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Coaches digest the scrimmage buffet

The Dolphins coaching staff will meet today and go through Monday's night's scrimmage to see which players took steps forward and which stumbled as they prepare for three more days of practice starting Wednesday before they head to Canton, Ohio this weekend for the Hall of Fame game.

One of the issues the staff must manage is the wide receiver situation.

Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace were held out of the scrimmage. Hartline seemed to tweak a lower leg muscle, possibly a calf, in the warmups and drills prior to the scrimmage. Wallace was held out for an undetermined issue, although signs point to him also nursing some sort of minor injury. (Remember, the Dolphins do not comment on injuries and coach Joe Philbin didn't even address the media after the scrimmage. He addressed the crowd after many of them had already walked out. And he gave the media relations department two quotes about the scrimmage, neither of which addressed Wallace's absence. This, by the way, is not typical of NFL teams. Head coachess speak after practices and scrimmages and preseason games and regular season games and playoff games and Super Bowls. Win or lose).

At any rate, Philbin is expected to explain the Wallace absence Wednesday in some fashion because he is also not available to the media today -- a day off for the team.

It's really a shame about Wallace. No, I'm not too worried about the player's injury if that is what kept him out. Again, if he's injured it's minor. I'm sad for the franchise that is trying to increase a lagging season-ticket base and a growing disconnect from local fans. Last night the club had 22,876 interested fans in the stands -- more than the Patriots had at Gillette Stadium for a practice on the same night. All of those fans are potential season-ticket customers. I'm certain they all expected to see Ryan Tannehill (3 TD passes), Dion Jordan (one sack and one pressure), Cameron Wake and Mike Wallace.

And Wallace was only there to roam the sideline in his uniform but out of action. Shame.

That's not anyone's fault. It's just tough luck for the organization.

As to the rest of the wide receiver corps: Even as the team engages in talks about adding a body -- Laurent Robinson and Austin Collie are on the radar among others -- there will no doubt be a longer look at undrafted free agent acquisition Chad Bumphis.

Bumphis had two catches for 41 yards on Monday night. One of those was a 28-yard catch and run down the right sideline that showed both burst and field awareness. Bumphis has been mired on third and fourth teams so far in camp. If the scrimmage performance doesn't earn him more reps and perhaps some with the second team, it certainly puts him on the radar pior to the HOF game.

Bumphis wasn't the only back-of-the-roster type who caught the eyes of coaches:

AJ Francis, another undrafted rookie, was very active. He collected a sack. He batted a pass at the line of scrimmage. The Maryland kid showed up.

Will Davis, who frankly had struggled during practices, came through with a huge interception in the end zone during a goal line situation. (By the way, the Dolphins scored one of the TDs in goal line on  a pass and another run TD was questionable whether the runner got in although it was awarded. What's the point? I don't know).

The Dolphins are putting a huge emphasis on turnovers this season. Joe Philbin wants to be plus-16 this year as a starting point. The club was minus-10 last year. That means more turnovers for the defense. It's a great way to get in good graces.

And on offense a turnover is a good way to make a place in the doghouse.

Today, safety Kelcie McCray, Davis, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and Francis are in good graces. Mcray returned his interception of a Matt Moore pass 50 yards for a TD. Vernon had a sack and caused a fumble that Randy Starks recovered. Francis batted a pass that offered another interception opportunity. And, of course, Davis not only saved a touchdown but got the ball back with his interception.

By the way, this turnover emphasis is real. Consider what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said:

“We constantly look for better ways of teaching, from little things like we’ve got footballs hanging from the walls in every defensive meeting room that they have to go in, when they walk in and out of the meeting rooms, they’re stripping and punching, just reminders," he said.

" We’ve shown them tape from around the league of teams that cause the most fumbles, how they were caused, what situations we may have had an opportunity to strip the ball and we didn’t.  We’ve talked about sacks, sack fumbles, we got a lot of sacks, but we didn’t get a lot of sack fumbles.  We like to believe there were opportunities at times last year to get a fumble as well as a sack, so we’ve showed them players throughout the league who have done that consistently and it’s an awareness factor. 

