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Rookie camp today ... production starts NOW

Sometimes patience is necessary. Me, I waited a long time before I got my life right. It took me a while to come to Truth.

But I wasn't drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

And so I had the benefit of time.

Dion Jordan doesn't.

Jamar Taylor probably doesn't.

Dallas Thomas and Will Davis shouldn't.

Everyone else is on scholarship, sort of.

What I mean is the Dolphins rookie draft class is on the clock -- again. No, they're not waiting for their names to be called by Commissioner Roger Goodell. We're now waiting for their names to be penciled in to the Dolphins starting lineup. We're now waiting for them to begin contributing as Dolphins players.

It begins today. The Dolphins will hold their first rookie camp practice at 2:30 p.m. (be here for live updates). And so production of some sort, learning, advancing toward a goal of contributing needs to begin. Today.

Take Jordan for example. He was the No. 3 overall selection. I read somewhere that talked about him being a project. Whaaaat? Look, I recognize he's not a finished product. He's got to learn techniques taught by Dolphins assistants. He's got to learn the scheme. He's got to adjust to the pace of the game. All that.

But he's the No. 3 overall selection. He's a pass-rusher. He needs to produce as a rookie.

Aldon Smith did. He had 14 sacks. Von Miller did. He had 11.5 sacks. As rookies. Jason Taylor and Jevon Kearse and DeMarcus Ware, the players the Dolphins most associate with Jordan, all produced to some degree or another as rookies. Ware had eight rookie sacks. Taylor, a third-round pick, had five rookie sacks. Kearse had 14.5 rookie sacks.

And none of them were the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

Frankly, the NFL today is made for pass-rushers to produce at a high level. Teams are throwing more than ever so there are more opportunities. Tackles are being left on islands more than ever, so there are more one-on-one possibilties. And for Jordan, that should be more the case because if someone is getting doubled, it'll be Cameron Wake.

So the opportunity will be there.


Expectation alert here: I believe a solid year for Jordan would be seven to nine sacks. That's not spectacular. That's not babying the guy. That's solid production. Your thoughts?

(Peanut gallery and Dolphins apologists: But, Mando, the important statistic is hurries. Don't put pressure on the kid with a sack total. It's not nice.)

Ahh, the peanut gallery is back. I'm not putting pressure on Jordan. The Dolphins did that when they picked him No. 3 overall. You get plucked that high, you better get off the career blocks strong otherwise the pressure builds exponentially. As for hurries being the more fair statistic, fine. I expect 7-9 sacks and 12-15 more hurries.

There is obviously less pressure on Taylor. He's a second-rounder.

But he too is being counted on heavily to produce in 2013. Have you seen Miami's veteran cornerback corps? Questions everywhere. Is this guy's Achilles going to be right? Is that guy's back going to be right? Is the other guy really worth $4.6 million?

It would be great if the rookie could follow in the footsteps of past rookie corners who played very quickly -- Sam Madison, Pat Surtain, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith. Yes, I know only two of those players worked out longterm. But they all contributed early on even if they didn't all start right away.

The Dolphins would like that from Taylor. They need that from Taylor if the vets who are troubled by questions don't have the right answers.

Eventualy, perhaps by next season, Taylor also must be a starter. There are no two ways about it. Second-round picks are busts if they don't start.

Third-round picks get more latitude, obviously. Look at Michael Egnew. Look at John Jerry. They get some time. So Thomas and Davis have that time now.

No one will blink if they don't earn starting jobs. But Davis should be at least a special teams contributor. Heck, Thomas should contribute on teams as well.

Mike Westhoff, the great former special teams coach, once told me he knew if a player was going to be a player on offense or defense by how he played on special teams. If he had it once he got on the field on teams, he was probably going to factor at his position. He said it was rare for a linebacker, for example, to be a great defensive player without having a clue how to make a play on special teams. So there's that.

