts 583,000 against the cap, and 56,000 in dead money if cut. Egnew counts 652, 000, but 441,000 in dead money if cut.

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