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Kapernick's cap

This is David J. Neal blogging in for a vacationing Armando Salguero, the favorite blogger of Dolphins fans from Kuala Lumpur to Marco Rubio.


San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick, photographed wearing a Dolphins hat at a July 4 shindig, thumbed his nose at those who might be upset about it. That prompted two questions from me:

How would you feel if you saw Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat during an offseason party? And would you rather have Kapernick or Tannehill as the Dolphins quarterback for the next five years?

Here I'd normally include something like the video of the classic Chuck Jones-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs Bonnets (1956), in which Bugs and Elmer change personalties based on what hats they're wearing at any given moment. But, that's apparently one of the few cartoons Warner Bros. has kept off YouTube and Dailymotion, so back to my Saturday night....


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Moore is the best QB on the team.

Chad Henne has been a starting qb practically all of his life prior to being drafted by the Miami Dolphins. In fact, Henne was Michigan's starting qb for at least 3 full sasons.

Still, he flunked out as starting qb for the Dolphins, and now struggles to take the starting job from one the worst and surefire bust, Blaine Gabbert. So count your lucky stars Henne's no longer on our roster and we were never in position to draft Blaine Gabbert.

Ireland cant draft a QB to save his life.


Moore had his chance to become starter coming out of camp last season, and did far less. Exactly why, Tanne now sit top of the "Hill" of Fins qb's.

Shame on Moore, for not indisputably not being able to take the starting job from the raw rook. Especially since you claim he's the best qb on the roster. That should be unforgivable.

Tannehill pretty much won the starting job last season by proving he was at least as good as Matt Moore. The master plan was to have Tannehill sit for at least a season, then compete for the starting job this season.

However, Moore was less, and Tanne became "King Of The Hill" of Miami's roster of qb's. Enuff said!

Well, so far Tannehill has been a huge dissapointment. He looks like another Chad Henne except he was taken in the 1st rd! I think Matt Moore is quite a bit better and could be the starter after the bye week.

Even having the great playmaker Reggie Bush last season the offense still struggles – why because Tannehill makes poor decisions and failed to throw deep w/ any accuracy, hence more interceptions than TD’s. Matt Moore moves the the chains, look at season b4 last and look at the one game he played last year. I say Moore BEFORE the bye week!!


Should things descend according to way you most believe, then absolutely Tannehill would lose his starting job.

Quick question. How well has your fortune telling business done lately, and has it allowed you to quit your day job?

More proof right here.


The great playmaker Reggie Bush also proved why he is absolutely not a pure starting NFL rb. Had he not wasted o many carries looking for the home run play every carry. He could have possibly gained an extra 2 to 300yds rushing during his 2 seasons in Miami.

Hell, he may have lost a couple hundred yards per season, because he preferred to dance, instead of hitting the hole and accepting the minimal yards that the play had given him.

Reggie was the only playmaker we had. He is a dancer more then a bruiser and is more effective that way. He was Tanny's safety valve, an excellent receiver out of the backfield and he will be sorely missed.

Reggie Bush is now on his 3rd team in the last 4 years. That tells you everything. Even a SB team discarded him at a cheap price.

Rookie Miller had more ypc than the Bush the bust.

Of course T Nathan is only trolling looking for an argument. What ever makes him happy I guess.

You're greatest fear: Henne has a better season than the Phins and you have to read me gloating about it multiple times a day.

Ireland's Greatest Fear: Henne, Long, Smith, Bush, Bess & Fasano all have better seasons than the Phins do.

Obviously when I'm talking about, "Ireland's greatest fear" I am talking about Jeff Ireland not the country that produces the whitest people in the world.


Will you be using the PriceMaster and TheSMF names anymoer?

Did you find a little fat boy to take your load yet?

They are planning to fly another Fire Ireland plane sign over the stadium for the home opener.

Everyone on this site knows that you admire me and that is why you are always using my handles.

