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Quick look at the Dolphins’ 53, as of June 17

Hey friends-

It’s Adam Beasley. As Armando mentioned last week, he’s on vacation, and so a few of us will post updates to his blog, as events warrant. It’s a quiet week at Dolphins camp; the only players left in town are the rookies, who have one final week of workouts before they disperse for the summer.

But with training camp literally a month away, it’s never too early to start thinking about which 53 players will be on the roster when the season kicks off in Cleveland Sept. 8. Here’s my first, very rough, take. The good news for the Dolphins: This isn’t easy. There will be several good football players who don’t make the team this year, and – unless there are a string of catastrophic injuries – you won’t see the team pick through the waiver wire castoffs to the degree it did in 2012.

As a disclaimer, this is based on what we’ve seen thus far (which, in shorts and jerseys, hasn’t been much).

QBs (3):

Ryan Tannehill

Matt Moore

Pat Devlin 

RBs/FBs (5):

Lamar Miller

Daniel Thomas

Mike Gillislee

Marcus Thigpen

Jorvorskie Lane 

WRs (5):

Mike Wallace

Brian Hartline

Brandon Gibson

Armon Binns

Marvin McNutt 

TEs (4):

Dustin Keller

Charles Clay

Michael Egnew

Dion Sims

OL (9):

Jonathan Martin

Richie Incognito

Mike Pouncey

John Jerry

Tyson Clabo

Dallas Thomas

Lance Louis

Nate Garner

Will Yeatman 

DL (8):

Cameron Wake

Randy Starks

Jared Odrick

Paul Soliai

Olivier Vernon

Dion Jordan

Derrick Shelby

Kheeston Randall

LBs (6):

Philip Wheeler

Dannell Ellerbe

Koa Misi

Austin Spitler

Jason Trusnik

Jelani Jenkins 

CBs (6):

Brent Grimes

Richard Marshall

Dimitri Patterson

Nolan Carroll

Jamar Taylor

Will Davis 

S (4):

Reshad Jones

Chris Clemons

Jimmy Williams

Kelcie McCray 

K (1):

Caleb Sturgis 

P (1):

Brandon Fields 

LS (1):

John Denney


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Darkoak, what do you think is the most important facotr in the Dolphins winning or losing this year?

personally, I think besides health it's the development of RT.

So wouldn't it be newwsworthy to talk about what kind of chemistry RT is developing with the new receivers, if he's looking more in command, etc?

I think it's pretty darn important ...

I'm with Dashi here...

How long does one get for vacation in this business?

he is on paid leave for unproffesionalism

Michael Egnew, D Thomas, and John Jerry should be cut. They all stink...

Why isn't Kadduon the list? By all accounts he is a Philbin favorite.

What Armando has termed a 'vacation' is in reality a furlough. Basically an unpaid leave-of-absence used by a financially-strapped organization (in this case the Miami Herald) to save money amid sinking revenues.

Understandably, Salguero would rather not share those details with his readers but this is what is actually happening.

I saw Armando in the soup kitchen line last night getting a free meal...times are tough my friends.

Ryan Tannehill is developing into Chad Henne 2.0.

2013 Predictions from a casual observer:

1. Tannehill will have respectable numbers and actually toss more TD's than INT's ( a first for a Fins QB in a few years)

2. Lamar Miller will be a top 5 RB in the league for total yards.

3. Our Defense will be a top 5 unit and actually hold on to INT's to lead the league (Sean Smith can you hear me now?)

4. Mike Wallace will have a slightly above average year statistically...with a modest 8 TD's and 1,200 yards

5. Fins will challenge but ultimately lose the AFC East to the Pats, but sneak into the playoffs as a wild card.

He's been taking the fat end of my Louisville slugger in his loose end for years...



4. Mike Wallace will have a slightly above average year statistically...with a modest 8 TD's and 1,200 yards

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | June 18, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Yeah but..... he'll lead the NFL with a 19.7ypc average because Fins will have a top 5 rushing attack. Fins finish top 5 in overall offense.

Mando is not 'on vacation'.
Mando is laid off for 2 months every year so he can collect unemployment.
What I want to know is who else is laid off 2 months a year?
Do race/ethnicity/country of origin decide who is laid off and who gets a real paid 2 week vacation?

