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Important questions: Check my column and this blog

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Dolphins Monday and the topic was the now-dead stadium renovation bill.

After that and several other conversations with NFL people, I wrote this column on the topic in today's Miami Herald. It addresses whether the Dolphins will be moving any time soon and whether they'll move eventually. I explain the circumstances and the historical precendent for such a move.

I also ask the question why kill an election? What are the politicians and opponents of the renovations afraid of? Check out the column.

Other questions were left out of the column. Here are some of those questions and answers from Dolphins CEO Mike Dee:

Q: What is the Dolphins reaction to Florida Speaker Will Weatherford refusing to pick up your bill Friday and instead killing it by ending the legislative session?

Dee: "We believed based upon the word of the speaker who told us on four occasions the process would not kill this legislation that if there were votes to move it, it would be allowed to move through the process and ultimately be heard on the floor, so our first reaction was disappointment and shock. How could he have decided his vote in not moving this forward could count more than the collective votes of the legislature. We knew we had the necessary number of votes required to pass it, not to mention the 60,000 votes that had already been cast in Miami-Dade County. Speaker Weatherford decided his vote was the one that mattered and that he wasn’t going to allow the bill to be heard.

"And his comment that there needed to be more discussion or more information, I mean, we’d done everything he asked along the way. We were shocked.

“We relied on the word of the speaker of the house of the state of Florida and he didn’t deliver on his word. If this process had ended with the voters of Miami-Dade County saying this isn’t for us, if this process had ended at the beginning of the session with the Speaker of the House or the Governor or anybody saying this isn’t going to happen, that would have been one way for it to come to an end and we would have had to accept that.

“But when you’re committed to take it to the voters to make the final decision and the guy gives you his word that your bill will be heard and at the end of the day he doesn’t deliver on his word, that’s extremely disappointing.”

Q: To be fair, Weatherford tweeted that your contention that he gave you any assurance is, “untrue.”

Dee: “What reason would we have to take this position? We were assured by him, and by the way, there were people in the room at various points of these four meetings outside of the Dolphins organization and those we pay to help us who heard it as well. I’m sure he’s going to say what he has to say and I can’t tell you what he said to other people, but I can tell you what he said to us. And what he said to us was your bill will be heard. The process will not kill your bill. I can’t deliver votes. But your bill will be heard.”

Q: What is Plan B?

Dee: “Stay the course. There is no Plan B that includes a modernization or investment in the facility. We’ll get back to the business of working hard on the 2013 season and hopefully seeing a turn-around that those on the football side of the organization are working hard on and a team we can be excited about.”

Q: Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

Dee:  “I think his commitment to this organization already stretches beyond what anyone else has done anywhere else with any sports franchise in North America. In terms of the stadium and team being able to do it, there’s no structure that provides for that and I don’t think there’s any intention to invest from the outside either with equity or limited partners or any other plan that might be contemplated."

Q: Speaker Weatherford will remain in his position next session. Will you go back next year and start the process again?

Dee: “It's too early for us to make that decision at this moment in time.

“I thought this was the moment in time that a non-relocation part of this agreement was an important element of it. Now the future is uncertain beyond Steve’s tenure. Steve has said he has no intention of moving the team time and time again. I believe he stands by that today. But at some point you’re going to have facility tht will pass its 30th birthday without a full-scale modernization because of what Will Weatherford did. And you have to look and see what options are out there for a long-term stadium fix. There’s no Plan B, so I can’t come up with any today.”

Q: Wasn't Weatherford previously considered an ally by the Dolphins? 

Dee: "Absolutely. He had been speaker designate two years ago when we had worked with legislators in Tallahassee at that time. And at that time he was one of the only guys in senior leadership who was completely straight up with me about the prospects we faced at that time. I found him at that moment in time to be a transparent and forthcoming guy. I’ve known him for three years. I’ve seen him between then and know and he was always engaged on our issue, always engaged on the importance of Super Bowls and big events for our economy. 

"He told us again on four occasions that the bill would be heard and we took him at his word. Unfortunately, he didn’t deliver.

Q: Could you have done more to make this process work?