Bottom line is the Dolphins added these players to get better. Some will add depth. Some will be projects. Some will help special teams. Dion Jordan, meanwhile, is a puppy that needs to bare his teeth in 2013. Jamar Taylor needs to do that at some point in the season and definitely beyond.

It begins today with the opening of rookie camp.

{Blog note: Come back later for the undrafted free agent signing list. Also I'll give real-time updates on the camp, if Internet service is running, starting at 2:30 p.m. So come back. You should also follow me on twitter @Armando Salguero]


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I read that Dallas Thomas can also play RT. We might not need to sign a FA OT then. Less see how this rookie mini-camp develops.

Start Matt Moore at QB.

If they aren't Pro Bowlers today, they are busts.

Ok, fine Craig, first off your argument that Ozzie didn't want him back anymore turned out to be horeshit. And fine, you might not have said he's nto teh best LT option out there... then who is? Martin??? he better be because that's where it's going unless it starts raining left tackles out there.

SCARY! This guy Jordan BETTER become a beast this year, no what, ifs , or buts considering the moves made by Ireland to get him (which surprised a lot of fans). The other picks? There were many Fl Gators picked. I don't follow college football but why not Oklahoma or Notre Dame players picked by Ireland? This year will determine whether Ireland stays or goes, and if this Tannehill/Philbin project is the real answer.

And so it begins! GO Phins 2013!!!!!

I like the fact that the team drafted heavily from in state the last two years. A lot of these kids grew up Dolphins fans and are emotionally invested. And Oklahoma and ND both sucked - except for Eifert. he will be a fine pro.

Gators are not Dolphin fans DUMBO! Most are Bucs fans some Jag fans. What would a canadien know?

Mando im sorry but your expectation is not smart. So if he has 8 sacks and 14 hurries his season sucked? All you need to see is if the guy has impact on games. If he impacts games he was a good pick. You dont need to seee numbers you can use your eyeballs. I remember wakes first season he was playing a small number of plays but when he was in he was having an impact. You knew he was going to be a baller. Same with Reshad Jones, same with tannehill, same with lamar miller.

And btw you forgot to mention guys on your list who had great rookie seasons but havent bee the same since. Suh and Pierre-paul come to mind

YG, stop being a dick. The Dolphins are the flagship football franchisse in the state of Florida, are they not? Well they were more pre Wayne Huizenga anyway ..

To respond to Mark/jpao/Craig M from the last blog:

First off, Mark, yes, I agree, JM didn't have a great Season. ALL THAT SAID, he started 16 games I believe. That's, I think, if my addition is accurate, exactly SIXTEEN MORE GAMES than Michael Egnew.

Which leads me to my next point: I would put more money on JM becoming a serviceable LT than Michael Egnew becoming a serviceable TE. To jpao and Craig saying develop who you have rather than take a chance on Tebow, I say in Egnew what it looks like you have is pure doo-doo. Sure, we'll go through the motions in camp and see if he can even SEE the field, but Tebow mind you can play special teams AND has been dynamic in his NON-QB roles in the NFL. He's big, fast, and doesn't look like he's Rain Man (just sounds that way). I'm not saying I'd give Tebow big money, but if you want explosive offense, then I'd rather have Tebow than a bumbling idiot who couldn't even see the field his rookie Season and when he did he did nothing with it.

Yeah, yeah, people will say I'm giving up on Egnew too soon. Well, some people take educated guesses that eventually prove right. If Egnew becomes Tony Gonzales, I'll eat my words, but if everyone else can stake a claim to something that hasn't happened yet, then this is mine: EGNEW IS TRASH NOW AND ALWAYS WILL BE TRASH!

There, I said it, I feel better. I'm happy to eat crow if he somehow can prove me wrong.

These out of touch out of towners just spew nonsense and misinformation and fantasies. They dont know Miami football. Flagship franchise? TOO F'N FUNNY!

damn dc dolfan you're an angry person. You must hate your life. Chill out man

Hey DC....I was not saying anything about Egnew or for that matter any of our existing TE's.