Throwing and catching without pads is more like playing catch in the back yard, anyone can look like a star. How many off seasons has a Roberto Wallace looked awesome in OTA's and disappear in the pre-season? Sure anything is news at this point and probably worth covering considering the rabid fans who want to know every detail(not judging people, that's cool). But other than covering player screw-ups and injuries nothing is real until pads go on and hitting commences IMO.

Will you guys give Armando a break already. Geesh, the guy was on loan to The Herald by 7Eleven. Economic times are tough right now!


I know its ota;s, but the guys that are supposed to look good are actually looking good. Remember, Pat White totally sucked even in ota's. So guys who are supposed to look good right now, looking good is a great place to start.


Did you look at the Dolphin's 2013 schedule? Wow, it is really tough. Any record better that 3-13 would be a HUGE validation of the tireless work of Jeff Ireland.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | June 18, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Exactly why it was so important for Ireland to add more speed, better coverage, and better pass rush on the defensive side of the ball this off season.

This defense has to be great enough to at least slow some of the great qb's we'll be facing in 2013 down. While giving Tanehill enough weapons to have a great chance of pulling out close victories against these qb's.

That's how I see the 2013 season panning out. The much improved defensive side of the ball giving the much improved offensive side of the bll a chance to pull out close victories against great qb's.

Because no mater how many great weapons Tannehill has right now so early in his development, he still needs a great defense, until he develops into the franchise qb we all expect him to be.

Tom Brady wasn't a great qb even during his 3 championship ring chases. He had a great Pat defense that gave him chance to pull out close victories in each and everyone of his 3 championship victories.

Brady wouldn't become capable of carrying a franchise on his shoulders until a few years later. Still, like Marino, he has no rings to show for this effort during the Pat's post great defense era.

Always close, but this ain't horse shoes!

I miss the glory days of Hollywood. It was so elegant and exciting.

In those days I would entertain and accept the sexual advances of both ladies and gentlemen, provided they followed proper hygienic methodologies.

Exactly re: OTAs. Not that it's necessarily the Bible but for example Sanchez and Geno are stinking it up for the Jets. That's bad. They aren;t going to get better jsut because pads are on.

Tannehill looked very good apparently as did the defense so it stands to reason that there's hope that things are progressing as planned.

See, I just did what Mando refused to do for weeks because he started taking vacations a few weeks early.

My 2013 NFL QB Finish Rankings

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Peyton Manning
3. Drew Brees
4. Tom Brady(Welker Effect)
5. Joe Flacco
6. Eli Manning
7. Colin Kaepernick
8. Russell Wilson
9. Eli Manning
10 Ryan Tannehill

Damned right, Im picking Ryan Tannehill to round out the top 10 over Luck and RG3. I pick these two qb's as most likely to have a "sophomore slump".

Andy Dalton or Peyton Manning finishes "8th".

Armando is only on vacation if you don't understand the definition of the word "furlough."

He has been temporarily laid off from his job with no paycheck. The same happened a year ago. He just doesn't like to discuss it with outsiders such as the bloggers here.

Can't wait to see big Dion Sims catch apass behind the lb's and trucking db's for 8-15yds after the catch!

I'm pretty sure San Antonio can't keep up that 60% shooting, specially here in Miami. So, I'm also pretty sure the Heat will win Tonight. Now, Game 7? Hmm...


IMO, for the Heat to win tonight, the big 3 has to be "THE BIG 3". Ray Allen has to be the Ray Allen of old, not an "old Ray Allen".

Even with these things, MARIO CHALMERS has to come out of "witness protection". The scoring from our "point guard" position versus TONY PARKER has been "no contest" the entire series.

We need at least 16-18pts from Chalmers tonight and game 7 to guarantee a 2013 NBA championship. Will someone please put out an APB on Mario Chalmers.

Peyton falls apart in 2013 ... you watch. At least takes a step back.


Also, if Spoestra continues to start Mike Miller against Manu Gianobli, not only can the Spurs shoot 60% again. They may even shoot higher.

Not only couldn't Mike Miller guard Gianobli Sunday, he scored ZERO POINTS in game 5 to boot!

From a QBR Rating perspective, Tannehill was the 6th best QB in the AFC last year....way ahead of Flacco.

