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Rookie camp today ... production starts NOW

Sometimes patience is necessary. Me, I waited a long time before I got my life right. It took me a while to come to Truth.

But I wasn't drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

And so I had the benefit of time.

Dion Jordan doesn't.

Jamar Taylor probably doesn't.

Dallas Thomas and Will Davis shouldn't.

Everyone else is on scholarship, sort of.

What I mean is the Dolphins rookie draft class is on the clock -- again. No, they're not waiting for their names to be called by Commissioner Roger Goodell. We're now waiting for their names to be penciled in to the Dolphins starting lineup. We're now waiting for them to begin contributing as Dolphins players.

It begins today. The Dolphins will hold their first rookie camp practice at 2:30 p.m. (be here for live updates). And so production of some sort, learning, advancing toward a goal of contributing needs to begin. Today.

Take Jordan for example. He was the No. 3 overall selection. I read somewhere that talked about him being a project. Whaaaat? Look, I recognize he's not a finished product. He's got to learn techniques taught by Dolphins assistants. He's got to learn the scheme. He's got to adjust to the pace of the game. All that.

But he's the No. 3 overall selection. He's a pass-rusher. He needs to produce as a rookie.

Aldon Smith did. He had 14 sacks. Von Miller did. He had 11.5 sacks. As rookies. Jason Taylor and Jevon Kearse and DeMarcus Ware, the players the Dolphins most associate with Jordan, all produced to some degree or another as rookies. Ware had eight rookie sacks. Taylor, a third-round pick, had five rookie sacks. Kearse had 14.5 rookie sacks.

And none of them were the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

Frankly, the NFL today is made for pass-rushers to produce at a high level. Teams are throwing more than ever so there are more opportunities. Tackles are being left on islands more than ever, so there are more one-on-one possibilties. And for Jordan, that should be more the case because if someone is getting doubled, it'll be Cameron Wake.

So the opportunity will be there.


Expectation alert here: I believe a solid year for Jordan would be seven to nine sacks. That's not spectacular. That's not babying the guy. That's solid production. Your thoughts?

(Peanut gallery and Dolphins apologists: But, Mando, the important statistic is hurries. Don't put pressure on the kid with a sack total. It's not nice.)

Ahh, the peanut gallery is back. I'm not putting pressure on Jordan. The Dolphins did that when they picked him No. 3 overall. You get plucked that high, you better get off the career blocks strong otherwise the pressure builds exponentially. As for hurries being the more fair statistic, fine. I expect 7-9 sacks and 12-15 more hurries.

There is obviously less pressure on Taylor. He's a second-rounder.

But he too is being counted on heavily to produce in 2013. Have you seen Miami's veteran cornerback corps? Questions everywhere. Is this guy's Achilles going to be right? Is that guy's back going to be right? Is the other guy really worth $4.6 million?

It would be great if the rookie could follow in the footsteps of past rookie corners who played very quickly -- Sam Madison, Pat Surtain, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith. Yes, I know only two of those players worked out longterm. But they all contributed early on even if they didn't all start right away.

The Dolphins would like that from Taylor. They need that from Taylor if the vets who are troubled by questions don't have the right answers.

Eventualy, perhaps by next season, Taylor also must be a starter. There are no two ways about it. Second-round picks are busts if they don't start.

Third-round picks get more latitude, obviously. Look at Michael Egnew. Look at John Jerry. They get some time. So Thomas and Davis have that time now.

No one will blink if they don't earn starting jobs. But Davis should be at least a special teams contributor. Heck, Thomas should contribute on teams as well.

Mike Westhoff, the great former special teams coach, once told me he knew if a player was going to be a player on offense or defense by how he played on special teams. If he had it once he got on the field on teams, he was probably going to factor at his position. He said it was rare for a linebacker, for example, to be a great defensive player without having a clue how to make a play on special teams. So there's that.

Bottom line is the Dolphins added these players to get better. Some will add depth. Some will be projects. Some will help special teams. Dion Jordan, meanwhile, is a puppy that needs to bare his teeth in 2013. Jamar Taylor needs to do that at some point in the season and definitely beyond.

It begins today with the opening of rookie camp.

{Blog note: Come back later for the undrafted free agent signing list. Also I'll give real-time updates on the camp, if Internet service is running, starting at 2:30 p.m. So come back. You should also follow me on twitter @Armando Salguero]


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The Dolphin rookie who will far out excel his draft position is beyond the shadow of any doubt will be rb Mike Gillislee. If you have not seen this kid play, you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Right off the bat, Gillislee will look like the greatest surprise of our entire draft. He's a major steal for where he was drafted.

In fact, Gillislee is so well rounded in all of his skillsets, you wont think of him as a rookie at all.

Gillislee should immediately resemble a 3-4yr vet on the playing field.

The Eagles were not taking Jordan at 4. No way no how.

Yesterday, didn't you tell us Stanzi was a steal too? About 90 times!

You are the biggest hypocrite here.

Talking about you put YG in his place. But when someone hands you your Ass. You go and cry to Armando like a Beyonce.

