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Quick look at the Dolphins’ 53, as of June 17

Hey friends-

It’s Adam Beasley. As Armando mentioned last week, he’s on vacation, and so a few of us will post updates to his blog, as events warrant. It’s a quiet week at Dolphins camp; the only players left in town are the rookies, who have one final week of workouts before they disperse for the summer.

But with training camp literally a month away, it’s never too early to start thinking about which 53 players will be on the roster when the season kicks off in Cleveland Sept. 8. Here’s my first, very rough, take. The good news for the Dolphins: This isn’t easy. There will be several good football players who don’t make the team this year, and – unless there are a string of catastrophic injuries – you won’t see the team pick through the waiver wire castoffs to the degree it did in 2012.

As a disclaimer, this is based on what we’ve seen thus far (which, in shorts and jerseys, hasn’t been much).

QBs (3):

Ryan Tannehill

Matt Moore

Pat Devlin 

RBs/FBs (5):

Lamar Miller

Daniel Thomas

Mike Gillislee

Marcus Thigpen

Jorvorskie Lane 

WRs (5):

Mike Wallace

Brian Hartline

Brandon Gibson

Armon Binns

Marvin McNutt 

TEs (4):

Dustin Keller

Charles Clay

Michael Egnew

Dion Sims

OL (9):

Jonathan Martin

Richie Incognito

Mike Pouncey

John Jerry

Tyson Clabo

Dallas Thomas

Lance Louis

Nate Garner

Will Yeatman 

DL (8):

Cameron Wake

Randy Starks

Jared Odrick

Paul Soliai

Olivier Vernon

Dion Jordan

Derrick Shelby

Kheeston Randall

LBs (6):

Philip Wheeler

Dannell Ellerbe

Koa Misi

Austin Spitler

Jason Trusnik

Jelani Jenkins 

CBs (6):

Brent Grimes

Richard Marshall

Dimitri Patterson

Nolan Carroll

Jamar Taylor

Will Davis 

S (4):

Reshad Jones

Chris Clemons

Jimmy Williams

Kelcie McCray 

K (1):

Caleb Sturgis 

P (1):

Brandon Fields 

LS (1):

John Denney


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Dion Jordan at tight end? Does he play both ways?

Dion Jordan is a TE now ? Jimmy Smith, wasn't he a Jaguar 100 year ago at wr ?

Seriously, McNutt over Mathews ? I can go on, who made this roster, a jets fan ?

Congrats, you made Armando look smart, no easy task.

not much proven depth at WR, would of been nice to keep Davone.

Thanks Adam.

This type of excercise is what gets us through the "So-Called" Off Season.

I have to admit though, I'm a little curious. Any particular reason you have Dion Jordan listed twice as a TE and a DE.

I think we should count him as an OLB too, what the heck - lol ;)

Subtract Jordan as a TE and add Rishard Mathews as a WR.

TE is Dion Sims not Jordan.
Pretty sure Josh Kaddu will be in the linebacking corp

Javorski Lane and Charles Clay will be cut this year. Rishard Matthews will be a solid contributer.

agree should add Matthews, Think we will have 6 WR and proberly drop a LB from this list as Jordan & Vernon can are flexible.

Patterson won't make 53 either. he has the 6th highest wage and is not a starter.

Is everyone ok in here? The TE listed above is Dion Sims who the Miami Dolphins drafted from Michigan State in the 2013 NFL draft. He was the Dolphins 4th round pick number 106 overall. Also, Adam obviously meant Jimmy Wilson and not Jimmy Smith at Safety above. Let's go Fins!!!

A.Beasley orignally had Jordan at TE & DL then corrected it.

Not sure about Kelcie McCray. I guess I need to see the guy play. I think WR Rishard Matthews will be a factor too. For TE/FB it's either Clay or the Hernandez kid we just signed. Also IF we get Vonta Leach at FB goodbye Lane whether he has a Texas AM connection or not. I hope we get Leach.

Derrick Shelby has been tearing it up so far. He's been mentioned as one of the most impressive in OTA's and Mini Camp.

Then Philbin publicly states the Oliver Vernon is another of the most impressive players so far.

So, we have Randy Starks and Jared Odrick that can play both inside and out. They actually have played DE and at a high level.

Then we have Wake, who according to Pro Football Focus, is **THE BEST** 4-3 DE in the league.

