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How the trades are playing out for the Dolphins

Within the last year the Dolphins have made three intriguing (some would say controversial) trades that exchanged players for draft picks -- the present in exchange for the future.

Well, the future has arrived in the form of actual people. So now we can look at what the Dolphins got in return for trading Brandon Marshall, Vontae Davis and Davone Bess.

In the spring of 2012, the Dolphins traded Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round draft picks, one in 2012 and one in 2013.

The Dolphins used the pick last year in a trade down with San Diego but the outgrowth of that trade was the selection of tight end Michael Egnew with the 78th overall selection and the selection of receiver B.J. Cunningham with a sixth-round pick, the 183rd overall selection.

This year, Chicago's third rounder was the 82 overall pick.

The Dolphins traded that pick to New Orleans for two fourth-round selections, Nos. 106 and 109 overall. The Dolphins then picked TE Dion Sims with the 106th overall selection.

The Dolphins traded 109th overall selection, a fifth-rouner (146 overall), and a seventh-rounder (224 overall to Green Bay for the 93th overall pick, which is a third rounder. With that pick, the Dolphins selected Will Davis, the cornerback out of  Utah State.

Bottom line for the Marshall trade?

The Dolphins traded Marshall, a fifth-rounder, and a seventh-rounder for Michael Egnew, B.J. Cunningham, Dion Sims and Will Davis.

The Dolphins traded Bess, a staple at the slot receiver position since 2008, plus their fourth-rounder (111 overall) and a seventh-rounder (217 overall) to the Cleveland Browns during draft weekend. The Browns sent Miami a fourth-rounder (104 overall) and a fifth-rounder (164 overall).

The Dolphins used the fourth-round pick on linebacker Jelani Jenkins and the fifth-round pick on running back Mike Gillislee. 

Bottom line fof the Bess trade?

The Dolphins traded Bess, a fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder for Jelani Jenkins and Mike Gillislee.

The Vontae Davis trade is much easier to follow. The Dolphins traded their former first-round pick to the Colts for a a second-round pick. The trade delivered the 54th overall selection in this draft.

The Dolphins used that selection on another cornerback -- Boise State's Jamar Taylor.

Bottom linne for the Davis trade?

The Dolphins traded Vontae Davis for Jamar Taylor.

It's going to be interesting how all this plays out eventually.

Marshall went to the Pro Bowl in Chicago as he had the year before for the Dolphins. Egnew was a tremendous disappointment as a rookie and B.J. Cunningham was cut last year. It's seemingly up to Sims and Davis to redeem this swap.

But you must remember, the Dolphins got rid of Marshall because he didn't fit their culture. They didn't like him arguing with teammates (Chad Henne, Davis, Igor Olshansky) or coaches. They were concerned about his domestic violence issues.

So, I suppose, they would argue trading Marshall helped team chemistry and whatever talent it brings is a plus. I would say if Marshall, who has not had any reported problems with teammates or the law in Chicago, continues to be a solid citizen for the Bears, this deal will be judged solely on talent. So the onus is on Egnew, Sims and Davis to bring some sort of return for Miami's move because Marshall has so far done that for the Bears.

The Bess trade is interesting. He had an injury issue with the team at the end of last season that seemed to cause friction. He wasn't going to get nearly as many targets this year with the addition of Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson. So the Dolphins were comfortable not having him.

Of course, that assumes no one is injured this year. Having Bess as a No. 4 wide receiver is a solid fall back option. It certainly provides more certainty than Rishard Matthews, or Jeff Fuller or Armon Binns. So there is a bit of a gamble here.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins got a solid special teams performer and perhaps passing-down contributor in Jenkins. Gillislee? He has the feel of a special teams guy at best. It's going to be hard for him to be on the 53-man roster, in my opinion, based on his play at the University of Florida. He is good injury insurance, however.

The trade I'm most encouraged about, believe it or not, is the Davis for Taylor trade.

People I speak with around the league seem to love the Taylor pick. Jeff Ireland really liked that pick, too. There are whispers within the organization that if Taylor is consistently for the Dolphins what he showed at times at Boise State, he can win a starting job in Miami and be better than Davis.

If that's the case, the Dolphins would be getting good value for the trade -- starting cornerback for starting cornerback. If not?

You know the answer. 


