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Important questions: Check my column and this blog

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Dolphins Monday and the topic was the now-dead stadium renovation bill.

After that and several other conversations with NFL people, I wrote this column on the topic in today's Miami Herald. It addresses whether the Dolphins will be moving any time soon and whether they'll move eventually. I explain the circumstances and the historical precendent for such a move.

I also ask the question why kill an election? What are the politicians and opponents of the renovations afraid of? Check out the column.

Other questions were left out of the column. Here are some of those questions and answers from Dolphins CEO Mike Dee:

Q: What is the Dolphins reaction to Florida Speaker Will Weatherford refusing to pick up your bill Friday and instead killing it by ending the legislative session?

Dee: "We believed based upon the word of the speaker who told us on four occasions the process would not kill this legislation that if there were votes to move it, it would be allowed to move through the process and ultimately be heard on the floor, so our first reaction was disappointment and shock. How could he have decided his vote in not moving this forward could count more than the collective votes of the legislature. We knew we had the necessary number of votes required to pass it, not to mention the 60,000 votes that had already been cast in Miami-Dade County. Speaker Weatherford decided his vote was the one that mattered and that he wasn’t going to allow the bill to be heard.

"And his comment that there needed to be more discussion or more information, I mean, we’d done everything he asked along the way. We were shocked.

“We relied on the word of the speaker of the house of the state of Florida and he didn’t deliver on his word. If this process had ended with the voters of Miami-Dade County saying this isn’t for us, if this process had ended at the beginning of the session with the Speaker of the House or the Governor or anybody saying this isn’t going to happen, that would have been one way for it to come to an end and we would have had to accept that.

“But when you’re committed to take it to the voters to make the final decision and the guy gives you his word that your bill will be heard and at the end of the day he doesn’t deliver on his word, that’s extremely disappointing.”

Q: To be fair, Weatherford tweeted that your contention that he gave you any assurance is, “untrue.”

Dee: “What reason would we have to take this position? We were assured by him, and by the way, there were people in the room at various points of these four meetings outside of the Dolphins organization and those we pay to help us who heard it as well. I’m sure he’s going to say what he has to say and I can’t tell you what he said to other people, but I can tell you what he said to us. And what he said to us was your bill will be heard. The process will not kill your bill. I can’t deliver votes. But your bill will be heard.”

Q: What is Plan B?

Dee: “Stay the course. There is no Plan B that includes a modernization or investment in the facility. We’ll get back to the business of working hard on the 2013 season and hopefully seeing a turn-around that those on the football side of the organization are working hard on and a team we can be excited about.”

Q: Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

Dee:  “I think his commitment to this organization already stretches beyond what anyone else has done anywhere else with any sports franchise in North America. In terms of the stadium and team being able to do it, there’s no structure that provides for that and I don’t think there’s any intention to invest from the outside either with equity or limited partners or any other plan that might be contemplated."

Q: Speaker Weatherford will remain in his position next session. Will you go back next year and start the process again?

Dee: “It's too early for us to make that decision at this moment in time.

“I thought this was the moment in time that a non-relocation part of this agreement was an important element of it. Now the future is uncertain beyond Steve’s tenure. Steve has said he has no intention of moving the team time and time again. I believe he stands by that today. But at some point you’re going to have facility tht will pass its 30th birthday without a full-scale modernization because of what Will Weatherford did. And you have to look and see what options are out there for a long-term stadium fix. There’s no Plan B, so I can’t come up with any today.”

Q: Wasn't Weatherford previously considered an ally by the Dolphins? 

Dee: "Absolutely. He had been speaker designate two years ago when we had worked with legislators in Tallahassee at that time. And at that time he was one of the only guys in senior leadership who was completely straight up with me about the prospects we faced at that time. I found him at that moment in time to be a transparent and forthcoming guy. I’ve known him for three years. I’ve seen him between then and know and he was always engaged on our issue, always engaged on the importance of Super Bowls and big events for our economy. 

"He told us again on four occasions that the bill would be heard and we took him at his word. Unfortunately, he didn’t deliver.

Q: Could you have done more to make this process work?

