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Important questions: Check my column and this blog

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Dolphins Monday and the topic was the now-dead stadium renovation bill.

After that and several other conversations with NFL people, I wrote this column on the topic in today's Miami Herald. It addresses whether the Dolphins will be moving any time soon and whether they'll move eventually. I explain the circumstances and the historical precendent for such a move.

I also ask the question why kill an election? What are the politicians and opponents of the renovations afraid of? Check out the column.

Other questions were left out of the column. Here are some of those questions and answers from Dolphins CEO Mike Dee:

Q: What is the Dolphins reaction to Florida Speaker Will Weatherford refusing to pick up your bill Friday and instead killing it by ending the legislative session?

Dee: "We believed based upon the word of the speaker who told us on four occasions the process would not kill this legislation that if there were votes to move it, it would be allowed to move through the process and ultimately be heard on the floor, so our first reaction was disappointment and shock. How could he have decided his vote in not moving this forward could count more than the collective votes of the legislature. We knew we had the necessary number of votes required to pass it, not to mention the 60,000 votes that had already been cast in Miami-Dade County. Speaker Weatherford decided his vote was the one that mattered and that he wasn’t going to allow the bill to be heard.

"And his comment that there needed to be more discussion or more information, I mean, we’d done everything he asked along the way. We were shocked.

“We relied on the word of the speaker of the house of the state of Florida and he didn’t deliver on his word. If this process had ended with the voters of Miami-Dade County saying this isn’t for us, if this process had ended at the beginning of the session with the Speaker of the House or the Governor or anybody saying this isn’t going to happen, that would have been one way for it to come to an end and we would have had to accept that.

“But when you’re committed to take it to the voters to make the final decision and the guy gives you his word that your bill will be heard and at the end of the day he doesn’t deliver on his word, that’s extremely disappointing.”

Q: To be fair, Weatherford tweeted that your contention that he gave you any assurance is, “untrue.”

Dee: “What reason would we have to take this position? We were assured by him, and by the way, there were people in the room at various points of these four meetings outside of the Dolphins organization and those we pay to help us who heard it as well. I’m sure he’s going to say what he has to say and I can’t tell you what he said to other people, but I can tell you what he said to us. And what he said to us was your bill will be heard. The process will not kill your bill. I can’t deliver votes. But your bill will be heard.”

Q: What is Plan B?

Dee: “Stay the course. There is no Plan B that includes a modernization or investment in the facility. We’ll get back to the business of working hard on the 2013 season and hopefully seeing a turn-around that those on the football side of the organization are working hard on and a team we can be excited about.”

Q: Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

Dee:  “I think his commitment to this organization already stretches beyond what anyone else has done anywhere else with any sports franchise in North America. In terms of the stadium and team being able to do it, there’s no structure that provides for that and I don’t think there’s any intention to invest from the outside either with equity or limited partners or any other plan that might be contemplated."

Q: Speaker Weatherford will remain in his position next session. Will you go back next year and start the process again?

Dee: “It's too early for us to make that decision at this moment in time.

“I thought this was the moment in time that a non-relocation part of this agreement was an important element of it. Now the future is uncertain beyond Steve’s tenure. Steve has said he has no intention of moving the team time and time again. I believe he stands by that today. But at some point you’re going to have facility tht will pass its 30th birthday without a full-scale modernization because of what Will Weatherford did. And you have to look and see what options are out there for a long-term stadium fix. There’s no Plan B, so I can’t come up with any today.”

Q: Wasn't Weatherford previously considered an ally by the Dolphins? 

Dee: "Absolutely. He had been speaker designate two years ago when we had worked with legislators in Tallahassee at that time. And at that time he was one of the only guys in senior leadership who was completely straight up with me about the prospects we faced at that time. I found him at that moment in time to be a transparent and forthcoming guy. I’ve known him for three years. I’ve seen him between then and know and he was always engaged on our issue, always engaged on the importance of Super Bowls and big events for our economy. 

"He told us again on four occasions that the bill would be heard and we took him at his word. Unfortunately, he didn’t deliver.

Q: Could you have done more to make this process work?

Dee: "We opened our books to the county's independent experts. We offered to repay $120 million of the public funds committed. We took on cost overruns. We removed financing risks that insulated the county from the tourist bubble bursting and we paid for the referendum.

“I don’t know if there’s one thing people asked us to do that we didn’t do.

