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How the trades are playing out for the Dolphins

Within the last year the Dolphins have made three intriguing (some would say controversial) trades that exchanged players for draft picks -- the present in exchange for the future.

Well, the future has arrived in the form of actual people. So now we can look at what the Dolphins got in return for trading Brandon Marshall, Vontae Davis and Davone Bess.

In the spring of 2012, the Dolphins traded Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round draft picks, one in 2012 and one in 2013.

The Dolphins used the pick last year in a trade down with San Diego but the outgrowth of that trade was the selection of tight end Michael Egnew with the 78th overall selection and the selection of receiver B.J. Cunningham with a sixth-round pick, the 183rd overall selection.

This year, Chicago's third rounder was the 82 overall pick.

The Dolphins traded that pick to New Orleans for two fourth-round selections, Nos. 106 and 109 overall. The Dolphins then picked TE Dion Sims with the 106th overall selection.

The Dolphins traded 109th overall selection, a fifth-rouner (146 overall), and a seventh-rounder (224 overall to Green Bay for the 93th overall pick, which is a third rounder. With that pick, the Dolphins selected Will Davis, the cornerback out of  Utah State.

Bottom line for the Marshall trade?

The Dolphins traded Marshall, a fifth-rounder, and a seventh-rounder for Michael Egnew, B.J. Cunningham, Dion Sims and Will Davis.

The Dolphins traded Bess, a staple at the slot receiver position since 2008, plus their fourth-rounder (111 overall) and a seventh-rounder (217 overall) to the Cleveland Browns during draft weekend. The Browns sent Miami a fourth-rounder (104 overall) and a fifth-rounder (164 overall).

The Dolphins used the fourth-round pick on linebacker Jelani Jenkins and the fifth-round pick on running back Mike Gillislee. 

Bottom line fof the Bess trade?

The Dolphins traded Bess, a fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder for Jelani Jenkins and Mike Gillislee.

The Vontae Davis trade is much easier to follow. The Dolphins traded their former first-round pick to the Colts for a a second-round pick. The trade delivered the 54th overall selection in this draft.

The Dolphins used that selection on another cornerback -- Boise State's Jamar Taylor.

Bottom linne for the Davis trade?

The Dolphins traded Vontae Davis for Jamar Taylor.

It's going to be interesting how all this plays out eventually.

Marshall went to the Pro Bowl in Chicago as he had the year before for the Dolphins. Egnew was a tremendous disappointment as a rookie and B.J. Cunningham was cut last year. It's seemingly up to Sims and Davis to redeem this swap.

But you must remember, the Dolphins got rid of Marshall because he didn't fit their culture. They didn't like him arguing with teammates (Chad Henne, Davis, Igor Olshansky) or coaches. They were concerned about his domestic violence issues.

So, I suppose, they would argue trading Marshall helped team chemistry and whatever talent it brings is a plus. I would say if Marshall, who has not had any reported problems with teammates or the law in Chicago, continues to be a solid citizen for the Bears, this deal will be judged solely on talent. So the onus is on Egnew, Sims and Davis to bring some sort of return for Miami's move because Marshall has so far done that for the Bears.

The Bess trade is interesting. He had an injury issue with the team at the end of last season that seemed to cause friction. He wasn't going to get nearly as many targets this year with the addition of Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson. So the Dolphins were comfortable not having him.

Of course, that assumes no one is injured this year. Having Bess as a No. 4 wide receiver is a solid fall back option. It certainly provides more certainty than Rishard Matthews, or Jeff Fuller or Armon Binns. So there is a bit of a gamble here.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins got a solid special teams performer and perhaps passing-down contributor in Jenkins. Gillislee? He has the feel of a special teams guy at best. It's going to be hard for him to be on the 53-man roster, in my opinion, based on his play at the University of Florida. He is good injury insurance, however.

The trade I'm most encouraged about, believe it or not, is the Davis for Taylor trade.

People I speak with around the league seem to love the Taylor pick. Jeff Ireland really liked that pick, too. There are whispers within the organization that if Taylor is consistently for the Dolphins what he showed at times at Boise State, he can win a starting job in Miami and be better than Davis.