Dee: "We opened our books to the county's independent experts. We offered to repay $120 million of the public funds committed. We took on cost overruns. We removed financing risks that insulated the county from the tourist bubble bursting and we paid for the referendum.

“I don’t know if there’s one thing people asked us to do that we didn’t do.

“It's hard to imagine that we could have done any more than we did this session to align with the requests that were made by Speaker Weatherford and others to make this legislation work. The form of the partnership that was created with Miami-Dade County, the commitments around Super Bowls and big events, the criteria that was laid out by governor Scott that we met with respect to the state’s part of this investment, the endorsement of the hotel association and the major hotels, the Greater Miami Chamber, the numerous organization that were supportive of this.

"I don’t know what could happen that would cause the Speaker to see this differently, but I’m not optimistic irrespective of what may be taking place on the airwaves that he could see it differently. I think he made his choice and we’re going to have to live by it. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to live by it too because it has a long-lasting impact on the future of these kinds of events coming to South Florida."


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Ross is WORSE then Loria!

If we don't get tax payers to pay for our stadium renovations, then we will take our football and leave town.
Mike Dee


Good riddance...don't let the door hit you in the a**.

Go ask Obama...he's good at giving away other peoples money.

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 02:56 PM

Medicare already has an "open enrollment plan". If on medicare, a built in charge already kicks in when your supplement insurance lapses.

There is only one language for corrupt politicians disguised as civil servants such as Watherford, Bovo, and Lopez-Cantera to understand, and that language is infamy; polarization of public perception and public despise. Which is why I think Armando's column and blog today are constructive steps forward to expose their facades and keep our Dolphins in Miami. This is exactly the kind of genuine concern local football media should keep repeating again and again when they cover games and sports analysis until those guys stop stepping over everyone else's toes.

Let's see if despised corrupt politicians can get any more attention than football and sports do in the whole state. NFL network and Mando are already on, now let's see who is next.

Probably a bigger politician opposing the Braman-Watherford-Bovo-and-Lopez-Cantera circus. I bet we are not the only guys who despise the idea of using public welfare for a private car-dealer business while trying to bury stadium-renovation plans for Miami's local "AMERICAN FOOTBALL" team, nor Lopez-Cantera is the only guy trying to be a county mayor in Florida, you know???

Maybe there is a politician who wants to ride the wave and lead all this pro-Dolphin public attention. Elections happen all the time and no public servant can keep his chair forever, anyway.

These two umbrellas alone are maxed out in funding. so

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Just to exemplify your stupidity, you advocate ObamaCare which actually CUTS $500 billion from Medicaid to add another 49 million uninsured people.

Where is all this additional funding going to come from if they're already maxed out.

You proved the point repeatedly. You are as dumb as a stump & have no shame in proving it.


Health care Is A Trillion Dollar Industry.

How Much More Money Would The Govt Generate If They Owned It.

How Much Money Do The Corporations Generate Off The Internet?

I Swear To God!!

A lot of You Have Big Balls Behind Those Keyboards. Keep Acting Hard. You Know You Will Never Want To See Dashi For Real.

Keep Acting Big And Bad Little Man.

And Idiot. Illegal Immigrants Don't Fill Out The Census.

Not as bad as that, 2 cents. I have had extensive exposure to the HMO system of Medicine and I can say that in 80 % of the cases it controls their patient's health problems. It's more like a problem-oriented, preventive type of Medicine. But you have to wait your turn in line for appointments, treatments and in difficult, outside their guidelines case, you're in trouble there. In essence, more coverage with less quality.

Maybe Nolan Carroll's mother is behind this. She's lt. governor, and she watched the draft. She knows her son could be soon cut this year. LOL....

6000 new government irs agents hired just to track you down & make sure you pay your fine for not carrying health insurance.

But, no fine unless your caught if you don't have car insurance.

Gotta love the liberal agenda. LOL


sickandstupid, the only losers are the businesses and hotels in this State are the voters who were disenfranchised and the businesses who lose 100s of millions of dollars. You shouldn't be allowed to vote cause you are a sheep who doesn't know how to think for yourself

The businesses arent going to lose shyt. Thats Ross hogwash.

