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Kapernick's cap

This is David J. Neal blogging in for a vacationing Armando Salguero, the favorite blogger of Dolphins fans from Kuala Lumpur to Marco Rubio.


San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick, photographed wearing a Dolphins hat at a July 4 shindig, thumbed his nose at those who might be upset about it. That prompted two questions from me:

How would you feel if you saw Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat during an offseason party? And would you rather have Kapernick or Tannehill as the Dolphins quarterback for the next five years?

Here I'd normally include something like the video of the classic Chuck Jones-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs Bonnets (1956), in which Bugs and Elmer change personalties based on what hats they're wearing at any given moment. But, that's apparently one of the few cartoons Warner Bros. has kept off YouTube and Dailymotion, so back to my Saturday night....


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I'll take Ryan Tannehill now and five (5) years...he will be the better long term QB.

I'm OK with it, especially if it's your hometown team you watched growing up. But I would never wear a rival's cap. That's asking too much. BTW, I'll take Tannehill. Both are really good, but I'll will stick behind him if for no other reason than he's our QB IRL.

I wish we had a QB half as good as Kaepernick.

You're name-dropping Benedict Rubio? That backstabbing sob is pure evil.

Can't say I care about this. And the Tannehill vs. Kapernick question, I'd rather have the better pocket passer and at this point I think it's Tannehill. That's just my personal view as I think the read option offense will not be near as effective this season as pro defenses adapt. They always do.

Heck, if Tannehill plays anything like last year they better try him at WR.

Well, I would rather have Pat Devlin as the starting qb this year. His rocket passes are Elway-like. It is sad that no matter how well he plays in preseason, he can never win the starting job!

Clearly, winning is not a job requirement for a Stephen Ross GM.

Most of you who are dogging Tannehill are crazy! Did u not see what he did last year with practically no offensive weapons! You'll see this year with Wallace and Keller then you'll feel like idiots for posting this! Find a different sport to follow if your not gonna pay attention!

Wow some of your are whinning ass babies. We are going somewhere. Feel free to move to another team if you don't like our head coach or quarterback. You sound like jets fans so move over to their side.(ira)

Why would anyone i8n fin nation be upset? Why even compare if it were Tannehill were doing it instead? He isnt right?

I love the fact Kap's showing he's possibly a Fin fan. So why stretch the imagination of possibility further than it's than it's already freely lended itself?

What if's states that which has failed to lend itself to the "factual world" of factual existence. So, if you please, can we keep it within these factual realms?

Bottomline: This is only significant in a fa situation where Tannehill has failed as the franchise qb and Kap is a fa. Until these things have come to pass the pre-nons-number of the above to[pic has failed before entry.

Try a true qualifier Mr writer of this blog.

I wouldnt care if it was the qbs home town team or a team he grew up liking. Just because a player is on the team you like doesnt mean that he grew up liking them. Most players are drafted and dont have a choice in who they play for.As long as the player goes out on game day and gives his best effort them he can 2ear what ever he wants.

Steve Ross save the Dolphins. Sell the team.

Kapernick is a great quarterback in his system and I really like him. But I think Tannehill is really going to be something special for years to.come. Tannehill is very smart, a winner.and a class act. I would keep Tannehill. Miami is going.to be a great team with this guy at the helm and Philbin coaching. GO PHINS!!! Tannehill to Wallace, Hartline and Keller is going to be sick and is going.to shock the whole league.

That's the least guy I imagined would have been a Dolphins fan. Or does he just likes the new Logo? In any case, to each its own.

consider a year ago no players want to come to Miami and now a premier player is wearnig a Miami Dolpjin hat, we've come a long way


Listen, Miami(Dade), has had great National exposure lately with the Heat and its glitz and other things. Might all not be shiny but for People with dough, it attracts them and rightly so. Maybe Colin...

AFC East - Miami 13-3 New England 11-5 Buffalo 8-8 New York Jets 5-11

This is a return to the Shula days of winning games, playoffs, and Super bowls!