Dee: "We opened our books to the county's independent experts. We offered to repay $120 million of the public funds committed. We took on cost overruns. We removed financing risks that insulated the county from the tourist bubble bursting and we paid for the referendum.

“I don’t know if there’s one thing people asked us to do that we didn’t do.

“It's hard to imagine that we could have done any more than we did this session to align with the requests that were made by Speaker Weatherford and others to make this legislation work. The form of the partnership that was created with Miami-Dade County, the commitments around Super Bowls and big events, the criteria that was laid out by governor Scott that we met with respect to the state’s part of this investment, the endorsement of the hotel association and the major hotels, the Greater Miami Chamber, the numerous organization that were supportive of this.

"I don’t know what could happen that would cause the Speaker to see this differently, but I’m not optimistic irrespective of what may be taking place on the airwaves that he could see it differently. I think he made his choice and we’re going to have to live by it. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to live by it too because it has a long-lasting impact on the future of these kinds of events coming to South Florida."


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This is a time when you need J Edgar Hoover alive. J Edgar had the "dirty goods" on everyone. No matter how powerful. LOL...

I have seen some say let the people not the politicians decide. Maybe you don’t know it but the people did decide when they elected their representatives. That is how it works. We don’t get to vote on every little thing. The majority elect those that they believe will represent them. They don’t always do the things we want but we did elect them. If you don’t like it then elect someone else.
Personally I think they did the right thing. No more tax money for pro sports, don’t care where the tax money comes from.

I have been a fan since 1969 and would hate to see them leave but would hate it more if tax money was used to upgrade the stadium. These players get paid an obscene amount of money, many of them making more in a year than most make in a lifetime. If they want somewhere to play then THEY can pay. NO MORE TAXES!

DarrylDunphy, in fairness to Craig M, he makes a valid point. I don't want the Dolphins to move from Miami, but we have to face it: the Dolphins have one of the worst fan bases in the league. Nobody goes to games. Fan attitudes stink.

I almost want them to move for the good of the team, even if it changes who they are to me. They deserve better fans.

Ross would've lost the vote anyway. Dade County was already screwed by the Marlins and wasnt about to vote for a handout to a billionaire.

At the national level, they have voted over 30 times to end the Health Care Reform Act.

Posted by: passionatechez | May 07, 2013 at 12:01 PM

As they should & should continue to do. The majority of Americans don't want it!

Why do insurance plans & premiums have to change for 300 million people just to provide 40 million without coverage? My coverage has already been reduced TWICE since that stupid law was passed. Eventually, my employer will pay the fine & cancel my insurance just to not have to deal with the beuracratic BS & taxes associated with the law. Then what? I get a state further watered down plan that will cost more than what I have now?

A majority of those uninsured don't want it(young people) or are here illegally & not entitled to it.

Let's not forget, adding all these new patients with ZERO plan to add more doctors to handle the influx of new patients? BRILLIANT! Florida is already rumored to be short 1000 doctors to be able to handle the new load.

You worry about lines to vote? Get ready for waits at your Doctors office now too. At least waiting to vote is an exercise of your free rights. Being forced to have health insurance is not a right. It's a big government strong arming it's people.

J Edgar Hoover was had such powerful dirty goods on the powerful in America, that he could sit behind desk in dress, makeup, lipstick, and blush. Still no one would leak it out, in fear J Edgar's retaliatory strike against them would be far, far worse.

They deserve better fans.
Posted by: Lance | May 07, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Nah, the fans deserve a better team. No playoff win in 16 years! No SB win in 40 yrs! and counting. 4 consecutive losing seasons! Its no fun paying money to watch your team lose all the time!

Posted by: Byhalia Bill | May 07, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Line of thinking like this is why, maybe not in our time, but a time not to distant coming. Citizens of America will be saying "Heil" to their new leader.

I pray that by this time, my head's cold underneath the earth.

Crap team = Crap fans

Too see the 2013 Dolphins defense?

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ 1:35 as someone from a country with public healthcare, your fears are totally unwarranted.

