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Addressing a few topics

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson visiting Armando's blog for the first time in a year. 

With camp starting in 11 days, I will have four Dolphins columns in the next week and will link to the first one here, with several tidbits:


If you only check out this blog on The Herald site, and don't regularly see my blog (which is next to Armando's as well as on the sports home page), please scroll through my blog posts -- if you have a few minutes -- for many other Dolphins notes that I've run in columns in the past month --- including a comprehensive look at the Dolphins' 2014 cap outlook, how Miami is approaching Randy Starks' contract situation, items on several players, etc.

For those who have asked about Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach, his agent has told us Miami is the front-runner and the best fit for him. But Leach is waiting to see if another team is willing to offer more than the financial parameters that the Dolphins have discussed with his agent. 

Armando and his excellent work will return to this space next week. Please follow Armando (@ArmandoSalguero) and me (@flasportsbuzz) on Twitter.

Can't wait for training camp to start!



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Please just tell me WHY..............?

You KNOW how much I LovED you!


t dog.

Odin if he is converted to linebacker do you seriously think he's going to start this year? He has never played the position in his life. He was a TE and then switched to DE. He has zero experience in the two point stance and has very little experience covering receivers and backs in the open. The only issue he will have on the line is setting the edge on run plays. You're saying don't put him there because there is an issue, put him at LB where there will be multiple issues. IMO he will be coming in on obvious passing downs and that doesn't necessarily mean only on third down. There's no reason to rush his progress, he has a long career ahead of him.
Posted by: Hernandez GUILTY | July 10, 2013 at 03:33 PM


ROTFLMAO – Don’t even try it! I respect your right to an opinion, but the things you posted couldn’t be further from the TRUTH.

I got this from NFL.com:

He showed promise after moving across the line during spring 2010 practices, playing in 13 games and starting one at defensive end (5.5 tackles for loss, two sacks) as a redshirt sophomore. But the move really bore fruit when he earned first-team All-PAC 12 honors in 2011 as a 12-game starter at his hybrid defensive end/linebacker position (42 tackles, 13 for loss, team-high 7.5 sacks). Jordan continued working at his drop end, outside linebacker spot in 2012, recording 44 total tackles, 10.5 going for a loss, including five sacks. The Duck forced three fumbles and intercepted one pass. He only played in 11 full games after missing parts or the entirety of three others with a shoulder injury. It has been reported Jordan will miss the Senior Bowl to undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Jordan played a lot at OLB and his coverage skills were great. His Coaches had so much confidence in his coverage skills that they OFTEN had him covering the slot WIDE RECEIVERS!

I would have Jordan starting day 1 at OLB(he only needs to beat out Misi and Trusnik!). Then in the majority of passing situations I would turn him loose! Otherwise, WHAT? Start Misi over a guy we took 3rd overall and used two premium picks on? EVERYBODY knows that guys you take that high and spend multiple picks on, EVERYBODY KNOWS they SHOULD BE DAY 1 starters. This includes Ireland and Philbin. After what we went through and spent on Jordan, if he’s NOT a day 1 – 3 Down Starter, then I will consider it a COLLOSAL INSTANT FAILURE. To be honest, I believe 32 NFL GM’s would agree.

Anyway, I respect your right to an opinion and I gave mine above. But I have to take exception with anyone skewering the facts. Jordan has played a lot of OLB and was GREAT in multiple types of coverage’s. Ultimately, like many analysts have stated, Jordan has an excellent set of skills and should be able to play a similar hybrid OLB/(Pass rushing)DE in the NFL.

Those that have been posting here for a few Yrs. now know that Mando has been taking these summer vacations for a few Yrs. now.

Posted by: fin4life | July 10, 2013 at 07:33 PM

I remember! A hundred thousand "Where's Waldo" type comments.

If you remember, Soiled Bottom's had some hilarious posts during a few of these furloughs.

To be honest though, after The Vice President/Assitant Editor had to come out and make a public apology on his behalf, I was worried.