Dear all fatfk americans...news flash...try taking care of YOUR BODY first. Try living a lifestyle of health, both physical and metal. Try PREVENTATIVE measures. Try to stop shoveling BS down your throat ALL DAY LONG and sitting infront of the retard box while you do it. Then maybe, JUST MAYBE, you wont have to go to the doctor every othr day. Get over yourselves and take ACCOUNTABILITY for you lives!! Instead of letting doctors and pharmaceutical companies do it for you. All this country wants is the easy way out and I am personally tired of hearing everyone argue about which is the easiest way out. Instead of shoveling BP meds down your throat, lose some weight. Instead of swallowing a pill to sleep, try working harder. But no, thats not what we will do. We want doctors and phamaceutical companies to invent ways we acn continue to be fat, lazy and pathetic.

So just be born, STFU and then die. Because my ears are starting to ring.

Ross has brainwashed the stupid people. LOL

I wonder how many patents for new medical treatments and medicines are issued to government employees each year?

I'll bet that is a short list. Almost as short as the number of Amerians going to Canada for Medical treatment.

And Idiot. Illegal Immigrants Don't Fill Out The Census.

Posted by: Dashi | May 07, 2013 at 03:12 PM



OF course they're counted! The census includes EVERYONE LIVING ON THE LAND!


Golly Gee! You can't be this dense & clueless about everything!

Car insurance never goes up, right?
People drive cars & put others at risk & you don't get fined for NOT having car insurance but, now you will be fined for not having health insruacne?

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 03:06 PM

I dont know where you are from bud but around these parts and all other parts around it that I am aware of it is ABSOLUTELY law to carry auto insurance nad it is also BIG time fines and trouble if you get caught without it. So maybe folow the advise you gave YG about educating yourself....

My 2 Cents,

You Are A Simple Worker. So Your Understanding Of How The Economy Works Or How A Business Works Must Dumbfound You.

You Are Rambling On A Bunch Of Nonsense.

If The Govt Owned All The Insurance They Wouldn't Have To Bail Them Out.

Simple Enough?

If You Pay Home Insurance? Doubt It You Sound Like You Live In A Hotel Off Biscayne.

Who Pays For Everything When A Major Disaster Happens? The Govt. So All The Money We Paid For Home Insurance Went Where?

Wouldn't It Be Better For The Tax Payer And The Govt If We Only Paid The Govt For Home Insurance?

And The Principal Of Mass Production. The More You Supply Of One Thing Doesn't It Become Cheaper To Produce.

But Keep Spewing Your Ignorance You Little Punk B'tch.

For the first time since ive started reading this blog, im starting to see more unity in this organization and even in this blog. I hope to the phin fans in Miami that they can support this team no matter what and maybe we can get the governing bodies to support them too. On another note is anyone going to the HOF game and or the season opener in Cleveland? This is mine and my buddies first Phins games and weve both been fans for 15 yrs... If so let me kno cuz we are trying to show em how the phins roll now!!

dont know where you are from bud but around these parts and all other parts around it that I am aware of it is ABSOLUTELY law to carry auto insurance nad it is also BIG time fines and trouble if you get caught without it. So maybe folow the advise you gave YG about educating yourself....

Posted by: cheerio | May 07, 2013 at 03:21 PM


Health Insurance is now a law & when you file your axes you MUST document having it. If not, you will be paying a fine every year!

Can you tell me where you need to show proof of auto insurance and risk being fined?

I'm not talking about if your caught,I'm talking about in general how health care will be handled?


@ 3:06. You do realize that Canadians also do have the option for private healthcare if they so choose, right? It's just that the public system covers pretty much everything so the vast majority of people see no reason to get private health care ...

That should tell you all that you need to know right there. I've met plenty of Americans like you. Good, honest hard working people who have been told about the "nightmares of public healthcare" when they're all bullshite. You've been duped.

Just to exemplify your stupidity, you advocate ObamaCare which actually CUTS $500 billion from Medicaid to add another 49 million uninsured people.

Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 03:12 PM


Now you've really lost "all credibility". This doesn't even make lowest of mathematical common sense.

Spend 500 billion to add 49 million people. Dumbass, by your mathematical genius they get nearly 10 billion dollars per person per year in coverage.