Steven Ross should pay for the Stadium renovation himself. If he is such a real estate mogul, why did he buy a team with a dilapidated stadium? Is real estate not his expertise? This is just another money grab for him and the local politicians just like the Marlin's Loria did. He knows he overpaid for the Dolphins and the stadium when he bought it from Huizinga and now he wants to line his pockets with taxpayer cash to make up for the bad investment. Call a spade a spade.

Now we see all of the standard kabuki theatre of threats to not to renovate the stadium, threats to move the team, threats of no Super Bowl or concert events.

Hey Ross why not move the team to New York where you are from! Maybe they can share the stadium with your buddies the Jets and Giants..lol

I have been a Dolphins fan for 30 years but, not being a Miami resident, I find it hard to get involved in the politics. However, I just wanted to put in my "2 cents" so let's clear up a few points I have read so far:

Cocoajoe, the political process is the same it has always been. The 'founding fathers' were a bunch of rich landowners, NOT some benevolent group out for the common good. They were interested in protecting THEIR rights as landowners.

I too refer to the stadium as JRS because that man put alot of effort and sweat into getting a team in Miami, HOWEVER, Robbie was one of THE BIGGEST CHEAPSKATES in the world so don't give me this "Robbie was for the people and some major benefactor to the masses!"

As for Ross just being cheap, force him to sell the team and ANOTHER owner coming in and building with his own money....you're kidding, right?

Ross paid over a BILLION for this team so he won't sell it for a discount. If you believe the next owner will come in and pay that billion dollars AND pay to renovate JRS then you need your head examined!

Then again, I don't want FACTS to get in the way of an irrational rant so, by all means, please continue.....

Weatherford was on the fins side originally until someone reminded him that Ross was Jewish and Miami is full of Hispanics. How can a northern Fla. republican be in favor of helping those groups out?

Ross will spend $150,000,000.00 on player salary this year SO YOU WILL HAVE A TEAM TO WATCH.
The players will pay taxes on that salary.
Players will pay taxes on the boats, planes, cars,houses,etc,etc, that they buy.
The employees at the stadium will earn money and pay taxes.
Ross will spend $4,800,000.00 on property taxes.
I have no idea how much he collects in taxes on the tickets he sells for the games, but add that in.

Unless you lived in a hotel room in mainland Dade County the Dolphins were not asking you for a PENNY.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts here. Unless you fit in that SINGLE designation then all your blather about your 'taxes being raised' is a bunch of moronic, uninformed garbage.

Amazing how many of you seem to enjoy being ignorant.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 07, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Also, his post saying 300 million American have health insurance is probably the greatest fairytale ever told. As he posted it:

"Why do insurance plans & premiums have to change for 300 million people just to provide 40 million without coverage?"

It's more like only 40 million Americans have healthcare and that's exactly why healthcare cost premiums have ran rampant for them. Those who don't have healthcare insurance and cant or refuse to pay their healthcare cost, cause the unpaid bills to be passed along to those who do have healthcare insurance.

In the end, I think that it will balance itself out for everyone. America's so long overdue for this, so I do expect a very shakey start in the beginning. Especially the insurance companies.

Did ireland ask Weatherford if his momma's a hooka?

Steven Ross owns a private business. If he would like to open ownership of the Dolphins to the public such as the Green Bay Packers have then it would be understandable to request public funds. THIS DOLPHINS ARE A PRIVATE BUSINESS!!

Why does Ross not go to one of his bank buddies an obtain financing to improve the stadium and pay the loan terms with the profits the Dolphin's generate? What a foreign concept, huh?

No wonder the Country and the State of Florida is in the shape that it is in. This is how millionaires become billionaires by duping the dummed down masses.

"Oh no, you mean we won't be getting a Super Bowl in 2025!" The horror...lol

Stephen Ross, the worst Dolphin owner ever?

Couple of things...

1) Ever notice that you never hear about teams like New England, Green Bay or Pittsburgh whining about HOSTING Super Bowls? Those organizations only care about WINNING Super Bowls.

