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Important questions: Check my column and this blog

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Dolphins Monday and the topic was the now-dead stadium renovation bill.

After that and several other conversations with NFL people, I wrote this column on the topic in today's Miami Herald. It addresses whether the Dolphins will be moving any time soon and whether they'll move eventually. I explain the circumstances and the historical precendent for such a move.

I also ask the question why kill an election? What are the politicians and opponents of the renovations afraid of? Check out the column.

Other questions were left out of the column. Here are some of those questions and answers from Dolphins CEO Mike Dee:

Q: What is the Dolphins reaction to Florida Speaker Will Weatherford refusing to pick up your bill Friday and instead killing it by ending the legislative session?

Dee: "We believed based upon the word of the speaker who told us on four occasions the process would not kill this legislation that if there were votes to move it, it would be allowed to move through the process and ultimately be heard on the floor, so our first reaction was disappointment and shock. How could he have decided his vote in not moving this forward could count more than the collective votes of the legislature. We knew we had the necessary number of votes required to pass it, not to mention the 60,000 votes that had already been cast in Miami-Dade County. Speaker Weatherford decided his vote was the one that mattered and that he wasn’t going to allow the bill to be heard.

"And his comment that there needed to be more discussion or more information, I mean, we’d done everything he asked along the way. We were shocked.

“We relied on the word of the speaker of the house of the state of Florida and he didn’t deliver on his word. If this process had ended with the voters of Miami-Dade County saying this isn’t for us, if this process had ended at the beginning of the session with the Speaker of the House or the Governor or anybody saying this isn’t going to happen, that would have been one way for it to come to an end and we would have had to accept that.

“But when you’re committed to take it to the voters to make the final decision and the guy gives you his word that your bill will be heard and at the end of the day he doesn’t deliver on his word, that’s extremely disappointing.”

Q: To be fair, Weatherford tweeted that your contention that he gave you any assurance is, “untrue.”

Dee: “What reason would we have to take this position? We were assured by him, and by the way, there were people in the room at various points of these four meetings outside of the Dolphins organization and those we pay to help us who heard it as well. I’m sure he’s going to say what he has to say and I can’t tell you what he said to other people, but I can tell you what he said to us. And what he said to us was your bill will be heard. The process will not kill your bill. I can’t deliver votes. But your bill will be heard.”

Q: What is Plan B?

Dee: “Stay the course. There is no Plan B that includes a modernization or investment in the facility. We’ll get back to the business of working hard on the 2013 season and hopefully seeing a turn-around that those on the football side of the organization are working hard on and a team we can be excited about.”

Q: Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

Dee:  “I think his commitment to this organization already stretches beyond what anyone else has done anywhere else with any sports franchise in North America. In terms of the stadium and team being able to do it, there’s no structure that provides for that and I don’t think there’s any intention to invest from the outside either with equity or limited partners or any other plan that might be contemplated."

Q: Speaker Weatherford will remain in his position next session. Will you go back next year and start the process again?

Dee: “It's too early for us to make that decision at this moment in time.

“I thought this was the moment in time that a non-relocation part of this agreement was an important element of it. Now the future is uncertain beyond Steve’s tenure. Steve has said he has no intention of moving the team time and time again. I believe he stands by that today. But at some point you’re going to have facility tht will pass its 30th birthday without a full-scale modernization because of what Will Weatherford did. And you have to look and see what options are out there for a long-term stadium fix. There’s no Plan B, so I can’t come up with any today.”

Q: Wasn't Weatherford previously considered an ally by the Dolphins? 

Dee: "Absolutely. He had been speaker designate two years ago when we had worked with legislators in Tallahassee at that time. And at that time he was one of the only guys in senior leadership who was completely straight up with me about the prospects we faced at that time. I found him at that moment in time to be a transparent and forthcoming guy. I’ve known him for three years. I’ve seen him between then and know and he was always engaged on our issue, always engaged on the importance of Super Bowls and big events for our economy. 

"He told us again on four occasions that the bill would be heard and we took him at his word. Unfortunately, he didn’t deliver.

Q: Could you have done more to make this process work?

Dee: "We opened our books to the county's independent experts. We offered to repay $120 million of the public funds committed. We took on cost overruns. We removed financing risks that insulated the county from the tourist bubble bursting and we paid for the referendum.

“I don’t know if there’s one thing people asked us to do that we didn’t do.

