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Salguero's Top 50 NFL players

There seems to be a lot of listing of NFL talent going around this offseason. The NFL Network is doing it. Pete Prisco over at CBSSports.com is doing it. And soon ProFootballtalk.com will be doing it.

PFT asked me to be one of 50 voters submitting their Top 50 NFL players. I did the exercise this morning and just sent the email.

The way I judge it is by determining a player's current production, his prospects for future production (is he ascending or descending?), his past production over a span of time, his injury status (Darrelle Revis would be higher if he wasn't rehabbing a major knee injury) and then the importance of the position to the team.

Quarterbacks are very important. Receivers are very important. Pass-rushers are very important.

OK, here's my list:

1. Aaron Rodgers.

2. Adrian Peterson.

3. Calvin Johnson.

4. Tom Brady.

5. Peyton Manning.

6. Vincent Jackson.

7. J.J. Watt.

8. Julio Jones.

9. Jared Allen.

10. Von Miller.

11. Ben Roethlisberger.

12. A.J. Green.

13. DeMarcus Ware.

14. Drew Brees.

15. Clay Matthews.

16. Aldon Smith.

17. Larry Fitzgerald.

18. Duane Brown.

19. Joe Flacco.

20. Patrick Willis.

21. Eli Manning.

22. Dez Bryant.

23. Patrick Peterson.

24. Demaryius Thomas.

25. Matt Ryan.

26. Darrelle Revis.

27. Andre Johnson.

28. Reggie Wayne.

29. Steve Smith.

30. Joe Thomas

31. Cam Newton.

32. Logan Mankins.

33. Andrew Luck

34. Vince Wilfork.

35. Robert Griffin III.

36. Jamal Charles.

37. Brandon Marshall.

38. Rob Gronkowski.

39. NaVorro Bowman.

40. Marshawn Lynch.

41. Arian Foster.

42. Julius Peppers.

43. Ryan Clady.

44. Antonio Cromartie.

45. Cameron Wake.

46. London Fletcher.

47. Chris Johnson.

48. Geno Atkins.

49. Tony Romo.

50. Thomas DeCoud.

 The next 10, just because:

51. Anquan Boldin, 52. Russell Okung, 53. Sam Bradford, 54. Richard Sherman, 55. Charles Tillman, 56. Jason Witten, 57. Torrey Smith, 58. Jimmy Graham, 59. Luke Kuechly, 60. Ray Rice.


Hey, I love Ed Reed, Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, Andy Levitre, Mike Wallace and others. Reed is not the top 15 player he once was. Wilson does it again next year, he's in the top 20. Levitre's a guard and he's young. Wallace would've been a top 50 guy before last season and although he didn't have a bad year, he stats did go down some. He can return with a good year in 2013.



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What were you smoking when you made this list bro?

A tie indeed Tim.

Soooo where does Mike Wallace fit in?

I mean really? Ben R @ 11. Chris Johnson? Tony Romo? Dez Bryant? Revis didn't even play last year?? Reggie Wayne....?
This is garbage.

61 - Ryan Tannehill
62 - Lamar Miller
63 - Reshad Jones

Just kidding - I'm just a true aqua blue Dolphins fan.

This is hysterical. Wake is the best 4-3 de in football and he's 43. Tells you all you need to know about how our beat reporter feels about the team.

This is your personal opinion, but Vincent Jackson way above Andre Johnson??
Cam Wake should be top 20.
If you are going to include an over the hill DeMarcus Ware so high, then where is Tony Gonzalez?

Why do you have periods after some of the names and not others? I mean, you shouldn't have periods after any of them in the context of a list like this, but what made you do it sporadically?

It's his list, not ours. Julio Jones that high? Couldn't agree more! That's my boy right there!

No Wes Welker? I love that guy!
Reggie Bush had a pretty good year? Better than Chris Johnson anyway.
Finally...Brandon Fields is the best punter in football...field position wins games and he's the best.

cromartie ahead of Wake come on Armando, Wake is way better and has more impact in games

Fitzgerald had a VERY off year last year, worse than Wallace. But this cat drops Fitzgerald @ 17 then later says if Wallace has a better season this year he may be able to get on the list. Frakking clueless, how is this dude allowed to write about football??

PFF considers Wake a top-10 player and the most consistent pass rusher in the NFL over the last 3 years. You'd think that a home town reporter could see what PFF sees.

Flacco should be higher as well he won the Super Bowl and had a great postseason while he was doing it

Brady and Manning are #1 and #2. Rodgers is wat overrated only a couple good seasons.

Cam Newton @ 31 HAHAHAHAHAH!

Arguably the best OL in football Thomas @ 30 then 2 spots later Mankins @ 32...HAHAHAHAHAH

holy crap I could pick this trash apart all day long.


Rodgers is no where even close to being over rated Shula...not sure where that comes from. Rodgers #1 is one of the few I can be on board with.

What an abominable waste of time. You would do better to guestimate oil prices week to week, month to month, year to year.

This makes as much sense as Craig Sager's wardrobe closet. Thank goodness Craig Sager isn't allowed to interview in his underwear.

Wow!Not good after Top 3,Wake should be Top 10! Reshad Jones was Top 3 Safety last season,Mike Pouncey was #1 Center last season,WTF is this Douchebag talking about,horrible Top 60 List?I dunno how these ridiculous Top 100 Gets rated,but it's awful!Tannehill should b on this list also,yea I said!Mike Wallace/Brian Hartline not making list is travesty,Also Soliai n Starks best DT Tandems in NFL?This list is str8 up Garbage !!!

