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Coaches digest the scrimmage buffet

The Dolphins coaching staff will meet today and go through Monday's night's scrimmage to see which players took steps forward and which stumbled as they prepare for three more days of practice starting Wednesday before they head to Canton, Ohio this weekend for the Hall of Fame game.

One of the issues the staff must manage is the wide receiver situation.

Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace were held out of the scrimmage. Hartline seemed to tweak a lower leg muscle, possibly a calf, in the warmups and drills prior to the scrimmage. Wallace was held out for an undetermined issue, although signs point to him also nursing some sort of minor injury. (Remember, the Dolphins do not comment on injuries and coach Joe Philbin didn't even address the media after the scrimmage. He addressed the crowd after many of them had already walked out. And he gave the media relations department two quotes about the scrimmage, neither of which addressed Wallace's absence. This, by the way, is not typical of NFL teams. Head coachess speak after practices and scrimmages and preseason games and regular season games and playoff games and Super Bowls. Win or lose).

At any rate, Philbin is expected to explain the Wallace absence Wednesday in some fashion because he is also not available to the media today -- a day off for the team.

It's really a shame about Wallace. No, I'm not too worried about the player's injury if that is what kept him out. Again, if he's injured it's minor. I'm sad for the franchise that is trying to increase a lagging season-ticket base and a growing disconnect from local fans. Last night the club had 22,876 interested fans in the stands -- more than the Patriots had at Gillette Stadium for a practice on the same night. All of those fans are potential season-ticket customers. I'm certain they all expected to see Ryan Tannehill (3 TD passes), Dion Jordan (one sack and one pressure), Cameron Wake and Mike Wallace.

And Wallace was only there to roam the sideline in his uniform but out of action. Shame.

That's not anyone's fault. It's just tough luck for the organization.

As to the rest of the wide receiver corps: Even as the team engages in talks about adding a body -- Laurent Robinson and Austin Collie are on the radar among others -- there will no doubt be a longer look at undrafted free agent acquisition Chad Bumphis.

Bumphis had two catches for 41 yards on Monday night. One of those was a 28-yard catch and run down the right sideline that showed both burst and field awareness. Bumphis has been mired on third and fourth teams so far in camp. If the scrimmage performance doesn't earn him more reps and perhaps some with the second team, it certainly puts him on the radar pior to the HOF game.

Bumphis wasn't the only back-of-the-roster type who caught the eyes of coaches:

AJ Francis, another undrafted rookie, was very active. He collected a sack. He batted a pass at the line of scrimmage. The Maryland kid showed up.

Will Davis, who frankly had struggled during practices, came through with a huge interception in the end zone during a goal line situation. (By the way, the Dolphins scored one of the TDs in goal line on  a pass and another run TD was questionable whether the runner got in although it was awarded. What's the point? I don't know).

The Dolphins are putting a huge emphasis on turnovers this season. Joe Philbin wants to be plus-16 this year as a starting point. The club was minus-10 last year. That means more turnovers for the defense. It's a great way to get in good graces.

And on offense a turnover is a good way to make a place in the doghouse.

Today, safety Kelcie McCray, Davis, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and Francis are in good graces. Mcray returned his interception of a Matt Moore pass 50 yards for a TD. Vernon had a sack and caused a fumble that Randy Starks recovered. Francis batted a pass that offered another interception opportunity. And, of course, Davis not only saved a touchdown but got the ball back with his interception.

By the way, this turnover emphasis is real. Consider what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said:

“We constantly look for better ways of teaching, from little things like we’ve got footballs hanging from the walls in every defensive meeting room that they have to go in, when they walk in and out of the meeting rooms, they’re stripping and punching, just reminders," he said.

" We’ve shown them tape from around the league of teams that cause the most fumbles, how they were caused, what situations we may have had an opportunity to strip the ball and we didn’t.  We’ve talked about sacks, sack fumbles, we got a lot of sacks, but we didn’t get a lot of sack fumbles.  We like to believe there were opportunities at times last year to get a fumble as well as a sack, so we’ve showed them players throughout the league who have done that consistently and it’s an awareness factor. 