“It's hard to imagine that we could have done any more than we did this session to align with the requests that were made by Speaker Weatherford and others to make this legislation work. The form of the partnership that was created with Miami-Dade County, the commitments around Super Bowls and big events, the criteria that was laid out by governor Scott that we met with respect to the state’s part of this investment, the endorsement of the hotel association and the major hotels, the Greater Miami Chamber, the numerous organization that were supportive of this.

"I don’t know what could happen that would cause the Speaker to see this differently, but I’m not optimistic irrespective of what may be taking place on the airwaves that he could see it differently. I think he made his choice and we’re going to have to live by it. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to live by it too because it has a long-lasting impact on the future of these kinds of events coming to South Florida."


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Why Do You Cyberstalk Dashi?

Dashi calling others clowns is like shiiit calling others stinky.


I know you struggle to evade reality, twist your words, change your story, but you have not developed mentally or intellectually since you were 12, at most.

That's the thing with South Florida.

People don't want to make the public investment in things like good transit, schools, parks, and--yes--top-notch sports facilities.

So guess what? You won't HAVE those things, Miami. There are no magic elves who are going to give them to you as presents.

You will simply watch everything age and rot away in the tropical heat as you fade to irrelevance.

YG, he is stuck. Too old to score on any more desirable girls, and revolted by the thought of poking his wife. From the bitterness in his posts, his mockery, it very well may be he is no longer functional for pleasure, so he takes it out on the bloggers.

Posted by: Obviously | May 07, 2013 at 11:11 PM



Of course Huizenga included what he paid to upgrade club level in selling price. That's simple business.

Huizenga is not a fool. He is one of the smartest business man ever.

I like to think about microscopic sized atomic robot lobsters who run great Empires in cavern thousands of feet beneath the Earth's surface.

Posted by: Obviously | May 07, 2013 at 11:16 PM



And...... I'll never have to come to a Dolphins blog and read pots like these.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 04:08 PM


Do you mean posts like these too?

Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

And...... I'll never have to come to a Dolphins blog and read pots like these.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 04:08 PM


Do you mean posts like these too?

Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

And...... I'll never have to come to a Dolphins blog and read pots like these.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 07, 2013 at 04:08 PM


Do you mean posts like these too?

Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Dashi, you say the NFL is not ready to condone pedophilia...lol...do you condone your blog buddy posting this?

I know, no comment, no cajones....


Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Bloggers, seriously...we kid around...but what kind of person posts things like this? A mature person? Someone you can admire? No and no.

Yo Momma 1 huge loose, overstretched p'ussy

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | May 06, 2013 at 08:33 PM

I would do Anthony Bourdain if he'd let me.

After YG spent 2 hours feeding the trolls last night, he chastised dashi for responding to them LOL.

Not just a hypocrite, but a dumb fool hypocrite. Do as he flips, not as he flops!

YG = Sad Sack
Dashi = arrested development sack

Do as he flips, not as he flops!
Posted by: LMAO | May 07, 2013 at 11:32 PM

Loser - Loser = 0
YG - Dashi = -100

Good night silly losers in love with your ignorance and fragile egos that you will never repair on a football blog LOL

What are you BoneSmokers talking about?

Agree with JoseCuervo@12:17

Gee, I hate to interupt the Troll pointing fingers at others. He seems quite content and oblivious to the fact that: **EVERYBODY HERE KNOWS HE'S JUST AS GUILTY**.......IF NOT MORE SO........THAN THOSE HE TROLLS, STALKS, IMPOSTERS AND GENERALLY HARRASSES.

In short, I hate to interupt you dragging the blog down to your sick, degenerate level....

But I've a question. I read this in a Barry Jackson column. Anybody have any idea if this is accurate information? In the old days you could just assume most of what a writer writes is........well.......CORRECT.

Clabo, who auditioned for the Dolphins on Wednesday, graded out well the past two seasons, according to Pro Football Focus.

His 2012 performance ranked 14th among 80 tackles and fifth-best among right tackles, behind Andre Smith, Gosder Cherilus, Anthony Davis and Sebastian Vollmer.

Clabo, 6-6 and 329 pounds, was ranked 23rd in pass protection (he allowed five sacks) and 21st in run blocking last year.

In 2011, Pro Football Focus rated him second overall among all tackles.

