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CEO Mike Dee leaving Dolphins for new job

Mike Dee, the Dolphins CEO since 2009, will leave the team within the next month to become President and CEO of the San Diego Padres.

The Dolphins and Padres are expected to announce the move today. Dee will replace Tom Garfinkel, who resigned his San Diego post last week.

[Update: Both teams have announced the hiring.]

"It's a chance to return to my roots," said Dee, who worked previously for the Padres (1995-2002) as well as the Boston Red Sox before joining the Dolphins. "This is a great opportunity to run a team and a facility. It's a chance to sail a ship I helped construct."

Dee will wield unquestioned power in San Diego, where he will oversee the business side of the team and also have baseball operations under his control. The Padres general manager will answer to Dee.

The Dolphins' business model is to split the franchise into a football operations side run by General Manager Jeff Ireland and a business side that is run by the CEO. Both answer to owner Stephen Ross but not each other.

A club source with knowledge Ross's thinking said the club will continue that model going forward. The club has already hired New Jersey based Turnkey Sports as a headhunter to help in the search for Miami's next CEO.

That search has already taken its initial steps and the Dolphins source said while there is no official timetable for filling Dee's vacancy, the club hopes to have a new CEO in place sometime before the end of the 2013 season if not by the time it begins. Dee said he would stay on the next 2-4 weeks to help the Dolphins transition to the next CEO.

Dee met with Dolphins staff at 11 a.m. to tell them of his departure.

While he is excited about returning to major league baseball and a team he was previously connected to, Dee leaves with fond memories about the football team he's always rooted for.

"I love this franchise," he said of the Dolphins. "I have great respect and love for the history of this franchise -- coach [Don] Shula and the alumni. It's been a wonderful four years for me. I got a chance to meet a lot of great men I grew up idolizing and I found out they're great players and better people."

During his tenure, the Dolphins continued their tradition of celebrating their history while also stepping up their participation in community activities and philanthropy. The Dolphins Cycling Challenge raised over $1 million for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center the past two years. Dee also initiated an annual blood drive that was very successful.

Dee was the local eyes and ears for Ross, who spends his time primarily in New York. Although Ross was not a fan of the Dolphins fight song and initially shelved it, Dee forged a compromise to return it to Sun Life after he listened to complaints from fans.

But it hasn't been all success.

Although he negotiated a stadium naming rights deal with Sun Life, Dee met stiff political opposition when he spearheaded the club's attempt to seek partial public financing to upgrade the 25-year-old stadium. The most recent effort to strike a public-private partnership to upgrade Sun Life Stadium failed in March.

The new CEO will have to pick up that torch because the issue has not gone away. Although the Dolphins may not seek public funding again in 2013 -- a decision not yet cemented -- they definitely will seek it again in the future. The new CEO will also have to try to increase the season ticket base that currently stands at about 40,000. It'll be a challenge unless the Dolphins change course on the field after four consecutive losing seasons.

The new CEO, like Dee, will have nothing to do with Miami's football success. Yet, like Dee, the new hire will have to try and translate whatever success football operations has into business success.

Turnkey's search is expected to focus first on people with NFL experience.

In 2009, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell informed NFL clubs that the mandatory Rooney Rule interview requirements currently in place for the head coach position had been extended to the senior football operations position at each club. 

This policy specifically requires clubs to interview at least one minority candidate as part of the hiring process for a club's senior football operations position, whether described as general manager, executive vice president of football operations, or otherwise.

The requirement does not apply in cases where the position is held or filled by the owner or a member of his family, or where a club has a pre-existing contractual commitment filed with the league office to promote a current member of its staff if the senior football operations position becomes vacant.

Although it is not required, Goodell strongly urged clubs in today’s memo to interview a broad and diverse slate of candidates for a wide range of football operations roles, including scouting, player personnel, and contract and cap management positions. "The more thorough the search, the more likely clubs are to find the right candidates, and to be able to groom future leaders from within their organizations," the commissioner said.

