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Quick look at the Dolphins’ 53, as of June 17

Hey friends-

It’s Adam Beasley. As Armando mentioned last week, he’s on vacation, and so a few of us will post updates to his blog, as events warrant. It’s a quiet week at Dolphins camp; the only players left in town are the rookies, who have one final week of workouts before they disperse for the summer.

But with training camp literally a month away, it’s never too early to start thinking about which 53 players will be on the roster when the season kicks off in Cleveland Sept. 8. Here’s my first, very rough, take. The good news for the Dolphins: This isn’t easy. There will be several good football players who don’t make the team this year, and – unless there are a string of catastrophic injuries – you won’t see the team pick through the waiver wire castoffs to the degree it did in 2012.

As a disclaimer, this is based on what we’ve seen thus far (which, in shorts and jerseys, hasn’t been much).

QBs (3):

Ryan Tannehill

Matt Moore

Pat Devlin 

RBs/FBs (5):

Lamar Miller

Daniel Thomas

Mike Gillislee

Marcus Thigpen

Jorvorskie Lane 

WRs (5):

Mike Wallace

Brian Hartline

Brandon Gibson

Armon Binns

Marvin McNutt 

TEs (4):

Dustin Keller

Charles Clay

Michael Egnew

Dion Sims

OL (9):

Jonathan Martin

Richie Incognito

Mike Pouncey

John Jerry

Tyson Clabo

Dallas Thomas

Lance Louis

Nate Garner

Will Yeatman 

DL (8):

Cameron Wake

Randy Starks

Jared Odrick

Paul Soliai

Olivier Vernon

Dion Jordan

Derrick Shelby

Kheeston Randall

LBs (6):

Philip Wheeler

Dannell Ellerbe

Koa Misi

Austin Spitler

Jason Trusnik

Jelani Jenkins 

CBs (6):

Brent Grimes

Richard Marshall

Dimitri Patterson

Nolan Carroll

Jamar Taylor

Will Davis 

S (4):

Reshad Jones

Chris Clemons

Jimmy Williams

Kelcie McCray 

K (1):

Caleb Sturgis 

P (1):

Brandon Fields 

LS (1):

John Denney


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Wha nobody answi my postes?

They're pretty good stuff.

Looks like another crappy season. 6-10

I think the Dolphins are no going into the season with 5 receiver, and if they go with 5 they never will release Richard Matthews, IMPO he is a better receiver than Marvin McNutt 100%, you will see it during pre-season

Just read an article, Mike, questioning what record would the Dolfans be happy with in 2013. What utter foolishness. Of course we would all want to be 16-0 and beat the crap out of NE.

LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, these are the kind of provocative comments that odin was talking about that don't come from the Heart but only from the pocket.

The Dolphins are pure garbage. 40 years since they won anything.

The TE's all stink.

Another one. Angry People here also.

Hate to say it, but, San Antonio wins 5th NBA title tomorrow night(Tuesday). Spurs will be the first team to win 2 games in row in this championship series.

Bet it on it, Popovich will have his team primed like ravenous sharks in blood infested waters. Spurs know that tomorrow night's game could very well mean winning or losing this NBA championship for them.

Only chance I see of the Heat winning tomorrow night's game, is to have 6 players in double figures, with Wade-James scoring 25pts apiece or more and Bosh scores at least 20pts. This means 3 more Heat players have to score double figures.

Posted by: 12-IN-YUR-ASS! | June 17, 2013 at 08:37 PM

Posted by: 12-IN-YUR-ASS! | June 17, 2013 at 08:37 PM

Posted by: Posted by: 13-IN-YUR-ASS! | | June 17, 2013 at 08:42 PM

YG has gone on a rampage. Has NOT grown up.

Posted by: 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | June 17, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Posted by: oscar canosa | June 17, 2013 at 08:48 PM

We also observe the behavior of certain interesting posters.


How many different screen names have you used today? The last few weeks of no blogging has had to have been complete torture for you and your psychiatrist.

Is blogging here a major part of your psychotherapist's recommended therapy plan?


You might not be Marvin McNutt but you're a nutt in maximumof all possible ways. I might Baker Act you.


How much money and how many Tallahasse legislators did you pay to have them allow you internet access from your padded walled psychotic rubber room?

Your presence here is proof your are of very wealthy family.

That Judge might have been overly reactive on Chad, but if you don't teach these sociopaths something about Society, you will harm them more and lead them quicker to their and theirs ruin.


