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Addressing a few topics

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson visiting Armando's blog for the first time in a year. 

With camp starting in 11 days, I will have four Dolphins columns in the next week and will link to the first one here, with several tidbits:


If you only check out this blog on The Herald site, and don't regularly see my blog (which is next to Armando's as well as on the sports home page), please scroll through my blog posts -- if you have a few minutes -- for many other Dolphins notes that I've run in columns in the past month --- including a comprehensive look at the Dolphins' 2014 cap outlook, how Miami is approaching Randy Starks' contract situation, items on several players, etc.

For those who have asked about Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach, his agent has told us Miami is the front-runner and the best fit for him. But Leach is waiting to see if another team is willing to offer more than the financial parameters that the Dolphins have discussed with his agent. 

Armando and his excellent work will return to this space next week. Please follow Armando (@ArmandoSalguero) and me (@flasportsbuzz) on Twitter.

Can't wait for training camp to start!



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I envision Vernon, with his 272 lbs, mauling those TEs out of their pass routes.

Is another 7-9 year acceptable?

Jordan will get eaten alive by a pro LT at this point in his career if his hand is in the dirt full time, he could only edge rush, power moves are out entirely. It's the weight difference and his height that work against him until he bulks up.

If all the players on offense curled up into 11 human bowling balls after the snap and just rolled down the field together (with the football being hidden under one of their jerseys) it would be extremely hard to tackle them and they could roll right into the end zone on many plays.

I am positive there is nothing in the rule book to prevent this.

Only reason I said Dion will play with his hand on the ground is that Philbin has said it.

I would love to opine about the Dolphins Players here but it would just be speculation. Only 2 things I'm sure of. 1-Tannehill will improve. 2- Dion Jordan will play often, always with his hand on the ground.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 11, 2013 at 03:45 PM

I agree with your 1st point Oscar but I think you are off on the 2nd. He was moved around quite a bit in that unique Oregon defense. Anyone else think its more than a coincidence that we have drafted an Oregon defensive player the past 2 years and signed another as an unrestricted FA? I thinks it's because they ran a defense that moved guys around to get pressure and had a lot of substitutions. This off course was to compliment the uptempo offense Chip Kelly ran.
Maybe it's something we are trying to do as well to accommodate our uptempo offense?

Hey I could be totally wrong here Oscar it would''t be the first or last time lol.

Ha!, you're looking to see if Philbin said that. Of course he did, only not to Everybody but to selected few. Those of Us that know how to read.

Nothing wrong with JTs pass rushing at 256 lbs. This guys is all fiber and infinitely stronger than Jason. Besides that first step he has is unreal(documented) and no LT in the League has the speed to stop it. I'm being part-homerish here, but I trust in Ireland and Philbin(who else?)

Only Chang can answer this.

Of course, he might not be the smartest in the Lot, but he looks mighty tough, a no-nonsense guy to me, due maybe to his early Life experiences. Somebody that can inspire Fear in you.

My son is very fearful. Fearful of his own shadow,

Man, once you lose your Fear of Death you lose the fear of Everything else.(only happens to a selected few)

Again why have we targeted Oregon defensive players? Josh Kaddu, Dion Jordan and then Michael Clay as an undrafted free agent. I think it's because they are ALL great athletes that are used to moving around into different positions to confuse the quarterback.

Who is Michael Clay?

Even the so-called experts disagree as to Dion Jordan's nfl impact. The guy's position for now is that of "HYBRID". At 6'6 250lbs, right now he's more of a olb that can play de in passing situations.

What Jordan offers most at preset is POSITION FLEXIBILITY. For right now(rookie season) that has to be good e-dam-nuff. 2-3yrs down the road, I expect Jordan adds about 10-15lbs of muscle(260-265lbs).

2-3yrs down the line is when we need him to be the primary pass rushing force to replace Cam Wake. By this time our bookend pass rushers should be Dion Jordan and Olivier Vernon.

Remember, Cam Wake turned 32rs old in January of 2013. So he may only have 2-3yrs of all-pro/pro bowl level of performance left. This season, I expect to see him most, in blitz(olb), coverage, and at times de in 3rd down passing situations.