Ross released a statement through the team. It reads:

"I want to thank Mike Dee for his leadership over the past four years to the Miami Dolphins and wish him the best in his new position with the San Diego Padres. Under Mike, we have broadened our role in the community, improved our technology footprint within the organization and enhanced our customer service to our fans. As a result of Mike’s leadership and combined with the hard work of our football operations department, I feel that the organization is well positioned for future success both on and off the field. We will begin the process immediately to bring in a new CEO and I have retained Turnkey Sports and Entertainment to lead this search. Mike will be in the office over the next several weeks as he makes the transition to his new position. We wish him and his family the very best in this new chapter of his life."


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Hey Woodshed..he thinks I'm you......
(now watch.....he'll accuse me of talking to myself)

Well Kris didn't respond to the accusation. Like the blogger said he never does. Maybe there IS something to it.

Silence, you infernal lesbians. Silence!!

I'm pretty sure Gibson came after the draft. He is good but not a Wallace or a Patterson. Aside from Wallace the rest of the offense seems generic, no spark. I liked the offseason moves overall, but at some point Ireland needs to draft some scary offensive weapons.

I'm definitely just woodshed. Yes I have my summer's free and I stop by to talk every now and the when I'm not working out or spending time with the family. I like to see what's new with my favorite team but idiots polluting the blog make it next to impossible to find like minded posters.

Nah Soren, Gibson signed in March, draft was in April.

Didnt people call Ricky Williams a quitter for leaving about the same time as Dee?

Those wow posts that you speak of fin4life are just some examples de que Ya no existen Secretos. For Anybody. That includes this Blog and TMH, of course.

Woodshed there are some sick sad souls that come on the blog. I'm trying some Internet outreach with them so they maybe see their behavior for what it is.

Posted by: Soren | July 17, 2013 at 11:15 PM

I think Wallace makes the rest of our weapons scary. If you look at Hartline's career, you will see that he had a lot of 4-5 catch/80-90 yd catch games before Marshall arrived. When Ginn, a burner was on the field across from him. We brought another burner in but he is far more reliable and accomplished. I think we will see more YAC for Hartline this year and thus more TD's.

Then we bring in Keller, not a great blocker but very fast for his position and good hands. It is obvious that we are going to stretch things with Wallace to open up those intermediate routes. Less defenders around the ball should equal more space to move up the field after the catch. This ultimately should improve T-Hill's comp.% provided our O-line holds up.

I also see L. Miller flashing this season!

On an individual scale if need be, they can even photograph your assshole and tell if any of the creases there have been broken.

Maybe so. But what if Wallace gets injured. The whole offense reverts to slow motion. I think we have too much riding on one player. I don't see any other player DC's will be worried about.

No kidding Darkoak.

Why waste a day blogging nonsense. It's sad really. I think people that look at porn sites all day are pathetic but at least they derive pleasure from it.

What kind of pleasure could on possibly get from posting about a couple of bloggers all day long under different aliases?

On a Grander scale, anything hidden can also be accessed if the Collective deems is needed.

Get used to it. Sooner better than later.

Geez I took a nasty dump at noon and still going through paper towels wiping skid marks off my azzz.

Maybe so. But what if Wallace gets injured. The whole offense reverts to slow motion. I think we have too much riding on one player. I don't see any other player DC's will be worried about.

Posted by: Soren | July 17, 2013 at 11:34 PM

That could be said about a lot of teams. What if the Lions lost Megatron? What if the Bengals lost AJ Green? Or Houston lost A. Johnson? Lots of examples out there.

At that point, your QB has to show what he is made of. Tannehill has the arm strength, athleticism and intelligence to grow into a top QB. It would have to happen sooner than later if our scariest weapon goes down.

The X-factor here is our defense. They look scary on paper. Hopefully they perform up to potential .

Just Like Yesterday. YG Ruined The Blog That Was Talking About Football To Talk About Other Posters.

YG, Have You Ever Thought People Change Names On Here Cause We Don't Want You To Go On and On Like You Do About Dashi And Odin. Even When Dashi Or Odin Aren't Here You Still Talk About Us.

We Come Here To Talk About Our Team, You Come Here To Talk About Us. Real Simple Really. Remember The E. Roosevelt Quote. "Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people."

Insanity Is Doing Something Over And Over Expecting A Different Result. -A.Einstein

Keep That One In Mind. You Come On Here Everyday With The Same Schtick. Expecting A Different Result. You Won't Convince Nobody To Your Side Fool.