She did say that this would be handled as an "In House" employee situation. Whatever that meant, Mando might get Knocked, Docked or Crocked!


PS: Fin4, you asked me my opinion on Egnew earlier. I really don't have much to go by. He did show the slightest, slimmest, most tiny signs of life last season.

I read in Jackson's column(and one other)and I think it was an anonymous Dolphin Player that said Egnew has shown nothing thus far.

I feel sorry for Egnew, but Thank God! Keller and Sims have made it to where I almost don't care if he busts. It would be nice if he got it and turned All World - All Pro. But I don't see it for the simple fact that with Keller, Clay and the drafting of Sims, Egnews chances will be fewer and fewer.

odin is always good to deviate the theme when things are getting hot. We know of those tactics, man. Remember we dealt with Fidel Castro and his Jauria(wolfpack).

So, we have good writers at TMH. So, why those dire straits?

Admist all the hoopla about the offseason, these are the mistakes I think we made:

1. With no other proven LT, and the fact they weren't high on any of the FA's, they should have coughed up a wee bit more for Long.

2a. Stay put at 12, take Eifert and keep the high second. That would have given us the most impact.
2b. If you liked Tavon at 12 but knew no way he'd be there....either just take him at 3 or try to trade back again another spot to get something back and then take Tavon. Either way would have been better, because this team has not had an insane offensive weapon in decades.

Of course, odin, you're nowhere near a Wolf, nor Fidel Castro. No overall #3 pick is going to sit on the bench. Believe me.

Remember we dealt with Fidel Castro and his Jauria(wolfpack).

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 10, 2013 at 08:11 PM


If we can be serious for a moment. I would have LOVED to have worked with the 2506 Brigade(or **SOME** not all, of the others).

I didn't believe in The Companies traitorous and treasonous ways, but I believed in the 2506 cause!

I would have brought a Warrior Element seldom witnessed!

I share odin's apathy toward Egnew; as well the feeling is replicating throughout the roster toward Clay, Thomas, Jerry and others.
I think all these guys as well as others have talent and potential, but it comes a time to show up.
Of all these and more from the past projects, I think Egnew has the most to offer. I am expecting him to be the mystery man, more than any other, as to where he will be utilized.

We're a different breed , odin, we attack anybody, including Brigade 2506 for its drug dealing, anybody that is not Just(or Truthful). Tell us more, odin, on your opinion about the assasination of President Kennedy.

I'm full of malaprops, but most of these ignorant bloggers would never notice and even think I'm smart.

Kennedy was assasinated by US intelligence.

The last soldiers to die for their country were those in WWII. Since then, they all died for the profits of big business.

I thoroughly enjoy pleasing a woman orally. They love it. and it is a huge boost to my ego and masculinity seeing them react with ecstasy. Plus, I love to do it.

The reality is most guys are quick squirters and not very considerate. This is a sign of immaturity and selfishness.

Imagine that, a Faggg that had no idea of what he was talking.

The reality is most guys are quick squirters and not very considerate. This is a sign of immaturity and selfishness.

Posted by: No doubt | July 10, 2013 at 09:14 PM

This must be how odin is. Because everytime he says he has a hottie over he disappears for 12 minutes and then is back blogging for the next 5 hours nonstop!

See what I mean?

Wow! More posters obsessed with Odin?

Do some of you guys have early-onset Alzheimer's?

"Yearly vacation?" Armando HIMSELF admitted he was furloughed at least twice last year...right here in this blog.

Apparently the longer you've been here the more you forget!

Armando is vacationing in Hawaii.

Three questions I hope we get answered in Training Camp:
1) Vaugh Martin, can he make a difference?
2) Is Michael Egnew done as a Dolphin?
3) Will Lance Louis beat out John Jerry?

Three questions I hope we get answered in TrainingCamp:

1) Is Tannehill any better then Henne?
2) Can Martin play LT?
3) Is Lamar Miller any good?

"Hawaii" must be what they're calling Perrine these days.



