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Addressing a few topics

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson visiting Armando's blog for the first time in a year. 

With camp starting in 11 days, I will have four Dolphins columns in the next week and will link to the first one here, with several tidbits:


If you only check out this blog on The Herald site, and don't regularly see my blog (which is next to Armando's as well as on the sports home page), please scroll through my blog posts -- if you have a few minutes -- for many other Dolphins notes that I've run in columns in the past month --- including a comprehensive look at the Dolphins' 2014 cap outlook, how Miami is approaching Randy Starks' contract situation, items on several players, etc.

For those who have asked about Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach, his agent has told us Miami is the front-runner and the best fit for him. But Leach is waiting to see if another team is willing to offer more than the financial parameters that the Dolphins have discussed with his agent. 

Armando and his excellent work will return to this space next week. Please follow Armando (@ArmandoSalguero) and me (@flasportsbuzz) on Twitter.

Can't wait for training camp to start!



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@ jefrow It's only one retard posting and then answering his own posts using a different name.

oj 1 - zimma 1.

Many are obsessed with Odin.....

Barry Jackson is the man!

This could be another 1-15 season if both Miller and Tannehill dont play like veterans…..not to mention Martin at LT cant be the turnstile he was last year.

Vonta Leach update: Dolphins haven't yet made a solid contract offer. Team and agent discussed general parameters weeks ago but that's all.,,,,Armando's tweet

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This Blog sucks. And it's even worse when Mando is here.

sure, but i could without the posters here doing it ... Craig, YG, Odin, Oscar, 2 watttttt

Gotta love the players that sign based purely on who is offering the most money.

Most people making well under 6 figures don't take work based on money alone; it should raise concerns about how much his heart is in it when he is making 7 figures and is simply going to the highest bidder.

10 days away. CAN'T WAIT! It's been a long offseason, especially watching all the moves we made. I just want to see these boys in action and how much better they are! Like that players are saying it feels more like a team than ever before. PROMISING!

Me too DC, and wouldn't you know it, July 20 I go away for two weeks ...

I will follow along as best I can from across the pond

I'm also high on Sims as far as coming in right away and contributing. Watching him for years at MSU, I think he'll prove to be an excellent No. 2 TE(initially)as well as a dual threat.

Even with Keller getting on in years, we should be set at Tight End for years. It does make me wonder though, how much true power Ireland had then and now? Throughout the Parcells and SpOrano years it seems we were almost neglecting the position altogether. Now with Philbin, we're suddenly Stacked.

Posted by: odinseye | July 09, 2013 at 09:26 PM

I like what I hear about Sims at 6'5"/260 seems a big inviting target for Tannehill. I read he played upwards of 280 Pds in College but got down into the 260 range were Coaches are raving about his ability. Scouting report said he has great coordination can jump up and go get the ball along with playmaking ability. It states he drops in daft due to some Computer theft ring he got caught up in which really worries me less than drug allegations given he'll have enough money playing Pro Ball to buy himself all the laptops he wants.

Given your anual high on one specific lower Rd to FA player has him on my Pre-season radar as well. I do however wonder about your thoughts on Egnew who you mention given his putrid showing last Yr. and figure Sims pushes him out given I believe Clay's H-Back ability makes him the 3rd and final T.E. on our opening day roster. I waited all last Yr. for Egnew to show me something but it was all bad nothing to hang your hat on in blocking, route running or catching.

On your thoughts regarding Ireland's power under Parcells I get the impression it was minimal. I also get the impression he tried to get Sparano what he asked for instead of what he felt was needed maybe not sure of were to go or how to work with his Coach being a 1st time GM. I'll tell you something else he may have hired Philbin but the H.C. sent a few across Ireland's bow. I think Ireland last Yr. more secure in the knowledge he hired this Coach gave him what he felt was needed with little regard to asking to many opinions (his Sparano hang over after messy break) and Philbin slowly but surely cut alot of Ireland's players.

I Still remember Ireland telling Philbin last Yr. on HARDKNOCKS that C.Gates could play with the Coach who says little but walks with a big stick giving him the UHH HUHH then cutting Gates the next day. Gave me the impression Philbin's finger prints are all over this particular FA group and draft class just look at the overhaul in youth and emphasis on speed with specific types of role players especially on O that fit a different type of scheme than what Ireland has been a part of putting together in the past from Dallas to Miami just MHO!

Computer theft ring? Does he work for Cam Newton?

hey ya'll here's a pix of gumby 95.
he gonna get pancake blox by the qb.

u find him sexy, 2 watttt?