2) I am a lifelong Dolphins fan living in Los Angeles and I have ZERO desire in seeing them move here. a) because if they move the team, they'd likely change the name and Dolphins history would be just that, history. b) I LOVE traveling to South Florida to see the Dolphins play. I don't get there as often as I'd like but I've seen them play in NE, NJ, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Diego and there's no place that I'd rather see the Dolphins play than at home in S. Florida. c) The other football fans living here in LA, who are largely fans of teams other than Miami, would not embrace the team either.

3) Since the state funding deal is DOA if the Dolphins wish to stay in the conversation of HOSTING Super Bowls rather than whining about things that they can't change (or the money they lost/spent trying to make this happen) and instead of making veiled threats about how the team *might* move when Ross (or his estate) sell the team, now is the time to look for a legitimate minority partner (read: not celebutards) to buy a stake in the team, use some of his own money and some of the investors money for the renovations and give the local minority partner the right to buy a controlling stake when the team goes up for sale at a later date. Or does Stephen Ross prefer to try political blackmail? For being such a successful businessman he does a lot of really dumb things. He makes Wayne Huizenga look like a saint (his Marlins' ownership not withstanding) by comparison.

Im sure these nitwits thinking the Nation doesnt need a national healthcare system will enjoy watching their healthcare monthly premiums double and even triple every 10yrs.

What do you when your business folds or you become out of work? Cobra only last for a half minute. Youre up s'hit creek without a paddle when you, a spouse, or child gets morbidly sick or injured.

S'hit does happen. Where will your paddle be?

Its never any fun when the monkey has the gun. Now is it?

Whether you agree with public funding or not, one thing is clear. This politician Weatherford is definatly a liar and second did not give the opportunity to voters. Like I said you might like the fact that he blocked it, but he wanted the power instead of giving it to the people. Dirt bag politician, who thinks he is God.

Second, I find it funny that Armando looks sympathetic towards the situation now that he talked to Dee. Because all the articles in Miami Herald up till these last 2 written by Armando, have been very anti public funding friendly up till this point. While these journalists have their right to their opinion, it's propaganda when you don't show the other side. That includes a few articles written by Armando previously (look them up). Seems like a complete about face.

I nicely slammed (no name calling or bad words just opinion) another article in the Herald, and the post never got posted. The article was heavily opinionated talking about Corporate Wellfare. Almost sounded like the writer was Angry and slamming the dolphins. Just saying the media is still feeding us the bull they want us to read. These 2 articles by Armando are the complete opposite of the opposition the Herald has been writing since this whole operation went down. Now that they have scrolled off the blog I see an about face. Then the articles were silent for a day or two after the rejection.

Ye, Hypocrites of the propaganda machine. That's what I think of the Herald.

@ 1:35 as someone from a country with public healthcare, your fears are totally unwarranted.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 07, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Firstly, this ISNT about public health care. It's about being forced to have it or pay a tax.

You were never born with a right to Health Insurance but, it has now become a requirement to have it. IF ANY gov't can force you to have insurance, wha can they not require you to have?

I have insurance through my employer. Ever since this crap law went into effect, I have had my coverage reduced & my copay increased. More money & less to show for it.

Secondly, if you hadn't noticed being Canadian, THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of Americans have already lost hours(middle & low income jobs) so employers can avoid them reaching the min. hours to have to provide them insurance through this absurd law. Many of them already didn't carry health insurance cause it was unaffordable. guess what? Not only will they not have insurance, they'll have less hours on the job & less money.


The hope was to get them into state rolls that would be cheaper. In theory a good idea, HOWEVER, initial projections are WAY off and premiums will now rise. Recently admitted by politicians in Congress.

This is a law that Democrats could not even pass without bribing democratic states with land, exclusive rights to offer student loans, etc...They were bribed into voting & even then they didn't have the votes.

The people of Mass. elected a senator to be the last vote to block the bill from passing. As the majority of Americans want.

What did the slime ball US gov't do? They went through a reconciliation process attaching the bill to osme budget bill so that they would not need the same amount of votes to pass it in the Senate as it should have been.

The bill is absurd & is going to cost good people the insurance they like for something that will cost more & will get less out of it.