I am simply saying Tebow will NOT turn out to be a consistently effective TE. There is no evidence of him being able to block or catch at a NFL level. None.

His raw ability is not worth investing in considering the circus sideshow that comes with him. Look how that translated for the Wets.

As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me.

He will be traveling the world supporting Christianity for the highest bidder....mark my words

Tebow, man I'm not getting involved. This man is blessed I believe. I mean, look at what happened to Denver to lose that football game to the Patriots. Have you ever seen anything like what happened with that safety in that situation ever in your life? It just can't be bad play or coincidence. There's something surrounding this guy that's bigger than football surrounding this guy. How does this guy with his awful skills win a playoff game? And then Elway gets Peyton and they lose their first one in that situation.

All I know is I don't want to be Pontius Pilate ... er .. I mean John Elway come judgement day ...

Sorry, I meant Ravens, not Patriots.

and troll, if you want to discuss we can discuss, if you want to be a dick then go jerk yourself.

I am actually exicited about our TE spot this year. I am curious to see it all play out.

The more I hear about Sims the more I thinnk he has a solid chance to make plays for this team.

I am a Keller fan, hopefully he remains healthy. If so, I see him as a regular target for THILL.

Egnew, is a project. But with the current TE cast I think he may have a shot of getting on the field. Then we will all see him in action and determine if he is a success for failure. I can't really say given his lack of playtime to date.

To me Clay is a full back or H Back. I like him blocking for THILL. I see him in motion and getting open and I like him out of the backfield as a check down option. He has to be a 4-5 touch per game player this year or he may be cut after the season.

Im excited more then any other year for this group of rookies of recent memory.

Dion Jordan - I didn't like the player before the draft so naturally I hated the pick. The more I look into Jordan I do see that it holds true he spent a lot of time in space therefore his sack totals weren't as high. I wonder if he's this freak specimen why wouldn't he be used as a primary pass rusher when Oregon seemed to blow just about everyone out on a weekly basis. In fairness Oregon doesn't do nothing considered normal so it's wait and see. I agree with Mando to a degree with slightly less expectations on the sack totals.

Jamar Taylor - He has to at the very least be a nickel his rookie season and I would say starter is more like it. The Dolphins CBs are average some below average players and if a promising second rounder can't beat them out we are in for a dismal season in the secondary. I have no expectations as far as ints are concerned because the game happens so fast for rookie DBs but solid coverage is what I want and expect.

Dallas Thomas - this may have been my least favorite pick and that's saying alot considering I am still trying warm up to Dion Jordan. A reasonable expectation is just for him to be healthy. Not sure why Miami's 1st 3 picks all have medical issues, Jordan-shoulder, Taylor-kidneys, Thomas-shoulder.

Will Davis - I just was listening to Gil Brandt on NFL radio and a caller who they were familiar with knew the Utah ST program. Maybe he was an alum or lived in the area, anyway he said Will Davis has serious athletic ability and Gil Brandt chimed in "good player". Gil is the man to me and I value his opinion as much as anyone. Davis should see time and a nickel spot or dime package is reasonable.

Jelani Jenkins - The thing that sticks out the most is that he can run, cover and is smart. Another durability guy here but McShay said he was the #1 cover LB in the draft and if not for durability concerns he could've went 2nd round. I expect what Ireland said a core special teams guy with a chance to be a near future starter.

Dion Sims - one of my most intriguing prospects. I like him a lot. He ran a 4.7 40 at 6'5 262 lbs and has great athleticism. His size alone shows he shouldn't be a push over like Egnew was. I look forward to seeing if he can beat out Clay who is just ok and looks more like a pass catching FB then TE. And he better beat out that softy, Egnew.