“It's hard to imagine that we could have done any more than we did this session to align with the requests that were made by Speaker Weatherford and others to make this legislation work. The form of the partnership that was created with Miami-Dade County, the commitments around Super Bowls and big events, the criteria that was laid out by governor Scott that we met with respect to the state’s part of this investment, the endorsement of the hotel association and the major hotels, the Greater Miami Chamber, the numerous organization that were supportive of this.

"I don’t know what could happen that would cause the Speaker to see this differently, but I’m not optimistic irrespective of what may be taking place on the airwaves that he could see it differently. I think he made his choice and we’re going to have to live by it. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to live by it too because it has a long-lasting impact on the future of these kinds of events coming to South Florida."


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Posted by: FED UP | May 07, 2013 at 03:15 PM

You're a real f%$&ing moron you know that? Every f^%$ing stadium in this country is partly funded by the town it resides in. Miami is now the exception, way to go Florida! Rape and Murder capital of the country and now you're pushing out the team that put you on the map. ROFLMAO! Great job dummies, you are now worse than New York! hAHAHAHAA



Posted by: ######## | May 07, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Dashi Freeloader,

You exhibit all the signs of bitter agonizing defeat. You'll get over it kiddo.

Stop letting my kids be taken care of by the state? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Haven't you clearly established you are the government dependent weenie who wants everything free? I'm not afraid to work & do things for myself.


Posted by: Phins78 | May 07, 2013 at 04:05 PM

And...... I'll never have to come to a Dolphins blog and read pots like these. Because if the dolphins leave, I'll no longer be a fan.

If they leave, good riddance an good riddance to out of town fans who think the Dolphins being in Miami is such a terrible thing.

@ 3:40, hahaha, there are no large Canadian pharmaceutical companies. We have pfizer, merck, and the rest of them. Man, come up here for once in your life then you'll see. yes, we have generic drug comanies same as you but they are not allowed to distribute drugs that are under patent. WOW, man, I dn't even know where you guys get this stuff.

Rabblerouser here!
"I will give away my fortune to charity?" Really Ross? THEN DONATE SOME MONEY FOR YOUR TEAM"S STADIUM---STOP CRYING and man up. It's your stadium, your team, so put your money where your mouth is Ross!

Posted by: Rabblerouser | May 07, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Do you realize how stupid you sound? Ross has payed more for his stadium than any owner in the NFL! That is a fact, look up the definition moron.

Wow, me and YG, the same person???

Must be true...



No Incentive For The Person. But The Govt Wins. Yes, Capitalism Is For The Individual, But Democracy Is For The People.

What You Do As A Govt Which Is What Every Country Did During The WW's And Which China And Germany Still Do. You Make The Workers Feel National Pride.

You Offer Them Fame, Not Fortune.

The Nazis Did This.

I Tell My Cousin All The Time. If He Would've Went To The Private Sector He Would Make More Money. But He Hits Me Up With His Idealism And Says He Is Making A Bigger Impact This Way. Dashi Owns His Own Business And My Dad, And My Grandpa Owned His Own Business. So Being An Entrepreneur Is In My Blood. Dashi Can't Work To Make Someone Else Money.

My Cousin Is Lucky Though. His Office Was In The Towers. Up High To. His Luck Was He Was Called To Jury Duty On Sept. 11. I Believe This Made Him Extremely Loyal To Port Authority. Cause The Private Sector Has Offered Him Way More.

78, don't let the trolls get to you. Anyone who knows the bill knew it wasn't a tax on locals. It was only a hotel tax on tourists in a small geographical area.

Anyone talking about ross being cheap or new taxes is just here to irritate or ignorant.

It's a big loss for Florida considering all the revenue & jobs that would have come with an upgrade.

I just love how out of towners think only they are great Dolphins fans.

Attendance at Dolphins home games isn't a lack of love, it's over 15yrs of total ineptitude and front office buffoonery.

You beat even the most loyal of dog long enough, eventually even he'll leave.

So it isn't lack of loyalty nor lack of love. It eventually becomes a lack of tolerance for the high level of pain.

FYI Mark
If I could stand cold weather most of the year,
Id be in Canada in a hot second.
Canada is BadA, so people, dont be jealous. The nicest and most helpful folks I have ever met in my life dwell in Canada. Just a different state of mind IMO. Canada is where its at as far as this continent goes. But the weather and impending freeze over in the next 50 years...well, I will stay put for now.

Hey Idiot.

Dashi Is Dashi.

So Whoever You Were Talking To Wasn't Dashi.

Get Over Yourself. You Insignificant Maggot.

Yeah this was NOT Dashi...