Fact is, for the millions of Americans whose employers choose to pay the fine(which is cheaper than paying for insurance) the subsidy they get from the gov't to purchase insurance through the exchanges will not help them as the cost to purchase insurance through these exchanges will cost, by new estimates, 25% more.

This law was supposed to bring the cost of insurance down. In reality, it will cost EVERYONE more to carry insurance or be fined by the gov't.

It's a f****** joke.

Congress and America didn't want Social Security in America at one time.

But can you imagine having to start your criminal career t 65yrs of age or older? They're not giving out pensions anymore in America unless you're corporate ceo and have already made millions a year for most of your life.

Can you imagine their not being SSI in this time and age?

odin, Dashi and YG are vulgar and offensive.

For whatever reason Weatherford blocked the vote the facts do not change. Steven Ross was asking for State of Florida funds for his Dade County Stadium. Why should a taxpayer in Tampa, Pensacola, or Sarasota care about State funds going to a Miami project?

On another note, local citizens also use these hotels for summer vacations more often than not. So to say that only tourists would pay these bed taxes is not honest.


You are igorant, uneducuated & part of the problem in this country.

Only 40 million people have insurance? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

"The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 49.9 million residents, 16.3% of the population, were uninsured in 2010"

What is the USA po pulation dumbo? 314 million!

So yes, as I stated, why risk changing the plans of 300 million people for 40 million? Most of which don't want insurance or are illegal citiziens?

before you go making fun of people, educate yourself first you dumbs*it!

You can't argue facts MORON!

Spend one day in the emergency room of any major hospital and you will know why healthcare is so expensive.

Headaches, in-grown toenails, lice, colds, ant bites, backaches, etc,etc. And none of these people can afford a doctor so they go to the hospital. AND IT IS FEDERAL LAW THAT THE HOSPITAL HAS TO TREAT THEM!

So Obamacare is going to fix that? Really!!

Everybody, it's quote obvious to everyone that Yesterday is as dumb as a 2x4.

People with a brain know Obamacare does nothing but make things worse & more expensive for EVERYONE.

Except in his world.

All I know about $ is that it has been made to spend it.

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 02:21 PM

The line of thinking is that the more customers an insurance company has, the more evenly the costs can be spread amongst its clients.

The more insurance debt can be made cost effective, eventually insurance companies can also increase coverage protections.

At present pace, sooner or later those few who have healthcare coverage, would no longer be able to afford it themselves. Or, select lower coverage levels that would give less coverage and higher copays anyway.

Because, eventually, only the very wealthy would still be able to afford "premium coverage". This way, with a National plan, a wider umbrella of people will have coverage, while enjoying a higher level of coverage than what runaway premiums will eventually force them to be without anyway.

By the way, it's really a shame that Ross & Dee are so up in arms about the state funding and so seemingly indifferent to the lack of planning for a left tackle.

Anybody knows what Obamacare is? Because I sure don't.

So You Vacation In The Roach Motels On Biscayne?

And It Was A Local Tax For A Local Project.

Weatherford Is The One Taking State Money And Investing It In His County.

Sfla Produces 90% Of The State Tax Revenue. While They Only Spend 10% On Sfla.

And You Clowns Saying No To National Health Care. Should Be Institutionalized.

The Private Sector Is Killing Capitalism. Govt Should Give Its Citizens Basic Needs For Free. Or Paid By Our Taxes.

Education, Including College
Health Care
Internet, They Already Watch Over Us 24/7. Why Do We Have To Pay.

Oh, And 1 Last Thing.


Obamacare is about guaranteeing low lifes who don't and never intend to work the same healthcare as people who work their a**es off to pay their own way.

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 02:28 PM

I want stoop to your level of ignorance of name calling, but still make my case anyway.

300 Million American, right? We both know it's a overly ambiguous to assume that 100 million Americans have health insurance. Even if we went there, it only means 1/3 or 33% of Americans have healthcare coverage.

I mean, this is well and fine, if we're batter at plate and playing baseball. But, between to fairly intelligent people, we're not playing baseball, now are we? 33% is a paltry number in almost everything except for baseball, now isn't it?

I cant force you, but hope that you now see why private healthcare costs are always fastly rising. At most, only 33% of the population are footing 100% of tAmerica's healthcare bill.

