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Kapernick's cap

This is David J. Neal blogging in for a vacationing Armando Salguero, the favorite blogger of Dolphins fans from Kuala Lumpur to Marco Rubio.


San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick, photographed wearing a Dolphins hat at a July 4 shindig, thumbed his nose at those who might be upset about it. That prompted two questions from me:

How would you feel if you saw Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat during an offseason party? And would you rather have Kapernick or Tannehill as the Dolphins quarterback for the next five years?

Here I'd normally include something like the video of the classic Chuck Jones-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs Bonnets (1956), in which Bugs and Elmer change personalties based on what hats they're wearing at any given moment. But, that's apparently one of the few cartoons Warner Bros. has kept off YouTube and Dailymotion, so back to my Saturday night....


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You see, you see, nobody here addresses me directly. Arlen, where are you?

Shut up!

Ha!, I knew you were close by.

Don't let ody fool you with the residuals. He wasn't a solo artist and who knows who the song writer was. His take on maybe a couple of songs that made the charts would be nothing more than lunch money.

ody likes to prey on the ignorant, which is why he comes here.

Also just a couple of weeks back ody said he get's paid to be on call....That sure doesn't sound like the owner of a tow truck company,

Tripped up again LOL

oscar you need to get out of your house on occasions....

Then there was the time he said his hottie just arrived and he continued to blog for 5 hours!

Tripped up again LOL

Your lonliness makes me sad. Begging odinseye to come out and play with you is a desperate cry for attention from a stranger you seem to be in love with. At the very least it's obsession and very disturbing. Please seek help.

The ONLY time I'm on call is for **SNOW PLOWING** when storms hit after hours(this includes winching people out of ditches. Good money for little work).

This is a cost saving measure, but mainly I LOVE Snow Plowing. It's a blast.

You're the one Trippin Pool Boy ;)

(A couple weeks ago.....? That Meth is a mother eh. That was back in March. You were close though-ROTFLMAO. Give or take 4 months or so-LOL. Sheesh!)

Cut and paste is Aloco. He finds out what people do for a living then twists it in an attempt to degrade them and trick the person into amusing him because he has no semblance of a life outside of this blog.

Watch out odinseye, the guy is now making up cute nicknames for you. "Ody"? Lmao

Then there was the time he mispelled Philbins name! That ody, it was so cute I wet myself!

Ody I missed you so much please don't go away now. I just got myself all worked up for you! You are sooooo adorable.

Then there was the time ody talked about his job. It was a memorable night!

Hey everyone! Remember that time when ody got drunk during the draft and went off for hours? No, you guys don't remember that because you don't spend every waking moment in a blog? I guess that's just me, oh well, more odycutie for me!


Have my posts got fired yet?

Cool, everyones here so at least I'm not alone.

What a riot!

I leave for an hour and come back to see the troll telling me I'm obsessed has now impersonated me several times!

That is Classic!

...and under Several names!

Mirror mirror on the wall....hehe

Oscar, one of the resident idiots faked my name at 830. Are any of these clowns treatable or is the damage done?

Has anyone noticed that when mando is gone we get no posts from dashi, I'm sure that's just a coincidence

You never wear another team's cap unless it's a same-city team of another sport...or your collage alma mater. A team is giving you millions of dollars to represent a city and its fan base.

Kapricorn is a pig in a poke.

As I've been saying...

What's really sad is Kaepernick wearing his pants down to his knees so his green underwear show. Now that's ghetto. Didn't your mama teach you how to dress in public.

Vegas has the Miami Dolphins winning only games this season
Home has the Dolphins @ 10-6
Aint It Cool!

Vegas has the Miami Dolphins only winning 7 games this season
Home has the Dolphins @ 10-6
Aint It Cool!

You never wear another team's cap unless it's a same-city team of another sport...or your collage alma mater. A team is giving you millions of dollars to represent a city and its fan base.

Posted by: Matthew | July 08, 2013 at 12:03 AM

I disagree totally with the above comment. Wearing team caps, jerseys, etc. is something many people do nowadays as part of a wardrobe. And it has less to do with the team than it does the color combinations. I'm a Nats fan, but I have a Yankees cap to go with my gear that is blue (though I don't wear caps very much). Plus I like NYC (though I could care less about the Yankees). I have a Barry Sanders Lions jersey too, because I loved Barry Sanders (not the Lions). I used to wear an Oakland A's green cap back in the day because I had a lot of green shirts.