Throw in the two second year guys Shelby and Vernon. They both had decent rookie seasons and by all accounts are tearing it up again this year.

That's 5 guys already that can play DE and at a high level. So now were going to take the 3rd overall pick of the draft, the guy we gave up two high picks for and pigeon hole him in as the 6th DE on the roster?

That's especially interesting when you look at our list of Linebackers. Outside of Ellerbe and Wheeler, we have names like Misi, Spitler and Trusnik.

Do you guys really believe we'll pigeon hole Jordan at DE when a single injury at LB would have our starting unit consist of Misi and Spitler?

That's a ridiculous proposition. A giant waste of Jordan's talents. It's also unheard of for a GM to spend his 1st and 2nd round pick on one player only to bury him in the depth chart.

I'll stand by my original prediction. Jordan will be a day 1 starter at OLB. His duties there of course will include situational pass rushing.

Any other line of reasoning is just ridiculous. Jordan will join Ellerbe and Wheeler to give us a formidible LB corp. They'll be platying behind another formidible group of DE's in Wake, Vernon and Shelby!

As long as Jordan plays OLB, this Defense will be BEASTLY! Go Team!!!!

One thing jumps out at me when I look over the list. Take the #1 guy off of each list (except maybe oline and dline) and you realize the depth is not where it should be. I hope our #1s don't get injured because their replacements don't look great. A lot of players have a lot to prove this year, guys have to start stepping up.

CPhins what did Armando say? Is there an article or something?

As a vet myself I will no longer be following his babble even with how much I like the Phins.

Posted by: CPhinsWin | June 17, 2013 at 03:14 PM

What did Mando say to the Vet?

odinseye remember they have been playing without pads and no hitting. Very hard to tell how good a defensive lineman can be under those circumstances. Very curious to see Shelby in pads. Also curious to see how Vernon holds up against the run when the pads come on. Right now we have one proven defensive end. Starks and Odrick can play outside but are not ideal so I'm hoping Jordan pushes for that spot opposite Wake. Shelby, Vernon, and Jordan will fight it out. I don't think they see Starks or Odrick as DEs right now, more like break glass in case of emergency type guys. They will rotate with Solai on the inside.

Phins 78,

How are you doing?

I agree with your depth comment. But in Ireland and Philbin's defense, they've pulled off a sort of Slow Gutting of the team.

For all intents and purposes, they've managed a quick, ALMOST, total rebuild. The depth isn't quite there......YET! But I'm loving the way they've managed to bolster the starting units and slowly adding solid depth.

Beasely's comment is very relevent. We won't be picking through the trash bins like we have in the recent past. We'll actuall have some poor teams picking through our trash.

The roster isn't quite where it needs to be, but I haven't felt more confident in our GM and Head Coach FOR YEARS and YEARS!

I'd like to know what Mando said to the vet also.

Found it odin, here's what happened with Armando. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/28/miami-herald-armando-salguero-vietnam-veteran_n_3347083.html

CPhiinsWin are you taking into account what the vet said about immigrants and his idiotic views? Before anyone goes off on a "This is America and we speak American" rant... all of our families at one point in time were immigrants unless you are pure blooded American Indian.
Armando got pissed and went off at the mouth when he should have been professional. Were all human and make mistakes.

"The paper's executive editor Mindy Marques and writer Armando Salguero have both apologized after Salguero accused a Vietnam veteran reader of "sucking as a soldier, failing in your mission and then leaving."

But in fairness the guy was being a jerk first. Talked about Armando leaving his family and friends behind to suffer under the fascist oppression. Seems like he deserved the vietnam comment. It wasn't like Armando just said that with no provocation. Cause and effect, people just don't get it.


I like the list but I get this feeling that Charles Clay and Javorski Lane are gone.

Doing well Odinseye, hope you are too. Thunderstorms cut my day early so I figured I would check out the Herald because I'm going through Dolphins withdrawal.

I'm pretty happy with our starters but definitely worried about the depth thing. And you're right, the rebuild was opposite of Parcells way. Starters first, fill in with depth later. Parcells loaded us with depth and couldn't find starters which is why we were middle of the road for years. Hopefully this way works better.

Mathews will make it over mcnutt.

I know Jet Hater, sad isn't it? BUT.........


I couldn't agree more on your Odrick and Starks comments. Undoubtedly, they be on the inside rotation. I mention them purely to bolster my Jordan argument. I believe we have the personel for the D-Line with or without Jordan.

