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Kapernick's cap

This is David J. Neal blogging in for a vacationing Armando Salguero, the favorite blogger of Dolphins fans from Kuala Lumpur to Marco Rubio.


San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick, photographed wearing a Dolphins hat at a July 4 shindig, thumbed his nose at those who might be upset about it. That prompted two questions from me:

How would you feel if you saw Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat during an offseason party? And would you rather have Kapernick or Tannehill as the Dolphins quarterback for the next five years?

Here I'd normally include something like the video of the classic Chuck Jones-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs Bonnets (1956), in which Bugs and Elmer change personalties based on what hats they're wearing at any given moment. But, that's apparently one of the few cartoons Warner Bros. has kept off YouTube and Dailymotion, so back to my Saturday night....


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sooooo, with peyton back the saints r gonna b a walk in the park huh?

I'm the only person on earth that does not buy the hype and I publish accordingly.
When 99% of the public decide it's a good time to buy the stock the price is already too high - in that scenario I am the seller.

But your analysis is always flawed - severly.

And you don't need to teach me about stock trading. 43% ARR over the last two years.. I do OK.

How is it severly flawed?
Wallace had the worst season of his career and Ireland gave him Megatron money.
This team lost more in production than it gained over the offseason and I pointed that out to the world. And after I pointed it out and people verified my facts they all jumped off the phins bandwagon.
Cruz is a better receiver than Wallace period.
To get a player to come to a shtty team like this you have to pay extra - just ask Dansby & Wallace

Everyone in free agency is overpaid. And Minny offered more money than MIami and he turned it down.

When you say it lose mroe production than it gained, you make three fatal errors.

1. You compare the production of a WR to that of a RB

2. Your analysis assumes Lamar Miller will have the same production he had last year which barring injury is a fatal error.

3. You do not account for any progression in Ryan Tannehill's game. There is an excellent chance he will do better in year one than 2.

Hope this helps.

the browns r 1-11 in openers.

no mando means no dashi, I guess they take vacations together

Mark you are the one making the fatal errors. The proper way to project is to assume that each player does the same as they did last season.
In the case of Reggie Bush leaving are you saying that all of the touches that Reggie got Lamarr will get? If that is your argument what are you basing it on? When the season ended Miller was behind Thomas on the RB depth chart. What has changed in the offseason to move Miller ahead?
You're the one with the flawed evaluations.
(And claiming 43% arr without referenceing the period of time is pretending).

1. I referenced over the last two years.

Second, production does not stay the same year to year. Assuming so is highly inaccurate.

Anyway, your production assumption does come down to how Miller/Thomas do compared to Bush/Thomas/Miller last year.

And topping 986 yards out of Bush shouldn't be that hard to do.

Since Hartline is still there, Wallace at his worst year > Bess at his best year in 2012, and Dustin Keller in 5 games just about matched Fasano's 16 game production in 2012.

I think you will be proved to be wrong here ... by a wide margin.

Thomas+Miller+Gilligan < Bush

If Wallace gets Hartline's targets and Hartline gets Bess's targets then how many targets does Gibson get?

And Reggie added almost 300 yards recieving.

Enough to probably triple the production the Dolphisn got out of their 3rd WRs last year and easily pickup the Bush receiving slack you point out.

The fact that the Dolphins will have trouble picking up the slack left by the 17th leading rusher in the NFl last year is laughable. 17th ... that's below average.

Anyway I never said Mike Wallace is the weak link on this team, I just said that Ireland overpaid because he had to to get a top player to come to a shhty team.

The weak link is OT and CB.

If our CBs cause us to fall behind early then our OL needs to hold up to give Tanne a chance to bring us back.
You know how it goes when the team consistently falls behind early? Everyone in the stadium, including the opponents D coordinator knows what's coming and it won't be Gilligan running between the guards.

Of course they overpaid. Every team adding major free agents must overpay. The Mike Wallaces of the world do not take discounts. But you said that they wouldn't be able to match the prodcution of last year's skill players which is sometthing entirely different.

No I didn't say they wouldn't be able to match it.
I said they didn't match it.
You inferred that they wouldn't match it.
I implied that if everyone does in 2013 what they did in 2012 then we would be worse off.
And to me Martin/Clabo is a step down form Long/Martin in the T department.
So if
Martin does what Long did and
Clabo does what Martin did and
Grimes does what Smith did then
Tanne will be able to repeat what he did:
16 starts, 3200 yds, 9 TDs

Maybe he sees the wrighting on the wall... It will be an awesome time to be a fins fan!!! GO FINS!!!