ExposingTheFraud evades the question.

But it's ok.

Because we all know the answer.

He is just another warped sick fk on the blog.

this is a premonition. the dolphins will play the 49rs in the superbowl.


tanne is way better than henne. that is easy to see.

Look, Tannehill's senior season at Texas A&M was his first ever playing qb. After never playing the qb position high school or college.

Tannehill is an extremely rare case. He's probably the first qb in Nfl history, drafted 1st rd, that did not begin his college career as a qb.

Tannehill's potential could also be rarest of rare. The kid's only had 2 full starting seasons in his entire life at the qb position. One, in his senior year of college, and two, as the starting qb of your Miami Dolphins.

Not bad for a guy recruited out of high school as a wr. This alone makes him a pretty special case.

Posted by: I LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 07, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Tannehill was born in Lubbock, Texas, but grew up in Big Spring, Texas. He attended Big Spring High School, where he played high school football. He played 10 games at defensive back his sophomore season. As a junior, he passed for 1,410 yards and rushed for 822 at quarterback. He took his team to the playoffs as a senior, passing for 1,258 yards and rushing for another 617.

Prior to Tannehill's second season, Mike Sherman took over as head coach. In summer camp, Tannehill competed against veteran quarterback Stephen McGee and redshirt sophomore Jerrod Johnson for the starting quarterback position. He finished third in the contest, behind Johnson and then McGee. Sherman, whose offense utilizes true receivers, moved him to wide receiver.

Sooooooooooooo................ Tannehill did play QB in High School. He WAS recruited as a QB. He did compete as a QB at A&M and THEN was moved to WR.

Your post was completely, totally just "Out There" man". Non factual in any sense. But hey, don't let them facts get in the way. LOL.....

Texas A&M improved dramaticaly when TanneHenne left.

I have a hottie over, primed and ready to go! I just thought I'd check in here at the blog first to see what's up.

Well, happy typing! I'll be 'occupied' if you know what I mean. Wink, Wink!


Posted by: nido | July 03, 2013 at 07:19 PM

The truth is Tannehill is a project and never should have been drafted in rd 1.

I would keep Tannehill for two reasons. First, QB who run the way Kaepernick does do not have long careers or get dinged and become unreliable for consistent excellence over the year - think Cunningham or Vick. Just a suicidal style. Second, Tannehill has similar physical tools but is just notably smarter, more of a student of the game. Legs are important. Arms are even more important. But over a career what is between the ears wins.

ok, well, this is all speculation. but, try to be a little more rational.

i mean, dude, all of those "facts" that you, so passionately, quoted; are in the past (history), you, obviously biased, lame brain.

Will you dumbos ever figure out that every single anti-Tanhill post is just a troll trying to irk you?

It amazes me just how stupid and gullible you all are.

Yeah, well.......those "Facts" from the "Past (history)" speak for themselves.

Your post was a total crock......Lame Brain LOL.....

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

good for you, wikipedia.

good for you, wikipedia.

Posted by: mike louis | July 07, 2013 at 06:33 PM

Yeah, but did you read the first line?

Cleveland Browns......?


Our politicians just love brain dead folks like most of you.

I'll bet odinIdiot doesn't even realize he was talking to YGFool.

YGFool didn't even realize he was talking to the blog swallower.

You guys are pathetically stupid and unaware.

Tannehill should be the more durable of the two, but outright ability right now has to go to Colin Kapernick. He took his team to the Super Bowl last year as a significant contributor. Granted, the 49ers are stacked, but Kape did his job and then some.

I like Tannehill's potential, but he hasn't proven that he can excel in this league the way Kapernick has.

From Wiki:

Ryan Timothy Tannehill III (born July 27, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Texas A&M. The Miami Dolphins selected him with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Maybe "Loves It In His Ass" writes for Wiki too.....?

and as for you mr.,"it amazes me just how stupid and gullible you all are.", hypocrite. i know. i just enjoy engaging a troll, like you. and winning every time.

