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CEO Mike Dee leaving Dolphins for new job

Mike Dee, the Dolphins CEO since 2009, will leave the team within the next month to become President and CEO of the San Diego Padres.

The Dolphins and Padres are expected to announce the move today. Dee will replace Tom Garfinkel, who resigned his San Diego post last week.

[Update: Both teams have announced the hiring.]

"It's a chance to return to my roots," said Dee, who worked previously for the Padres (1995-2002) as well as the Boston Red Sox before joining the Dolphins. "This is a great opportunity to run a team and a facility. It's a chance to sail a ship I helped construct."

Dee will wield unquestioned power in San Diego, where he will oversee the business side of the team and also have baseball operations under his control. The Padres general manager will answer to Dee.

The Dolphins' business model is to split the franchise into a football operations side run by General Manager Jeff Ireland and a business side that is run by the CEO. Both answer to owner Stephen Ross but not each other.

A club source with knowledge Ross's thinking said the club will continue that model going forward. The club has already hired New Jersey based Turnkey Sports as a headhunter to help in the search for Miami's next CEO.

That search has already taken its initial steps and the Dolphins source said while there is no official timetable for filling Dee's vacancy, the club hopes to have a new CEO in place sometime before the end of the 2013 season if not by the time it begins. Dee said he would stay on the next 2-4 weeks to help the Dolphins transition to the next CEO.

Dee met with Dolphins staff at 11 a.m. to tell them of his departure.

While he is excited about returning to major league baseball and a team he was previously connected to, Dee leaves with fond memories about the football team he's always rooted for.

"I love this franchise," he said of the Dolphins. "I have great respect and love for the history of this franchise -- coach [Don] Shula and the alumni. It's been a wonderful four years for me. I got a chance to meet a lot of great men I grew up idolizing and I found out they're great players and better people."

During his tenure, the Dolphins continued their tradition of celebrating their history while also stepping up their participation in community activities and philanthropy. The Dolphins Cycling Challenge raised over $1 million for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center the past two years. Dee also initiated an annual blood drive that was very successful.

Dee was the local eyes and ears for Ross, who spends his time primarily in New York. Although Ross was not a fan of the Dolphins fight song and initially shelved it, Dee forged a compromise to return it to Sun Life after he listened to complaints from fans.

But it hasn't been all success.

Although he negotiated a stadium naming rights deal with Sun Life, Dee met stiff political opposition when he spearheaded the club's attempt to seek partial public financing to upgrade the 25-year-old stadium. The most recent effort to strike a public-private partnership to upgrade Sun Life Stadium failed in March.

The new CEO will have to pick up that torch because the issue has not gone away. Although the Dolphins may not seek public funding again in 2013 -- a decision not yet cemented -- they definitely will seek it again in the future. The new CEO will also have to try to increase the season ticket base that currently stands at about 40,000. It'll be a challenge unless the Dolphins change course on the field after four consecutive losing seasons.

The new CEO, like Dee, will have nothing to do with Miami's football success. Yet, like Dee, the new hire will have to try and translate whatever success football operations has into business success.

Turnkey's search is expected to focus first on people with NFL experience.

In 2009, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell informed NFL clubs that the mandatory Rooney Rule interview requirements currently in place for the head coach position had been extended to the senior football operations position at each club. 

This policy specifically requires clubs to interview at least one minority candidate as part of the hiring process for a club's senior football operations position, whether described as general manager, executive vice president of football operations, or otherwise.

The requirement does not apply in cases where the position is held or filled by the owner or a member of his family, or where a club has a pre-existing contractual commitment filed with the league office to promote a current member of its staff if the senior football operations position becomes vacant.

Although it is not required, Goodell strongly urged clubs in today’s memo to interview a broad and diverse slate of candidates for a wide range of football operations roles, including scouting, player personnel, and contract and cap management positions. "The more thorough the search, the more likely clubs are to find the right candidates, and to be able to groom future leaders from within their organizations," the commissioner said.

