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Coaches digest the scrimmage buffet

The Dolphins coaching staff will meet today and go through Monday's night's scrimmage to see which players took steps forward and which stumbled as they prepare for three more days of practice starting Wednesday before they head to Canton, Ohio this weekend for the Hall of Fame game.

One of the issues the staff must manage is the wide receiver situation.

Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace were held out of the scrimmage. Hartline seemed to tweak a lower leg muscle, possibly a calf, in the warmups and drills prior to the scrimmage. Wallace was held out for an undetermined issue, although signs point to him also nursing some sort of minor injury. (Remember, the Dolphins do not comment on injuries and coach Joe Philbin didn't even address the media after the scrimmage. He addressed the crowd after many of them had already walked out. And he gave the media relations department two quotes about the scrimmage, neither of which addressed Wallace's absence. This, by the way, is not typical of NFL teams. Head coachess speak after practices and scrimmages and preseason games and regular season games and playoff games and Super Bowls. Win or lose).

At any rate, Philbin is expected to explain the Wallace absence Wednesday in some fashion because he is also not available to the media today -- a day off for the team.

It's really a shame about Wallace. No, I'm not too worried about the player's injury if that is what kept him out. Again, if he's injured it's minor. I'm sad for the franchise that is trying to increase a lagging season-ticket base and a growing disconnect from local fans. Last night the club had 22,876 interested fans in the stands -- more than the Patriots had at Gillette Stadium for a practice on the same night. All of those fans are potential season-ticket customers. I'm certain they all expected to see Ryan Tannehill (3 TD passes), Dion Jordan (one sack and one pressure), Cameron Wake and Mike Wallace.

And Wallace was only there to roam the sideline in his uniform but out of action. Shame.

That's not anyone's fault. It's just tough luck for the organization.

As to the rest of the wide receiver corps: Even as the team engages in talks about adding a body -- Laurent Robinson and Austin Collie are on the radar among others -- there will no doubt be a longer look at undrafted free agent acquisition Chad Bumphis.

Bumphis had two catches for 41 yards on Monday night. One of those was a 28-yard catch and run down the right sideline that showed both burst and field awareness. Bumphis has been mired on third and fourth teams so far in camp. If the scrimmage performance doesn't earn him more reps and perhaps some with the second team, it certainly puts him on the radar pior to the HOF game.

Bumphis wasn't the only back-of-the-roster type who caught the eyes of coaches:

AJ Francis, another undrafted rookie, was very active. He collected a sack. He batted a pass at the line of scrimmage. The Maryland kid showed up.

Will Davis, who frankly had struggled during practices, came through with a huge interception in the end zone during a goal line situation. (By the way, the Dolphins scored one of the TDs in goal line on  a pass and another run TD was questionable whether the runner got in although it was awarded. What's the point? I don't know).

The Dolphins are putting a huge emphasis on turnovers this season. Joe Philbin wants to be plus-16 this year as a starting point. The club was minus-10 last year. That means more turnovers for the defense. It's a great way to get in good graces.

And on offense a turnover is a good way to make a place in the doghouse.

Today, safety Kelcie McCray, Davis, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and Francis are in good graces. Mcray returned his interception of a Matt Moore pass 50 yards for a TD. Vernon had a sack and caused a fumble that Randy Starks recovered. Francis batted a pass that offered another interception opportunity. And, of course, Davis not only saved a touchdown but got the ball back with his interception.

By the way, this turnover emphasis is real. Consider what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said:

“We constantly look for better ways of teaching, from little things like we’ve got footballs hanging from the walls in every defensive meeting room that they have to go in, when they walk in and out of the meeting rooms, they’re stripping and punching, just reminders," he said.

" We’ve shown them tape from around the league of teams that cause the most fumbles, how they were caused, what situations we may have had an opportunity to strip the ball and we didn’t.  We’ve talked about sacks, sack fumbles, we got a lot of sacks, but we didn’t get a lot of sack fumbles.  We like to believe there were opportunities at times last year to get a fumble as well as a sack, so we’ve showed them players throughout the league who have done that consistently and it’s an awareness factor. 

"So we’ve looked at the teams that create the most fumbles last year, it was New England, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we’ve studied every one of those fumbles, we’ve showed them those things on tape, and hopefully it will start to translate onto our play."

Conversely, losing turnovers is a no-no. So who's in the doghouse today?

Mike Gillislee was good against second- and third-team competition running the ball. He rushed for 21 yards on six carries. But he had a fumble that he lost. And he dropped a pass that would have gone for a first down.