Do some of you guys have early-onset Alzheimer's?

"Yearly vacation?" Armando HIMSELF admitted he was furloughed at least twice last year...right here in this blog.

Apparently the longer you've been here the more you forget!

Posted by: es verdad | July 10, 2013 at 10:20 PM

The post was directed at the chatter that he may have been fired after his rant at the Vietnam Vet. I never emphasized if it was a paid, non-paid or furloughed "Vacation" I also remembered him saying during the strike Season in 2010 that he made less than 100K a Yr. which some of us later posted being surprised at. His comments directed at not relating to players crying povety while making Millions, how's that for a memory oscar!

From Wiki:

Martin was not invited to the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine, but impressed several pro scouts in the spring of 2009 when he participated at the University of Michigan's Pro Day, where he ran a 4.96 second 40 yard dash at 330 pounds. He also set the 2009 draft class bench press record, lifting 225 pounds 44 times.

Athletic and intelligent—he scored an impressive 38 on the NFL's Wonderlic Test—scouts also report that he has the bulk, strength, and agility to become a nose tackle like Jamal Williams.

Martin is super athletic and just turned 27. Since leaving the Chargers 3-4(Nose Tackle)and signing with Miami, he's dropped nearly 30 ibs. All good in my opinion.

Most importantly, Starks and Solia will both be turning 30 and both will want big money.

If Martin excels this year, he'll seriously undercut Solia and Starks leverage when it comes time for contract extensions. Win/Win(For the TEAM anyways).

I think now that Martins playing 4-3 tackle, he'll have his best season to date. A breakout season here means we would have 3 dominating DT's in our rotation.

I don't think we'll be missing Tony McDaniels.


Please weigh in with some Football Talk!

Essentially we traded Martin for McDaniels. Financially it was a good move. But playing ball and winning games trumps all. So what do you think about Martin?

PS: How about my expose on how Martin and his contract affects Solia and Starks? Are you buying it-LOL?

PS: I've said it before, of anyone on this board, I'd bet on your Memory skills everytime-LOL!

Tracy, there's my Martin response. I think he upgrades our Tackle rotation quite a bit. Until he proves it of course, it's just my opinionated guess.

On Egnew, I still don't think he'll be done this year. He's a marginal/high investment. But thanks to Keller, Sims and Clay, I think they guarantee Egnew at least one more year.

The reason being is how talented he is or how high his potential is. With Keller and Co, they can now afford to give Egnew even more time to develop. In the mean time, hopefully, he can at least be considered as a young and improving **Depth** Player.

It's hard to say though, Philbin and Sherman don't seem to put up with much crap. They've had no problems cutting Jeffy's players to date. It's a tough call.

Vaugh Martin. LOL. Dream on.

Tracy, I think Lance Louis beats out Jerry pretty easily this year. Even considering the fact that Jerry's in the best shape of his career.

It's ironic because in a SpOrano type of offense, I would think Jerry beats out Louis.

With Sherman's version of the WCO and the zone blocking scheme, I think it'll come down to which one of them is quicker and more athletic. They can both block and drive people out of the hole. But Louis is way quicker and more athletic.

That's just my opinion. The good thing is, we'll be finding out soon enough.

10 days to camp!!!!

Martin is a turnstile At LT

Vaugh Martin. LOL. Dream on.

Posted by: Icaris | July 10, 2013 at 11:48 PM

Nice analysis there Fella! In depth, insightful!


LOL Indeed ;)

I remember when the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders were called the 'Ben Gals.'

I remember when the Rams cheerleaders were called the 'Embraceable Ewes.'

I remember when the Dolphins cheerleaders were called the 'Star-Brites.' (They were sponsored by the car polish company).

I remember Guy Benjamin, Gary Davis, and Loaird McCreary. I remember Bryant Salter, Jeff Toews, and Ernie Rhone. I remember Rick Casares, Gene Mingo, and Dick Westmoreland.

I remember when Larry King was the Dolphins color analyst.