If that's the case, the Dolphins would be getting good value for the trade -- starting cornerback for starting cornerback. If not?

You know the answer. 


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Fins Of Fury,

Again, I couldn't agree more!

Roberts post made my eyes bleed and my head spin!

I'm hitting the shower, getting ready for the Doctor and then making the Kids some Breakfast!

PS: If you want to **SEE** why Jordan should be a Day 1 - 3 Down Starter, checkout this youtube link:


If you want to **SEE** why he won't be a DE exclusively, checkout this youtube link of him playing against Stanford in 2012:


I did my Dion Jordan study tonight(this morning).

Coyle needs to play him at OLB so we can take advantage of his awesome skillset from day 1. Using him on situational blitzes FOR SURE!

I think he'll eventually be a Great DE, but it won't be this year. And if we don't play him at OLB, it'll be a great waste of talent and high draft picks.

You just don't use the 12th and 42 picks on a situational anything, a developmental anything, etc, etc. You use those kinds of picks on somebody that's going to come in and start Day 1.........ALL 3 Downs!


BTW-Nice write up Mando.

Puts it into perspective pretty good.

Overall, I think we came out on top. How much on top, of course depends on the Wins/loss column!

Thanks Mando!!!!

You could also add cap room to those deals. All three deals saved the Dolphins money as well. Plus in both the Bess and Davis trade those players were only going to be around for one year.

I agree, play him at OLB and DE. Move this guy around and dictate what the offense has to do. IMO, he is a complement to Odrick, not a replacement. You have Odrick who is a DT/DE tweener that can stop the run well but has some pass rush skills. Put Jordan behind him to play zone and delay blitz when he (Odrick) and Starks occupy blockers. You can also line him up behind Wake for an overloaded blitz.

Another way we can utilize him is to line him up at DE and send LBs in on blitzes while he drops back in coverage. It scary what this D might be capable with the added speed and the retention of our D-line guys.


I'm still wondering about trading out of the 3rd round in the most recent draft. That stated the bottom line regarding Taylor @ CB and Jordan @ DE/OLB is that they both have to work to see value in the Ireland trades. Otherwise the record reflects trading partners getting an advantage. Jordan and Taylor need to become strong contributors to the Dolphins.

Totally disagree on the Gillisee eval. He will knock D.Thomas out of the #2RB slot behind Lamar Miller. Guy has vision, can block, catch, shifty.

You could also add cap room to those deals. All three deals saved the Dolphins money as well posted by Igor
Evaluating a GM is so complex. Ireland certainly did a great job with the cap. Trading gets difficult to evaluate as mentioned by Armando due to some players not fitting the culture or being problems on or off the field. It really comes down to being able to correctly evaluate talent. How does Ozzie Newsome GM with the Baltimore Ravens always seem to make the right moves. He evaluates talent better!

i disagree on gillisee too. he is a get to the hole runner. he has great hands. will he be a pro bowler year 1, no. but he will be around for sure. it's not like they have 7 backs fighting for roster spots.

dion jordan should not be an olb, and he won't be an olb. he will be a DE from minicamp on. he'll play 2 downs to start with ordick starting. they will move him around but his position will be with his hand in the dirt opposite wake. they didn't go up to 3rd for an OLB. the natural pressure position in a 4-3 is DE he is that guy.


I'm super disappointed with you. Gillislee a special teams guy? Are you kidding me? I'm one of the few in here that has said that he might START for this team next season if he outperforms Lamar Miller. At worst, he will be the number 2 RB and bump Daniel Thomas. All the pundits say that we got a steal with jamar Taylor and I don't disagree. However, I can't think of one pundit who didn't like Gillislee where we got him. Look at mcshay and mayock reactions to his selection. Check every major draft pundits grades. Gillislee is a keeper man.