-Barry Jackson-

Add in his Pro Bowl Season and that's some pretty impressive accomplishments.


Odin, from what I have seen on that website it seems accurate. This makes me wonder why Atlant would cut him though if he was so productive.

As a Dolphins fan living in So Cal, I have no issue with the team moving to LA from Miami.

I would have preferred McKinnie as a 1 year stop gap at Left Tackle.

But Clabo seems like a pretty good stop gap in his own right.

Especially if Martin comes in stronger and ready to fill Big Jake's shoes. That would be a perfect scenario in my opinion.

However, I still think that Mando and quite a few other are being premature in assuming Martin will play Left Tackle this year.

Clabo did play more than a full year at Left Tackle in college. He started one full year there and then started at Guard from there.

One thing I feel real good about REGARDLESS. It looks like we're going to have some very fierce competition all along the O-Line.

With all this so-called "Positional Flexibility", we have battles set across the board.

Pouncey, in my opinion is the only clear cut starter. And even so, Samuda has played great there when given the opportunity. He's played so well, he's getting serious consideration at Guard as well.

Tackle: Clabo, Martin, Garner and hopefully even Dallas Thomas playing well enough to be "involved". The wildcard here is that even Big John Jerry was so shook up by the Lance Louis signing, he's reported in the best shape of his professional career. With Jerry in shape and his head screwed on straight, he **COULD** even wind up in the Tackle Battle.

Guard: Cogs, Louis, Jerry, Samuda and again, hopefully rookie Dallas Thomas.

Ireland has even managed to bring in scales to compete with perennial LS John Denney!

Despite being unsettled at Left Tackle. One thing seems to be quite apparent when looking over our "New" O-Line. We've upgraded, added talent, gotten more athletic and have guys with this new fangled "Positional Flexibility".

More so than all that, we've added quality and REALLY-SERIOUSLY upgraded our Depth. We're not all the way there yet, but I like it.


Who cares if Fins move?
The Russians will start new franchise.

One way or the other the O line needs to be settled. The more reps the better.

Thank you lord Odor for your research. Good job.
Your Lactulose, enena and pull ups will be delivered tomorrow.

I just Love Stephen Ross' latest announcement.

It really just goes to show how utterly ignorant Mando's Trained "Pool Bu-oy" really is when he tries to talk "The Dolphins" with the Grown-Ups-ROTFLMAO!

Can any of you remember the umpteen Gazillion times The Troll Tard called Ross, Greedy, Cheap, Money Hungry, etc, etc.......

Well, here's a couple of excerpts for you Troll Tards. It just PROVES what UTTER BUFFOONS you and ALoco **TRULY ARE** ROTFLMAO!

**Dolphins owner Ross promises to give away most of his fortune to charity**

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on Tuesday pledged to donate the bulk of his $4 billion fortune to charity once he dies, joining a list of prominent billionaires in the so-called “giving pledge.”

In his message on the Giving Pledge website, Ross touted his upbringing in a middle-class Detroit neighborhood as teaching him the value of “giving back.”

“I am delighted, grateful and honored to join this important effort in the hope that collectively we can leave the world a little bit better place than we found it,’’ wrote Ross, who turns 73 on Friday. His was one of nine billionaire pledges that the Seattle-based charity announced Tuesday.

Tuesday’s charity pledge announcement puts Ross in the company of the country’s most famous billionaires. Ross wrote he was grateful to join “Bill” and “Warren” — Bill Gates and Warren Buffett — along with Gates’ wife, Melinda, in making the public pledge to give away the bulk of his money. Buffett and the Gateses are the leading advocates for the pledge.

Ross and his wife have four children, with the youngest entering college. In a one-page letter posted on givingpledge.org, the former tax attorney said he would give away “the substantial majority of my assets to charitable causes.”

-More important than proving what USELESS, LIVING AFTER-BIRTHS The Twin Tard Trolls are, this latest puts Ross in with some very Historically Famous People.

While The Vanderbilt's, Carnegie's, Rockefeller's and Ford's were ruthless, low-life scumbags. They really tried to redeem themselves and "Give Back" to the Country and People that helped make them so filthy rich.

It seems as they grew old, they learned some very important lessons. As competitive as these Giants of Industry were, they even tried to out do each other in their efforts to Give Back and leave a lasting legacy.