Your f'ucking grade school math teacher is rolling over in her grave that she spent a totally wasted an entire year trying to educate you.

So the Government is handing out 10 billion a year per person in healthcare coverage. They could have used your mathematical genius in the computational rooms of NASA. We would be landing men on mole hill and walking on boggy creek by now! LOL...

Of course, all the great Doctors now also work for some type of Insurer, be it government or private, but we also have very private and expensive fee for services patients. You go with the Best if you can afford it, no?

Again YG, you cannto grasp the facts.

Obamacare cuts $500 billion to Medicaid. FACT

Medicaid, by your own wrds, is maxzed out.

So, how do you think Obamacare can add 49 ml more insured, while cutting Medicaid, & not rasingin premiums on everyone?

Perhaps I worded it poorly but, you should be able to grasp what I was saying.

I don' know whats worse. Your inability to accept the truth or Dashin claiming the census doesn't claim Illegal citizens.

Both of you should get educated.

Health Insurance is now a law & when you file your axes you MUST document having it. If not, you will be paying a fine every year!
Can you tell me where you need to show proof of auto insurance and risk being fined?
I'm not talking about if your caught,I'm talking about in general how health care will be handled?
Posted by: My 2 Cents | May 07, 2013 at 03:24 PM

Sure can J@ckass...every time one renews their vehicle registration. Of course states can vary on this. But in this part of the country, thats a fact. You argued you can't be fined for not having auto insurance but no matter how you try to spin it or whatever words you try to use to prove your inaccurate statement, it simply isnt true.

That Is All Nice And Dansby.

Did You Fill Out A Census?

If You Did You Would Know The Questions Asked.

Where Was The Illegal Immigrants Box To Check?

Most Illegals Live Illegally.

Meaning If 10 People Live In This House. Only The Legal People Would Say They Live There.

Listen To Yourself You Punk B'tch!

You Make No F'ing Sense.

Steve Ross please sell the team.

My two cents,

Many people on Medicaid are not smoochers, they just cannot afford the cost of private healthcare. If the cost "affordable healthcare insurance" were made to many of these people. Then many of them would not be overloading the medicaid system.

Not everyone's looking for a free ride. They just cant afford(private healthcare) any better. So you wish to wait for private healthcare to become affordable for most all on its own, huh? ROTFLMAO!

Also, putting Medicare in Private hands prevents major Fraud.


Govt Workers Sign A Waiver That Anything They Invent On Govt Time Is Govt Property.

I Have A Cousin Who Is An Engineer For Port Authority And He Tells Me Every time He Makes A Modification For Something. The Govt Takes The Credit.

YG, see, you continue to act stupid.

I am quite happy with my insurance, even having been reduced 2 consecutive years. It's quite affordable.

So, before you start ROTFLMAO, have a clue bub.

And Dashi, the US census is for ANYONE LIVING ON THE LAND SO NO! There would notbe a Check Box to mark off if you're illegal or not.

Just thought I'd clear that up for you fruitcake!

Mando Or Oscar,

Hit Dashi Up With The Clowns Info.

I Personally Want To Give Him My 2 Cents. It Will Be More Like A Roll Full Of Quarters.

I seriously question the IQ of 2 prominent bloggers here.

Their new nicknames for me are blog fodder.

The Medicaid system is so overloaded because so many can not afford private healthcare premiums. The restrictions are so stiff to qualify, 95% of the moochers cant get it anyway.

So, if you can get healthcare costs affordable enough to where 50% of those now receiving it can now pay. That's 50% of 100% of the cost State governments no longer pay.

Math is such a beautiful thing!

Of course, all the Great Physicians now also have to work for some type of Insurer, be them government or private, but we also have very private, expensive fee for services patients. They go with the Best if you they afford it, no? That will never change nomatter.

Rabblerouser here!
"I will give away my fortune to charity?" Really Ross? THEN DONATE SOME MONEY FOR YOUR TEAM"S STADIUM---STOP CRYING and man up. It's your stadium, your team, so put your money where your mouth is Ross!

Mark, I hear your rhetoric. You are the one who is duped.
You have not refuted my claims. You have attempted to bury them under bullsh*t.