Jarvis Jones at one and keep a 2nd round pick

But Mando...Most of your column is based off assumption of what a player will be. No one knows what these rookies or 2nd year players are going to be. That's like grading a teams draft. You nailed the who we got for the trades part but the rest is just an assumption. Just a side note just because Marshall made the pro bowl (a popularity contest) doesn't mean he's a game changer because he is not. He was a problem not a solution (some would call the guy a cancer based off his behavior). So just dumping the guy was a relief.

You dolphin fans wish Ireland has Ozzie talent evaluating skills, Newsome rocks period !! Ireland is getting better though, he did great in this year draft but he should've drafted Q.Patton though. It's very sad the dolphins continue to get pummeled by the national media !! It's a combination ofthe N.E.media Ny/Bos just always getting massacred !! Espn Nfl network RotoWorld gave them a D- for their draft now I do agree with them that they're a 6-10-9-7 team at best !! But give them some credit at least for trying !!

Awful trades. I still don't understand what we got for the N.O. trade down in the 3rd and the Bess trade was a joke.

Unbelievable...Here we are in day whatever of the never ending Tackle saga. Still no resolution and the matter is even more confusing today than it was yesterday. What a sham...what a mockery for proven NFL vets to come in here and have to work out to get a low ball offer from the team. Like I said yesterday...Just @#$%& sign someone already!!

Unbelievable...Here we are in day whatever of the never ending Tackle saga. Still no resolution and the matter is even more confusing today than it was yesterday. Posted by dadsmithwest

I'm not so sure that Ireland wants to make a move on LT or RT until teams have to trim their rosters and teams that drafted elite Tackles release the veterans they have on their rosters. The Dolphins can go with a stronger Martin @ LT, a trimmer Jerry at RT and they have Incognito, Thomas, Louis and Garner to fill the remaining Guard positions. Like it or not this regime may feel confident in what they have while fans on this blog may not agree.

Mace and dadsmithwest,

First Mace, whatver Rotoworld site you are speaking of, that is the ONLY and I do mean ONLY publication Ive heard of that gave the Miami Dolphins anything less than a B-. Yahoo sports and John Clayton for example had it as top 3 out of 32! It was a tremendous draft. We drafted speed! Why was it not a success? Because we didnt get a LT? I could hear all the bloggers in here saying- we traded up to 3 for Lane Johnson- but he only has 1.5 years of experience! Everyone would have b*tched about taking "yet another" OL. We didnt get another WR? Mace I know you were on board with a Tavon Austin pick. Im not going to argue with the merits of drafting a 5'8 174lb speedster versus the top DE in the draft. One thing you have to say about Ireland- he did not do this draft as if it would be his last. He drafted BPA- which is all most of us on the blogs were calling for.

Second dadsmithwest, I agree that the Dolphins need to pick one/two of these guys and make him a multi-year offer ASAP. There might be some veteran OL cuts by other teams on the June 1 deadline and Im sure Ireland is already well aware of who these cuts might be. But the 4 guys they brought in all would make our OL better. Personally, Ive been advocating for a Jared Gaither visit- crazy right? The guy is 27 and hungry after losing his big contract. Sign him and either Clabo or Winston on the cheap and provide competition for Martin at either LT or RT.


I hear what you are saying but disagree on one point- the Dolphins DO KNOW they need to add one more veteran OT- hence the flirtation with Albert. They are not going into this season with the current OL on the roster, rookies included. They will sign one more veteran and it might be after June 1. While all of us are panicking about the OL I will give Ireland and Philbin some credit- they are not panicking at all about OT so that gives me comfort. They will make the addition to the OL at their price when they are ready to.

Frank from PA'

This regime is looking for another OT or OT/OG to fit their scheme but that guy could very well end up being for depth. That's just my opinion. Martin is said to be stronger and Jerry is in shape.

First..I don't believe for a second Jerry is going to RT in any case. If they don't trust the guy at RG..due to weight issues and play I don't see them putting him in more critical role at RT. I do believe they are willing to let Martin play LT based off their willingness to bring in and negotiate with these career RT's. The two I like at this point are Winston and Clabo. Don't really know much about Gaither but I'll accept anyone at this point.

