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Salguero on vacation, look for other contributors

Folks, many of you have emailed the Herald or contacted me via twitter wondering why new updates haven't been posted here in a while.

Well, I'm on vacation.

But the blog will roll on as other Herald colleagues have agreed to post and keep you updated while I'm away. So in the coming days and weeks, David J. Neal and Adam Beasley will take up the assignment as events warrant. You can also check out Barry Jackson's blog for occasional Dolphins nuggets.

I'll be back in time for the opening of training camp.

Thank for continuing to visit this blog. Thanks for you support. We'll talk in July.


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Hah count me as an emailer

Vacation? Child please!

Vacation from what ? Sitting at home writing a blurb now and then ? Tough life.

Hey Mando you usually give us a little warning before you go on vacation instead of leaving it up to us to figure it out after you haven't posted anything new for a few days.

Vacation? more like suspension. You have an 8 year olds dream job, following around a professional football team. You're dropping the ball and now I gotta read the sentinel and follow that idiot Omar.

Why did you get suspended Armando?

Ya dude i'm pissed u didn't give us a warning like you normally do!!! I was THIS close to starting my own blog... Maybe I still will............ MUAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

First 2 topics for my future blog:

1.) Why didn't the dolphins make chad henne where a mirrored visor so safeties couldn't read where he was throwing the ball?!?!? (Chad's main flaw in my opinion was looking down a receiver... and being a douche lol)

2.) Why didn't the Dolphins trade Jake Long and Sean Smith for draft picks??? Hell, Reggie too!!! Somebody out there definitely would have given AT LEAST a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Long... Instead, we just let him kick rocks all the way to St. Louis...

Mando, you NEVER respond to my emails... I think it's F'd up and if you don't watch out, I'm might decide to re-direct my career towards competing with you!!!

Thanks for reading,

Vern Juan Gaga

p.s. - PHINS UP!!! R.I.P. Devon Bess you will be missed

What is the replacement writers fixation with the NFC Central? Come on. The Fins are in OTAs and mini camps and all we get are multiple stories about Chicago and Green Bay? What a crock

So much for the rumors that "Armando Salguero" is just one of Edward Snowden's aliases.

What vacation? He seems to be always on vacation.

Armando is on paid leave...google the situation, be a good time for a new writer to come aboard the herald!

Guy's let's cut Armando some slack.

He is the premiere professional football columnist for the most widely read municipal daily in South Florida.

Every Day, the Herald website receives legions of international visitors who come to visit Armando's commentary -- this blog remains the top national/internaional online draw to the Herald -- which is amazing given that the Dolphins are not even the top professional sports draw in South Florida any more.

Think about the equation: Jonathan Martin + Armando Salguerro > Lebron James.

No more talk. No more vacations. No more furloughs, suspensions or other games. Give Armando the raise he deserves, and give Armando a seat on the Herald Editorial Board 'toute suite'.

Well deserved Mando! Look forward to your insights when you get back.

Even when you don't write anything you still know more than the other kiddies reporting on the Dolphins. Miss you, bro.

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