So it isn't lack of loyalty nor lack of love. It eventually becomes a lack of tolerance for the high level of pain.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 04:15 PM

Pain is tryin to read your posts!

When You Have You Give.

Only Bitter Ingrates Like You Think That The Poor Shouldn't Be Helped.

Im done here for now. trolls begging for handout hits again! LOL...

Yeah this was NOT Dashi...

Posted by: ####### | May 07, 2013 at 04:16 PM


#Told You So FagFace!!

Ross/Ireland have combined to destroy our once proud franchise. And they wonder why the stadium is half empty on game day?

If I am a loser in your eyes...well, then that is okay by me!

One Last Thought:

"No free handout hit for trolls!" LOL...

YG, I am not referring to you. You are a loyal fan, one of very few down there. Stop with your out of towner shtick it's stupid. Out of towners are the majority in this blog and if it wasn't for us there would be 4 people in here, 2 of which are Jets fans from Florida.

I love that you always say people don't go to the games because the team hasn't won in a while. That's funny because other teams don't use that excuse. Jets and Bills sell out all of the time. The Jets were selling out before they went to the afc east championship two years in a row and they don't even have their own stadium. Your excuses don't hold water. Please don't come back at me and say there is nothing to do in New York city and that's why people go, just don't do it.

Thanks LOL, I'm just fired up over this and should know better. They don't care about the facts and just want someone to react. They got me. I'm sure they are happily bouncing up and down at their computer right now.

Only Bitter Ingrates Like You Think That The Poor Shouldn't Be Helped.

Posted by: Dashi | May 07, 2013 at 04:18 PM

Please, copy & paste where I said I don't think the poor deserve help. LMAO You will stoop to the lowest level to further embarrass yourself.

Even in humiliating defeat, you lie.

Face it, you're only claim to fame was thinking Dansby would be cut. You own no business. You are a nobody.

Sady for you, since you want everything free, the gov't doesn't hand out free business to claim as your own.


Only Bitter Ingrates Like You Think That The Poor Shouldn't Be Helped.
Posted by: Dashi | May 07, 2013 at 04:18 PM

"The greatest country in the world" and certain classes of citizens are viewed as less than the simplest of creatures.

Troll time, should have known better, talk to you guys in July. I'm not going to feed these idiots all summer. Peace

If I am a loser in your eyes...well, then that is okay by me!

Posted by: ####### | May 07, 2013 at 04:20 PM

Whatever you need to do to convince yourself it's OK to be a loser.


Yea, I want to see the vets also. Of all thins i am interested in, is matthews, fuller and Binns with the rookie FA's at receiver. I liked the depth Bess gave us. I hope one of those guys steps up and becoe a solid option. especially if hartline or gibson get hurt.

I think our o-line will be fine believe it or not. No left tackle? a lot of rollouts to the right, which is a sttrength of tanny IMO. Still would like a great LT though. :)

It should have been heard, let the vote decide the outcome of the stadium. This is unacceptable

Damn, can yall stop for a min and answer my questions about the HOF game and season opener..... My buddy and I are going to our first games and i know some posters go....is anyone going.....what do i expect.....im excited and would like some feed back.

I can't stand the weather here either. But what can you do?? Got to put up with it for now ...


I know since you don't live in Miami, you don't know the true Dolphin fever temperature down here. Miamians love the Dolphins. Its just now, fans in Miami feel like the heart broken lover.

The Dolphins are still #1 in their hearts. They are just waiting for great signs of change before outwardly embracing them again.

The traffic light isn't red. Its more like stuck on yellow.

Everything is a matter of perspective my friend and if your perspective is that I am a loser than by my math that is a win for me. It's like a worm calling the bird a beetch...it's all good to the bird because the bird will eat the worm. Then drop it out on your car from 60 feet...

I understand the frustration of the stadium issue not getting voted. but aren't we putting the cart before the horse here? the team is not gone yet and no guar it will happen. If we somehow pull a winning season and a playoff game, this whole conversation will be different.

I hate to say it, but If, and it is a huge IF attendance is much better this year. Revenue is up, billionaires start thinking differently.


Miamians and the Dolphins are still blowing kisses. Just not so publically right now. LOL...






Who really cares about our stadium anyway we play 8 games a year there ,,,,,,,,,,so big deal it's south Florida it's very tropical meaning rain wind and whatever else it's all good because its never cold it's tropical do we get it !!!!!!!M!M so give us the damn Super Bowl


NO PDA for Miamians and the DOLPHINS!?!?!?