Ross released a statement through the team. It reads:

"I want to thank Mike Dee for his leadership over the past four years to the Miami Dolphins and wish him the best in his new position with the San Diego Padres. Under Mike, we have broadened our role in the community, improved our technology footprint within the organization and enhanced our customer service to our fans. As a result of Mike’s leadership and combined with the hard work of our football operations department, I feel that the organization is well positioned for future success both on and off the field. We will begin the process immediately to bring in a new CEO and I have retained Turnkey Sports and Entertainment to lead this search. Mike will be in the office over the next several weeks as he makes the transition to his new position. We wish him and his family the very best in this new chapter of his life."


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He couldn't have left before he ruined the logo?

Just looking at that condo ad on the side, says teh developer would finance 50% of the purchase price? Wow, buying in Miami is easy. Real estate market in Toronto is on a 15 year bull run, no breaks here...

The new logo is much better than the stupid anthropomorphic, cartoon porpoise the team had been wearing.

Just Checking In.

Did Anybody See YG. Late Night Rant Wanting For L.Miller To Get Hurt So Gillislee Can Play. WOW!!

The Ignorance.

A 5th Rd RB Should Be A Day 1 Starter. What Crack Is This Guy On.

Every Pick After The 2nd Round Is Basically Drafted For Depth. If They Hit. Then Good Job.

The Urinal Cake Is Just Ridiculous With His Statements.

If he had just waited a bit longer, the Dolphins would have covered his expenses to move to SoCal when the entire team moves to L.A.

Joke Franchise. Dead Franchise.

A Palace of empty seats as the few remaining fans choose to broil while Houston,New Orleans & every other hot weather franchise has a comfortable air conditioned dome.

All that's left now are the ever-fading memories.

Kris tried to stage an intervention for him this morning. I just pleaded for YG to blow his own brains out.

OK YG, if you aren't going to use the shotgun, pass it to Bobby L, sounds like he needs one.


Great Point.

An Ignore Button.

We Will Have basically 2 Different Blogs. YG And Oscar In 1 Blog. All The Other Posters In The Other.

What I've Realized Is Mando Encourages Him. Notice He Is The Only One Crying For Mando. And This Reckless Behavior Is Only Acceptable Here. No Other Blog Accepts This Buffoonery.

I Know Gillislee Is A 3rd Down Back At Best. But I Have Never Hoped For Him Or Any Player To Get Hurt.

Never Did Dashi Say, Dansby Should Break An Arm.

How Do You Wish Ill will On Somebody On Your Own Team.

Dashi Is Pulling YGs Fan Card.

Big Paul really grew up in the Dolphins franchise. A role model in terms of what hard work and discipline and bring you. Good for him, he deserves everythi
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM
ng good financially he gets. A pros pro.

I believe Zach Thomas said it best when asked about this thoughts about the rookie DT out of Utah in 07 T.C. stating, "He'll be lucky to make the 1st round of cuts"

Thomas after retiring in 09 said in an interview regarding state of the Dolphins that the biggest surprise to him on the Dolphins was Solia. He said Solia had gone further than he could have imagined given his less than spectacular frame and conditioning back in 07.

Interesting side note about 07 draft was that it was run by Cam / Speilman. Everybody knocks it because of the Ginn pick but seem to forget everybody in Davie draft party to fans at home were screaming Brady Quin and at least Ginn had 2 or 3 moments in a Fins uniform while Quin has been a bust from jump street.

Given this was the final Season of Zach Thomas's career in Miami with a boat load of concussions by then and already 35 how great would have picking Patrick Willis lookd here??

Speaking of 49ers Navarro Bowman absolutely ripped Kaep for the Dolphin hat thing on NFL Network saying he made a HUGE MISTAKE! Yes you can wear any hat you want but serious gaf out of team leader and face of the franchise. The Pouncy twins also apologizing for CAPGATE-2-2013 which seemed in very poor taste but can excuse them for coming t aid of friend even if society has already tried and executed him in Court of public opinion, strange Off-Season that needs Reg. Season to commence and drown out the drama!

f4l, yeah, I'd never wear the logo of another NFL team. Don't know how players can do it. My cousin in New England once bought me a Pats hat. I wasn't too gracious ...

And L.Miller With A Bum Shoulder Gained More Yards At 19 Than Gillislee At 22.

L.Miller Is Tough. He Played More Than Half His Sophomore Year With A Separated Shoulder.

L.Miller Was A Pre-Draft 1st Round Pick. The Shoulder Injury Dropped Him To The 4Th. Gillislee WAS PROJECTED TO GO IN THE 5TH.