Education, Including College
Health Care
Internet, They Already Watch Over Us 24/7. Why Do We Have To Pay.

Posted by: Dashi | May 07, 2013 at 02:39 PM

If you want everything for free, why did you ever leave the womb? What a loser you are!

Who the F*** wants their government to spoon feed them everything through life?

Can't you fend for yourself? Apparently not if you want Big Sis to pay for everthing for you.

Where has desire to work for things gone? A sense of pride in accomplishing something or making something of yourself? Provide for one self?

Why would you want the governemt to tax you to death to pay for sublevel services, education & health care?

Seriuously, you're an idiot. Go back into your moms womb if you want everything spoon fed to you. Now, your idiotic posts make sense.

Spoiled diaper baby.

@ 2:21,

I'm not even goignt o pretned to understand what it's like to be going through what you are going through because I never have been. Although, I know public healthcare is great and every country should have it. For example, a family member was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 5 years ago and had to go through several consultations and treeatments which she still goes through. If we had private healthcare which always finds some excuse not to pay for certain treatments and benefits, they'd be bankrupt right now. However, waht a great country we live in that she can get treatment and find a way to fight and spend time with her family without being a financial burden. The worst case scenario does happen. You shouldn't fight public healthcare.

It's all rumors up to now, YG. Regarding Government insurance, we received notification that in October of this Year ALL open Medicare patients will be forced to enroll in an HMO. Private Insurance might go the same way. A Giant HMO. We'll see.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 02:44 PM

You call it calling you names. I call it calling you what you are.


AS OF THE 2010 CENSUS, the USA POPULATION WAS 314 MILLION. OF WHICH ONLY 49.9 were without insurance.


Of those, around 40% based on reports, are people who DONT WANT INSURANCE or are ILLEGAL CITIZENS so the actual number of uninsured is 25 million at most.

But, hey, continue to ignore the facts available to anyone & everyone. You refusing to acknowledge the FACTS is your issue. It only makes you look like the names you think I call you.

They aren't names, they are truth. DUMKB, IGNORANT & UNINFORMED.

Mark in Toronto

I know a lot of Canadiens who come to The United States to get good health care.

sublevel services, no offense, but another part of the fear induced propaganda that you've been planted with. Nothing substandard going on here.

My Two Cents,

If 200 million Americans had "affordable" healthcare insurance, not only would it stop healthcare rising premiums dead in it's track, it probably begin some sort of decline in present costs.

The most misunderstood thing about National healthcare, and this is what the insurance companies wants us to believe, is that it's a free handout.

Even an idiot should know there's difference between "affordable" and "free".

You should also want to know, the "only" part of this that insurance companies really have with this, is the inclusion od paying "pre existing conditions". That's it folks. Pre existing conditions cuts into their bottomline.

Arguing against Healthcare for all is the same shortsighted argument used against the Stadium.
Someone without healthcare gets sick. They wait till they either get well or get worse. If they get worse, they go to the ER at the Hospital who cannot deny service. They walk out of the ER and who pays the bill??? You people think its the magic Medical Fairy. We the taxpayers pay, we pay at 20X the rate instead of that person with insurance going to the clinic or Doctor at the start of their illness.
10 years from now this Stadium will need a renovation, at that time it will be a lot more expensive then now. It makes no sense

Has Ireland been fired yet?

It's all rumors up to now, YG. Regarding Government insurance, we received notification that in October of this Year ALL open Medicare patients will be forced to enroll in an HMO. Private Insurance might go the same way. A Giant HMO. We'll see.

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 07, 2013 at 02:47 PM

A GIANT HMO! And anyone who has had HMP policy know what a P.O.S it really is!

Just wait America, the dumb lobbies are getting what they want.

Liberals wanted Obamacare not because it's gonne be cheaper, cause everyone already knows it's not.

They wanted it for their trophy case. They don't care about their country as much as they do their left wing nutter agenda.

To support invilids like Dashi so they can stay home & accomplish or do a thing in life.

Agree YG, no insurance company should be "for profit" these companies make BILLIONS off of people caring for people's illnesses. Morally repugnant.