Like I said, many guys coordinate their caps to their sneakers/shirts, other articles of clothing. This is all this was. Not like he was supporting the Dolphins. I see nothing wrong with it. Plus professional athletes don't have the same relationship to the game as fans do. They move around from team to team, so they don't necessarily have allegiance to one team or another, while fans generally root for one team their whole life.

5th consecutive losing season coming up. How many does it take until Ireland is fired?

What's up losers?

Does the "J" stand for "Jordan", "Jackson", "Jo Momma" or "Just Curious"?

Vegas is predicting 7 wins for phins this season?
While everybody in the world except me was smoking the Phins bone Vegas had us winning 10 games. Instead of smoking the bone I was calculating the difference between the production that left and the production that joined and I discovered we lost more than we gained and paid $100mil for the priveledge.
Then I exposed the fraud here and on Walker's blog over and over and over.
A week later Williamson graded our offseason a C-.
Now Vegas has us right back where we started.
Classic Jeff Ireland!

Probably still has it from the draft process when the 9ers grabbed him from under our noses. It was reported taht he was in our crosshairs. Instead we ended up with Thomas in the 2nd... oh well

Colin Kaepernick's Dolphins cap? Not much is obviously happening in NFL land. Don't worry, that'll change in about 2 weeks. Can't wait until camp starts.


Armando, when in furlough, or one of his associates works at Macys in downtown Miami. You thought We would forget? Puuuulessss

We NEVER forget anything done against Us. We just wait for the right Moment to remind it.





2-3 after 5 with Tannereachhenne.
Do you put M.Moore in to save the season.?LMAO

2-3 after the first 5 wouldn't be bad. If we can go 2-4 in the division then we only need to win 5 more to be 9-7.

If Brent Grimes plays all of the first 5 we can win 2 or 3 of those.
If he does't play we're phucked.

home wild card or kaboom.

bruce, 0-5 then u c mm.

I agree. 2-3 going into week 6 is pretty good. This team should get stronger as the season goes on.

A cap is a cap. Who cares!

Victor Cruz signing 6 year $43mil with Giants.

Victor Cruz vs Mike Wallace Last 2 Seasons:

Cruz: 168 Rec 2628 yds 19TDs Postseason: 269yds 1TD

Wallace: 136 rec 2029 yds 16 TDs Postseason: 26yds 0TD

Clearly Wallace is worth 50% more than Cruz that is why Ireland wisely decided to pay him $12mil/season when bums like Cruz can be had for $8mil/season.

Kaepernick easily!

Here is Gary Steven's take

Colin Kaepernick > Ryan Tannehill

For those of you unitiated in higher-order mathematics, the '>' sign means 'greater than' which when converted to football parlance means 'better than'.

Would you trade Colin Kaepernick straight up for Ryan Tannehill? There are only four possible answers?

a) YES
b) I'm an idiot
c) In my country the football is round and we kick it
d) I am lying

ETF, Pricemaster, whatever u are. You should note in your analysis that the Steelers offered Wallace ~$9M per season, more than the Giants paid Cruz. Of course you neglect to mention that. So you think the Steelers and their 6 super bowls are stupid like Ireland?

Whatever dude we'll see what happens this season.
Vegasd has us winning 7 which is where we were just 6 months and $100mil ago.

Whatever dude is a great argument. Actually, as pointed out, it's 7.5. If you are so pessimistic, then take the under. DO IT!

What were the complete terms of the Steelers offer?
How many years? How much per year? Where are you getting the facts?


My bad, he actually turned down 5 years, $50m. That's $10M a year. Chew on that a while.

You should learn by now not to challenge me. Unlike you, i don't speak out of my arse.

The link did not go to the story but it does lead into the SI Swimsuit photos.
Go to the body paint photos of Chrissy Tiegen.
MW & JI can both go phuc themselves.

+ - on 30 bux a beer at the joe this season.

50 bux 2 park and watch rt trow pix sixs.

what's gumbys #?

Nice retort. Guess that's the end we hear of that analysis.

ross' skrew u t's at the phinz store are going like hot cakes at the joe.

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