The Disparity In Talent Is Huge. Only YG Doesn't Get That.

One Is Compared To C.Portis. The Other One Is Compared To Travis Minor. Actually T.Minor Had A Better College Career.

And Ireland Himself Said A Good GM Hits On Half His Picks. I Rather Ireland Hit On His First 4 Picks, Than His Last 4.

I Know Gillislee Is A 3rd Down Back At Best. But I Have Never Hoped For Him Or Any Player To Get Hurt.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 02:41 PM


Make no mistake Gillislee was brought in to push Thomas. Gillislee is 5'11"/210 Pd. runner also has above average hands in pass game. Sounds to me like change of pace / utility back Thomas was envisioned to be in this O. Scouting report from NFL.Com says it all about who Dolphins envision this player being, will copy it for you. By the way thanks for heads up yesterday on M.James thought he was going into Sr. Yr. this Season.



Solid runner capable of carrying the load when given the opportunity. Possesses adequate size and power for the position. Sets up cutbacks, sticks his foot in the ground well to avoid penetrating defenders or go against the flow of the line. Has enough speed to break off a big run if the hole is available to him. Displays some vision in the open field, does not head to the sidelines if more yards can be had. Not a finesse runner, keeps his feet moving through contact. Uses his hand to swipe aside tacklers coming inside-out, maintains balance to continue downfield. Willing to lower pads in short-yardage and lean to get the extra yard. Willing in pass pro, can be effective as a cut-blocker and will make contact with blitzers off the edge. Good hands out of the backfield, adjusts to high passes and is a threat to make the first defender miss with a cut after the catch.
Not as decisive as you’d like after the handoff, pausing instead of pressing the line.Will waste steps in moving laterally. Inconsistent taking what the defense gives him, will bounce outside where NFL defenders will bring him down for a loss. Will cut a bit early against blitzers in pass pro, needs to stay up and anchor when they expect the low block. Resorts to throwing a shoulder too often in the backfield or leading plays downfield. Holds the ball low and in the wrong hand in the open field, inviting fumbles.


I NEVER have and NEVER will wear gear representing any Div. foe but must admit growing up I LOVED the Raiders and thought they had the COOLEST uniforms till everybody started wearing black. I had a leather Raiders jacket and leather cap which were very cool I wore during the winter unless of course they were competing with us for playoff spot or going head to head.

I'm not buying this Mike Dee stuff at all like it is all good news.
I smell some fraud going on and now I must expose it; consider:

-The Padres are one of sports crap franchises.
-The Padres are so bad that no one currently employed by MLB wants the job.
-Therefore it makes no sense that Dee wants to sail the ship that he built. If he built that franchise then he is the one that phucced it up.
-There are no execs from successful franchises available.
-Mike Dee must have notified his agent to find him something else because he expects Ross to clean house after the season.

This move bodes ill for this season

Just saw an article where Parcells mentions he hurt the franchise when he left. Someone is feeling guilty.


On The 07 Draft. Agreed. P.Willis Would've Been Great. I Never Liked Crowder. And Everyone Here Knows How I Feel About The Importance Of The MLB On A Team. Heck, Look At The SB. Flacco Is Overrated. And Kap Was Inexperience. The Leaders Of Those Teams Were The MLB. Both Of Them. The QB Is The Most Important Position, MLB Is 2nd. Look At The Saints. How Bad Did They Look Without Vilma. The QB Of The Defense, The MLB.

Heck, If We Didn't Draft T-Hill, I Would've Wanted The Fins To Draft Kuechly.

And Those Who Would've Preferred M.Ryan Over Long. I Would've Taken Mayo Over Ryan And Long. Mayo Was The Best Player In That Draft.

After Brady, The Only Real Good Pick BB Ever Made Was Mayo.

And Ireland Himself Said A Good GM Hits On Half His Picks. I Rather Ireland Hit On His First 4 Picks, Than His Last 4.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 02:55 PM

He has a hot of hitting on 4 or 5 players in this draft. If he can keep healthy Jelani Jenkins battle with Kaddu for playing time on D will be something to watch given they are interchangeable pieces very similar players who should push each other.

I meant he has ot of hitting on 4 or 5 players.