What I Have Notice Is That You Are Getting Worst. Your Own Delusions Are Driving You Mad.

What I Find Funny Is Your Pleading To Other Posters. If You Weren't Such An Imbecile Maybe The Rest Of Us Might ... Nah, Never mind.

Suck On That For A While.

Darkoak, so true. It's very sad.

One could spend all day looking at dirty, X rated sites and still have more of a life. At least they would derive some pleasure.

What pleasure could a grown man possibly get by polluting a blog all day just to antagonize a person who may or may not be following?

AJ Green is a great player, but not a speed threat. Now they've added Eifert who I think we needed more than Dion. Mega is mega, but I think Stafford is a gamer. Either way you are comparing us to teams that like us are not there yet to contend. And that is why, not enough point scorers.

Suck On That For A While.

Posted by: Dashi | July 17, 2013 at 11:43 PM

Dashi, like odin, have to resort to hommo talk because they don't have the vocabulary or literacy for intelligent, respectful debate.

It is fine with darkoak, but for many of us it just drags the blog further in the sewer and attracts more of the same scuz.

Dashi should really give up his constant references to fellatio. It's a family football blog not a redneck truckstop.

AJ Green is a great player, but not a speed threat. Now they've added Eifert who I think we needed more than Dion. Mega is mega, but I think Stafford is a gamer. Either way you are comparing us to teams that like us are not there yet to contend. And that is why, not enough point scorers.

Posted by: Soren | July 17, 2013 at 11:47 PM

Not enough PROVEN point scorers. We are adding talent in the GB model. Skill guys that compliment each other's style of play well. We have players that can stretch the field (Wallace), create separation with deceptive quickness( Hartline), create mismatches at their positions with speed (Keller) and good body control to make tough grabs (Gibson). If it all comes together, we could be a top five offense but just like other teams who use this strategy (GB, Giants, Patriots) we have to have good QB play.

You losers still responding to troll ETFraud Load Swallowe Back Doorr and then turn around and wonder why there are so many trolls.

Posted by: Stupid is as stupid does. | July 17, 2013 at 05:44 PM

It's pretty easy to see ignorance no matter what name it goes by.

This is YG getting jealous because Price Master is getting more play than him-lol!

As bad as Price Master is YG, he couldn't hold a candle to you and your multiple psychopathic personalities.

You get what you play for.......Dumb Fvck!


"I feel I can be much better on third down this year", Ryan Tannehill.

I'd say you need to take a step back and reassess the matter.

Posted by: LightPine | July 17, 2013 at 08:22 PM

NOPE YG, Darkoak's right on the money when it comes to you Trolls.

The only one here that doesn't realize the depths of your depravity.........is YOU(what do you know-LOL).

It's called Denial YG. Come on now, say it with me: D-E-N-I-A-L!

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You ever check out Volbeat Odin?


Then by all means stick wtih the few regular juvenile delinquents if that is your cup of tea. But don't make yourself look as equally foolish as them by calling them smart. They are naive, illiterate, ego inflated gas bags.

Posted by: LightPine | July 17, 2013 at 08:30 PM

YG, your UTTER lack of reading comprhension skills gives you away EVERY TIME - ROTFLMAO!

Darkoak never called anyone smart.

Funny though, I never knew a Urinal Cake could be D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!

Kris I remember when your name showed up as kris and KRis, and krIS and you blamed it on a malfucntioning keyboard! EVERYONE remembers that.

What were you really doing?

Posted by: Fess up | July 17, 2013 at 09:25 PM

Kristie to this day has never confronted this. He always runs and hides when he is asked about it.

People don't forget so easily.

Posted by: Pay Attention People | July 17, 2013 at 09:30 PM

Believe it or not Folks, this Dumb Shyt that's better known as.......well..........for clarities sake, we'll just stick with Dumb Shyt, believe it or not, Tard Boy is now not only posting to himself, he's now cutting and pasting his own posts to try and better make his point.

Now who can blame me, when it comes to Dying Turd, all I can think is:

Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

You're PEE-itiful Urinal Cakes!!!!