"So we’ve looked at the teams that create the most fumbles last year, it was New England, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we’ve studied every one of those fumbles, we’ve showed them those things on tape, and hopefully it will start to translate onto our play."

Conversely, losing turnovers is a no-no. So who's in the doghouse today?

Mike Gillislee was good against second- and third-team competition running the ball. He rushed for 21 yards on six carries. But he had a fumble that he lost. And he dropped a pass that would have gone for a first down.

Quarterbacks Moore and Pat Devlin also made key mistakes that turned otherwise mediocre nights into a problem. Neither threw a TD pass. Neither looked exceedingly comfortable. Both threw interceptions that cost his team TDs. Devlin's interception obviously was in the end zone. And Moore's interception was returned for a TD. Moore also had a fumble so two turnovers for him. Yuck.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, played a lot better than he's been practicing. He threw three touchdowns without and interception and that was without his two top wide receivers available. He completed 8 of 11 passes for 72 yards. His throw to Dustin Keller for a TD was a thing of beauty in that it was placed where only the TE could catch it for the score.

You know that mantra Philbin has about everyone is fighting for a job and there are no starters? It's doesn't apply at QB.



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New Logo,

Do you feel better now?!

Johnny Manziel could be the best QB in a decade coming out of college.

Some of the best humor involves articulating obviously absurd information with a deadpan, absolutely straight face, and a sincerely credulous tone-of-voice (e.g., Steven Wright, Will Ferrell, Dave Chappelle).

Mondo's blog post mines the same vein and yields comedy gold. Breaking down the Fins' pre-season with an overly-precise, somberly academic perspective AS IF there was something real under the microscope.

But there isn't anything of substance under the microscope. Just a chimera, an illusion, the spectre of what was but which will never be again.

This once-proud franchise can no longer even cast the wispiest of a shadow. Its an empty, hollow shell. Inept, incompetent nobodies from top to bottom, who are imploding as we text.

Their world - - - which was once fondly our world, and my world too, - - - has come to an end. The center cannot hold - - or long snap.

Time for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Bloggers who write 'this once proud franchise' are about the most boring, unimaginative people on earth.

Every season 1 out of 49 posts says 'this once proud franchise' or some form of 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It is amazing anyone thinks they are being interesting or clever with these stale, over-used phrases.

I would say just punishment for Bobby Luie would be to cut his tongue out and sever 9 of his fingers. Leave him one for personal chores.

Boring? Yes, perhaps you have a point. It's hard to act enthused when the team being examined is among the most boring, unimaginative franchise -- save ONE HALF of Wildcat football when it was first unveiled vs NEP - - in the past decade.

But at least we're not FanBoyz, grasping at straws, skipping down the lane with lips pursed, whistling the happy tune concocted by the Front Office.

Lickspittle! Lackey!!

Just punishment for Thou, bully:

Actually discuss the team in your posts, rather than engage in ad hominem defensive attacks.

Well you are obviously enthused enough to take the time to share your once-proud thoughts with us.

Just maybe your life won't end if the dolphins lose? Or maybe you wish it would?

You are not discussing the team. You are desperately trying to fan someone's flames. Maybe you are as boring as the team?

Has Ireland been fired yet?

To those under 5 years old...

You see the flaw in Bobby Luie's rationale is that if he was so bored with the team, and despised them so much, this blog here is the last place he'd be....

But lo and behold....he his here sharing his time with us.

Ok, well now that Mr. Luie has been exposed... I've seen enough ;)

Night night all.

I guess we could use Bess now with all these injuries.

Posted by: #49 | July 30, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Well, we can get Bess back in trade any day for a couple Bazooka bubble gum wrappers.

Johnny Manziel could be the best QB in a decade coming out of college.

Posted by: Coach | July 30, 2013 at 10:16 PM

Yeah, and if keeps up his foolishness, he'll go 6th rd just like Tom Brady.

Ireland needed Philbin to open his eyes on Bess and Gates and I'm sure others. Philbin has taught him to not hang on to players simply for pride or in hopes they will eventually redeem his judgement.

Johnny Manziel's fine on the field. It's off the field he can be considered a bust.

Ireland needed Philbin to open his eyes on Bess and Gates and I'm sure others. Philbin has taught him to not hang on to players simply for pride or in hopes they will eventually redeem his judgement.