Mike Dee sucked he was a loser and we were a losing team all of the 4 years he was here. So go join Sparano, and Parcells in the unemployement line.

Now we just have have to get rid of 2 more idiots, Toss the salad Ross and Fireland to get back to our winning ways.

Oh, yeah George Zimmerman was found not guilty due to self defense. What About Jode Arias that was self defense to. Why is she still in jail.


JesusI meant shot! and I still haven't started drinkin, LOL!

Very bad Timing Mike Dee leaving just before the start of training camp brings back memories of 2004 when Ricky Williams retired to smoke dope in a tent in Australia.

This could be bad for us with the blackouts.

On The Hat Thing.

Agreed. I Only Wear My Team Hat.

Now On The Matching Hats With Outfits. They Sell Team Hats In Different Colors Now. I Have 4 Different Fins Hat. White, Navy Blue, Aqua Green, And Orange.

What Kap Should've Said Which Is True. He Grew Up A Marino Fan. So He Likes The Fins. Not Everyone Plays For The Team They Grew Up Rooting For.

I Know That Might've Not Sat Well With 49er Fans Because They Think Montana Is God. But It Is The Truth.


Great Points one the Kaep CAP incident...I agree....and I will almost always defer to other players when deciding what is appropriate when it comes to NFL edicate.....

I watched the piece on NFLN...JUST so i could hear the words out of a PLAYER's mouth...and a TEAMMATE @ that....double bonus....

Bowman didn't go with the PC answer of "support my teammate...or it's just a hat".....he spoke his mind...and said that Kaep was wrong....you can match your "gear" with TEAMS from other SPORTS....if your gonna wear NFL GEAR...common sens says it should be for the TEAM THAT PAYS YOUR SALARY.....

This to me shows lack of self-awareness on Kaep's part....and could come back to bite him in the @ss should he and the niner's get off to a slow start....why throw gas on a fire....you guys (NFL players)are under a microscope enough...

Maybe he just wanted the press....


You really should stop embarrassing yourself with how little you know about Mike Dee.

He wasn't even working for the Padres when the Dolphins hired him. He was CEO of the Boston Red Sox, who won two World Series titles while he was there.

The Padres job ended over a decade ago, but he has professional and family roots in Southern California, so it's hardly a shock he would return to that area.

His deepest sports roots are also in baseball, not football.

There isn't any freaking conspiracy. Take a valium, Chicken Little

I Know That Might've Not Sat Well With 49er Fans Because They Think Montana Is God. But It Is The Truth.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Marino was quoted as saying he grew up a Nammath fan (puke Jet) Brady and Aaron Rodgers as avid Montana fans. Heck Cam Newton said on NFL Network just last night (google if you missed) that he still roots for Atlanta the team he grew up watching unless playing them (wonder how Panthers fans feel about that)


I like Gillislee.

I Just Have Read The Scouting Reports, Saw The Highlights, And Analyzed The Stats.

Agreed. He Came In To Battle D.Thomas. I Would've Preferred M.James Over Gillislee.

But It Wouldn't Shock Me If Ireland Spends Another Late Rd Pick On A RB Next Year.

I Believe This Is Ireland's Best Draft Yet. And I Could See Him Hitting On More Than Half. The Kicker, Jenkins, And D.Sims All Look Like Solid Picks. Even The 7th Rd Safety. I See Him Battling J.Wilson For PT. And Like I Said, I See Gillislee As A Good 3rd Down Back. Battling Thigpen This Season, And Making D.Thomas Expendable Next Year. When We Draft Another RB Next Season.

But We Can Agree That Those Picks Are For Depth. Our Impact Players Will Be The First 3 We Drafted. DJ, JT, D.Thomas, And Probably W.Davis.

I See The CBs Developing Like You Said The Other Day. Davis A Little Slower Than JT.

D.Thomas Is Being Groomed To Replace Incognito. They Like Him On The Left Side.

@ Kris,
I once worked for the biggest supermarket conmpany in Canada (Loblaw) and if you walked into their office carrying anything with a plastic bag of another company, you were chewed out. Happened a couple of times.

F4L @3:23,

Agreed. Brees Grew Up A Marino Fan Also.