You incestuously talk about other bloggers even when they are not here. And TROLL them when they show up.

Give it a Break you FF!! If you weren't here this blog will go back to what it was. The Best Dolphins Blog On The Net. But you punk have driven everyone away with your annoying repetitive post. And your lame Ass antagonizing ways.

Nobody here wishes anybody any harm. But Nobody On This Blog!! Wishes You Good.

If it was up to me, I hope you get gang raped and they use a Broomstick with razors. So you can slowly bleed out. And then have them curb check you like American History X.

And Even Then. That would be a nice way for you to go.

If 7th rd pick Don Jones can make the team and make an immediate impact, Ireland will have gone 10 for 10 with his draft day haul. That's freaking unheard of!

He is a project.
He is a 3rd down and long pass rush specialist..he will not be on the field on expected running plays. Not saying he will be a bad player..just not a luxery pick that the Fins needed. So many other holes on the team that could have been filled @ #3 (or #12). A specialty player that may be on the field 15-20 snaps a game? Boom or bust pick. Aldon Smith and Von Miller were much better players coming out of college. Jordan will have 2-5 sack this season.

Well, no one got a chance to take Dion Jordan @ #4. So it will never be proven yee or nee. Neither will it ever be proved he's there at #12.

So can we please end the childish rants about it and move onto seeing if this kid can actually play?

After the all, this will be the only thing that's actually ever proven.


I agree with most of what Armando said. Taylor and Jordan have to be significant contributors this year. Taylor has to at least secure the nickel corner position while Jordan has to at least be a pass rush specialist. Both have to display big upside for the future.

Agree also with the comments about the level of contribution for Thomas and Davis. Davis and Jenkins have to be solid Special team contributors and Thomas must be a solid backup lineman. Also Dion Simms HAS to establish himself as the blocking and # 2 TE. Kellar cannot block his way out of a paper bag, thus a second significant contributor must emerge from the TE position (I don't think that the other TEs on the roster have much value).

Jevon Kearse was thought of as a man without a position and unpolished too...

totally agree Yesterdays Gone 4ever


Ireland states he's been tapped into Dion Jordan for two seasons. For this reason alone I will give Jordan benefit of the doubt of becoming a great player.

Even if Jordan busts,as long as the rest of the draft class is fine, and Tannehill is fine Ireland will still retain his job. Just with a huge smear mark to his resume.

However, I do not anticipate Jordan being a bust. At worst he underperforms the #3 overall draft spot. I would still accept him at least playing like a 1st rd'er.

YG sure can blabber before seeing 1 down. LMAO

One thing for damn certain, Dion Jordan will be 2013's most scrutinize and under the scope rookie by dolfans both for and against the trade up.

Believe this!

So, relax trolls, you'll have plenty of new ammunition to tat-tat-tat from your uzi's should he fail. Unless youre you impatient he wont. LOL...

To tell you the truth guys, I would have been far more sick had we traded up to #3 and taken Lane Johnson. the only LT I would take that high is Joeckel.

However, I still stand my ground that I believe Fisher has the most potential of the LT's to bust.

The Dolphins have been around a lot longer than the Bucs and Jags. Got to take that into concideration when asuming the fan loyalty in the state. I know that regardless of living in Tampa or Jacksonville. I am still gonna be a fin fan.

Who's throwing the balls to the rookies today?

Hell, I didn't want Lane Johnson either at #3. As a matter of fact, I didn't want anybody at #3. Maybe go up some notches and grab the real elite J. Cooper or Milliner or stay at #12 and get Eiffert.

Hope the balls don't hit their chins

I didn't want Lane Johnson either at #3. As a matter of fact, I didn't want anybody at#3. Perhaps move up a few notches and grab the real elite, J Cooper or Milliner or stay at #12 and get Eifert.

Who is paying you to delete my negative commentaries about the Draft? Has to be the Dolphins.

Honestly I don't think this season's success is tied to the rookies as much as it is the free agents.

This offense was horrible last year. Couldn't consistently execute and move the ball to score TD's.

The free agent decisions are going to make or break the offense.

Letting Long go.
Letting Bush go.
Signing Hartline instead of pursuing Jennings.
Signing Wallace.
Signing Gibson which allowed them to trade Bess.
Signing Keller.

These decisions will impact the offense more than Gillislee, Thomas and Sims.

"I would have taken the Dion "Michael" Jordan with the 4th pick, but I got screwed by the Raiders. SMH"

Free agent decisions on Defense will likely be more impactful than the rookie class.

Franchising Starks.
Ellerbe instead of Dansby.
Wheeler instead of Barnett.
Grimes instead of Smith.
Not signing a free agent safety and sticking with Clemmons.
Sticking with injured Marshall and Patterson instead of another veteran CB available in Free Agency.

If Jordan explodes and Taylor quickly emerges as a top ranked CB than they will be huge impact obviously. But the volume of Free Agency decisions will likely prove more meaningful this season.

Talk about a waste of money ...

Hey, conductor of the Blog, see what's going on here with the scissors on clean Posts.