Mike Gillislee - I hope Gillislee proves Armando wrong and me right that he will be the #2 back behind Lamar Miller. I'm not a fan of that softy Daniel Thomas and his injuries and fumbling. Gillislee ran a 4.55 but looks so much more fluid and athletic then that time. I hope he contributes and would be disappointed to see Daniel Thomas ahead of him because that tells me Gillisilee isn't very good. RB is the easiest transition to make and you either have it or don't as a runner even if not as a pass blocker.

Caleb Sturgis - may the best man win! Carpenter missed 2 FGs you are exoected to make and have to make last year that cost Miami wins early on.

Don Carey - I'd be happy if he made the team as a special teams guy but zero expectations for a 7th rounder.

Jasper Collins - He is the #1 undrafted rookie I am counting on. He is a small school guy but his production is off the charts at a small school 92 rec for 1600 yards and 22 TDs. I would love to see him make this team. Practice squad, no! Make the team!

RB is the position I want to see explode this year. I liked Bush for his locker room presence and his big play ability. But his east/west running style was limiting the offense as well.

Miller - will he prove to be a hero?

Thomas - make it or break it this year. Fumbles and/or injuries will drive him out quickly.

Thigpen - good returner but will he contribute on offense this year?

Gray - I am really hoping for this kid. He looked great at ND before the bad injury. Can he get up and running? If so, can he replace Thomas?

Gillislee - hope he turns out to be a solid 3rd down back for us. I don't know much about him but I hope he can block for THILL in the passing game and be an option out of the backfield. Bonus if he can spell Miller throughout the game and take some carries.

Domt forget Ross loves Tebow he sells tickets.

I expect Jordan to play like Jordan this year or else the pick was a waste of time. If the fins wanted to make a really big splash they would have moved to 3 and picked Tavon Austin.

I dont want to say I told you so but you should have resigned Jake Long.

"Expectation alert here: I believe a solid year for Jordan would be seven to nine sacks."


We also need to see if the sack numbers for Cam Wake and the LBs (as well as perhaps Vernon at RDE if Jordan goes to OLB) rise because Jordan is drawing off blocking.

The sack attack is a team effort.

how does tebow sell tickets if he doesnt even play. All he does is get people fired.

Mando, one other thing you have to consider about Jordan is that he won't be available to the staff basically until the last minicamp and then TC...puts him at a disadvantage to start with for this year...

Still 7-9 sacks would be worth it to me...

Mando with The Hate Already.

They Brought Up A Good Point Last Blog.

The Chiefs Drafted A RT With The #1 Overall Pick. Add To That The Guy Played Weak Competition In College.

I Will Give DJ Time To Develop.

And The New Rookie Contracts Means Top Picks Aren't Considered Bust After 1 Year. The Fins Won't Be Playing DJ $10 Mil A Year.

Mando Just Say You Want To Hate. And Can't Wait Til DJ Doesn’t Produce As A Rookie.


I agree man. Bush was a professional and the ultimate teammate it appeared. He was a lead by example, pro. Love that in him. But his old ways of dancing and east/west running showed up far too much. A 2-3 yard gain on 1st down is always a plus play. A no gainer is a killer on 1st down run plays and Bush did that often.

Miller - IMO he is going to be a big time player. I expect 1200 yards and 6-8 TDs at a MINIMUM. I actually expect him to be around 1300 with 8-10 TDs. He has game changing ability with his speed and he doesn't dance. His 4.9 a carry as a rookie was a tease of whats to come IMO.

Thomas - unfortunately he sticks around. I don't see anything good that he does. He's not fast at all so he can't break the long one. He's as soft as a beat up Ronnie Brown and breaks no 1 on 1 tackles. He wont stick his head in there for a 3 and 1 either. He has been a disappointing playr and a bust status will be cemented after he falls behind Gillisilee on the depth chart.

Gillisilee - Kiper said he was one of if not the best pass blocker in this draft among RBs which to me gives him a leg up to get playing time. The #1 reason Lamar Miller couldnt get on the field was he didn't know how to pass block. Gillislee does know how to and is good at it therefore if he doesn't hit the ground running (no pun intended), I will be hugely disappointed.