We All Know That You Don't Wear Another Teams Colors. Its Like Gangs. Bloods Don't Wear Blue.

I Like Kap. But This Does Show A Little Bit Of Indifference About The Team He Plays For.

I Would Understand That From A Young Baseball Player Or Basketball Player That Didn't Go To College. But You Would Think A Football Player Understands The Concept Of Rivalry Better. College Football Is Big On Team And Team Colors. It Could Be He Is From A Small School And It Was OK To Wear Another Schools Color.

f4l, I don't need to confirm which Qb Phillip Rivers grew up watching, Peyton Manning neither. Those guys have a lot of their game patterned after #13.

And Tom Brady may have grown up a Montana fan, but I know where he got that in pocket slide step from...

Why would pattern yourself with someone who is 1-10 in road playoffs?
Mark Sanchez is 4-2.

poor duh b,no luv.


If I were a NFL player I'd actually have my yeam logo stitched on Sports gear I liked wearing. Given I'm not I wear what I like but really outside of childhood like of Raiders as other team I followed when Fins out of it I never wore anybody elses gear outiside of Irvin jersey in JJ (POST UM Coaching Florida Cowboys) between 91-93. I HATED them from the moment Switzer ws hired though!

Theres an article in PFT, "Bill Parcells believes his departure hurt the Dolphins."

Paracell is on Crack!!


I Believe T-Hill Watched Some Marino Also.

P.Rivers, D.Marino, And T-Hill All Have The Same Compact Throwing Motion. Would love for Marino To Mentor Him. But I'm OK With Penny Helping.

Marino Was Probably As Slow As Molasses Outside The Pocket. But He Had Cat Like Reflexes In The Pocket.

It was Parcells signing of NoodleArm for $10mil without a tryout or physical that phucced this team up.
The Wildcat.

But You Would Think A Football Player Understands The Concept Of Rivalry Better. College Football Is Big On Team And Team Colors. It Could Be He Is From A Small School And It Was OK To Wear Another Schools Color.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Agreed! I believed it would make more of an effect with teamates for this very reason when it 1st aired remember Football is a full blown contact sport the bonds with teamates who regard it as going to war stronger than any other U.S. Sport. I think the NFL in the States is like Soccer to the rest of the World in terms of fanatical hysteria. Could you imagine a Manchester United player in England wearing gear from Liverpool or Chelsea probably get lynched! Well I feel there could be less of a grace period for Kaep in the Bay area now that fans will wonder how commited he is to there 49ers if they were to get off to slow start as Kris mentioned his apology was lame at best!

You said you wanted a fast moving offense with deep, frozen rope type pass plays.
How is Penny (NoodleArm) supposed to help with that?

My medication is wearing off I need to get off of this sight because if I start in on Penny and the BACKDOOR wildcat I will end up in the hospital tonight.

But We Can Agree That Those Picks Are For Depth. Our Impact Players Will Be The First 3 We Drafted. DJ, JT, D.Thomas, And Probably W.Davis.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Without a doubt these players were picked to build depth but the best teams are the ones with the best depth who replenish the ranks from within off the bench. The 2010 Packers are the latest example winning the S.B. in 2010 with 15 players on I.R. and close to 10 being key to the team and the reason I feel Philbin's fingerprints all over what we've seen this Off-Season even if Ireland gets the credit.

Last Yr. Ireland tried plugging players (cheap vets) into holes like Ocho who Philbin cut ties with quick. Ireland may have gone shopping for the Groceries but Philbin was doing the cooking remember Ireland telling Philbin on HARDKNOCKS that Clyde Gates needed more time had speed was a player he didn't want to see maxing potential somewhere else ect... He basically was telling Philbin to keep him and Phibin cut him the next day along with the Vet. leadership who asked to be included in team decisions.

I didn't see Philbin come out and say he wanted one of the ring leaders of that group Jake Long back or Reggie for that matter. My best Guess is Dansby was on his radar here and the Coach was behind the Ellerbee move to. Look at the change in philosophy from the identity of what Ireland has put together before in Dallas and Miami and you see an abrupt shift and feel the low key Coach is a bigger part of it than is being let on.

One down, one to go.
Ross out next. Please.

And thanks for the "rebrand" there, Mike. Great logo.