Second..they aren't waiting for June cuts to sign a guy. I don't see that either...I am simply having fun with the apparent inability to make the decision on one of these Tackles. We'll see.

Does all this talk really matter?? I'm looking to wait till training camp to notes.


You might be correct with Philbin as coach I doubt the Dolphins would gamble on an OL that is suspect. However Ireland did gamble on a group of receivers that were obviously not good enough.

Davone Bess was no staple...he was a paper clip. Wes Welker...now he, HE was a staple.

Like I've said before...I see Ireland more as Cowboys guy (willing to take gambles and wheel and deal)and Philbin as a Packers guy. This is why I like the two together. They are an interesting blend and seem to work very well together. I don't see any panic in these moves and couldn't believe some used that as their draft analysis. The move for DJ was planned according to Ross.

I dont get the Branden Albert thing. Didnt the Chiefs draft an LT 1st overall and didnt Alberts say he didnt want to play RT? Do you think this is the Chiefs answer to them bringing in 4 tackles for tryouts. This is some stupid soap opera, with 2 GM's egos at play

Just sign Fat Albert already! If we struggle at LT this year Im going to point to this past week of what I concider "wasting time"

Who cares the trades were what the were.

As far as Jamar Taylor is concerned I am a bit ocncerned. I was talking to my boys on "Moving the Chains" last night and Tim Ryan said he would be concerned with Taylor in that South Florida heat and dehydration. I know he's not a Dr but the point was valid.

I like Taylor a lot as a player. He has plenty of speed and is also very strong. I envision him starting as well. There's really no better options so he may take his rookie bumps along the way but let's hope he has a bright Surtain/Madison type of future! Both former 2nd rounders as well.

Your opion?

Good analogy on Bess. The guy ran 1 to 10 yard routes and generally got open and caught the ball. He converted a ton of 1st downs but almost never alluded or broke a tackle for a big play.

Tanny will definately have to find another go to guy on 3rd down but hopefully we will have fewer 3rd and long situations.

You can't forget the salary contract component of the trades. Salary cap space generated by these trades helped sign other free agents.

As far as trades and the draft I'm not too terribly worried about the LT position. I think they have the situation in hand.

The whole thing with Jake Long is just unfortunate. There is a possibilty that he stays healthy and he returns to his pro bowl form. The last couple of years certainly didn't dictate that though and justify a long term elite player contract.

The only thing I would have rather seen was a WR in the 3rd instead of a guard.

I seems like with Cogs, Jerry and Louis we have enough depth at guard to be solid although I know Philbin would like to upgrade to more athletic players. I personally worry a litte more about our WR depth and where the TD's will come from.

I like Hartline ad Gibson, don't get me wrong but a future stud WR would be higher on my priority list than a future zone blocking guard.

I think their thinking that in order for these WR's to be successful they need to insure that their zone scheme is effective.

Still I would have drafted a WR somewhere with large class that was out there.

Enough with Albert already. According to Ian Rapport through PFT, a deal for Albert was never even close & any hopes for a deal now are dead.

Miami will sign a vet Tackle, not trade for Albert.

The Dolphins are very bullish on Rishard Matthews. There's a reason why the late 7th rounder made the roster last year (not the practice squad) and Cunningham, a 6th rounder who was the top receiver on a good Michigan State team, didn't. I'll also point out that Ireland and Philbin both mentioned him by name as a guy who they felt was going to contribute to the WR position this year. In fact, I think Ireland mentioned Matthews' name before Bess'.

As for Gillislee, I don't see how he doesn't make the roster. He's a good runner and a team guy, all he needs to do is stay healthy to have a better shot of making the roster than Daniel Thomas.

Excellent point YAC...without these trades we don't get Wallace and the some of the guys in FA.

Is there another guy happier with the draft than Coyle? That guy has to be thrilled to have this defense. We should be a top 10 defense in passing and rushing. It's all on him to get these guys familiar with the system and utilize them to their strengths. I only see 2 rookies on defense that will need time this year to develop..Jordan and Taylor. that's not to say they won't play..they'll just need time to adjust to the NFL game. The rest are all vets and should be ready to go after camp. No excuses for that side of the ball is my point.