"So we’ve looked at the teams that create the most fumbles last year, it was New England, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we’ve studied every one of those fumbles, we’ve showed them those things on tape, and hopefully it will start to translate onto our play."

Conversely, losing turnovers is a no-no. So who's in the doghouse today?

Mike Gillislee was good against second- and third-team competition running the ball. He rushed for 21 yards on six carries. But he had a fumble that he lost. And he dropped a pass that would have gone for a first down.

Quarterbacks Moore and Pat Devlin also made key mistakes that turned otherwise mediocre nights into a problem. Neither threw a TD pass. Neither looked exceedingly comfortable. Both threw interceptions that cost his team TDs. Devlin's interception obviously was in the end zone. And Moore's interception was returned for a TD. Moore also had a fumble so two turnovers for him. Yuck.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, played a lot better than he's been practicing. He threw three touchdowns without and interception and that was without his two top wide receivers available. He completed 8 of 11 passes for 72 yards. His throw to Dustin Keller for a TD was a thing of beauty in that it was placed where only the TE could catch it for the score.

You know that mantra Philbin has about everyone is fighting for a job and there are no starters? It's doesn't apply at QB.



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Who is better Tannehill or Henne?

oscar, when a dr. cuts the wrong leg off of a person, that dr. is 1 dumb mo'er f'ker.
oscar,just 'cuz u gt 2 school 30 semesters does in no f'n way make u smart.lots of dumb f'n phd's out there.

thenne = chad ryan.

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | July 30, 2013 at 02:58 PM

Did you see the photo that came out a couple years back...with Henne and his GF/Wife (whomever the hell she is) and the MATCHING ONESIES they had on...NOTHING manly about that my friend...actually...no matter what he does the rest of his entire life...his masculinity was drained with that one simple action...

The Man who does not know his Self cannot possibly understand any thing else around him.

With three of our top four recievers now lost for the season, it looks like the Philbin/T-Hill era is over before it even started. Lets hope the new guy has more Luck getting a franchise QB with his high draft pick.

My son is an imbecile.

That's where everything starts, with your Self.

I remember he was on vacation and he was photographed with coconuts inside his shirt like they were boobs.

I also remember when he threw the bomb to Ginn on MNF as time expired to win the game. That ended the BACKDOOR wildcat era and restored manhood to all of Dolphinsland.

-Setting the RoseBowl record for touchdown passes with 4 as a freshman: manly
-Setting the NFL record with Tom Brady for most passing yards in a game and doing it in game 1 2011 on MNF after teaching himself the Daboll offense during the strike: manly
-in 2012 became the only QB other than Steve Young to come off the bench and throw 4 TDs in a game: manly

Jack! I understand your concern but there is just too much manliness to ignore.

o you see, most of these incompetent Drs do know Medicine, they just don't know their Self.

Who are the 3 of the top 4 WRs that are lost for the season?
I know you are not counting Binns and Mathews in the top 4.

That bomb to Ginn was a very nice thing to witness...I remember thinking to myself...FINALLY!!! Too bad that was the peak...

I remember the MNF game...I also remember thinking...I could post 300+ yards against these defenses...

Manziel won the Heisman as a freshman...only one...ever...JM is not manly...

Everyone in the league went through the strike...not just CH...

Now Mr. Steve Young...that is a manly man...

Ever wonder why physicians call what they do...a practice...hmmmm...

Go practice on someone else...

My point is that all of those games I pointed out were natrionally televised: 2 were MNF and 1 was the Rose Bowl.
There are other accomplishments:
-Starting every game for 4 years for Michigan
-Taking the team to 4 BCS Bowls
-Having the team ranked in the top 25 for 44 out of 46 weeks

When someone is truly manly then there are indications of it over and over and over again.
Manziel won the HT and that is manly.
Tanne QB'd a division 1 team for 1 season and that is manly also.
When either of them start setting records then that will be manly also.

Do not worry Jack! I will make sure that you are kept apprised of every manly event and milestone.

Ugh, cant lieve I am doing this again.