Quarterbacks Moore and Pat Devlin also made key mistakes that turned otherwise mediocre nights into a problem. Neither threw a TD pass. Neither looked exceedingly comfortable. Both threw interceptions that cost his team TDs. Devlin's interception obviously was in the end zone. And Moore's interception was returned for a TD. Moore also had a fumble so two turnovers for him. Yuck.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, played a lot better than he's been practicing. He threw three touchdowns without and interception and that was without his two top wide receivers available. He completed 8 of 11 passes for 72 yards. His throw to Dustin Keller for a TD was a thing of beauty in that it was placed where only the TE could catch it for the score.

You know that mantra Philbin has about everyone is fighting for a job and there are no starters? It's doesn't apply at QB.



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For great qb's the redzone begins at the opponent's 40yd line.

In Case You Missed It:

Great scrimmage for Tannehill. Im sure going 8-11 72yds 3tds 0 int equals at least somewhere in 130's in qbr.

Mark In Toronto,

Based on last season there were questions about whether Odrick could play dt on a full time basis. Exactly why Starks was franchised and Vaughn was sign. What Odrick is doing now is a great testament to his offseason dedication and commitment to being better this season.

Seems the injury bug-a-boo's hitting all nfl camps. No use crying in our sour milk. Life gives you injuries, make lemonade.

Dashi, don't worry, I believe Gillislee makes the team. Gillislee is a Dolphin. Don't hate him because of a silly Gillislee/Lacy feud. As a fan, once a player becomes a Dolphin, everything else goes out the window. If Lacy were a Dolphin, I wouldn't root for him any less.

To Giants stink, his name was mentioned but nothing about how well he performed; he is our first round pick, learn to read between the lines.

Read nothing of Dion Sims' scrimmage performance. From what I could tell he had zero targets. Even though he's having a very good camp. Seems last night he totally disappeared.

Hopefully this doesn't become a "gameday" trend.

Geez android 17. He is only a sophomore.

40yds? Your incompetence is hilarious...

Preseason and scrimmage seem to be no more than a race car test fire to uncover engine kinks that can arise when "race day" cometh.

Race day doesn't cometh until Week 1 regular season. Teams don't necessarily diagnose all of their kinks to win. But, the team that best addresses their kinks, will usually be the victor.

People who talk in 3rd person(Dashe) are an epic waste of seamen.


Geez android 17. He is only a sophomore.

40yds? Your incompetence is hilarious...

Posted by: Vegeta | July 30, 2013 at 01:25 PM

It was a general rule of thumb of great qb's, not a analysis of Tannehill. It's your reading skill and thinking capacity that renders incompetence.

Vegeta is a great screen name for you. It highly accentuates your "very vegetative" cranial condition.

I sincerely hope this(vegeta) isn't what America's farmers are growing today. If so, then we're all coomed.


From last blog, wasn't talking about Dashi or Odin. You know the ones, who keep harping on how Tannehill is Henne. Or how Henne would have been better. Or how we should start Moore or Devlin. Those are the ones I was egging, because it's pure and utter nonsense.

But otherwise I agree completely, nothing really matters until Week 1. It was just good to see the #1 QB play like he was the best QB on the team, that's the only point I was making (not that Tannehill is going to throw 3 TDs every week or anything).


tannehill = probowl

If Tannehill could throw half that number(3 tds per game, which is 1.5 * 16 games. He wouild throw 32 tds for the season.

However, IMO, Tannehill needs to throw at least 25 td this season for us to make the playoffs and have snow ball's chance in hll of advancing to the 2nd rd.


I told you I don't hate Gillislee, Or wish injury upon him.

I just grade him with what I know. To me Gillislee will be a good 3rd Down back in the future. Not now. It took 3 years to see the field at UF. And they weren't stacked.

My main thing I don't like about Gillislee is that he doesn't play Special Teams. Which will hurt him early on. Specially as a backup RB you need to do a couple different things.

Gillislee fits the Sherman Prototype. Look at L.Miller, Look at Thigpen. All are very similar. Even J.Gray.

The Difference is L.Miller runs a 4.3. And It looks like he runs even Faster in Pads.

L.Miller is the Starter everyone else is playing for Carries.

Personally I don't like D.Thomas. He is a Poor Mans Version of R.Brown. But he will start the season as the #2. Maybe a couple D.Thomas fumbles and Gillislee moves up.

Just don't expect L.Miller to Fumble. Cause he doesn't. I believe L.Miller sleeps with a Football in Hand.