And with the money saved by trading Marshall, we signed Mike Wallace. he should be thrown into the comparison as well. If Marshall was still around then we wouldn't have Wallace.

Gillskie rushed for 1200 in SEC on weak UF team. Why the long face mando?

Bess was the slowest receiver on our team. He Had trouble getting open. Maybe they upgrade with Gibson? we shall find out.

No doubt the Dolphins went younger bc Philbin, and staff want to groom their own players.

Jeff Ireland. The worst GM ever?

Where's billcale? I was waiting to see his impressions on the draft.

Frank I agree with you on Matthews. Now if you're asking if we should have grabbed a WR in the draft my answer is hell yeah. Overall we could have drafted some higher prospect offensive players and because we didn't the draft lost a lot of the feel good buzz of promise we had going into it. I was all for the DJ move up but then we just kept drafting defense. I think a ton of people wanted Eifert baaaad.

dolphins all the way

zonk you are a horses ass

In Irescums 6th year the Dullfins are the equivalent of an expansion team. Great work Jeffy!

Mike Gillislee,

I totally disagree with Mando. He was one of my favorite picks in this draft. Matter of fact I like all 3 Gators but Gillislee, especially.

He has great lateral quickness, runs hard and never dances. I watched a handful of Gator games last year and along with the highlights I've watched he never dances around. He's a perfect fit with his one cut and go style. At 5'11 207 he runs very hard. I expect his playing weight in the NFL to be around 210-212. He reminds me of a young-healthy version of Cadillac Williams (which was all of about 1 season).

I am not hoping but I EXPECT Gillislee to be in tandem with starter Lamar Miller and make a immediate contribution as the #2 RB. Daniel Thomas stinks and is soft. I don't get how a 6'1 230 lb back runs as soft as he does.

Shut the F#%K up Taggert you Effin troll!

anus on eggnew.

Hey Mando, you just floor me with your insight and witt!!! LOL!!! Hell, I could do your job! LOL!

That whole thing about Gillislee being Special Teams at best is horseshit and shows me you know no more than the average joe does about football.

FrankfromPA go to bleacher report and go to the archives to the article on what other national media is saying about the dolphins draft !! Get a damn reciver T.Young will yeah Jeff !!

For the Marshall trade you also have to take into account the players Denver got with our 2 #2 picks. I think that when you do that Ireland - Parcells really - get the raw end of this deal.

Mace is an idiot troll!! LOL!!

Hey Mace, hate to brake it to ya dumbass but we allready have recievers!! LOL!! Effin troll!!

Philbin and Ireland both know the running game suffered last year from insufficient blocking. Daniel Thomas was concussed twice and Reggie danced in the backfield for a reason...lack of solid blocks accross the line. Daniel Thomas is a strong down hill runner who will excel behind a good offensive line. He will need to continue to work on ball security. Lamar Miller had a few good runs last year showing good vision. Personally I dont think Miller is anymore elite than Thomas and is overated by Dolphin fans. Daniel Thomas was situational runner that came in the game when everyone knew the run was coming. Third and short, goal line situation etc...Lamar was used in more disquised situations where you really didn't know if the run or pass was coming. Running against an eight man front is a whole different ball game. Most backs need 15 to 20 carries to really get going. Most dont get that opportunity anymore.

Not a huge Gillislee guy myself. Then again I don't like Lacy much either. There were only four guys that I think I would've taken - Michael, Bernard, bell, and Franklin and none stuck around until as late as the Dolphins picked the UF product. Actually Gillislee and Sims are the only two picks I don't like and considering they were both late picks, who cares???

FIRELAND just confirmed how big of an idiot he is.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its very nice to see the Herald has not made you take anytime off from your day job covering the Miami Dolphins.

It also makes me very sad not see any of your letters to Penthouse forums or articles in Hustler magazine from your part time work.