Posted by: Brainless | July 30, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Well, then why is D Thomas, John Jerry, and M Egnew still on the team?

During HardKnocks, Ireland told Gates his greatest fear was that he would develop into a great player somewhere else. His greatest fear should have been having him on the team another day.

Posted by: Brainless | July 30, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Exactly! Potential means you're still not worth a sh-t yet. You may some day get it, or you just may not.

Gold isn't gold until has been panned. Many of these great potential players turn out to be "fool's gold" once fully panned.

Thomas and Jerry are still the second best at their positions on the team.

Egnew's won't have a locker in Miami by opening day.

During HardKnocks, Ireland told Gates his greatest fear was that he would develop into a great player somewhere else.

Posted by: Brainless | July 30, 2013 at 10:46 PM

This statement maybe the greatest definition of "potential".

Exactly why some coaches hang on to these type players longer than they have to.

Dont look now but Clyde Gates is playing exceptionally well for the Jests so far.

I guess Clyde Gates is a perfect example of:


You can find gems in the late rounds and UDFA, just like every now and then you can find a fine bottle of wine for 10 bucks. Ireland's problem has been that he needs to drink a full case of it before he realizes it is swill.

Also some of these kids dont get serious about their profession until they get cut.

Too many just assumed Ireland was a programmed drone of Parcells, with a permanent case of tunnel vision.

He has proven to be aware and adaptable.

Also some of these kids dont get serious about their profession until they get cut.

Posted by: LOL | July 30, 2013 at 10:54 PM

Or the brand new home they bought with the 1st paycheck is threatening to go into foreclosure.

Posted by: Brainless | July 30, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Parcells came in and wanted to look like the calvary that rescued the settlers from attack of Indians.

That's why he came in and hung wallpaper to cover the holes in the drywall. Looks good but doesn't fix the holes in the drywall.

Also, for what Parcells was being paid, that was some helluva expensive wallpaper covering our holes in the dry wall. He wanted a quick fix. He didn't want to hang new drywall board, which was needed.

Now Ireland has to go behind him and do it correctly. The way it should have been done in the first place.

For a program that has been down in recent years by W-L standards, Maryland has players scattered all over NFL rosters including Fins ie Starks, Carroll, Yeatman. They had 2 players coming out this year that I posted pre-draft sleepers Fins should target, one AJ Francis and two Matt Furstenburg. Furstenburg ended up with Ravens, we got Sims which should turn out good. Francis is active with a high motor and knack for finding the ball. We are deep now on the def line so it may be tough for him to stick but I think he can be a solid player down the road. Nice to have options

Just a little mention out there to scourt and this Frank Caliendo dude. It's not Mando that keeps be coming back here. It's the posters and the discussion between fans here. If barry jackson ran the blog, I'd come, if Adam Beasley ran the blog, I'd come. Actuall when those two guys filled in while Mando was on vacation, I praised those guys. Now I enjoy the blog, but hate Mando's work. if a three legged imp ran this blog, I'd come here. if Mando went one to work somewhere else, I'd wouldn't ever give him a 2nd thought. It's my prereogative to provide feedback here. i never attack Mando personally as a fan in an open forum. I mean, isn't that what is advertised here up top? The fact is this blog has some of the best Dolphins posters here, so I keep coming back. However, it's not the only one. Now, it's 7 am here. Weather is beautiful, wife should be waking up soon, breakfast then off to the beach. Later!!!!

I was at the scrimmage. $10 Heinekens and all. Wheeler was all over the place.

I like Ellerbee and all, but I didn't even see him make a tackle or hear his name called.

Now since u want to get technical...

Whatever defensive assignment they had. Wheeler played his assignment X's 10.



Any more lessons?

I dont know who the moron is that keeps posting as LOVE FAKING etc...is it YG ? Give it up man...talk football...give us your opinion on something...CraigM has an opinion....lets hear yours...

1 You happy with Tanny's progress?
2 You think Miller will cut the mustard?
3 You think our Line can give Tanny 3 seconds?
4 What about our pass rush???

C'mon man...no more of that garbage you go on with PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE

If YG isn't Android 17, they sure think alike.