I'm not going to even try comparing Ross, The Gate's and The Buffet's to these Giants. But for all intents and purposes, these guys are doing very similar types of things with the Private Fortunes. It's Good Stuff!

Now, what was that you were saying Troll Tards....?

Oh yeah, Ross..........he's one Cheapo SOB!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

i live in LA and if the dolphins are moved here I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR THEM again. diehard fan for 28 years. i will never root for the same team as pansy LA fans

This is wht happens when you climb in the sack with politicians, they can't be trusted and they are all a bunch of liars and I mean "ALL" as in all the way up to the top if you know what I mean.


Miami never really won a Super Bowl. They were staged just like the moon landing.

Posted by: Eisenbauer | May 07, 2013 at 08:39 PM

Post of th day.

YG and Dashit have at least one thing in common.

They are both major, in denial, hypocrites.

Posted by: Twoo | May 07, 2013 at 11:05 PM

BTWE Twoo, It's called Flip/Flopping.
You must be new.

Odin, YG has been posting since 10:15 yesterday morning..
Your thoughts on him taking "THE TITLE"?

I guess democracy doesnt excist in USA anymore? What is going on over there in Florida. Some years back in the presidental election the voting process was terrible and now you dont even get to vote?
Is democracy dead?

Please speak of pancakes now.

Weatherford apparently doesn't fear any type of a backlash for his actions. He's the Politician, so I would assume he weighed the risk, the reward and the consequential triangle.

As far as the public goes, I think he feels he doesn't have to worry about a Bunch of Dolphin Fans. He probably considered the fact that they hardly show up for the ACTUAL GAMES(Oooouch-Sorry, but it's true), so what type of resistance could they muster?

A Local Hotel Owners Association? They'd be afraid of buying more trouble than it's worth.

I personally would hope that Ross puts his resources to good use on the issue. Small(and not so small)private donations to Weatherford's enemies would do well.

These people could slime their way up under the "Real Issue". The Stadium referendum(or whatever it is/was being called)aside, this Guy circumvented the Democratic process in a Big Way.

This is something that could unite the Fans, the residents and the businessmen. Together, with the right Representatives leading the way.

This certainly should have been put to a vote by the residents. It was promised, then suddenly pulled **AFTER** the "Last Second"........Huh?

Politicians take and make calculated risks for their entire careers. And to be down right blunt about it, there are very few "THINGS" that would motivate a High Profile Public Official to put his Political Livelihood "On The Line" in such a manner.

Anybody care to venture what "THAT" might have been-LOL?

Ross needs to employ a Little Bipartisanship if need be, by reaching out to the right people. The kind of people that will take this out of the Sports arena and Hammer Away at what this Dirt Bag did to the Democratic Process and **WHY**.......**WHY**......WHY**.

Lowlife Politicians don't take these kinds of risks without being able to profit from them. And judging by his High Profile and the "TYPE" of move this was, I'd be willing to bet he was or will be profiting from this **BIG TIME**.

Just "Follow The Money" Maynard. That......and make sure his "Local Enemies" get just about the "Right Amounts" themselves.

For some reason......I don't believe that Flying the "Fire Weatherford" Banner over the State House will get the job done.

Then Again.............

Odin, What are you doing up so late/Or Early??

Q: Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

This question wasn't answered, at all.

Very happy to see this stadium deal be killed.

This is the most important answer - and shows what a sheister Dee is:

Why doesn't Stephen Ross pay for the project himself?

Dee: “I think his commitment to this organization already stretches beyond what anyone else has done anywhere else with any sports franchise in North America. In terms of the stadium and team being able to do it, there’s no structure that provides for that and I don’t think there’s any intention to invest from the outside either with equity or limited partners or any other plan that might be contemplated."

Notice, he didn't say Ross COULD NOT fund the stadium enhancements. Because he plainly could. Instead, his argument is, other NFL cities fleece taxpayers to fund stadiums, you should do it here too.

I have been a Dolphins fan since 1969 when Shula came over. I hate all these fly by the night fans. I am a Miami Dolphins Fan not any other city. It would be a very sad day if they ever left Miami. I live in Atlanta now but still come to see Dolphins play. I'm so looking forward to seeing this team come together this year. I hope all fans support them 100 percent. If I had the money I would build them a new stadium myself. I love the Dolphins. Go Fins 2013!

Without a new facility the Dolphins will be gone before 2017. Bet That.

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