Chad Henne IS a very good QB, he has been on disfunctional teams with disfunctional coaching staffs his whole career. He may never amount to much in the NFL with the team he is on.

I think he could have done the same with Baltimore that flacco did. I am not going to sey he is better than Tanny though.

Henne got a rough deal here with Morano and Henning. That being said, Henne is gone, why can't we just move on and talk about now? Henne did not make even a footprint in our organization, but when he was here he did the best he could with what he had.

He was not a pre-madonna, not a jerk, so I dont know why people hate him. No QB would have success in his same shoes here. Good luck in Jax, its all over here.

go finsssssssssss u da man thill!

Well said.
I am not suggesting that Henne is better than Tanne.
What I'm suggesting is that we can support Tanne and the Phins and still be happy for the success that Henne has.
I am going to help make that happen by keeping us all up to date on all of the pass attemps/complettions/1st downs/Tds/300 yard game/wins.
Don't worry I will do all of the work and all of my friends in here will enjoy the information.

One mans success instantly becomes anothers failure...there is no way to proceed down that path...without stepping on anothers...


I am excited for this season, If Thill makes the strides, which I think he will. And LM stays healthy, Wallace plays ard and is not a pre-madonna. the D holds their strenghts, this could be an insanly fun season.

I'm glad to hear Dolphins' franchise QB looked so good last night. Our guy is already becoming adept at showing his best game when playing against some nasty, real pressure.

I also feel like our own D is nothing but elite right now, therefore I expect improved OL performance against most rival teams out there also trying to deal with Tannehill's exceptional mobility.

K.Dansby Threw that Game Also. The MNF against the Pats. Zach would've never gave up 1000yds to the Pats. Even if it Was him by himself.

K.Dansby sabotaged All of 2011. He Threw The First 8 Games To Get Rid Of Spo and Henne. Then He Played Hard The Last 8 So We Wouldn't Get A Top 2 Pick In 2012.

I know I said I would never wish harm on a player. But I wish Dansby gets hurt for Real this Season.

Last Season He was faking that injury.

He was hurt til he went on the radio and started talking bad about the team. Then Magically the Brace came off the Next Week. He Tore a Bicep and Never Had Surgery.

Any Tear Requires Surgery. Specially as Horrific as Dansby use to cry about it. That The Whole Muscle Was Off The Bone. But Not The Self-Proclaimed Best MLB Ever. His Muscles Magically Reattach Themselves. GTFOH!!

We are going to miss Dansby.

Dansby was kind of a D-bag...

Dansby was kind of a D-bag...

Posted by: Jack! | July 30, 2013 at 04:36 PM

Yup. So is Pouncey.

I seen Phillip Wheeler make more plays in a scrimmage than I seen Dansby make all year.

Wheeler will make pro bowl. Dansby may never...

I am excited for this season, If Thill makes the strides, which I think he will. And LM stays healthy, Wallace plays ard and is not a pre-madonna. the D holds their strenghts, this could be an insanly fun season.

Posted by: Poizen | July 30, 2013 at 04:11 PM

If, if, if, if, if if......only if....TOO FUNNY!

Again, Henne Isn't A Franchise QB. Well Depending On The Franchise. On The Jets He Will Be A God To Them.


But like I posted earlier. Henne had to deal with Sabotage. From Dansby and From B.Marshall.

Yes, Marshall Hated Henne and played Half-Ass til they replaced him.

15 It is all about the IF's anymore!


I know you like Miller.
I'm not convinced that he is better than Thomas and Gilligan.
We will find out.
Personally I drew from Mando's comments that Gilligan had the best night of the RBs.
I think one of them definitely rushes for 1000 yds this season.

henne is horrible. sure miss bess though

I did not see Grimes mentioned one way or another.

Anybody know how Grimes did?
Was he in for all of the first team sets?

But if you want to know why I think Devlin went undrafted. Watch the second half of the 2010 FCS National Championship game. That should tell you a little bit.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | July 30, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Darryl, I missed this game or just don't understand what you're refering too. A little elaboration, if you could?

I think Tannehill is better than Moore at this point. I believe, still nort completely sold, but I believe Tannehill will continue to improve and put distance between himself and Moore.