Fake 17, I mean android 17 is not a real person.

He is half man half nano bot. His body receives an alert signal
when you post making him the ultimate troll.

17 can't create new topics so he just trolls all day all night.

Just like the Terminator...

YG is Armando's personal IT guy. He fondles with his network.

Anyone notice trolls don't troll me when I happen to be in dispute with those they're in dispute with? Yet some here still schizo-believe Im all of the trolls too. They turn on me when Im no longer in dispute with those disputing.


I notice it. Kudos to you for keeping it about the Dolphins today.

If YG isn't Android 17, they sure think alike.

Posted by: john connor | July 31, 2013 at 01:58 AM

For starters I haventy a clue who android is or was. I've been here 5yrs and have yet to see the screen name or notice it.

This is full proof the troll is really a longterm blogger(longer than me) or a Herald hit troll.

This John Connor true and his aliases fully prove he's been here a lot longer than me.

Hell, it may even be some of your supposed favorite bloggers. Don't be naïve enough to take anything at face value in here. Do not be stupid!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 31, 2013 at 02:49 AM

This is a "hit generated" blog. The same screen names you know and trust can be the same "hit generated" trolls. It can be any of us. No one ever gets banned.

I cant speak for anyone else, but I 100% know that Im a legit blogger and Im 100% not a hit generated troll.

My main goal is to come here and talk football. However, just like others here, I also at times get side tracked by hit generated trolls. The Herald has a very clever staff of trolls and we'll never know who they really are.

The Herald's primary goal is to keep "hits" going.

Notice at certain times your favorite bloggers appear and disappear? It would be tougher for the Herald to sell that those same posters would be here nearly 24hrs a day. Just as I've said, the Herald's very clever with marketing deceit.

Its all about the money honey.

The trolls even pose as your favorite bloggers to promote discord. The more discord, the more hits, the more advertising dollars the Herald rakes in.

Be as wise as serpents, do not be deceived.

Life is not worth living if there is no motivation for it. Anything, whatever. In essence, Hope is what mantains us alive.

What applies to Western Cultures do not necessarily apply to Eastern ones and viceversa. That is why you have to be careful on generalizing guides or principles. Better stick to Universal rules.

What more powerful than a well directed Collective Intention? On an individual basis many call it Prayer.

I am glad Ryan did well, and can,t wait for the game Sunday hopefully Wallace and Hartline can play they need the work with Tannehill

I think the signing of Julius Pruitt speaks volumes!

It tells me that Philbin and Ireland are not feeling any panic. It tells me that despite two very unfortunate injuries, they still feel we'll be OK with what we have.

I actually like the signing in a way. At 6-2 210 and clocking low 4.4's, Pruitt, albeit briefly, really established himself as a capable Gunner and an overall GOOD Special Teamer. He's had his moments as a receiver and showed some potential. Being familiar with Miami means he would "Catch On" faster than a lot of the other options.

Most importantly though, it shows that some others already on the Roster have shown Philbin and Sherman some really good things. Why else would they not try some of the other, more established vets available?

Apparently McNutt, Bumphis and/or Kenny Stafford(or even Jeff Fuller)have been showing some positive, encouraging things.

Finally, it could also be an indication that Rishard Matthews injury isn't as severe as initially indicated.

This is all just conjecture and speculation on my part. But the Pruitt signing was pretty surprising to me initially. Especially when you consider all the other Receivers available. The more I thought about it, the more I attempted to read between the lines, the more sense it began to make.

One more thing Dustin keller may catch 80 to 90 passes in this O from the amount of times Tannehill targeted him they seem to have hit there comfort zone for sure.

Posted by: fin4life | July 30, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Just like most Fans I loved all the Off Season signings.

Wallace was a badly needed signing and I loved it. Then hearing we signed Keller, it just put me over the top. I mean the second I heard it, I couldn't believe it. I just knew, right then, it was going to be a Good Thang-LOL.

I agree that Keller will rack up the catches. Lots of them. In the majority of instances Wallace will demand Doubles. That means the underneath and medium range routes will be getting singles and/or short zones.

Tannehill and Hartline developed great chemistry and quickly. Now it looks as though he's doing the same, or adding Keller to his comfort zone.