Meaning Tannehill has to throw nearly twice as many tds as last season(13tds).

did shula72 really suggest that matt Flynn should have been paid big money by us??? what nfl is he watching? as for leach....awesome player....in a pro set offense.....not in a 3 wide west coast.........get a clue

7-9 if Lamar Miller performs like a superstar...and avoids injury.

I would say anything from Midfield on down is the Redzone for Great QBs. Brees, Manning, Rodgers.

With Weapons of Course.

I expect 30TDs from T-Sizzle this Season. 25 Passing, 5 Rushing.

So tell us 17-0 (QUEENIE)...what size dress do you wear?

Hi Dashi!

The thing I hate most about D Thomas is that he seems to be a crucial fumble or injury waiting to happen. His status as a starter or #2 backup can quickly change because of these reasons.

Tannehill will be benched by the byr week.

Dashi, how come you didnt go to the scrimmage?

Hi there Dashi!! SMOOOOCH!

Almost Forgot.

Great Post Mr. Salguero. That is objective criticism.

Heck, The last 2 days you are making me eat my words for my criticism of you. Good Job, Keep it up Sir.

The redzone is where I believe Tannehill needs to exert his pass/run threat most. If he becomes legit threat to beat defenses with his feet here(rezone) it helps "loosen coverage" for his receivers, giving defenses another great thin to worry about.

Tannehill definitely needs the unleash his running ability in the redzone. Just enough to keep the defenses off balance.

Heck, The last 2 days you are making me eat my words for my criticism of you. Good Job, Keep it up Sir.

Posted by: Dashi | July 30, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Just like the crow you were eating for saying Spoelstra isnt a great coach!!!!!!! Dashi is ALWAYS WRONG!!!!!ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, why even have a qb of Tannehill's great athleticism, if he can not resort to those his great athleticism in critical situations and in critical parts of the field?

Tannehill's great test will be to find the right balance to threatening the defense with his arm and in same tense threaten them with his legs.

I had the Heat in 7. THE WHOLE TIME.

The Heat Win in Spite of Spo.

Not cause of Spo.

Now explain how the Heat are so Inconsistent with The Most Talented Team In The League. They still don't have a Set Identity.


Sherman didn't let T-Hill run his Rookie Season, So he can learn from the Pocket. The Leash is Off.

It was starting to come off at the End of the Season.

T-Hill can take off from Midfield and Score.

We Will See T-Sizzle This Season.

I believe Tannehill has to envolve into a qb equally adept t beating the defense with his arm as well as his legs. When we see this, then I believe we will see a perennial top 5 qb in Miami.

I don't believe he's a 2nd coming of a "Peyton Manning-like" qb with his conventional quarterbacking skill alone. Not within his 1st 5-7 seasons anyway.

Most of those UDFA will be gone by the end of Training Camp.

T-Hill can take off from Midfield and Score.

We Will See T-Sizzle This Season.

Posted by: Dashi | July 30, 2013 at 02:09 PM

True but, I wouldn't want to see him running the ball from this distance with any kind of regularity. That's why the receiver corp was hugely and expensively upgraded.

From the 20yd line(redzone) on in, this is the part of the field I believe he can be most effective using the threat of his legs.


Of course, the aim of every QB is to call his own plays as they are the closest of following what is going on in the Game. Of course, most QBs can't do it. I believe Tannehill eventually will do it.

He's smart, man. He gonna be a Dr., just like I am.

My boy Devlin had a nice bootleg for a TD yesterday.

I don't want to see T Sizzle in any designed runs or pistol/read option type of offensive plays. If the O breaks down...and he has to scoot...great. Maybe an occasional bootleg or QB draw up the middle in goal line situations...(Remember when Schaub ran the one up the gut on The Phins for the TD and win...while I was screaming pre-snap...WATCH THE DRAW...WATCH THE DRAW!!!)
Yeah, thats cool...but please...no Washington gimmick offense...RG 1.5 can have his leg and a half 2nd year brace...RT needs to keep both...
Of course I do sometimes envision seeing RT pitch a sweep right to D. Thomas...then DT stops turns and hits RT in stride down the opposite sideline...

Swan dive barrel roll over the goal line...

Dont you love the people who actually call Mando "negative." Not only make them such negative and frustrated "clowns," but also hypocrites. Because they still come back everyday and read Mando's blog. Pathetic!
Mando...with regards to Hartline and Wallace, I believe Philbin is been kind of sneaky and don't want those guys to suffer any injuries before the season starts like Binns.