Well, if he was the Assshole that ideated the Tim Tebow Homecoming Day here, and similar major PR fukkkups that have occurred, he's well gone.

f4l, did you see the interview on Italian sports of Marco Ballotelli wearing an AC Milan shirt while he played for Inter Milan??

That is like Mike Wallace wearing a jets jersey...

Dashi, Marino was awesome that way, couldn't run but made so many superior athletes look stupid when they tried to sack him

How fin4life grammar and spelling have fallen off! I wonder why that has happened to him?

HoHo! They got pissed!


Heard about it on Around the Horn were Wilbon ripped him! Haven't heard about the backlash which I imagine was considerable.

Tell you a true story back between 2001-2004 I was incharge of all Produce / Fruit Exports from Honduras, Port Cortez to Port of Miami for Seaboard Marine were I was stationed and some friends I made who were raised in the U.S. invited me to the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium in 03 to see U.S. Vs. Honduras National team in World Cup qualifying match we had box seating in upper region of Stadium and I wore my U.S. colors.

I admit I'm not that big a fan of the Sport and even less then so I didn't know what I was in for. The U.S. won 2-0 led by Cobi Jones against what Honduras felt was there best team ever with Tyson Nuñez and in final minutes I had people from the lower decks screaming at me and they threw bottles at me. My friends got the Police to walk me back to there truck, I sh it you not! After that was always more careful when stationed in Latin America with they're Soccer fanatisicm.

How fin4life grammar and spelling have fallen off!

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 17, 2013 at 04:30 PM

Actually got a new computer and type very quickly without spell checker but given how everybody abbreviates in the modern twitter era I don't give it the pause I used to oscar.

f4l, crazy story and entirely believable. heck I've seen a lot of the same to dolphins fans at Bills games. My nephew's gf (who was pretty hot) once got popcorn thrown at her. There's how you know the people are savages, they throw shite at hot chicks ... like she even really knows the difference between a tight end and a wide receiver ... but I hope my nephew tried to show her ...

I don't know, this fin4life, you sound younger, more impatient than the fin4life I knew in years past. Could there be 2 of you sharing the same name?

C'mon. tell me. Don't be shy. Nobody else will know.

Except for me Oscar, I will know.


Penny Did The Most With The Little Arm He Had. And Has One Of The Highest Football IQ In NFL History.

He Isn't Going To Play. He Is Coaching The Position. He Is Helping T-Hill Maximize His Talent.

If You Don't Understand How Penny Sharing His Knowledge With T-Hill Is A Good Thing. I Don't Know How I Can Help You.

like she even really knows the difference between a tight end and a wide receiver ... but I hope my nephew tried to show her ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 17, 2013 at 04:52 PM

Wild stuff have heard it from people whi went to games at Meadowlands Vs. Jets in past. Zach Thomas was once jumped by Jets fans in N.Y. were they beat him up pretty good also one of the few Marino stories was back in Mid-80's were he was heckled by fans in a Bar and got into a fight the night before a game with some guy who kept telling him how he sucked and Gastineau was going to eat him up. My story was one more out of ignorance really. I knew given a Soccer Sports League with a dozen teams in such a poor Country meant it was they're pass time but when I started cheering for the U.S. and the clock ticked down after our 2nd goal the people in the imidiate area below me went ape ch it on me. They threw beer bottles at me while cursing at me in a way you'd thought I'd slept with their Moms (I don't say wives because some of the Mob were woman)

Could there be 2 of you sharing the same name?

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 17, 2013 at 04:52 PM

There was a time your schtick was comical but lately I'm the one who wonders if your the same oscar. I told you a few weeks ago I wouldn't acknowledge you anymore till you posted something relevant and in the last few days you started dropping some Football related posts about George Mira ect... Keep it that way oscar! Creeme es mucho mas interesante que ponerte a hablar estupideces que te hacen sonar como un idiota o loco.

That's a mighty fine hat you got there sir Kapernick.
You are very stylish sir.
Nice choice!

You losers still responding to troll ETFraud Load Swallowe Back Doorr and then turn around and wonder why there are so many trolls.

I'll bet some of you would fondle an old wino's pecker if it had a dolphin tatoo on it.

Mike Dee has to be sick of working with cheapskate Ross.

good luck dee u will be missed

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