We like partying Athletes.

When does Mando get back ? LOL

I had not physically visited Gulfstream Park for about 10 years until last July 1st as they have some kind of new summer racing program now and I wanted to see the remodelations they had done to the Park. I was astounded at what I saw. That is like part of a city, something like the Seminole Hard Rock Casino with restaurants and shops of all kinds but with beautiful architecture and the scenic racetrack and a huge 2 floor Casino sandwiched in. Most of the People there were Anglos or Jews with Us few Latinos among them. Even though casual, clothes were expensive and manners refined=$$$$$$. Sure, GP is in Broward County but part of the Miami Metropolitan area. You were saying, Arlen?

The comparisons between Kaep and Tannehill aren't fair just yet. I remember Kaep's draft and this blog along with every Dolphins related one were blowing up the chatter about the athletic roket armed Nevada QB. i

Colin wasn't NFL ready coming out of College, fin4, just as Manziel isn't ready now. Only reason why Karpernick performed well in the NFL last year has only one name= Jim Harbaugh.

I don't care at all what gear T-hill wears away from the team. Why get into the whatifs? and speculate on them at all? I do believe Kaep's behavior after the fact is arrogant, silly and antagonistic.

The comparisons between Kaep and Tannehill aren't fair just yet. I remember Kaep's draft and this blog along with every Dolphins related one were blowing up the chatter about the athletic roket armed Nevada QB. I was one of the people high on Kaep at the bottom of RD-2 to early RD-4. Some argue we took Daniel Thomas in the Strike draft trading back into RD-2 but that was at pick 62. The 49ers shoked everyone picking Kaep 36th overall. The reality of that draft was the surprise we didn't take QB Mallett with pick 62 instead of Thomas given Kaep was loooooong gone!

That said Kaep sat for the entire 2011 Season learning the O and 1/4 of last Yr. as well with the benfit of 2 Training Camps to boot. He plays behind the most dominant OL the NFL has seen since Jimmy Johnson put together the early 90's Cowboys OL's. Like that Dallas OL the 49ers are young nasty very physical and barring FA should be dominant for sometime to come. They have IMO one of the top-3 RB's in the game who can power behind that line to go with break away speed. He has the fastest T.E. the game has ever seen in V.Davis also top-3 at his Pos. to go with emerging Crabtree, Manningham and a cast of WR's that last Yr. also had Moss who made some plays for them.

Tannehill had a makeshift OL with big questions on the right side. A slow ill-equiped group to play in a zone blocking scheme with the slow Cogs at LG and a broken down J.Long at LT. A featured RB that is more of a utility back / Punt returner, the slowest T.E. in Football (sort of glorified Offensive Lineman) and the worst group of WR's from 1 to 5 I've ever seen which couldn't get seperaion forcing the perfect pass from a rookie QB.

In other words stop the comparison or hold it off for now and lets see what Tannehill can do with more of a stacked deck by mid-season before you ask the question or make foolish comparisons, Mr. Neal!

In regards to the header,,,,,SNORE. Not Neals fault though, there's just nothing happening. Talk to you guys in a couple of weeks.

The worst you can do is compare anything, specially yourSelf. Different People have different Abilities. In a Football example and strictly based on $, the Players have the physical talent but the Coaches with their football smartness are the ones that put that ability to a winning use. Who earns the most $? The Players. But who gets the most $ out of a professional Team? The Owners who have neither physical ability nor necessarily smarts in general, but are business smart. That's the way things work here now in regards to $.

oscar, I suggest you get out and do some traveling. For people who want a tropical vacation, the Carribean, Indonesia, South Pacific are all far better options. For those who want scenery, Miami has none. For those who want culture outside of frijoles negros, Miami can't compete.

For instance, I neither have the manners nor the quality of clothes that most of those People I saw at Gulfstream Park have. Besides, I have a Mediterranean skin color(from my Italian grandmother and Cuba's climate) and I know how whiteness, specially pristine, is valued in this Country. But I, have infinitely better Education and Culture(European first then American, integrated) than most of the People that were there at that Park. So, to my eyes, no matter how much $$$ they have, they can't compare to me(up or down) nor I to them. They would be making a mistake if they did so.