Don't lie

Computer theft ring? Does he work for Cam Newton?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 10, 2013 at 10:49 AM


Here is the article on Sims seems like he would have gone alot higher if not for this legal issue. odin lives in Mich. so he had the chance to watch this kid play at MSU.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and Detroit Public Schools officials today announced felony charges against a Michigan State University football player and nine others allegedly involved in a crime ring that stole and sold more than $158,000 in laptop computers last school year.

Dion Sims, 19, a player for the Spartans, is accused of receiving and concealing stolen property, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Sims has been suspended from the team.

Nicholas Tisdale, 18, of West Bloomfield, an MSU sophomore, is accused of receiving and concealing stolen property.

Internal tracking devices led officials to stolen DPS computers in seven other states, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, according to the investigation that involved several law enforcement agencies.

The ring was involved in the theft of about 104 DPS laptops that were stolen last school year and sold on eBay, Craigslist and to friends.

Worthy said the crime ring deprived students of access to technology.

"These defendants allegedly stole these laptops from Detroit Public Schools and some of them ended up halfway around the globe," she said.

Robert Bobb, the DPS emergency financial manager, said this case "floored" him. He said 29 schools were burglarized of nearly 800 computers worth $800,000 last year.

"This is about stealing educational opportunities from our kids," he said. "And we aren't going to stand for it."

Three defendants – former DPS students — who face a list of felony charges for burglarizing four schools to get the computers and later selling them, will be arrested, Worthy said. They are Brian Rogers, 20, Dwaine Scott, 19, and Mark Scott, 18, all of Detroit.

Other defendants, accused of receiving and selling the computers, along with Sims and Tisdale, were:

Former DPS students Jaisaun Holt, 18, of Farmington Hills, Dezmen Faqua, 19, of Dearborn, Juan Legardy, 20, of Detroit, as well as Danny Tiwaini, 22, of West Bloomfield, and Christopher Schambre, 21, of St. Clair Shores.

This case is among several investigations announced over the past year involving thefts from DPS.

MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis said: "Since mid-February, we have been aware that Dion Sims and members of his extended family have been dealing with some legal issues. Dion informed the coaching staff of the police investigation and has kept them apprised of the progress of the investigation.

"Dion did not participate in the first three regular-season games, and as of today, he has been suspended from football team-related activities due to these issues.

"During his indefinite suspension, Dion will continue to have access to all of the available resources in the Clara Bell Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center. We will allow the legal process to play out before we make any final decision regarding his future status with the team."

Sims was ranked No. 5 tight end recruit in the country

Sims was a significant catch for the Spartans' 2009 recruiting class, as the Orchard Lake St. Mary's product ranked as the No. 5 tight end in the country by rivals.com.

Sims was also a basketball star, finishing fourth in the Mr. Basketball Award voting as a senior.

Sims, despite a knee injury that caused him to miss most of his senior football season, had no shortage of scholarship offers. He chose the Spartans over Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, Miami (Fla.), Iowa, Louisville and Purdue.

In his first season at MSU, Sims was a regular part of the offensive rotation, appearing in all 13 games. He had 11 catches for 133 yards as a backup and scored three touchdowns. He made the Sporting News' and Rivals.com's All-Freshman Big Ten team for his efforts.

Sims briefly joined Tom Izzo's basketball team after the football season, but played in only one game. Izzo told reporters in mid-February that Sims had left the squad to focus solely on football.

As part of a deep tight end group, Sims was expected to contribute significantly this season. However, he did not take the field in the first three games. He did appear on the depth chart and suited up for those games, but did not play.

When asked Sept. 5 about Sims' absence from the opener — the previous day, against Western Michigan — football coach Mark Dantonio gave a terse response.

"I'm not gonna talk about injuries and I'm not gonna talk about players that don't play," he said. "In all fairness to this football team ... status changes, guys get themselves in situations, guys get themselves injured, they don't play because of what they did during the week in terms of preparation. There's so many different factors, and it's in constant change."


The Detroit Free Press is owned by Gannett, parent company of USA TODAY

I just realized that absolutely nothing ever written here by anybody is the least bit important nor will it ever be remembered.

All is futile.

mark, he's gotta put on 50 #'s stat.

Why do you Jack!arses still come to this crap hole? Armandos writing is completely opinionated and is usually space filling garbage. Barry gives good FACTUAL info and usually has lots of it.
Armando - terrible
Jackson - not terrible

Stop reading Armandos garbage and head towards the light

Great, hopefully he doesn't shoot anyone in the head

**Breaking News***Word is Armando will be fired and Jackson will take over the blog. Good riddance Mando!

Mark, enjoy your vacation. I was thinking I should time my vacation to go in the lull before training camp (all that's going on is baseball, and cycling if you're into seeing who takes the best drugs).