To me, Keller just seems like the perfect type of Tight End to mesh with Tannehill's strengths and/or style of play. So even if we don't get a zillion deep passes to Wallace, we'll still have some great options down the seams, the drags and medium range routes.

So while Wallace gets all the attention, Keller and Hartline will keep the chains moving.

Side Note: I can't wait to see Keller against the Jets! And being a FORMER Jet, I have a feeling he'll play the Pats with the same Chip on his shoulder. That's "AT LEAST" 4 games a season where Keller will be playing like a Mad Dawg!!!!

You have to be a complete idiot to even suggest Ireland is better without Bill Parcells. Its laughable. The records speak for themselves. Parcells is a proven winner and in the Hall of Fame. Ireland is about to get fired and in the Hall of Shame. No one ever paid for plane signs to fire Parcells LMAO!

don't worry homers.j pruitt is back on the team at wr.
he drops everything his way.
2-14 = 1st pix in 2014 draft.

You have to be a complete idiot to even suggest Ireland is better without Bill Parcells. Its laughable. The records speak for themselves. Parcells is a proven winner and in the Hall of Fame. Ireland is about to get fired and in the Hall of Shame. No one ever paid for plane signs to fire Parcells LMAO!

Posted by: Fireland | July 31, 2013 at 08:26 AM

The young mindless homers claim everyone on the Dolphins is great and everyone not on the Dolphins stinks. Of course they can never explain why with all the great players, coaches, and executives on the Dolphins , they lose EVERY friggin year!

Mark in Tonronto,

It is time for a new avatar pic and if none are available. I would like to request you go back to the original one LOL


Great to hear about Dion Jordan on special teams! And to think some on the board thought drafting him third was a reach. When will Jeff Ireland get the respect he richly deserves?

Jeffy got a special needs player with the 3rd pick.

You can tell the meds wear off after a good nights sleep.

That's OK though, the thorazine kicks in quick!

When they actually take their meds that is.

Take your meds you Fvcking Tools!!!!

Other than Scott Bibs and Me, there hasn't been an even slightly coherent post since early last night.

Where do you find these utterly useless Tools Mando....?

You Fvcking Pukes shouldn't even be allowed to post here. You have to report any address changes, stay away from Schools and Parks. NO, you can't play Santa at the Mall and have all the Little Kiddies sit on your lap.

But they let you roam the internet?

What I wouldn't give to know each and every one of your Parole Officers names!

Tannehill is improving - "Football Talk".

Devlin is developing. His arm strength is improving but it is less than average for the NFL, not close to Tannehill. Never will be. He is accurate. The most he could hope for -and it would be a good accomplishment - would be to model himself after Chad Pennington, another QB with a mediocre arm but one who used his accuracy to make himself a valuable QB for a certain style of play.

Moore has a better arm and athleticism but does not seem to be a student of the game the way Tannehill is. He has good instincts and improvises well but he does not seem to be focused on improving his game the way Tannehill is.

Meanwhile I become more and more convinced that over time Tannehill will become great. My reasoning is this. He has all the physical skills you need to be a first rate QB - strong arm, height, quick feet, good vision, he is clearly developing the command and leadership, but what he has that distinguishes him is his mind. He focuses on football, is a student of the game with the kind of intensity one thinks of with Manning, he watches film, works on technique (for example markedly improving his accuracy) and has his mind engaged. The reason this is so important is that over time he will not grow taller, he will likely not get faster, his arm strength may improve marginally or not, he will obviously get more experience and improve on his reads just based on experience, but the intelligence gives him the opportunity to be a field general, someone who understands what is going on, how to read what is in front of him, how to dissect it.


Nice post. No........EXCELLENT Post!

The only thing I take exception with is the Devlin - Pennington comparison. It doesn't detrtact from your facts or your points.

It's just that Devlin's style and play is completely - totally different from Penningtons. Probably has to do with his height and the Coaching/systems he came up in.

Great Post though - Kudos!!!!

Bumphis is such a good name

Armon Binns waived injured!

A catastrophic ACL/MCL!

The impressive Binns was wearing "The No. 19 Jersey"!


get snowden to find out why the phinz have no wr's.

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