I hear your sister's of "Indian decent". Hence she goes by the name of "Swallow Nut".

Dion Sims is the TE,Dion Jordan DE...see.

seems we can't get spitler and trusnik off the team

Sturgis beats out Dan Carpenter. Wow.

List looks about right tho. Spitler and Trusnik are good special team players.

How is D Thomas still on the team?

Hate to say it, but, San Antonio wins 5th NBA title tomorrow night(Tuesday). Spurs will be the first team to win 2 games in row in this championship series.


You just figuring this out Gay Breed? In a short 3 weeks you have certainly changed your tune. What happened to all those guarantees you made about the Heat and a Repeat?

Oh wait, you only run your pie hole late in the game when the Heats up by 20. It must take some kind of Mangina to make bold predictions like that.


Bet it on it, Popovich will have his team primed like ravenous sharks in blood infested waters.


Duh, Ya Think? Imagine that, this hot off the presses. Dyin Bird reports that Head Coaches actually prepare their tems when they are playing for a title. Are you sure it wasn't you that got 12? You obviously took 12 to the head and it caused brain damage lol.


Spurs know that tomorrow night's game could very well mean winning or losing this NBA championship for them.


Another great scoop from the brain dead bird. Are you telling us that you've figured it all out? Are you telling us that if the Spurs win, it could possibly mean they're going to win? Say it ain't so Brain Dead Bird.

Wow, if we could just get you on a conference call with Spo man, maybe we'd have a chance. You could explain to him that if your team wins, that it means........wait for it......wait........it means, YOUR TEAM WINS!

Dying Bird, do you think you could explain to him about all that complicated PREPARING stuff? Man, if we could just get you in there, you could take the Heat to a Repeat FOR SHORE(Duh) LOL.

You GO Einstein(Sheesh-lol).


Only chance I see of the Heat winning tomorrow night's game, is to have 6 players in double figures, with Wade-James scoring 25pts apiece or more and Bosh scores at least 20pts. This means 3 more Heat players have to score double figures.

Posted by: 12-IN-YUR-ASS! | June 17, 2013 at 08:37 PM


And yet ANOTHER AMAZING Scoop from Mr. He took one to many to the head. Why didn't any of us think of this? OMG?

Are you saying that all we have to do is have our players score more points than their players?

Stop the Presses. YG has it all figured out for us. If only there was some way to get all of this genius information to Coach Spo.

YG for President.

He couldn't do any worse than Obammy.........could he....?

Posted by: Yur A Dumb Ass | June 17, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Jimmy Williams??? Jimmy Wilson

Come back soon Mando. This blog needs you.

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

I see the usual "Gang Of Buffoons" Are here (OdinDouche,Phins78,Douhie..
Doing there usual circle jerk..
Welcome Back.

So, are we convinced that Philbin is talking great about Misi to make him more valuable in a trade? If so, he started last year.

We have said for years that tight ends have killed us, yet nobody believes Jordan is worth a #3 pick if he can drop back and cover tight ends in two tight end sets, or rush the passer in 4 wide sets?

Is it possible that 1 or more of the FA we signed in the off-season could be cut? Or traded?

Not sure I buy the earlier post about Jordan being wasted at DE. It surely wasn't a waste to have JT play DE. I don't see how playing coverage makes a bigger impact on the opposing offense. Sacking the QB has much more of an impact then saying having one of your potentially best pass rushers cover TE's, RB's and slot guys. Which is supported by the fact in general that the top DE's make much more money than LB's.

Rishard matthews if given the opportunity should ne right there with Lamar miller and tannehill as break out candidates this season. Dont look at the stats but at the caliber of catches Matthews made in traffic and down the field during the last few games of the season. He showed me enough to think he will number four goin in to week one. To keep him off of a list of five is crazy!