True the offense wasn't good last year but I think the biggest problem with the team was the inability to create turnovers. Turnovers more than anything lead to success. Jordan, Taylor, Grimes, Ellerbe, Wheeler all added to create havoc ... and havoc they shall create!!

RUB A535 is the ointment of champions up here

This may have already been discussed, but does our personnel lend itself better to a 3-4?

Odrick, Soliai, Starks
Wake, Ellerbe, Misi, Wheeler/Jordan


Wake, Soliai, Starks, Odrick/Jordan
Wheeler, Ellerbe, Misi

Vernon might be the only odd fit currently (small for a 3-4 DE), but could potentially cut weight to be a rush LB?

Oscar, no one is deleting your posts so STFU.

I knew as soon as there was no Albert deal the Cheifs were taking Fisher instead or Joeckel. (Fisher stated he would play RT) The Cheifs absolutely chose which OT to select based on the Albert situation and it could bite them in the arse in the future, even if it "helps" them this year. What the hell was Reid thinking??

I hope you're right, about the havoc, Toronto.

Yes they are and I didn't insult you, commander.

No they are not, take the aluminum foil hat off your head.
But then again, with some of the content you post, you are fortunate "they" still allow you to have a voice around here...Because I'd at the minimum auto delete all of your posts because of your questionable content.
Just saying.

If 7th rd pick Don Jones can make the team and make an immediate impact, Ireland will have gone 10 for 10 with his draft day haul. That's freaking unheard of!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 03, 2013 at 01:01 PM

So you are assuming the other 9 guys are going to be instant hits. YG, you remind me of this Bills fan they call John the Optimist. They all make fun of him on the local sports talk show because he talks every year about how this is going to be the "Bills big year." Last year he spent the whole season justfiying how he thought Ryan Fitzpatrick was still their franchise QB.

The Fins could put cow manure on the field and you would call it growth fertilizer. You're a trip. LMAO!

Hey MR. OVERMELODRAMTIC! The other day you come on here picking a fight with me because I refer to Egnew as a bust if he doesn't produce on the field this year, and now you are all over Mando because he is putting expectations on a guy that we traded a high number 2 for to draft at #3 overall.

And because it's May. LOL. I don't think Mando is requiring Jordan to put Tanny in the turf during OTA's genius. He is putting REASONABLE expectations on a guy that we just paid a premium for that has a ton of potential. Of course, we have no idea what that upside is because he played in the PAC 12 for a team that ran up the score but didn't exactly feature their stellar defensive play. I would say it's reasonable to expect him to make some plays this year...as a matter of fact, quite a few, to be able to trust Ireland's judgement for going up an getting this guy. And I'm melodramatic! No, just not a blind homer.


Fear not, all great posts will be diminished by Craig M soon enough.

His presence here is merely to tell you that you're all dumb while trying to windle you into thinking he has any clue as to what he's talking about.

Don't believe me? Just wait! He'll be here soon enough after giving himself a peptalk in his full length mirror. Or he's already here lurking assembling his hit list.

Jon the optimist WTF or u doing on a bills blog u troll. jump from football blog to football talking bad about other ppls football teams go suc it jetsfan.

Players to watch at rookie camp:

Cam Marshall
Michael Clay
Jordan Kovacs
Terrell Sinkfield
Tristan Okpalaugo
Keelan Allen

Mondo pass rushing isn't Jordan's only skill. He can peal off and cover tight ends something we desperately need. The Dolphins need to hire Jason Taylor to privately work with Jordan and Wake on technique and his knowledge of players and their tendency's. It amazes me that hardly any sports franchises reach out to their better players to help their franchises.

"I read somewhere that talked about him being a project. Whaaaat?...But he's the No. 3 overall selection. He's a pass-rusher. He needs to produce as a rookie." --Mando

But when we drafted Tannehill at 8, you didn't say a damn thing.

Truth be known, the Dolphins didn't draft me either. Nor did any team ever draft Ireland. Or Ross.

Point being this...Ireland just parrots what other GM's do. He saw other teams snagging linemen so he snagged one also.

The dude does not know what he is doing.

PS...I do like your new writing shtick. Information wrapped in insults. I dig it.

Was the leader of the offense there? Or is he too DIVA to even bother nowadays? #Tannebust

It should be boom or bust for tight end egnew...he's had enough time now being a third round pick..i see a tight end battle...egnew, kellar, clay, the rookie...

Like tony sparano use to say to players: "Time to get your big boy pants on" !!! Tell these young rookies why they were drafted and we expect them to come to preseason knowing their playbooks and in tip top shape..we want production game 1...

Not just egnew...charles clay needs to really step his game up this year!

Rb lamar miller better be working his butte off...mike gilllislee will battle and push him right away...dont be surprised if mike gillislee is named starting rb sometime in his rookie season..unless lamar miller floors the gas peddle and dont let off....woooooo......ready for some darn football already....season cant come fast enough..

I can see tannenhill having a nice productive season....kids under estimated compared to rg3 and andrew luck, same as russell wilson...

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