All any bimbo needs to do is post something negative about Tannehill and you sack heads take the bait like a goldfish in a bowl.

Time and time again. You guys should be laboratory experiments!

mike louis..winning what? your imaginary jackoff contest? Winning? Gosh you are desparate. Happy Trophies to you sad sack.


It's hard to argue with success. Same goes for your post.

The Niners are stacked and I think Alex Smith(or any number of current NFL QB's)would have got them too the game.

Kapernick is fun too watch and supremely athletic. But like the Wildcat and the system he ran, he's a flash in the pan. Can you imagine Kapernick playing for the Jags or the 2011 Dolphins?

Kap will be out of the league quicker than Russell Wilson.



I was just wondering, do your hotties refer to you as a hottie or a flat tire?

i'm talking about winning the debate, which is clearly, what all this is about. but your passion for jerking off is just great, there, hypocrite.

All any bimbo needs to do is post something negative about Tannehill and you sack heads take the bait like a goldfish in a bowl.

Time and time again. You guys should be laboratory experiments!

Posted by: I mean, really. | July 07, 2013 at 06:37 PM

Um.........I mean, really,.........you DO realize YG's post about Tannehill was a **POSITIVE** one........don't you?

I just had to take exception with the way he had every single "Fact" wrong. It was like something a 3rd grade Homer would write-LOL...

i didn't mention any facts. so you are incorrect. i win, again.

Sure, YG's post was positive. But every time I pass by there are 2 or 3 knuckleheads making the same dumb posts about Tannehill and always a bunch of dodo birds chime in to debate those losers seriously. They just don't realize the obvious.

phins / niners superbowl. don't hate, speculate.


I was just wondering, do your hotties refer to you as a hottie or a flat tire?

Posted by: Cut and Paste | July 07, 2013 at 06:47 PM

Most of them refer to me as **Daddy War Bucks**.

Notice how you broke ass middle aged welfare cases don't get the Young Hotties......?

Just saying.....

PS: I'm under no Delusion of Grandeur. I know what "time" it is and I know the "Score". I also know EXACTLY what those Young Hotties see in me.....$$$$ !!!!

Matter of fact, I got DRAGGED down to Bed Bath and Beyond today because it's the final day of their "Big Sale". But, Daddy War Bucks has to do what Daddy War Bucks has to do.

Anymore questions from the Fat, Balding, Broke Ass Troll...........?

it is irrelivent that no one realizes the obvious. those knuckleheads need to be debated. and, i am just the dodo bird, to do it. and i will debate your point too, if you engage me again.

Oh yes. I forgot. Everyone knows that Tow truck drivers make $$$$.

Jesus, when is at least training Camp starting?

The return of Armando and crap means more or less the same thing. He cannot or will not adequately conduct this Blog.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Oh yes. I forgot. Everyone knows that Tow truck drivers make $$$$.

Posted by: Cut and Paste | July 07, 2013 at 07:10 PM

Tow Truck Driver......? Yeah right Home Skillet. I OWN Trucks and pay people to drive them.

And don't ask, I don't hire fat, balding Tards that live in Mommy's Basement-ROTFLMAO!

YG, just stick to shinning the vette and polishing the knobs, you'll be alright.

BTW-Do you have enough gas money for the lawn mower......? ROTFLMAO ;)

I also **OWN** the rights to a couple of songs. The rebroadcast fees **ALONE** brings in more than you get from Armando and Uncle Sam COMBINED!

My Attorney calls them "Residuals" Sweet Cheeks. Eat your Heart out :(

Which songs, odin?

One song is about this guy oscar who thinks he knows about psychology when in reality all he knows about is incest.

It was a Top Ten for 20 weeks.

Odin's favorite song comes from The Wizard of Oz and is titled "If I Only Had A Brain" LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son is a dummy

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