It's Jimmy Wilson Chief,this rough copy of 53man Roster isn't to far off,only places I would disagree is one at WR,I have a feeling Phinz will keep 6WR Wallace,Hartline
Gibson,Binns,Matthews&McNutt but they'll have serious competition at Training Camp/Preseason from Jeff Fuller,Brian Tyms,Chad Bumphis,Jasper Collins&Joe Hastings who reminds me alot of Hartline,two tha DBs will b Grimes,Taylor,Marshall,Davis&Don Jones,and RBs, FBs/TEs should b an interesting battle in camp as well, I have a feeling Evan Rodriguez will make tha team if he focuses on football and stays outta trouble, he's like Clay a Hybrid FB/TE,my darkhorses to make tha team at tha least tha practice squad Is TE Kyle Miller,he's solid,catches everything,WR Chad Bumphis he's nasty in tha slot&returning punts,and finally Safety Jordan Kovacs,hes a badass player,plays wit chip on his shoulder,Excited to see what happens when Training Camp&Preseason come along,who steps up,who surprises coaches,which Rookie is taking strides in Camp,it's on!we're loaded at every position,for once it won't b as easzy to predict tha 53players who will make tha Roster,besides tha obvious starters,there's gonna b gr8 competition at multiple spots,we finally have a legit Franchise QB,Stud RB in Lamar Miller,a true#1 WR& $erius deep threat in Wallace,a Seam threat TE who runs gr8 routes in Keller,a underrated OLine who will b very good,and a Defense that will make plays all over tha field,we will b a top5 Offense,Defense&Special Teams!!!"Haters Gonna Hate"

Go Fins

Hey Beasley, stick around a while, will ya?

Mando was completely useless during the OTAs. Gave no insight or opinion whatsoever and made me go to ESPN on a daily basis to hear anything about what's going on.

Omar Kelly was almost as useless with his list of plays but gave no insight to those that weren't there. This team must have the worst crew of reporters in the league.

dads, Jordan will be moving around ... especiallyw ith Vernon playing a lot of end in teh OTAs and Odrick moving inside as most of us intelligent posters thought he would be a better fit for. This defense is versatile and no reason to think Jordan Vernon Wake and Odrick won't be all on the field at the same time.

Good Post.

Disagree With Some Roster Moves. But We All Aren't Perfect Or Joe Philbin.

This Is The Best Dolphin Roster In A Long Time. And Only Getting Better, And Getting Younger.

The Strength Of This Team Is Still The D-Line. But At Every Position You See Better Talent. More Talent. The Heat Have More Than 1 Player At Many Positions. LB being The Only Position We Lack True Depth. And That Depends On If OV And DJ Will Be Used As LB's In Certain Situations. Ellerbe And Wheeler Can Play MLB. So Can Jenkins.

This Will All Sort Itself Out Through Pre Season. That Is What It Is There For. To Figure Out The Depth. Develop Players.

Football Doesn't Have A 82 Or 164 Game Season. Every Game Counts.

Something just is not adding up with this roster. Its to early to tell. It looks like a bunch of guys who all were average players now in there prime and trying to stay in the NFL. Based on GM's record of picking it does not look good. Don't fall to sleep with Ireland. You may be in a nightmare!

Who's planning on sleeping with Ireland??? Maurice, there's a better blog for you elsewhere on the Herald. Say hello to Manti ... not that there's anythign wrong with that...

"I'm wondering how you feel that immigrants like me came here with nothing and now we run the place?"

Whoa! Mando gonna get fired. Them white folks at the Herald don't take too kindly to minorities being uppity.

Know your role, Mando!


My bad on my 9:15. Got team name mixed up.

Clarence drew a picture of a tomato for me.

Pro Wrestling.

That Is What This Whole Mando Being On Hiatus Sounds Like To Me. Something Him And YG Created In Some Gas Station Bathroom. And Sold It To The Huffington Post For Vacation Money. 3 Days In A Roach Motel Down In Biscayne.

I think they should sign a veteran running back like Bradshaw if he is still on the market. Can't wait for the season i have a feeling we are going to be pretty good.

3-13 in 2013.

Koa Misi = Another Irescum bust

Trusnick will not be on the team this year.

Dashi @ 9:41. mando was on vacation for weeks before he took off. Didn't even pay attention to the OTAs. Just said that he doesn't see value in them so didn;t talk about them at all. Forget what the readers want ... if Mando says they aren't important, they don't count... pfff

Practices in shorts don't tell you very much at all. I see a lot of people talking up Binns. Remember he was slated to be the #2 Bengals receiver after a strong off-season. We got him on waivers half way through. Practice is just practice, it only tells you so much.

It's funny that after all the time running this blog Armando didn't realize the most important lesson of the inter-webs, Don't Feed the Trolls!


Agreed. He Was On Vacation For A While.

Any News. Is Important.

Maybe He Doesn't Want To Talk Up L.Miller. Cause His BF Likes Gillislee.

Binns In The Slot. Sounds Good To Me. The Guy Is Still Young He Is Still Developing.

No doubt we're gonna miss Reggie Bush.


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