Actually, Arlen, Culture doesn't lie outside but rather inside. Of Us.

fins first half os season is brutal, if they can get by that they have a legit shot

As I approached the teller, he looked at me somewhat in a frownish way(what is this Cuban doing here?), I knew it said. (this guy is a scared little fukkk somewhat recently hired and, of course, I also knew all of his Childhood). 4$ to win #4. As I turned from the window towards my son, I let out a notch of me(I'm a humble guy) just straightening up a bit and I saw he looked at me. On my next bet, he was kind of deferring.

Also, none of you young Cuban fukkkkers here can compare to uUs older Cuban fukkkkers here, specially Me. Like one of his associates told Armando 3 years ago in this Blog, It's not fair.

2013 I am tired hearing about 73,72, QB Dan or defense that jmmy Johnson build in 96...

it time for dolphins to start win game again

ray u arent from this country are u

The only Dolphin news I want to see between now and the start of camp on July 20 is the signing of Dion Jordan to his rookie contract, or the signing of Vonta Leach as a free agent pickup for us. Any other news is most likely going to be bad. Four weeks to Canton, nine weeks to Cleveland. LETS GO PHINS!! FINS UP!

leach should sign with whoever by tuesday according to his agent jordan should sign and hurry up. i see huge bust all over him

dusty you told us he was deciding today. basically you know nothing and are just repeating propaganda.

dusty told us the lt from kc was signing. dusty is always wrong.

dusty is also very stupid, like most of you.

exactly egg, hence the agent remark. wasnt me saying that u silly sob

dusty my agent says only losers and idiots live in kansas city.

oscar, isn't it pretentious on your part to assume you are better educated than all those white people that you really know nothing about?

It makes you look small.

Tannehill looks a lot closer to a Chad Henne then to a Colin Kaepernick.

Why would Leach go from the SB champs to the bottom of the barrel Dolphins?
He wont.

There is no video showing Aaron Hernandez with a gun in hand, that is lie planted by police.
Carlos Ortiz did not tell police about the aprtment, the Pats gave the police a list of all of his residences so that they could not be accused of hindering the prosecution.

Unfortunately is nowhere near as talented as Henne or Kappe.
If he were he would not have gotten Sherman fired at T A&M.

That's supposed to say"...Tanne is nowhere near..."

thill is the man. henne top 5 worst qb in nfl

If you read closely, I said than most of those People there, Arlen. You should never generalize, especially on Internet. We just want to teach You.

16 starts, 3200 yards, 9 TD passes.
How prolific.
Ha ha ha

oscar, most people are uneducated or plain dumb. A glance at this blog proves it. To say you were better educated than most there, well that would be the case no matter where you went. No more than 15% of the population is remotely educated or cognizant of what is really going on.

Are you, Arlen? Educated more than most in this Blog I mean.

I guardedly believe Tannehill's upside is through the roof. Look, Tannehill's senior season at Texas A&M was his first ever playing qb. After never playing the qb position high school or college. He became starter midway during his junior season.

Remember, colleges don't recruit wr's and turn them into qb's. It's far more likely they recruit high school qb's and turn them into wrs. Tannehill is an extremely rare case. He's probably the first qb in Nfl history, drafted 1st rd, that did not begin his college career as a qb.

This is the rarest of the rare, which is why I guardedly believe Tannehill's potential could also be rarest of rare. The kid's only had 2 full starting seasons in his entire life at the qb position. One, in his senior year of college, and two, as the starting qb of your Miami Dolphins.

Not bad for a guy recruited out of high school as a wr. This alone makes him a pretty special case.

ExposingTheFraud is an assshole.


Good post.
T-Hill has the potential to be a very good QB in this league.

Last season, Tannehill was the best qb and wr on the team. Too bad he couldn't throw passes to himself.

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