I know we haven't seen Vernon and Shelby in pads THIS YEAR. But they were solid as rookies and Philbin claims both are off to great starts so far(BTW-Vernon had a late season drop off in sacks and or pressures. But he did surprise and impress while managing to set the edge pretty consistently **AT TIMES** last year.

On Jordan, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I think his talents will be wasted as pure DE. At least as far as this year and next goes. The dealbreaker being that 1 injury at LB will have us starting Misi and Trusnik or Spitler!

I don't want Misi being a starter. But can you imagine us having to start Misi and/or Trusnik and Spitler......?

While we have a talent like Jordan mostly on the bench behind Wake and Vernon?

Jordan's draft status alone dictates that he needs to be a Day 1 - 3 down player. His talents dictates even moreso.

There's no way Misi, Spitler or Trusnik should be on the field while Jordan awaits certain pass rushing situations!

But that's just MY TAKE 78. One of us will be right and one of us will be wrong. We shall find out soon enough-LOL!

So aholes can send derogatory and hateful emails and then cry when someone is hateful back. Screw em. Being drafted to fight in a bs war does not make you a hero. And thinking you were fighting for freedom is even more laughable.

who is out backup center? samudo will make the team as well

Looking at this fine roster littered with All Pro candidates - Jeff Ireland, you have done it again, sir!

What in the heck is this?!

"I'm wondering how you feel that immigrants like me came here with nothing and now we run the place? There are three Cubans in the US senate." Armando

LOL! I'm sure he's talking about Florida, they do run the place. But I'm not so sure if he wants to hang his hat on that as Florida has the highest numbers of murder, rape, and theft, in the country. If that's running the place they obviously aren't doing a very good job. Haha

I hear ya odin, depth is an issue especially at LB and no I do not want to imagine those guys starting. Don't forget about Kadu at linebacker. Philbin said he was one of the guys he expected a big jump in ability over last year. They liked how he finished the season so he will be someone we will have to keep an eye on.

been visiting here for years, its not like him. everyone makes mistakes.

Clearly says dion sims as tight end not Jordan. Cut the guy some slack. You all are hating on a guy who makes money writing HIS OPINION. I don't even agree with the guy but it's his article for a reason.

"So aholes can send derogatory and hateful emails and then cry when someone is hateful back."

Ron where ya been?! ;) That's how our country is now.

Remember when Ireland told the guy who flipped him off (after pretending to want a hand shake) to go F himself? Why was that such a big deal when the guy deserved to be told off? Men are turning into pansies in this country, sad but true.

dolfanSF, IMO, I don't even think Mando made a mistake. The guy deserved every bit of what he said to him. Go read the article and look at what the guy said first before Mando responded with the Vietnam thing. So the guy wrote all of these hateful and bigoted remarks and when Mando responded in kind he ran and tattled like the loser he is. If you're going to play big boy games make sure to wear your big boy pants.

I'm out before I run this up to two pages on my own. Peace.

From everything I've read during mini-camp... Binns and McNutt were standout players. Particularly Binns who one writter said caught just about everything thrown at him. McNutt did really well in the Red Zone work and that may be why he is getting a better report. Can't really understand why some start knee jerking when all they have seen is a short pants and helmets party... this roster is far from being settled, and the writer qualified his statement by saying it was a VERY rough and early list.
Name from last year mean nothing... Mathews may have looked good, but if he gets out played by McNutt or Binns.... then he's the man. I know we are in VERY solid shape in the slot... whining about Bess is silly... Bess was a "Catch and Fall" receiver... he had the lowest YAC on the WR squad... the position needed an upgrade to someone who stays on they're feet and gets YAC.

Let's not get crazy with the BESS loss. I liked the guy, but he wasn't a game changer. The Offense we run now needs more flexibility. Now we have it.

Who is Jimmy Williams?

I miss Armando. That is all.

Agree with BANE's Bess comment. I LOVED Bess... but he was a catch and fall down kind of guy. A complimentary player... not a game changer. But still very sad to see him go.

All I know is this, I have been a Dolphin fan for 25 years, and in those 25 years a lot of highs and lows. A lot of lows these past 10 years.

I have never been this optimistic about a Dolphin's team like this in I can't remember. To the coaching staff and the players brought in via the draft and FA.

I truly believe this is a 10 WIN team! Anything short would be a major let down.

Jeff Ireland did everything a GM in his position could do walking into this off season.