If defense truly wins championships then we will contend next year.

knows, he specifically said that he was taking a paid vacation earlier before he left. Now who is paying him ... he didn't say. i assume the herald.

Father time catches up to all of us. Peyton will be no different. I'm calling my shot.

Mike Miller ... sounds like the Raptors type of player.

Who cares about basketball anyway .. it's just a half step above the WWE as far as sports goes.

In regards to Peyton Manning, we have a saying in Hawaii that fits perfectly:

"Na'a apui holokelu mola nu'u fuaaolo hani kai vuua."

That's him in a nutshell, lol!

How come only Mando gets laid off every year but none of the white reporters get laid off every year?

The Leafs not the Raptors own Toronto.

Peyton Manning?? That cat couldn't win when it mattered when he was in his heyday!...

Peyton Mainning.... meh

True that the Leafs are the only team that can pack their building while never winning, the city would defeinitely get a little excited about winning an NBA title or yet another World Series. But it would be forgotten about 20 minutes later. It's like banging the easy chick at the bar. You get your outlet but it doesn't mean a thing...

Tanny will be benched by midseason if he stinks again like last year.


Canadiens talking Miami football? Hilarious!!!!!

Spurs in 6!!!

You ready for that Oscar..?

YG, worked well for baseball..

Anyways ... Damon Stoudamire, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady all wanted to come back to Toronto after they left. Chris Bosh will soon join that list after things fall apart in Miami.

That being said the NBA system is rigged so that only a handful of teams can compete consistently. For Toronto to ever have a chance they need to win big in the drafft lottery. They won't be able to build any other way.

And what do you know about Canadian kids and what they like? You do know that the Rpators in Canada is now paying dividends for players in this country, right? the first pick in the draft next year, best prosepct since Lebron, is a Toronto boy. But since you knew it all, you knew that already, right??

the sham her sir, is you speaking ons ubject you have no knowledge of.

The U.S. should sell Canada and pay off their budget deficit.


This Adam Beasley isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen either .. After correcting his mistake's on the blog, he still has Jimmy Wilson as " jimmy williams" and his depth chart ummm LOL , it looks elementary. My 8 year old son looked at it and laughed. he knows the team better than this sports writer.

Posted by: 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | June 18, 2013 at 01:56 PM

Canadiens arent even good in hockey anymore!!!!!!!

It means you're ignorant as usual. you do know the game was invented by a Canadian right? Two time MVP Steve Nash is a Canadian right? Not all Canadians just play hockey dumbass. I just hate when people say ignorant things.

Do yourself a favour YG acd check out how many Canadians are playing NCAA basketball right now and how many have been first round picks in recent years. To say Canadians don;t play basketball is just assinine.

Yes, the NBA is a sham but believe it or not, the way that the league treats it's franchises has nothing to do with the sporting prowress of it's citizens.

Aloco & oscar canosa,
Where is your outrage?
Every year Mando gets laid off for 2 months and he is forced to collect unemployment and hide from his landlord.
But what about the American born reporters?
Why are they not laid off for 2 months every year?
Companies are not allowed to treat employees differently because of race, origin or ethnicity.

Posted by: Parrallell Parking 18 Wheelers | June 18, 2013 at 02:14 PM

You still tossing salads off the interstate?

If you are going to drop inuendos about someone's mom than please remember to add 30 (if they are white) to the age of the person you are talking to.
A 30 year old white man's mom is 60.
A 40 year old white man's mom is 70.
Are you seriously bragging about doing it with a women on social security?

Did you go to the Acme Truck Driving Academy?

I am Cuban and better than all of you

Social security checks go out on the 1st of the month and they usually run out by the 18th of the month. You may have to drive her down to Advance America.

How many Cubans does it take to install a hydraulics kit in your POS car??

Just one! That's why I am taking "vacation"

Armando is not a racist.
However I believe that Mando is the victim of racism because it seems like he is the only employee that gets laid off for 2 months every year and is forced to collect unemployment and hide from his landlord.

IF you aren't like me I will beat you to death with my bible...or some cigars...either way.

Jesus loves us all...well, he loves Cubans more than the whites....

YG, or PP, whatever you want to go by today. My mom is 82 and ready to go any day now. You see what you are?

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