Thigpen - a good return guy, nothing more

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 03, 2013 at 10:46 AM

Excellent post brother. Spot on. Mando is right on this one too. The guy a lot of people will be comparing Jordan too is Jarvis Jones. He was thought to go higher but questions about his durability and spinal stenosis condition let him fall to the Steelers, who are awfully good at evaluating talent. If Jordan is a star, all is good. But Jones could have been had without trading away a second.

We will see

The 3rd pick in the entire draft shouldnt have a injury red flag!


And he dropped due to the fact taht several offensive lineman run faster than him. Steelers would have taken Jordan over Jones any day of the week.

i actually think that rich eisen beat jarvis jones in the forty

There was no need to trade up to take Jordan. He would've been there at 12. I saw a number of mocks where he was 14th and 15th.

How is that so. The eagles at pick 4 wanted Jordan.

Even normally homer Gruden didnt like the pick.

I hate this crap about Gruden being a genius. The guy won a super bowl with TOny Dungys team.


thanks buddy!

I'm a big Jarvis Jones guy and if Miami sat out 12 I would have loved him there. I had 3 guys I wanted at #12 and they were Eifert, Warmack and Jarvis Jones.

I hope Dion Jordan proves me wrong. The more I studied and researched him after the pick the more I am warming up even if not totally sold.


You are wrong on that bro. And a mock means nothing.

It was reported on NFL radio that the top 4 teams KC, Jax, Miami (trade up) and Philadelphia all had the same 4 prospects ranked 1-4 but no specific order. So Dion Jordan was gone by 4 if Miami takes Lane Johnson at 3.


Jones was exposed during the testing process.

Jordan would've lasted until 12? You guys are fukked... every mock had him as a top 5 pick ... every one!

personally, I would've taken Eifert or one of the Dts at 12 and then taken an OT in the 2nd along with Taylor like Arsmtead but I am glad the team identified their guy and went for it. Can't blame them for that. Wish they would've done the same for the Qb the year before ..

Slam, Mando said his expectation for Jordan is 7-9 sacks. How do you read that and say if he gets 8 sacks, Mando will be upset?

Are you aware 8 is a number between 7 and 9? That would put Jordan right in Mando's expectation range.

I'd like to know which UNDRAFTED FA will have a major impact this year.

Also, WHO from last year's draft class will have a bust-out year. Tannehill better be on the top of the list. Second, Miller.

check out Gillisilee's highlights on youtube, this guy has a chance to be the real deal. Also don't forget all his production was going up against some of the best teams in the nation the SEC

Charles Clay should move back to FB.

Tannehill could have a BUST year especially without Long or Bush. If Miller gets hurt or doesnt perform I could see another 1-15 season. Expect LOTS of penalties with so many new starters.

Wow!! Pressure, pressure everywhere....Armando, I think you need to cut back on your caffeine intake. It's MAY 3RD. Season doesn't start for another 4 months. It's been a WEEK since Jordan's name was called and already you're calling for production. Can the guy heal, learn life in the NFla nd get ready for the season first? I think you're due for a vacation, Armando.

Similarly, DC, if you want to give up on Egnew that's your perogative. I don't know what that proves. Seems to me you wrote Matt Moore off as soon as we got him. You looked bad on that one. Pretty sure you wrote John Jerry off too. While he's not great, he is a starter. Hartline?

Come on man....breath a little. Give some of these guys a chance.

I have the over/under on Jordan's sack total as 5.5 this year. Yeah I'm sure that won't make a lot of people happy but it's realism. If he can contribute 5.5 sacks more to what everyone else did last year, I'll be OK with that. I actually excpected more from Vernon this year and the guy I think will have the better season will be Taylor. Really excited for what this guy MAY become. He's EXACTLY what this team needed and I think he'll have more impact than Jordan right away. Jordan will be just fine but I don't believe it'll happen for him this year. Hope he proves me wrong.