I disagree I do not want to see Tanne running the ball.
Running QBs take hits.
Running QBs that take hits suffer concussions and ACL/MCL.
Let Kappe/Vick/Wilson/RG3 do the running.

I want to see Tanne standing flat footed in the pocket, ala Tom Brady, with all the time in the world waiting for a WR to get open.

Mondo you beginning to writer like that idiot at PFT.com. (Florio) Teams do what they want and since Philbin is the head coach and has more experience coaching then you do, Ill have to bow to his choices(injures) and not yours. This was a scrimmage, nothing more. A scrimmage is to teach, see who wants to play and who doesn't. I was surprised that you didn't say more about the OL. Since you threw Moore and Devlin under the bus, as you guys say, I thought it odd not to mention the "in flux" offensive line. According to how bad the QBs played I would guess the OL was having another bad practice? The "sky is falling" approach to writing about the Dolphins is turning me to the Sentinel. Oh, PS, it was my understand that only season ticket holders could attend scrimmages?

I know everybody in here loves Henne as much as I do.
Since he's not here we can root for both him and Tanne to succeed.
I will update eveybody tomorrow because Jville is off today.

I doubt he becomes a DR like you...One must remember there have been amazing advances in the medical field since the turn of the 20th century...You dont have to use opium, liqour and a hack saw to perform most of your surgeries...
Hell...they are even taking stem cells out of players shoulders and putting them in their knees...
Of course the FDA is very upset by this...

The real Dr. Canosa is treating our oscar canosa for multiple personality disorder.

Regardless oscar canosa is one of my best friends.

Oh no, my scalpel is my Word. I am a psychiatrist.

Oscar knows I love him...even if he dislikes me...
The thing is you don't have to like me for me to like you...im sneaky that way...

Your word would be your scalpel...Lisdexia can be...A BEECH!!!

I have no use for...psychology (no offense)...
For me...one must escape the mind...not dive deeper into it...

Oh no, I can't dislike anybody. I feel too much Compassion for you all.

Posted by: Jack! | July 30, 2013 at 02:48 PM

Good post Mr. Off.


Tell us again how Chad Henne was a franchise QB. LMAO!!


Which makes me think...Of a great screen name...


This I must consider...

I'm Not saying T-Hill will run the spread option the majority of the time.

What I am saying is that when everyone is covered and a Running lane opens up takeoff. He did it for a 30yd run late last season.

And On 3rd and Short, I saw the Fins pulling the Brady sneak for a First by the End of the Season. Since the RBs weren't converting.

Pick your spots when to run. Sherman will make sure of this. He did last season. He didn't let T-Hill run til he learned to slide properly.

Sherman already let him audible last season. And supposedly T-Hill is already calling plays this season. He is more advanced than any of the qbs that he got picked with in this area. RG3 and Wilson weren't even allowed to audible. And probably still aren't allowed. Their coaches won't allow it. To Controlling.

Now A Little Spread Option. 2 or 3 Times A Game. With Handing It Off To L.Miller The Majority Of The Time.

To make sure the other team has to prepare for everything.

What screen name is that Mr. Off?

Dashi come home!

Actually the last name is...


Chad Henne does not need to be a franchise QB.
Chad Henne only needs to keep acting like a man.
As long as Henne continues to act like a man we will all cheer for him and Tanne both.
When thier careers are over we can look back at 2 great careers.

Keep in mind that while Marino was playing for the Phins as a rookie Jim Kelly was QB for the Houston Gamblers and Steve Young was the QB for the LA Express. Early on everyone thought Marino was tops and Kelly/Young were nobodies.
By the end of thier careers...oh well you know the rest.

So many ways for a QB to score inside the 10 yd line... From sneaks, draws, bootlegs. play action try to throw then run, infinite.

Of course, the aim of every QB is to call his own plays

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 30, 2013 at 02:27 PM

Nah. The goal of any intelligent QB is to win Super Bowls.

Mando will keep us all updated on Tanne.

I will keep us all updated on Henne: every pass, TD, 300 yards game and win.

Do not worry you will be fully informed of what Henne does every single day.


That's not completely what I read, although there is some truth to your post- our offensive sets with a fullback need will be limited. However, we do use sets that require a fullback and Vonta would have provided an opportunity in those sets in both the pass and running game. He also would have brought veteran leadership who's experienced what it means and what it takes to be a champion. Honestly, that's one definitive weak spot with our current team.

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