Winning is obviously not a requirement for a Ross GM....

The word is fukking Canadians. Get it right. Guess we know who Canadien Bacon is now.

However, yes some people can choose to go to the US for certain treatments. Some of that is because of sheer numbers. We are a country of 36M. You are a country of 300M - just by sheer volume there will be some things we just can't produce. Doesn't mean we can't or don't treat our own well. There are also plenty of Americans that go out of state for certain medical reasons. Does that mean that the system within that state isn't any good?

I do think Ross will make his own upgrades....as he should.

My Two Cents,

If 200 million Americans had "affordable" healthcare insurance, not only would it stop healthcare rising premiums dead in it's track, it probably begin some sort of decline in present costs.

The most misunderstood thing about National healthcare, and this is what the insurance companies wants us to believe, is that it's a free handout.

Even an idiot should know there's difference between "affordable" and "free".

You should also want to know, the "only" part of this that insurance companies really have with this, is the inclusion od paying "pre existing conditions". That's it folks. Pre existing conditions cuts into their bottomline.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 02:53 PM


SO Health Insurance costs shouldn't go up if est 200 million people had nsurance?

Lemme ask you this braniac, why do the cost of cars go up. Almost everyone has one, right?

Why does the cost of milk go up? Most people drink it, right?

Why does the price of EVERYTHING go up all the time?

You're arguments are rooted in nothing resembling the real world.

Some of you were better off not being born if you wanted everything free or never changing.

Unbelievable stupidity.

good job by the florida house. ross and co showing their true colors now. it's clear he never truly intended to use his "own" money as they have been preaching all along. if he was going to pay for 70% of the renovations himself, then why not still go thru with 70% of the renovations now without the public money? becuase "his" money was alway's the nfl's g4 fund. Public pays some, nfl the rest, and 0 out of Ross' pockets! brilliant, except they failed. like they do in every other aspect of the organization. and dee's answer to why ross doesn't just pay it himself is laugh out loud absurd. hopefully this accelerates ross plan to sell the team. pretty sure we would have been stuck with this clown for a minimum 5 years had the plan gone thru.
braman-1 ross- 0

Mark in Toronto, there was a study done not that long ago that totally refutes the B/S about Canadiens coming here for healthcare. It was found the majority of Canadiens who came for healthcare were people who lived near the border and the reason for coming was the Hospital or Clinic in America was CLOSER to where they lived then the provider in Canada.

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 02:50 PM

Bet you forgot to enter into your pea sized brain that medicare and Medicaid is a large portion of the percentage. Medicre paying for the senior citizens. State Medicaid paying for the children and disabled.

These two umbrellas alone are maxed out in funding. so its clueless dopes like you, until that frightening day youre caught with your pants down, will continue to believe everythings ok.

A many of dopes, just like, have seen their small business fail, or become unemployed. Then see a loved one stricken when they could no longer carry a coverage. My how fast their minds changed. It was like the sudden, "coming to the Lord".

Dumbo, it's never any fun when the monkey has the gun. Someday, the monkey will have the gun on you. LOL...

Ross deceived us. It came out the the NFL and not Ross was going to put up 150 mill for the renovations. Ross was going to put up next to NOTHING!

Car insurance never goes up, right?


People drive cars & put others at risk & you don't get fined for NOT having car insurance but, now you will be fined for not having health insruacne?

LMAO! What a country!

Mark, nothing against you & Canadians but, lets face it, the private sector is designed to give people what they want.

The public sector is designed to provide you with the best they can.

The private sector is what has enabled this country to thrive & become what it WAS. That's all over now.

Once a country of excellence, has become a country of mediocrity.

I'm done now. You presented your case decently well, but, it's not the same animal as I was discussing as I just explained above.

The other dolts like Yesterday & Dashi are just pathetic. I'm out, can't stomach to read anymore ignorance from those two.

I am sure that the efficiency you have all witnessed at government offices has convinced you all that public healthcare is the way to go.

I forget that most of you are on here because you don't work. That explains why you are in favor of government handouts.

Good luck with all that and don't forget to salute;


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