I think Rodgers is the 5-6th best QB.

Wake should be higher, but how is 6. Vincent Jackson? Don't get that one, plenty of better WRs.

We have no one on the list.
The great Ireland Free Agency/Draft and not 1 top-50 player.
Ha ha ha

Is Dez Bryant @ 17, really? I think this is Mando's revenge for his momma being called a hooker by Ireland.

An interview in his underwear would look better than this list...

I am a homer too Alex but I wouldn't put all those guys on a top 50 list, no way...not today anyway.

I personally think Rodgers is easily the best QB in the league right now...Pack GM agrees...just check his bank account

Dez Bryant is climbing up the list and becoming a force. Thanks Irescum.

Reggie Wayne- what??? Romo ???? unreal

no Trent Williams? Victor Cruz and Roddy White...
I'd also think Alfred Morris and Doug Martin should be on there. Tim Jennings and Stevie Brown

see if Miami would trade Tannehill for Romo? according to you- you would

Jesus Mando, I start drinking early at the beach too...but I don't live their. Just vacation, different rules.


The Cowboys would never do that!

There are 11 starters on both sides of the football on a single NFL team. That's 22 starting positions per 32 NFL Teams. That's 22 * 32 = 704 NFL starters.

704 / 50 players = 14%


So you're trying to tell us that in about an hour of surmising totally off the top of your, you can accurately rank the best 14% of the NFL;s top talent?

Sell that one to Craig Sager's closet. To accurately do this it would take weeks, if not months, of sifting through absolutely huge amounts of info and stats to even come remotely close to being accurate.

Tell Craig Sager's sock and underwear drawer the blog said hello.

Thank GOD Shula! That is why they are so terrible...

Tannehill = Another Ireland Bust

Ha ha stupid Phins Phans.
No Phins on top-50 list.

Many Phins on shtty-acorn list.
Ha ha

Ireland/Philbin > Jones/Garrett

Holy crap I would take Ireland/Philbin over Jones/Garrett...

My bad, 50 players = the top 7%l

So in a few hours worth of work Armando accurately ranks and list the top 7% of 704 nfl players.

Mr. Sager, can I borrow a pair of your socks?

Didnt this cat @ 1255 get banned a while back???

We are stupid but this GENIUS doesn't know Wake plays for the Phins...HAHAHAH!!!

Now I suppose I wait for "someone" to come along and rip me apart for sarcastically calling someone else a genius...

Troll really needs to learn how to read... he did put one in there.

These "lists" are useless...uterly stinkin' useless..

Where is Dashi?? We need someone in here to check YGs math.... ;)


Romo = Rivers
Ryan = Stafford
Tannehill = Gabbert

Good grief, people. He's one of 50 guys making a list like this.

"Best of" lists are internet click-bait. Period. You can't make an objective list like this, any more than "Best 50 Movies." Getting outraged, making your own subjective list, etc., is part of the ritual.

Keep calm and carry on.

Armando and other writers snatch this list totally from ther wet spots, and some here are very concerned there aren't Dolphins on this list, with exception of Wake at #45.

Any list with Cam Wake at #45, is laced with cyanide pixie dust.

(Though it IS interesting how many people either (1) don't know that Cameron Wake is a Dolphin or (2) can't read. Maybe this is really a social-science experiment that Armando let a grad student try out.)

Mando Showing His True Colors. Wake At 43. And Bradford Ahead Of T-Hill. Not Saying T-Hill Should Be Even Considered. But Bradford. Heck He Didn't Even Mention Kaepernick.

Only WR In The Top 10 Should Be Calvin Johnson. Vincent Jackson? SERIOUSLY!

The Best WR In The Game. Randy Moss 2.0. Didn't Even Make The List.

Post check:

Romo Gabbert

Where is Dashi?? We need someone in here to check YGs math.... ;)


Posted by: Jack! | May 17, 2013 at 01:02 PM

Wait a focking minute, aren't you supposed to be me? at least, that's the latest troll fabricated truth floating around in here.

If you're me, then stop posting negatives about me, you'll upset the trolls claiming that you are me.

Fail...do over...

Post Check:

Romo Gabbert

Romo is a Hispanic qb .. although he's the biggest boner in clutch time in NFL history, he has to make the list.

Right hermano?

What teh HE11 is going on with my posts HAHAHAH

one more try....

Post check

Romo LESS THAN River
Ryan LESS THAN Stafford
Tannehill GREATER THAN Gabbert

maybe this time without the signs....


I Take That Back He Had Him At #3. But Still This Is A Screwed Up Top 50.

Dashi's Top 10

8-JJ Watt

Steve Smith at #29? The Panthers would give us Steve Smith and 4 other players in trade for Cam Wake right now.

Steve Smith #29? Cam Wake #45? Hilarious 'til the laughing gas bottle draws nigh!

Wait a focking minute, aren't you supposed to be me? at least, that's the latest troll fabricated truth floating around in here.
If you're me, then stop posting negatives about me, you'll upset the trolls claiming that you are me.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 17, 2013 at 01:06 PM

Hey man stop talking to me..I mean, yourself...I mean wait..what happened??

Dashi! Is YGs math okay? We need an inspectors approval over here...

Swap Rodgers with Manning, then Brady with Peterson and I am on board with Dashi top 10.

Im okay with Mando top ten (except V Miller) but after that I start to go cross-eyed.

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