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"A source tells the Baltimore Sun that free agent LT Bryant McKinnie is weighing offers from both the Chargers and Dolphins.
McKinnie holds all the leverage here. Both teams are desperate for left tackle help in a barren market and at age 34, he's likely land with the highest bidder. As of April 22, the Dolphins had $9.2M of cap space while the Chargers had $6.2M left. The Cowboys are even getting involved late, as they've reportedly made an inquiry. McKinnie would presumably play right tackle in Dallas as Tyron Smith is locked in on the left side."

Source: Aaron Wilson on Twitter
May 2 - 11:45 AM

This is ridiculous. Just sign someone & move on....This is like getting your wisdom teeth pulled.

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Philbin said 3rd round Guard/Tackle Dallas Thomas will be playing on the Left Side......**FOR NOW**.

Last time I checked, we already had a Pro Bowler at Left Guard.

We do have a gaping hole a Left tackle however.

I wonder what this could mean?

I think they're seriously going to try and get Dallas Thomas up to speed and consider him as the possible starting Left Tackle.

It's a Long Shot, but man, what a Bonus it would be for Dallas Thomas to turn out to be an all world, all Pro, Steal of the draft Rookie Left Tackle!

Go Dallas Thomas!!!!

(Seeing how most of the current sign in names appearing are the same ones that got caught red handed the past two days trolling and changing, I'm Dippin Fools!)


JETS. ha ha!


I think this guy is going to tank harder than Jamarcus Russell.

Thomas is an upgrade in pass protection over Incognito at LG. He isn't a mauler like Cogs but fits the zone well as he stays on his feet and maintains his zone.
IMO, his drafting shows that they feel comfortable with Martn growing into a LT. They wanted to give him as much help as possible by having an excellent pass protecting LG.

Odin, Philbin hasn't seen Thomas do a push-up, much less run a play.
Of course they'd HOPE he fits at LT (ahhh Ireland), but my guess is he's going to be they're swiss-army-knife when the injury big hits during the season. That is actually a good idea. But until we sign either a starting LT, or RT (and let Martin be LT), then I'd say Thomas is a sketchy fit.

Just guessin', since I ain't seen him do a push up either.

"Ravens agreed to terms with LT Bryant McKinnie on a two-year contract."


New blog page up....

I can't believe the jets cut T-Bow. I can't believe they drafted this Guy.

I love it!

Geno Smith is blaming his now former agents for his falling all the way into the second round of this year’s NFL draft. But it appears he might actually be the one at fault.

Smith, who finally came off the board at No. 39 to the New York Jets, fired his agents after the draft-day slide. But some league executive seemed unimpressed with Smith, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

The sources described Smith as having a bad attitude and even accused him of spending too much time on his phone instead of paying attention to coaches.

“His biggest problem is that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know,” said one league executive. “I’m not sure he knows how to take instruction because he pretty much wouldn’t listen or talk to our coaches.”

The same accusation came from another league executive, who claimed that Smith was something of a loner during his visit to their facility.

“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one of the sources said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.”

Please install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player.Download now.

The overwhelming perception wasn’t that people around the league didn’t like Smith, rather, that they worried about his personality and how players would react to him in the locker room.

“He doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader,” said another league executive. “I don’t think he’s a bad person, but that’s not enough to be a quarterback in this league.”

The Jets better hope that all the criticisms of Smith are mere accusations rather than truth. They’ve had enough behavioral issues in their locker room over the past few years, and by the sounds of it, Geno won’t be mending any of those fences.

Hey John,
I will get off the FIRLEAND bandwagon when you wipe your chin of Jeffy's jizz?

I c Jordan being used all over the field. I think we will have 3-4 packages where he will line up opposite Wake and in the 4-3 he will b DE and olb whatever the sit dictates. He will not b a every down player this yr IMO.

love what i see outta gilleslie an he has vision. he can be our starter with his speed an vision

Was going to call Mace out, but my comrades-in-arms have done a sufficient job of that. If your not a journalist, blogger, or fantasy expert, why come to the Herald and be so habitually negative ? The Dolphins may not make it to 10-6, as I hope, but I feel reassured that the Dolphins will be a more exciting, and obviously faster, team this year. On Mando's point, I suppose someone has to dwell on whether we got fair-value or not. And separately, I am batting 1000 because we took neither Albert or McKinney. I think we would have regretted either signing. Go Dolphins !!

Matthews takes the Slot. Expect surprising years from Binns & Fuller

The other part of the equation on Brandon Marshall is that the Dolphins gave up picks to get him. Wasn't it two 2nds? Who did the Bears pick with those picks?

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