Also, remember, Jordan wasn't drafted this highly based on what he could offer his rookie season alone. He was drafted this highly based on a fo/coaching staff vision of what they forsee he could offer over a 8-1yr career.

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 11, 2013 at 04:27 PM

We'll see in just 12 days. You might have to swallow all those 17. Hope you don't choke.

Also, with Dion Jordan, I can forsee a lot of hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense. When Solia slides to NT, Jordan will be the 4th lb. Misi and Ellerbe playing the ilb's and Wheeler/Jordan olb's.

Then, Jordan can blitz, meaning Wake/Vernon/Jordan rushing the passer. Or Jordan drops into coverage and Ellerbee or Wheeler blitzes the qb. With all 3 of these guys potentially joining Wake/Vernon in the pass rush. This should pose great problems in protection for opposing olines and qb's.

Dion Jordan is a great athlete I agree.
I disagree that he should spend any time playing OLB. When his hand is on the ground and he's waiting for the snap it doesn't matter what you call him.
But if his responsibilities include covering RBs out of the backfild in the flat the he would be way out of position, he does not have the agility to do that.
I don't expect him to play much this season because he does not have the size to be on the line or the agility to be a LB.


We now have the defensive personnel to play both 3-4 and 4-3 d. Not just in name, but, in true force. With the legit defensive personnel we now have at our disposal, this is a legit top 3 nfl d.

Im right, so it will be you who chokes on my 17.

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 11, 2013 at 04:35 PM


Info on Michael Clay.


Are you saying that Jordan is good enough right now to rush the passer and fall back in coverage?

What do experts now about the Dolphins? Philbin has said Dion will play with his hand on the ground, and that's it. Any arguments? Please, take them up with Joe.


Jordan covered slot wr's in college. That's far more difficult than covering rb's. Also, there maybe about 5 rb's in the entire nfl that impose a legit threat in coverage.

There just aren't very many nfl rb's who pose an unenviable task in coverage coming out of the backfield.

What most experts agree on is that no #3 overall Draft choice was picked to sit on the bench. I agree also.

Take a look at the type of interchangeable and flexible parts that we have to play in our front 7. It's not going to be all about Dion Jordan. But he will play an important part. He only greatly adds to that flexibility.

On the backend, Grimes and Jones we know will be impact players. It will be interesting to see if the rookie Taylor beats out Marshall at cb. Even if Marshall loses out to Taylor, Marshall should still make a damn good nickel.

Im almost more excited to see the unveiling of this defense than the new look offense.

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 11, 2013 at 04:55 PM

I agree, our defense should wreak havoc this year!

With Dion Jordan I can see a Jason Allen case all over again remember when coaches kept swithcing him between S and CB, well I feel like its going to be the same with Jordan except it will be OLB or DE.

Wake- 12-15 sacks
Vernon- 7-8 sacks
Jordan- 7-8 sacks

So, what Im saying here, if Vernon/Jordan combines for 14-16 sacks. He doesn't need to be a double-digit sackmaster year one. All he need do is get 7-8 sacks himself and his presence allows Wake to again hit double-digits and Vernon to get 7-8 sacks too.

Expect Jordan to get 5 or 6 sacks at most this season.

I don't know, Ireland might know something about the Oregon Ducks that we don't know. I was liking the play of Josh Kaddu in last season's pre-season Games until he completely missed a tackle, didn't lay 1 finger on the ball carrier. Michael Clay is just 6' and 230 lbs, but he had over 100 tackles last year at Oregon as a LB. But, there is only so much space for our STs and in the PS. Somebody needs to be cut, no matter how promising.

Posted by: Truth | July 11, 2013 at 05:07 PM

Who the hell had even heard of Jason Allen prior to draft day? That was a straight up Nicky Satan gaff.

Hell, at least America had heard of Dion Jordan far prior to draft day.

How about another Patriot arrested yesterday? If this pace keeps up, we can win the afc east with a 6-10 record this year.

If we could only entice Tom Brady to hold up a Seven-Eleven and join his other incarcerated teammates. Then winning the afc east would be an absolute breeze!