Isnt Craig M the MORON that said the Ravens didnt want Bryan McKinnie? Zero credibilty fantasy boy.

These clowns better produce! I am really interested in our DB's and feel really good that we replaced Smith with such fine young talents. I believe the secondary of the Dolphins will suddenly become one the best units in the NFL.

Craig M also for years said Henne was our franchise QB. HAHA

Will the Fins have the perfect storm this year (where all of their talent gel at the same time)?

Sorry, but I can't take this. I think picking Dion Jordan where we selected him was a mistake; he is a 1st RD Player but a #10-15 pick and not a #3 overall, much less hurt as he was. I also think this move fukkked up our whole Draft. Sorry.

Slam, big misperception on my post. I'm not angry at all. Actually, I'm excited about this year more than any other since 2008. Saying Egnew sucks isn't anger, it's intelligence.

Craig, we'll see on Egnew (I'm going to take chances on my opinion however). And actually, I never said any negative word about John Jerry. Actually, I was the one who said he looked fine covering for Jake Long last year and so why didn't we get rid of Long LAST year (was I prescient?). Matt Moore, correct, I wrote him off. Said I was wrong at the time for it.

As far as looking bad, tell me again who the starter was last year (and is going forward)? So I misjudged a 1-year stopgap. If you want to call that "looking bad", then maybe we don't speak the same language when it comes to QB. 32 teams (INCLUDING teams with openings) had a shot at Matt Moore this year. Guess what, he's a backup for Miami. Like I always said he was....a backup. He's decent, serviceable, sure. Will get you 6-7, MAYBE 8 wins. That's not the market any team is in though, teams want to go to the Playoffs, and they don't think Matt Moore is the guy to get them there.

Hartline, decent #2, pretty much what I've said all along. Then again, he had 1 - 1,000 yd Season. And 1 TD. You ready to put him in the HOF for that?

I have a high threshold Craig. I don't need middling players because what that's meant in the past is a mediocre team. I need a team of overachievers. And if that's being too harsh to your sensibilities, so be it. You're a big boy, you'll get over it. When this team becomes a Playoff contender, you'll be thanking me for my tough love.



YG, stop being a dick. The Dolphins are the flagship football franchisse in the state of Florida, are they not? Well they were more pre Wayne Huizenga anyway ..

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 03, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Oh boy, guess we're back to this insinuating Im Canadien Bacon bs! Believe what you will, Im out this convincing business, you guys believe what you will anyway.

No way is Jordan going 10-15. He NO DOUBT would have gone to the Eagles at 4.

For us old guys Fred Young, the old Seattle Seahawks player was originally a great ST player and people could tell he would become a great player at linebacker and he did too.

I'll be frank, I don't know much about about Dion Jordan myself. Oregon's so highly touted on offense yo forget to pay any attention to their defense during games.

All that I can really remember about Oregon is that they score quickly and seemed to quickly get the ball back and then score quickly again. I didn't know there was a player on their team called Dion Jordan until this approaching draft.

Oregon's been so exciting on offense who really paid close attention to their players on defense anyway?

Bobby u must not have studied the film. And how do u know who the Eagles would or would not have picked?

He is lightning quick of the edges. Faster than Jason Taylor ever waa.

Ireland actually did a good job this draft.



Anyway, the Dolphins probably have the biggest fan base amongst those born and raised in the State of Florida overall. From Orlando, west, Bucs fans. Gainesville to Jax, jags fans.

Up in the northern central and western panhandle, most likely a mixture of fans rooting for all 3 franchises.

There had to be someone suggesting Moore starting QB,really? RT did a great job in his rookie season, without a #1 WR, and absolutely poor protection. He will progress more this year if they get him protected. Moore is a good B/U but that's it! Doesn't have the thinking under pressure. Ryan Tannehill will do well in camp and remain the starter!

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