Thing is, I may be in Paris at the same time as the Tour. That may throw a serious wrench in my plans. Still have to confirm the dates.

And yes, the month of July absolutely sucks for sports unless your baseball team is in it and mine decided to take this year off.

Players like Ellerbee and Mike Wallace gives Dolphins serious swag. Swag equals wins. Attitude makes a difference.
This team must play with confidence!


When does Barry Jackson's 2 month layoff begin?

2 watt loves Dion Jordan's physique

Anyone else read the newest examples of false police reports:

Ortiz says, "We all drove to the IP. Those 3 got out to piss. There was a gunshot and Wallace and Hernandez got back in the car. On the way back to CT Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez confessed to the shooting."

If Hernandez and Wallace and Lloyd all got out of the car to piss then why would Hernandez have to admit anything to Wallace? Would Wallace not have witnessed it? Even if Wallace wasn't looking the sound of the gunshot would make him turn his head and he would have seen Hernandez with the gun and smoke coming out of the barrell.

This story is another lie planted on ESPN.

Mando mows Barry Jackson's grass. True story.

I believe Mando is mowing lawns to supplement the unemployment.
But it is not funny.
If an employee is laid off based on race/ethnicity/origin while everyone else gets to keep working then it is an injustice and must be corrected.

Only if you're on the wrong side I suppose. Keep in mind I'm neither white nor black nor hispanic nor Asian. I just believe this is the way the world works.

There are 3 species of human: white, black & asian. Everybody is at least one of these and at most all of these.

By the way, Mando has more money than most of us here. Don't feel bad for him. he has a nice home, corvette, and a boat. Whether he got that from writing or married into it, I don't know but he's not starving. Heck, have you seen his picture lately? He's backing up John Jerry at RG on the depth chart.

There's 3 great videos on NFL COM / Miami Dolphins

ExposingtheFraud, so if your Latino what does that make you, black or white or chinease??

ETF @ 1:56 false.

For example people of MIddle Eastern Descent like Persians for example are none of these.

I'm not Middle Eastern either.

Mark the comment of yours @1:57 is hilarious specifically about Armando looking very piggish in his pictures. Im curious to know how do you know he has a nice home, corvette and a boat??

BTW looking at Dion Jordan pics without his football gear on he looks like a got d a m n WR. This guy needs to get on the Cam Wake exercise regime ASAP.

Truth, he's posted all of that at sometime or another on this blog.

Persians are caucasian.
By Latino if you mean spanish speaking:
Spain: white and/or african (from the Moors)
Central America: white and asian.
Caribbean: Black and/or Asian and/or white

Persians are caucasian.
By Latino if you mean spanish speaking:
Spain: white and/or african (from the Moors)
Central America: white and asian.
Caribbean: Black and/or Asian and/or white

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 10, 2013 at 02:15 PM

Then what about aborigines? It has been proven that they have different DNA than Africans.

persians are caucasians... get a clue dude

k k k

In the last Census made, Cuba's major ethnic group was Caucasian at ~65% of the population. Before the Revolution it hovered about 72%. And before and after, there or here, most of those White Cubans are racist as hell.

Only in Havana do you see so many Blacks. The rest of Cuba is composed mainly of White People, with some descendants of Jamaican and Haitian cane-cutters.

Arlen, what you think about that?

Sure Oscar, a lot of them have German Nazi refugee roots.

You Arlen, Mark?

Mark, Id say your prob either Jamiacain, French, white or Haitian. There is a large population of though 4 in Canada.

Of course, Racism stems from Fear, but never with such intensity in Cuba as when we arrived here and perceived the American Negros hate for Whites. Necessarily it turned most of Us, more racist still.

Heck, have you seen his picture lately? He's backing up John Jerry at RG on the depth chart.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 10, 2013 at 01:57 PM


I've always wondered how old the picture above is.

Is it me or does it seem like Vonta Leach dosn't want to be a Dolphin. I know there is a business side to the game and there is no reason for Vonta to rush to sign with any team until training camp gets nearer. But if Miami is such a perfect fit (according to Vonta's Agent) and Miami has made the best offer why wouldn't he just do the deal. Unless he doesn't really want to play in Miami and is holding out hope someone will else will come up with a reasonable offer. If i'm Ireland I tell Vonta's agent the offer comes off the table in a week, take it or leave it and move on if Vonta doesn't sign.

Ah! When is training Camp starting?

july 20

Oscar, Arlen? Isn't that the town from King of the Hill?

Odin, that is Armando's high school yearbook picture.

Truth, nope. You're right about Haitian population but that is mainly in Quebec (our French speaking province) I'm Mark in Toronto, not Montreal.

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