Not as worried about the sack numbers as some on here. It can be very overrated.

QB pressures, ball strips, pass deflections are what we really needed out of Defense these past few years. You get a guy that is 6'6 with explosiveness and quick change of direction and you will likely get more of those things.


With you on that. The primary problem in 2012 was getting off the field on 3rd downs. This was due to coverage, pressure, and lack f turnover issues.

Is as a whole, the new defensive personnel can come in and correct these things, all will be well. Individual stats are overrated when losing.

Just as lack of individual stats are underrated when winning. Because, still, you both win and lose a a team.

"If as a whole"




If today's NFL is all about the pass on offense, the measure of defense success is all about making the quarterback make bad decisions with the football. A sack doesn't necessarily do that, provided a QB knows where it's coming from (Wake with our team). On the other hand, when a QB has to throw without his feet being properly set or a hand tips a ball where he thought their was an opening, it leads to turnovers and offensive uncertainty.

Most of the playoff teams last year were also the top rushing teams in the NFL.

People get too carried away with the 'it's a passing league' mantra. The top teams are still usually the ones who can control the clock with a solid run game and play sound defense.

fired up for this team, bout only thing im not for is dion . think he will be a bust

Great articles on The Phinsider. Keller vs Fasano(with pictures and all). Marcus Thigpen. Very objectively written. That's been my only sustent until July 20.

Opa-Locka is the finest city in America.

I saw that Oscar. Interesting read. We gain speed, big play ability with Keller but lose reliable hands and blocking without Fasano. I think Dion Sims will fill that role however.

People get too carried away with the 'it's a passing league' mantra. The top teams are still usually the ones who can control the clock with a solid run game and play sound defense.

Posted by: look it up | July 11, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Agree to some extent. 7 out of 10 top rushing teams made the playoffs compared to only 5 out of 10 top passing teams. But that is based purely on yardage, not efficiency. If you average 300 yards passing per game but also 2 picks, obviously you won't be as effective as a team that only throws for 150 with no INTs and runs for 200. That's simply because you don't turn it over as much.

Total defense-only 5 out of 11 made the playoffs ( two ties in there) according to NFL.com

I believe in Points scored and allowed. Seems to me a better measure of how good or bad a Team is.

No chance we are going to win more than 7 Games this year if we only score 19 ppg.

Best sign it is a passing league, 9 out of 10 top passer rating QBs made playoffs last year.

I switched to Cottonelle last week because the package promised a 'confident clean'.
Well I was confident for a few days but now my bunghole itches all day so I have to keep going back to wipe some more. I am no longer confident in the clean.

No chance we are going to win more than 7 Games this year if we only score 19 ppg.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 11, 2013 at 06:19 PM

I agree.

I have heard that Tom Coughlin has an absolutely enormous 'member' and enjoys parading it around the Giants locker room, especially to shocked rookies and free agents who have never experienced it before.

Supposedly it is the size of a forearm.

The Dolphins are a garbage franchise. Worse then the Marlins.

What do mean that people get to carried away with it's a passing league? It happens to be 100% true.

Check the league rule changes favoring the offense over the past 15yrs. As an offensive coordinator, you would have to be nearly total brain dead to not favor passing over running with the rule changes.

Exactly why many experts believe Marino probably could have averaged 40 tds and 5,000yds per season in this era.

The smartest coaches are the ones who stay a step ahead of the game. As defenses evolve to concentrate on stopping the pass, it will be those teams who can best run the football who will be ahead of the curve.

Really, 9 out of the top 10 passers made the Playoffs last year. My, how things change.

In this era favoring the passing game, a terrible game for Marino would probably be 400yds and 3tds passing.

WTH do you mean people get carried away with "its a passing league"? It must be awful moldy underneath that rock from which you just recently crawled.

Of course Marino was the main reason they have changed the pass coverage rules. I remember, and I'm no data base, after Marino torched the League for 40 plus TDs on his second year, all teams went back to their drawing boards. Eventually, they had to change the rules to prevent another Marino. But Marinos don't grow on Trees so often. Yes?

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