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Addressing a few topics

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson visiting Armando's blog for the first time in a year. 

With camp starting in 11 days, I will have four Dolphins columns in the next week and will link to the first one here, with several tidbits:


If you only check out this blog on The Herald site, and don't regularly see my blog (which is next to Armando's as well as on the sports home page), please scroll through my blog posts -- if you have a few minutes -- for many other Dolphins notes that I've run in columns in the past month --- including a comprehensive look at the Dolphins' 2014 cap outlook, how Miami is approaching Randy Starks' contract situation, items on several players, etc.

For those who have asked about Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach, his agent has told us Miami is the front-runner and the best fit for him. But Leach is waiting to see if another team is willing to offer more than the financial parameters that the Dolphins have discussed with his agent. 

Armando and his excellent work will return to this space next week. Please follow Armando (@ArmandoSalguero) and me (@flasportsbuzz) on Twitter.

Can't wait for training camp to start!



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crystal ball,

You just witnessed the next evolution of offenses last year. Athletic qb's just as dangerous with their legs. as they are with their accuracy. RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick, and we may have on developing here in Miami that goes by the name of Tannehill.

Who was the 1st qb taken in the 2013 draft? Another athletic qb named EJ Manuel. The nfl seems to be gravitating away from traditional pocket passers only.

Welcome to the new age dual threat qb's!

Even Aaron Rogers is a dual threat qb.

Aaron Rodgers is considered the best qb in the league right now!

Aaron Rodgers is a mobile QB and not a running one. Contact me in 3 years and see how many of those Pistol QBs have survived, especially now in this age of 270+ lbs LBs.

Aaron Rodgers is considered the best qb in the league right now!

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 11, 2013 at 06:56 PM

Far from it

Top 6 QB's in order

2)P Manning
4)D Brees
5)Matt Ryan
6)Ben Rothlisberger

The Fins wont average more then 19-20 pts/game. 6 wins IMO

i know u have all seen the schedule but go back now and look at it again. schedule is so tough. take brees anyday over flacco, eli manning,rodgers easily better than most of those also

So Jason Taylor is going around telling everyone that Dion Jordan

Is more NFL ready than he was and silly people think he won't make an impact.



The league did Fins dirty, we have to play the hardest part of schedule

when we are just figuring out our Team.

Well, Dion Jordan is holding out to try and get a fair deal from this cheap franchise and wont be ready and in football shape till midseason.

UI'm sure glad we drafted Jake Long....NOT!!!!!

So Jason Taylor is going around telling everyone that Dion Jordan

Is more NFL ready than he was and silly people think he won't make an impact.

Posted by: BS | July 11, 2013 at 08:55 PM

Your probably one that believed Stephen Ross when he said Chad Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino, yes?

jt saying anything is pointless

6' 6" 239 lbs is the last measurements I saw for Jordan. Against a 300+ pound pro LT in run defense he's getting mauled. He needs a year or two to fill out IMO. Problem is right now he needs to try to get lower than the LT (hard because of his height) so he can't win a power matchup. Speed will work on some LTs but the smart ones will know he'll never win a power battle so they'll predict the speed move.

I seriously believe some here root for the Dolphins to fail. It somehow gives them a insecure sense of relief so that they don't have to focus on their own miserable and pathetic lives.

Had it not been for the Dolphins decade of futility, these people would have put a bullet through their stupid heads over a decade ago.


Most of them probably couldn't even afford a bullet. They would have to steal or borrow a gun to end their own morbid and moribund existence.

The Dolphins becoming relevant will absolutely kill them. I literally believe this.

No dumb, dumb.

Ross and JT not the same person.

NFL.com has Dion Jordan at 6'6 248lbs.


Dion Jordan?? I'd rather have Michael Jordan or Dion Dimucci.

I dont see any improvement. It may be possible that Lamar Miller plays as good as a veteran star Reggie Bush, but its highly unlikely. And the backup RB’s will be worse also when you take Miller out of the backup role. LT will be a severe dropoff IMO. The Dolphins were shut out when Martin played LT in the season finale. Tannehill has shown nothing to make me think he is an NFL QB. He is not accurate. What was he 30th ranked in QBR? The TE’s are below mediocre. I think the offense will struggle. And 10-11 new starters is like an expansion team. Tons of questionmarks that wont all be answered favorably. It also takes time to develop chemistry with all these new guys.
. Allowing Ireland to rebuild the mess HE made was moronic on Ross’s part. He has more draft busts then any GM I know. Add in a tough early schedule and it looks like yet another crap season.

Anyway, lol.

If u haven't downloaded dolphins app on NFL.COM, please do.

Its pretty cool!

Seriously Eel?

Tannehill was right behind Andrew Luck in the WHOLE League in passer rating ( not just the rooks) and he doesn't look ready?

Lamar Miller might not be as good as Reggie Bush? Reggie danced way too much!

As far as the shutout in the season finale, everyone quit that day. The only person who appeared to play for something was Tannehill, who wouldn't have been shutout if Binns didn't drop a sure TD.

I stopped thinking football was important when I was 10.

It's a silly game, a diversion from real life and absolutely nothing more.

The vast majority of the world could give a crap less about the NFL.

Some of you seem on the verge of a nervous breakdown or a volcanic eruption of rage over this nonsense.

Seriously, do you ever wonder if you are really mentally healthy? I'm not kidding.

Posted by: take a deep breath. | July 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Your on a Dolphins blog at 10:35pm so.................what did you expect to talk about?

Actually, he has a point.

Jordan looks like he can be a good one but he'll need some time to develop to become what many think he is now. The shoulder injury and his missing OTAs and mini-camps will put him behind this year. I would keep expectations realistic. Vernon however should be primed for a break-out season if he has improve the way many say he has.

I love the U and all but I'm not expecting Vernon to have more sacks

than a freak of nature like Dion Jordan. Not one Dolphin coach have said anything

about DJ being drastically behind. All he's doing is rushing the passer. Dude is in his

early 20's. A little deer antler spray and he'll be fine.

Dolphins schedule way too tuff to not have a Dion Jordan on the roster.

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