Posted by: POLLSTER | May 07, 2013 at 04:34 PM




okay so change mine to D)

Posted by: cheerio | May 07, 2013 at 04:37 PM


Ross said he will leave his money to charity...so why dont he pay for stadium, then when he dies leave his team and stadium to florida fans...sale stocks to fans like nfl packers have done..put in writing the team can never be sold or taking out of south florida...lets see some good old fashion love and loyalty...

Wow. Some people seem happy losing every year. Amazing.

Marc from NJ
Im from WV and love my Phins.... But the HOF game will be my first.... I have no idea what to expect....you seem to answer ppl better then most here...what can i expect.

If Ross wants to help the community and create jobs let him donate 100 mill to the school system and police and fire depts.

Ross has worked so hard to win over dolphins fans since he bought team...to have him say he will relocate the team somewhere else is a total slap in the face to loyal dolphin fans..is ross committed to keeping dolphins in south florida? If not sale team to an owner who will keep team here...dont allow greedyness to rule the decision....the threats is so wrong to fans..sports franchises should not be paid for by the goverment...we dont want welfare sports teams anywhere...

Wow....enjoy that game....im a phins fan and one of my best friends a cowboys fan..two solid teams to go watch..remember it is first preseason game so dont expect a regular season game...that takes time to work up to..but its a good way to go get a good look at young players battling for a roster spot...and starters dont play to long that early...a true fan would enjoy it though..

The inability of the politicians to see the forest for the trees could cost Miami a lot of money and a lot of work. The question becomes, how do you build a world class city?
That answer is: build stuff that people will use and see and pay money for. Nothing propels the velocity of money more than a stadium. Money goes from hand to hand to hand to hand and everyone benefits. From tickets to tshirts to hot dogs to beer to toilets and back again. It is hundreds of thousands of dollars per event in small unmarked bulls.
From there to cars, to hotels to airports and back again.
And the gubmint makes 10 percent at every stop.
It is not like the Phins are going anywhere if they build what is needed.
Leaders are voted in to lead and even if financing the stadium is unpopular today it should be done because the future is tomorrow and those jobs are today and tomorrow.
Stupid politicians, an investment with no risk but they will pay big money for a university to see what type of toilet paper works best.

So Your Making Fun Of "Dashi Being Poor".

Has Nothing To Do With How You Feel About Poor People?

Has Dashi Ever Made Fun Of The Less Fortunate?

Keep Spewing Your Ignorance.

And Claim To Fame?

Dashi Blogs On Here Because Of The Anonymity.

Knowing That Dansby Should've Been Cut. That Just Shows I Understand What I Watch And Make My Own Opinion.

I Also Said We Need Better Guard Play.

Offensive coordinator mike sherman came out publicly and said he gaurentees tannenhill will make biggeat growth jump from last season to this season...he said tannenhills working his butt off hard..so coming from mike sherman who is such a respected coach in nfl says a whole lot.....excited...hopefully tannenhills pushing rest of team as a leader to go the extra mile in off season workouts and in playbooks..

Didn't the Dolphis just receive and complete $300 million in renovations 5 years ago? Aren't we still paying for that; I'm sure we are. This place is looking more and more like a bottomless pit of welfare for the wealthy. I got an idea, let's go to the public for another $400 million. Wow, that's ballsey.

If miami dolphins can beat bills and jets both games that gives them 4 wins in regular season...and if we can at least split games vs patriots at min. We would have a 5-1 afc east regular season record...with home field advantage in first round with a winning record...i'd like for team to at least win afc east and win first round of playoffs at least....young team is capable to go all the way if young guys step up big time..


Ross Paid For Those With His Own Money.

It Was $200 Mil. Building The Glass Dome, And Putting LEDs Everywhere.

That Is Another Reason Why Ross Doesn't Want To Foot The Whole Bill.

He Thought Originally That Would Be It. But The Stadium Is Worst Than They Thought.

Yea....to many people on welfare...now business are abusing tax payers money...nowsorts teams wantinf free handouts..how bout the state lends ross the money and he repays tax payers like general motors did..with interest of course...stop all the free handouts..goverments a complete wreck....goverments got a big addiction to overspending today..

I agree that Ross would've lost a vote anyway. He is not a popular owner after 4 losing seasons. Add in the Marlins debacle and the experts all agree he had no chance.

Dashi, that was Huizenga that built the glass dome and made the improvements. DUUUHHHH!!

Posted by: captcrunch

you need to pay attention....

read the article

Dashi has this nasty habit of making up stuff to fit his agenda. GEEZ!!

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