I remember Dorothy Shula, Judy Griese, and Pam Csonka.

I remember when 'Zum Zum' was the food vendor in the Orange Bowl.

I remember when season tickets cost less than 70 dollars.

I remember the name of the woman who won the 'name the team' contest in 1965: "Mrs. Robert Swanson."

I remember more than anyone here. I know more than anyone here.

The O will be more pathetic then last season.

Oh Lord...we desperately need training camp to start. Odins talking mumbo jumbo and trolls running out of jokes.

Looks like Barry is trying to steal some of Armando's readers


I'd rather be in Swaziland.


Was watching Jim Rome show on Showtime interesting piece on the resently released from Prison Maurice Clarret weighing in on A.H. and the fact when he was pulled over in 2006 with an automatic riffle,3 handguns and half drunk bottle of grey goose he was in front of the home of principle witness in his armed robbery trial. If not for getting stopped for illegal U-Turn probably kills someone that day and his thoughts on Pro Athlete entitlement made for interesting listening.

On Vaughn Martin, interesting flying under the radar signing in splashy Fins Off-Season. He has great quickness which should help him translate nicely from Chargers 3/4 to Fins 4/3. A 4.98/40 at 330 Pds. is nothing to sneeze at. Coversely N.Suh (best 4/3 DT today) posted the same 4.98/40 at the NFL combine while 32 reps of 225 Pds compared to Martin's. The talent or athletic ability is there. Only posted 1 sack last Yr. but we know that the Nose Tackle in the 3/4 is a space eater 1st not a pass rusher. He could be a steal!

Kid is Jamaican born living in Canada and England his whole life while attending College in Canada were he still gets drafted in RD-4. It could simply be putting him in right D scheme seems based on 40 time to be a good fit in the 4/3 am looking forward to seeing this kid play this Pre-Season should be in 1st D substitution package and here's some food for thought if he blossoms maybe you can move Starks around some to DE (can pass rush) with Martin inside.

After watching the receiver video on NFL.COM...

I think Wallace, Gibson and Hartline should rotate and play all 3 receiver positions.

Gibson is to good to stay in the slot, he is excellent on the outside.

And no DB wants to deal with Wallace in the slot. Check his highlights...

Hartline knowing all 5 receiver positions is a bonus.

That being said, the run game should be outstanding.

And Tanny is the man.

But don't sleep on Devlin.

I just installed the Miami Dolphins app on NFL.COM.

Good to hear Armando will be back next week, boring 6 weeks or so without him

Hey, Armando, you awake all ready? C'mon, rise and shine, rise and shine!

Look, I Am The One, I enjoy TMH Dolphins database as much as anyone. But, please, be Truthful; otherwise, we'll attack you.

What's up losers?

Grantland expects Henne to lead Jville to playoffs this season:


Wouldn't it be horrifying if Henne had a better season than the Phins and then hit the market as a UFA?

The brain of the multi-personality poster would collapse from debating whether or not to pull the plug on Tanne and bring back Henne.

jcb, grimes has been pixing mw's pockets all of the ota's.

bh - avg. at all 5 wr pos.

irecorn, tell leach fu,
go 2 the scum bag giants.

that's armandos nephew in dat twatter pix,
not him.

oscar, an all white nfl team wuld sport a 10-6 season every season.
how much do u want 2 make a 5 dollar bet me?

Odin, of course Martin is smart. he was educated in Canada, University of Western Ontario no less...

Great school.

2 watt, look at NE's all white offense. Unstoppable.. almost

mark, what's the latest on that train explosion?
the media in da u.s. is fixated on g zimm gettin off and da kneeegros rioting and gov.scott dropping the n* word" *n test*, to eradicate the disease for once known as black culture and the nat.guard emptying their clips on looters and scum and such, i heard serge is up in sanford to volunteer watch.

serge = huge david garrard 4 phinz qb fan.

2 watt, now saying the hand brakes were not properly set. Only takes one time to realize why safety measures are created to begin with

ok thanx.

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