Your use of the pseudonyms Dolphin Blowhole and Hot Mammal love in the Penthouse forums is a dead give away.

As for your articles in the Hustler magazine I knew it was you when I kept seeing words and phrases like...Dropped balls, Tight end, Wide receiver, Slot receiver and Fist Pump.

Oh well, When the Herald shuts you down here I can always find you in Hustler and Penthouse magazines for my daily Dolphin fix.

I'd follow you anywhere ya big lug.

Your friend

Soiled :)


You make some good points on the trades, going over the potential positives and negatives of each move.

The bottom line (as I understand it) is that the Dolphins traded three multi-year starters (including an All-Pro WR) for the following:

Will Davis

One should also remember that it cost the Dolphins a 1st round pick and two 2nd to obtain Vontae David and Marshall. Others have mentioned this as well.

With regards to Taylor, he seems to be a pick that many like (including myself). The only concern is the medical issues reported by Barry Jackson earlier this week. Hopefully, Taylor is fine both personally and professionally.

Finally, again as others have noted, free Agency was used this year to try to replace the WRs traded away.

BUT, IMO, the trades should be judged on the talent aquired and the team built with that talent.

Irelands 3 for 1's and 2 for 1's are a joke. He gave 8 picks for 3 players and it could be a disaster. D Thomas certainly has been.


I have no idea what you see that says Daniel Thomas is a "strong downhill runner". What evidence have you seen of that? I honestly can't think of a single time he's busted a tackle. The oline struggled at times and there was definitely a stretch in the middle of the season where the run blocking was very inefficient but D. Thomas is SOFT man and a very INEFFICIENT runner.

Daniel Thomas 91 carries 325 yards for 3.6 per carry. 4 TDs and 3 fumbles. He fumbles 3% of the time he runs the ball the NFL average is under 1.5%. He only picked up 15 1st downs which to me negates your point on him being used in short yardage situations. He's not an effective RB by any means. I don't see any evidence that he will get any better. RBs either have it or they don't and his career 3.5 average along with only 3, 20 plus yard runs tells me he stinks!

Lamar Miller - averaged 4.9 per carry on 51 carries for 250 yards. He had 40 less carries then Daniel Thomas yet had only 3 fewer first downs and matched his runs of over 20 plus as well. Miller has game breaking speed and doesn't dance. He is one cut and go. The reason he didn't play early was because he lacked what most rookies lack which is the ability to pass block.

Make no mistake it's not even a contest that Miller is your starter and Gillislee is here to push him. Daniel Thomas is a year away from being cut due to his draft status saving him for 1 more year.

I made a mistake in my earlier post.

The Dolphins traded three multi-year starters (Vontae Davis, Marshall, and Bess) PLUS a 4th round pick, 5th round pick, and two 7th round picks for:

Will Davis

Sorry for the mistake in the first post. All the acorn hunting in the mid-rounds is confusing (and in more ways than one).

I know Bess was a FA and there were Cap considerations plus some internal issues, but the Dolphins did not seem to get good value for the Bessho trade on paper.

Hey Neil'sGhost,TGH. Why dont you get off the I hate Jeff Ireland band wagon becouse its getting to be tiresome! You both sound like a bunch of pansy assed whinners just like the rest of the band wagon.

As I said before the draft, it will be hard for many of these draftees to make the roster.

I don't know about you guys, but I was really impressed with last year's rookies. I am also impressed with our free agent signings.

I think the easiest place to make the team is LB, OL, CB and running back. I think we took the BPA in those positions. The two exceptions to those that we took in the draft are Jordan and Simms.

Jordan was an easy pick to make. Only an injury will keep this guy from being all-world. The only problem is if Vernon turns into a monster, which I think he will. Vernon's motor, agility and natural strength make him an almost sure winner too. What a great problem to have. I think that will force them to create some hybrid roles for Jordan.

I think we took Simms in case Egnew does not improve. I think he will or he would have been jettisoned along with B. J. Cunningham. Simms is also a great candidate for the practice squad as a tackle. He seems to handle the extra weight well.

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