Having said that, I believe Moore is better than Devlin. But ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM STARTER EXPERIENCE and his ability to READ NFL DEFENSES.

Devlin is just a winner. He's managed to win evberywhere he's played. Contrary to popular beliefs, Devlin played Div. I at Penn State and did really well. He played as the back up and won games and I believe he started a few games and did pretty well. I've always thought that Devlin has the POTENTIAL and UPSIDE to challenge Tannehill and Moore. Provided of course, that he gets the opportunities. These are just my own personal opinions.

Darryl, I wasn't aware that Devlin couldn't make all the throws. With all the praise he got from Philbin I just assumed he could. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely look into it.

Interesting read from Wiki:

In the weeks leading up to the start of the 2008 season, controversy swirled around the Nittany Lions' starting quarterback position. Daryll Clark, the more experienced and agile quarterback was being weighed against the younger, more prolific passing threat in Devlin. In the end, Penn State coach Joe Paterno chose to start Daryll Clark while having him split as much time with Devlin as would be possible.[1] Lopsided victories in the first four games of the 2008 season provided Devlin with much playing time. In games against Coastal Carolina, Oregon State, Syracuse, and Temple, Devlin threw for 260 yards and was 18 of 35.[2] When Clark was forced out in the fourth quarter of the Nittany Lions' crucial game versus Ohio State due to a concussion, Devlin led the team on a go-ahead drive that was culminated by his own 1-yard touchdown run.[3] He also had some playing time against Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan State. Devlin appeared in ten games for the Nittany Lions, passing for 459 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Devlin decided to transfer from Penn State prior to the 2009 Rose Bowl.[4]

I think the word on Devlins issue is the speed of the game. He was very solid in college. He is super smart from what I hear. Strong enough arm.. but in NFL game situations he has been a second to slow. Now if that him or the line he is behind? No clue. But if he can not get an NFL clock in his head he is best to hold a clip board.

That was a good scrimmage last night. Tannehill didn't have Hartline or Wallace and still had 3 TDS with 0 ints. 22K + fans last night for a scrimmage!! There is a buzz around this team and it's growing.

I know that you do not really mean that about Henne.
Don't worry I will keep you up to date on all of his pass attempts/completions/TDs/300 yards games/wins.
You will enjoy Henne as much as I do.

ive said henne was horrible from day one, took garbage from guys like u who held onto the thought that he could play for way to long. bout time u face reality. guy is top 5 worst qb in nfl

Darryl and Krillian,

My last thoughts on Leach..........?

At the time Philbin allegedly said he wanted him signed, Leach was being offered something just above Vet Minimum.

I believe that Ireland and Philbin both felt that for that kind of money, why not sign the guy. Even if he wasn't going to be used all that much. We would at least have the BEST FB in football when needed.

Then the hamming and hawing started and I believe Ireland and/or Philbin realized that Leach's agent was just using them(and Baltimore against each other)to pump up Leach's value.

Leach did just win a Super Bowl with Baltimore and probably had no real intentions of playing anywhere else(save for some wildly gigantic offer from someone).

So I would have loved to have had Leach's services, but like most cases, FOR THE RIGHT PRICE. Especially when you consider the type of offense we run.

Dusty you say most everyone is horrible...so you're bound to get a hit at some point...its inevitable...

There have been many comparisons drawn between current Miami Dolphin QB Ryan Tannehill and previous QB Chad Henne. They both came with big hoopla and hopes of being "the guy".
Unfortunately Henne never fulfilled the high expectations and Tannehill has been a big dissapointment so far also, especially for a high 1st rd pick. Tannehill had the added advantage of already knowing the playbook from his college coach Mike Sherman. It didnt help. What is further disturbing is how Tannehill's college teams offense(Texas A&M) improved dramatically after he left.

This is the 3rd QB drafted by Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and all have dissapointed while the team is desperate to eck out just one winning season. Stay tuned.

leats u finally admitted one jack, good to see ya coming around big dog go finsssssssssssss

I disagree I do not want to see Tanne running the ball.
Running QBs take hits.
Running QBs that take hits suffer concussions and ACL/MCL.
Let Kappe/Vick/Wilson/RG3 do the running.