This 53 man roster is about as close as it gets to what the final 53 man roster will look like, although I think Rishard Mathews will beat out Armond Binns or Marvin McNutt for one of the final two WR spots.

Below is the opinion of Gary Stevens


Playmaking ability at WR
Incredible depth at DL
Strong specialist play


Major question marks at LT
A bunch of ham-and-eggers at LB
One Lamar Miller sprained ankle away from seeing Daniel Thomas as our feature back.

So many good players, so few spots.

Why are you guys so sure that Wheeler is better than Misi? Misi played his butt off last year, IN PADS. If Jordan does play LB, he will replace wheeler, not Misi. I like Trusnik and Spitler but I am not sure they can beat out Kaddu and Jenkins.

I think Lane and Clay are gone unless Egnew falls on his face again. Simms looks like a great pick-up. I hope he plays as good in pads.

We might be able to trade some of last years people and help next years draft. I would trade Starks If I could. He is not young and he is expendable. He is also a great player. Tough call.

No way McNutt makes the team over Matthews.

The Phins signed Vaughn Martin ( DL ) from The San Diego Chargers in free agency. No way are they going to cut him. In fact, the have given great reviews on him thus far!

Bro, all this is pure speculation. Only thing solid is what comes out of the mouth of Coaches and Players. For instance, Dion Jordan, "they told me they brought me here to play with my hand on the ground. I can do whatever". For instance, from Philbin, "Vernon has shown a talent for pass coverage. We'll probably play him some standing up and sometimes in a 3-point stance". Yes.

Good Article Adam! When do you permanently replace Salguero? Soon I hope...

Why are you guys so sure that Wheeler is better than Misi? Misi played his butt off last year, IN PADS. If Jordan does play LB, he will replace wheeler, not Misi.

Posted by: Everybody Knows | June 17, 2013 at 06:07 PM

I'm not so sure Wheeler is better than Misi. But apparently Philbin and Ireland are. That's good enough for me, so I'll defer to them on this call.

Philbin and Ireland allegedly attempted to sign Wheeler a year ago. So they had scouted him two years in a row.

I don't want to take anything away from Misi, he has the right attitude and work ethic. He has also developed steadily. Slowly, but steadily. Fact is though, he appears to be limited. He's either at or near his ceiling. To me, Misi is a decent back up. Nothing more, nothing less.

In Wheeler's favor, "....He graded out as PFF’s sixth-best 4-3 OLB and second-best 4-3 OLB in the pass rush, as he compiled 30 total QBP (three sacks) in 134 pass rush snaps, getting to the QB on 22 percent of his pass rush snaps."

Look over Wheeler's path and production. He's also steadily improved. However, his ceiling is MUCH higher than Misi's. Wheeler's obviously and BY FAR the better all around Football Player!

Can you imagine Olivier laying his weight(278 at the moment) on those TEs? Uff..

Good to see the column up again. Usually when Mando goes on vacation, so does the column. I guess the Herald couldn't justify charging us I Phone users the $1.99 a month we pay for this app which was closed. Next time though Adam lets get the players names straight before hitting the bottle.
One last thing. I wrote an e-mail to the "supposed" Vietnam Vet, it was nice, and asked him to respond. He never did. I have a feeling he is not who he was portraying with his back and forth with Mando. The guy went waaaay over the line when he attacked Armando's family. I have a hard time believing a Vietnam Vet, who would be in his 60s, would write what he wrote. A guy who fought Communism would attack a guys family for escaping Comminism?? Made no sense to me.

There is just not enough Football news for most then the petty squabbles take over. You should know that by now.

You wanna talk Heat? The only reason Manu penetrated that well was because of that guy firing all those 3s. We don't cover Green tightly, we lose.(anybody would)

no doubt about it, higher quality depth overall, and a younger roster.....not perfect, but the last guy or two at a number of positions is an upgrade from a year or two ago......OL, DL and CB especially--RB crew too, even with the loss of Bush......I liked Reggie but lets face it, how long before he's injured again? Youth rules at RB in todays NFL (a few exceptions, yes)

(children are unhappy that Armando left them for so long?) Maybe.

Leach over Lane would upgrade even more

and why the near headline coverage still on Chad Johnson?--whack job was here for like 9 minutes, dropped 86 f-bombs, held court like he was Jerry Rice, and then head-butted his way out of town......why is he a Dolphins related story?

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