If you follow the blog's post for the day it's always an alias talking about either Odin or Dashi, sometimes both. It is pretty pathetic for sure.

Can I ask you guys a favor just to not encourage his APD acting out. He seems upset that I am somehow favoring you guys and I want him to know that is not the case. Also if you don't engage him in flame fests then he won't have a target for his lashing out. I'm curious to see if we can help bring him back from the edge of his mental abyss. He's a very disturbed individual.


I was reading your post above. It made me think about Hartline last year and his lack of yards after the catch. Then it occurred to me, with him being our No. 1 WR, he constantly drew the most attention. I think this is what limited his YAC.

Wallace will obviously be getting all the attention this year. It makes me think that Hartline's YAC will jump. Hopefully it all adds up to more points and scoring opportunities.

Personally, I don't see how it can't. I think Hartline will compliment Wallace very nicely. Just like Dion Sims compliments Keller. Like Thomas compliments Miller. Alright, I might be stretching it with that last one, but you get the drift.

I just don't see how this offense isn't twice as good as last year. I'm Pumped!

Odin I hope Sims blocking is top notch, particularly if Martin falters. Martin is by far the biggest question mark right now.

I have mixed feelings about D. Thomas. He looked promising in the first 4 games of his rookie season then nothing. I think injuries have taken his confidence. But he is a good pass blocker and he has excellent hands for a RB. I keep hearing how Bush should've been used on screens but he seemed to struggle making those catches when they came in hot. Bush looked better in space catching, with air under the ball. However, Thomas seemed to make those catches when called upon.

I haven't seen enough of Miller to make an assessment on his catching but there is no doubt in my mind he will tear it up running.

Woodshed I'm not a Thomas fan and his time seems like it is running out on our team. If all we need is a big body then lets sign a reliable veteran for that role. Thomas has had problems putting the ball in the dirt and staying on the field, a bad combo for a RB.

Odin I hope Sims blocking is top notch, particularly if Martin falters. Martin is by far the biggest question mark right now.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 18, 2013 at 01:27 AM

I agree about Martin. He has excellent lateral quickness but he will often get caught off balance. Hopefully the strength training this offseason helps. Sims looks like a legit 4th rd steal. I could see us using 3 TE sets with him, Keller and Egnew near the goal line. That is assuming the early reports of Egnew looking much improved are accurate.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 18, 2013 at 01:41 AM

Yeah, he may be damaged goods at this point. We have enough depth at RB where I'm not too concerned just yet. I may change my opinion after the 2nd preseason game though.


People are saying Tannehill and his development are the biggest question mark. Then you have the other camp that says Martin is the biggest question mark. Tough call, so I just agree with both. I believe they're the two biggest question marks.

They go hand in hand. If Martin kills it and gets Tannehill the time, I believe he's successful and take the next step. I think we have enough talent at the skill positions for Tannehill to thrive. So in my opinion, if he gets the blocking up front, we Jam!

Martin's a scary proposition, but by all accounts he's putting in the work necessary to step up. With the added muscle and the emphasis on twitch muscle development/workouts, I'm expecting to see the Martin that played Left Tackle at Stanford. Or at least the NFL version.

Getting Leach or Sims to help out is all good. But if Martin's going to be the Long Term answer, he's going to have to answer the bell. And ultimately, we can't be limited in our blocking schemes by guys not holding their own. On certain plays and by design it's great. But Left Tackles just too important and Martin's going to have to prove himself sooner rather than later.

Good point, anyway I'm out, take'er easy.

They are taking an unavoidable leap of faith with Martin because the expectation was Long would eventually re-sign with the team, particularly as the Rams offer was pretty much identical.

Long didn't leave because Miami was lowballing him. They were right there at market value. Long left because his wife hated living in South Florida and didn't want to raise a family there. That's the truth.

Regardless, it falls on Martin. I am (cautiously) optimistic he has the smarts and physical ability to do it but to actually project that and state is as a 'fait accompli' would be foolish. We will simply have to wait and see.

A healthy Long was absolutely the best option there but obviously getting that version of Jake was iffy.