Canadian pharmaceutical companies pirate medications developed in the US and Europe, manufacture them cheaply, then sell them in The US cheaply. There are no wealthy private groups to spend money to develop new medicines and treatments.

All the good Doctors have moved to the US.

You Answered Your Own Stupid Comment.


And If Dashi Is Not Mistaken There Is An Illegal Box. Right Under Citizen and Resident.

Again Did You Fill Out The Census Or Did Your Mommy Fill It Out.

My Point Is No Illegal With Half A Brain Filled Out The Census. Or People Living In Efficiencies.

Only Head Of Households Filled Out The Census.

How Many Illegals Have A Physical Address?

So Go Eat A D'ck You FF!!

LMAO for the FagFace drop @ 346...

Canadian pharmaceuticals entering America?

I would like to know how they are now getting here. Short of going across the border to get them yourself, he U.S. government has placed a grinding halt to this.

The days of Canadian pharmaceuticals entering by U.S mail has long since been squashed. What it would cost to go Canada yourself to get them. Makes it far more expensive than just buying them in the U.S. anyway.

Unless you're critically stupid.

When do we get back to foorball?

Your continued censoring of my Posts will solve nothing but your Closing.

Is foorball anything like foreskin?

hey joe auer 66 got some breaking news for ya steven ross wont live forever the day somebody else buys the team they have every right to move it if they so choose and it could be anywhere not just L.a.Anyway my name is Jason Nuhfer from Warren P.A,never been to a phins home game but am sure hoping to.If they move say to L.A that goes out the window more then likely.For me i have been a fan for going on about 25yrs now and if they moved I would be crushed.This is about a tradition, the uniform and the players u watched wearing em and that would all chnaged if they moved I would still root for them whereever they go cause i am just to much a diehard fan but boy it just wouldnt be the same.As for guy who talked about cities who lost teams and got back my retort is well 1 didnt and baltimore took quite a while so what i would have to wait 20yrs for miami to get franchise back?How eager would somebody be to bring back i mean no offense guys but u guys that live in florida dont show up the stadium aways half full.Even M.Golic commented on it when he played for them when in playoff hunt and nobody their,I have the sunday ticket to c all their games and makes me sick how empty the stadium always is.

Dashi, My point exactly. Your cousin has no incentive to make things better. He has nothing to gain.

The people who get things done are the people who will be rewarded for their efforts.

That is Capitalism. Invest time or money, get a reward. simple.

My mind has become numb from reading the political rants. football...

2013 Miami Dolphins defense?

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weren't You Leaving You Flaming Hypocrite.

Dashi Feels Sorry For You. Dumb and Ignorant. What A Combination.

I'm Personally Sorry.

It Is My Fault You Have Epilepsy.

I Shouldn't Have Ramrod Your Mom While She Was Pregnant.

That Big Dent In The Middle Of Your Forehead. My Fault.

I'm excited about the O and the D. Big changes.


CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, YG, I should have used the past tense.

Is Mark in Toronto your alter ego??

Has there been any official practices for returning players, or has it all been rookies to this point?

In all REALITY which is in itslef a paradox. All of these comments are opinions based on an ideology. And all of those things are false. Illusionary. None of it really matters.


I'm far more excited about the defense. Simply becase the offense was so 2012 pathetic with it's severe limitations. 2013's additions only brings it up to acceptable speed.

The defense, IMO, will be one of the best in football. Lots of new pieces that add potential havoc everywhere!

Dashi, the freeloader who wants health care, education & everything else free because he is too sissy man to accomplish or work for anything,

Please remind us again how illegals aren't counted in the census.


Would you like a gov't provided wife & kids too?

I mean, why have sex when you can have the gov't fulfill your need to have a family.



Vets camp begins 2 weeks from today.

Can't wait until July when the big boy pads come on! Then we get sample of what all the moving pieces will look like.



Vet camp, meant OTA's.

Buh Bye Miami Dolphins! LMAO, Florida, way to go! You don't care about the team? Don't be surprised when they pick up and move. I for one can not wait and hope they do. I'm sick of flying to Florida for games and sweating my butt off in that crappy stadium with fans who act like they couldn't care less. Hopefully they move somewhere a bit cooler where there are more loyal fans. Once again, way to go Florida!

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