I want to see Tanne standing flat footed in the pocket, ala Tom Brady, with all the time in the world waiting for a WR to get open.

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | July 30, 2013 at 02:35 PM

No-n-no, I don't want a running qb. Im talking a Steve Young/John Elway type ability. Then maybe no more than 2 2 read options where Tanne actually runs.

You can run 7-8 read option type plays. Lets say, 4 rb handoffs, 2 qb passes, 2 qb runs. That's how you "BALANCE" your read option plays.

STFU obseerver...you don't know your arse...from a hole in the ground!!! Anyone that compares RT to CH...is just straight up dumb...
RT exceeded expectations...halfwit...wasn't even expectd to see the starting field until year 2 or 3!!!
Your post...is non-sense!!!

i like when thill takes off , if its there take the yards and get out of bounds

Posted by: Dolphin Observer | July 30, 2013 at 05:35 PM

Henne came with BIG HOOPLA?

Only if you never watched a Michigan football game during Henne's 4 seasons as starter. Henne always played "down to the competition level" at Michigan.

It was during Henne's 4 seasons at Michigan did "David almost always slayed Goliath". It was during the Michigan Henne era, Jack could have referred to Michigan as his Beanstalk.

Big Hoopla, Henne? Michigan fans wouldn't agree.

I'm a fan of anyone on the team...

Fan is short for...fanatic...
"marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion"

So no one should ever tell anyone else...they just blindly follow...its being a FAN!!!

Chad Henne can be best describe as an overachieving under achiever. You cant coach that out of a player. It's engrained into his personality makeup.

Henne did come with "big hoopla". In fact Ross called him the 2nd coming of Dan Marino and most fans at the time agreed.

Barry Jackson reported Dolphins are signing Julius Pruitt. Guy still can't play.

17-0....when are you going to tell us your dress size?

ross hilarious dont remember any fans thinking that. in fact most wanted brohm instead, both ended up being horrible.

Henne wouldn't have the "killer instinct" if you strapped him into an explosive jacket and detonated it yourself.

The jacket would probably refuse to blow up with Henne wearing. AL Kaida recruiters wont be knocking on Henne's door or mailing any pamphlets any time soon.

Chad Henne was the starting Senior QB when one of...if not the biggest upset in College Football occured...
Anyone remember...Appalachain State...

"Michigan quarterback Chad Henne completed 19 of 37 passes for 233 yards, with an average of 6.3 yards per throw; he threw one touchdown and one interception."

Real manly against...who???

But they will mail 17-0 a free sample dress.
Just tell them your dress size.

Henne did come with "big hoopla". In fact Ross called him the 2nd coming of Dan Marino and most fans at the time agreed.

Posted by: Nat Moore | July 30, 2013 at 05:49 PM

Yes, and Ross can also afford very expensive and exotic alcohol spirits. More likely than not, it was the alcohol talking.

Good post Mr. Off.

I'm hearing that Miami has opted to go with WR Julius Pruitt over Austin Collie.
Can anyone confirm that?

I'm hearing that Miami has opted to go with WR Julius Pruitt over Austin Collie.
Can anyone confirm that?

I don't know about the Hoopla or playing down to the competition.

To me it seemed like Henne had a cannon for an arm, but was still just a strong armed Game Manager type.

Granted Henne kept them in the Top25 forever, so he did do a lot of Great things there. But mainly, I think his entire career there was predicated on the O-Line and a Great Run Game.

This enabled Henne to FLOURISH with Play Action Passing. So yeah, I think the Rex Ryan's Jet teams from his 1st, 2nd and 3rd years would have been a perfect fit.

SpOrano and Henning just ruined Henne. Henning just couldn't figure out how or when to use the play action passing. His timing was just defuncted(if that's even a word-lol). Then, on the rare occassion when Henning would call the right pass play, Colombo or one of the others would have a Perfectly Timed Whiff!

All Henne needs is a team with a Good O-Line, Good run game and an OC that knows how to call plays.

That shouldn't be asking too much.

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