I thawed out a complete Hind Quarter(back straps inc.)recently. I should have processed it before freezing, but we filled all our tags(and then some-lol). I had enough to fill one of my Freezers and more, so I got lazy and just froze the entire Hind Quarter.

Anyways, I thawed it and cut up a Ginormous 3 part Roast and quite a few choice steaks and varying cuts. I aged the meat, gave it a nice Hand Rub and then Marinated it overnight.

My Favorite Hottie and I invited a few close friends over and my neighbors from either side. Everyone brought sides with them.

We had Drinks Flowing and The Music Cranking. I had two skillets going and My Honey did her best with the Giant Roast. A Goof Ball Buddy of mine even ruined some on the Back Deck Grill(Don't tell him I said that).

We had a GREAT Party with some very Good Friends. Good Drink and Food I hunted down and put on the table. It was a Great evening. At least it should have been. Every spare second I had I was thinking about the Dolphins. I was thinking about Training Camp and the up coming battles. I was wondering how the Leach contract negotiations were going!

I'm sick......people! I'm not as sick as Urinal Cakes or anything "Like THAT!" But I'm sick nonetheless!

Oh well, I ended up with 5 quarter pound baggies full of Dehydrated/Smoked Venison Jerky! My own Extra Spicy Secret Recipe!

Can't Wait for Training Camp!



Mando, When will you ban these idiots?

I can't blame him for leaving Ross and Ireland. Plus, the weather is better here in Diego. Just wish he would have brought my Fins with him.


As you said, not enough PROVEN scorers. Seeing is believing. I've learned enough that the preseason high's can fade away fast.

You fukkking creep. Got outta here!

No big difference between Martin and Long. They both are susceptible to the speed rushers catching them off balance and putting them in the ground. Martin is smarter than Long but Jake appears to be more competitive.

Don't forget final cuts. We might just get some good Players being pushed out by talented rookies from other Teams.

Mike Dee leaving now bodes ill.
If Dee was sure the team would be better this season then he would stay.
Obviously he feels the team will backslide.
He figures he won't be in demand by even the shhty Padres a year from now.

I DON'T care if the Team backslides. That fukkk made Us the laughing stock of the NFL, probably on purpo$e. NOBODY messes with our Selfesteem.

It got awful quiet in a big fukkking hurry. Now, didn't it?

Miami Dolphins now has no CEO and a 1st round draft pick not showing for any practices or training camp that says, "Take your contract and shove it!"
Tannehills last game after 15 games of NFL development
could not even get the team in position for one measly field goal
Tannehill lost 28-0 against one of the worst rated NFL defenses
Tannehill was the worst 3rd down QB in the 2012 NFL
Tannehill set a franchise record in worst Home loss in franchise history and that was against an awful team
Martin sucks
Egnew is a bust
Mike Dee sees the writing on the wall
Adios Muchachos !

Tannehill set another franchise record:

Only 3 WR TDs in 16 NFL starts in a row!

and more INTs than TDs

When do we retire the great #17 jersey ?

Home, you out on parole? Haven't seen you in a while.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 18, 2013 at 01:41 AM

You should watch that Pats game again. Tannehill was the only one on our team trying. He had to run for his life as soon as the ball was snapped. The funny part is he was still making someone catchable throws, but our WRs had the dropsies that day. It looked like a Vegas payday conspiracy! I'm sure Dansby was in on it!

Last post in reference to camp vet home @8:47am

I remember at least a few big drops one most notably by Binns that should've been 7. They still got crushed but ur right the tema didn't exactly give RT17 andy kind of chance.

Two days until camp starts, football is coming back. Woot!

Yeah Mark, Tannehill was the only trying to do something against the Pats. Binns dropping a couple balls including what shouldve been the TD and the Reggie fumble really hurt.

Tannehill took some big hits and stayed in the game, I liked the toughness. Looking forward to camp.

Im curious to know how somebody knows that Jake Long wife hated living in South Florida, so you mean to tell me there are people who will give up no state taxes, beaches, fishing, sunny weather for ST Louis, thats nuts. Rams offer was slightly higher and JL bolted like the Brutus he is. In all honesty he should of never been drafted overall #1, shouldve of taken Ryan.

BTW Joe Thomas is miles better than Long and what he go 7 or something liek that.

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