That's an absolute meaningless thing to say. If everyone does what they did in 2013 that they did in 2012. There's a ZERO % chance of that happening.

But if Martin and/or Clabo and/or Grimes struggle and/or get injured then we are phucked.

BTW I got a big transaction off my desk and into closing today that is why I am squandering so much time.

If Wallace gets Hartline's 2012 targets and Hartline gets Bess's 2012 targets than Hartline's production will go down.
If Gibson gets the targets that Bush had last season that is 30 fewer touches for the RB's.
Maybe Wallace puts up 2000 yards and the total production is greater that's what we have to find out.
But at least player, Hartline, should have less production.

I would agree with you on Martin being a big question mark but the rest - there's not much risk IMO

No starter in any sport has ever made all of his starts the season following achilles surgery.

Hartline + Wallace SHOULD b > Hartline + Bess

Gibson > than any third WR the Dolphins had last year

Miller got 0.7 YPC higher than Bush last year... younger, fresher, bigger, faster legs.

BTW some big lips visible on some of these painted on models - thanks for the link.

Uhm Dan Marino in 1994??

There is a reason that Miller was behind Thomas on the depth chart all season.
I don't know what that reason is but I believe that I heard that Miller cannot pass protect. If that is true then Thomas will have to take 80% of all of the snaps otherwise teams will know the play when Miller comes on the field.

If Marino is the only one so be it. I don't how far Marino had to run that season, probably not what Grimes will have to run in the first qtr of the first preseason game.

This should help you rest easy ...


When I see him taking on real defenders successfully I will rest easier.
Until then I will Expose The Fraud wherever I find it and i will enjoy these big lips whenever possible.

Lastly it sure was polite of all the other posters to stay out of our conversation.

alright man, laters. I'm out


go finssssssssssss win this division!

Whatever dude we'll see what happens this season.
Vegasd has us winning 7 which is where we were just 6 months and $100mil ago.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 08, 2013 at 02:57 PM

Well jeez if Vegas says it's so it must be true.

Too bad Henne never played with Reggie Bush or they might have won a few more than the right?

Was the oddsmaker black? Remember when you made fun of a young man who was murdered by saying he was black and stole a bike to get to work so he can't be trusted?

You're as stupid as they come, better change your name because I'm going to troll every post you make until you do you worthless pos.

"And after I pointed it out and people verified my facts they all jumped off the phins bandwagon."
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud

Yes, you are so smart that you convinced a bunch of fans to stop liking what the fins did in the offseason. Do you hear yourself? Do you really believe anyone gives a crap what you think?

There are so many holes in your dumbazz theories and opinions one wouldn't even need a pin to burst your bubble brain because it's already empty. And once again your understanding of the NFL is elementary at best.

I wish we had a QB like Kaepernick. TanneHenne is just horrible.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 08, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Dumbest post of the day. Every single one of your moronic thoughts could be destroyed in less than 2 seconds. But I've already wasted enough of my time reading your absurdly stupid garbage pretend to be a fan troll posts. Go jump off a high bridge.

When can we get a good owner?

I don't know what that reason is but I believe that I heard that Miller cannot pass protect.

I just can't stop. It's every post, dumb, dumb, dumb, more dumb. It's never ending and it seems like you just started watching football last year.

Did you know the Dolphins changed their entire coaching staff and installed a brand new offense just last season? Did you know that Miller never ran in an offense like this one? Did you know he was a rookie? Did you know Reggie Bush was playing ahead of him and Thomas was a year into the league already? Do you know how hard it is for a 4th round rookie running back to come in and pick up an entirely brand new offense and then beat out two veterans who had been studying it since the day Philbin was hired? Do you know anything at all or are you just pretending to be a fetus?

Why Mark even talked to you is a mystery. He certainly learned nothing and is that much dumber for engaging you. Just keepin it real, your actions on this blog are disgusting. People like you make this world a bad place to live in. Better go check your bike, a black guy might be stealing it. Have a great time during your second shift tonight Ms. Deen.

If you are responding to ETF, then you are confirming you are an idiot.

I commend you for remaining on the sidelines while men were having a discussion this afternoon.

Please tell me when it was that Miller was moved ahead of Thomas on the depth chart. Because until he is moved ahead then Thomas, the 2nd rounder that Jeff moved up to take, is the starter.
Not Miller.
Not Gilligan.

Jack Sparrow...

All the same lonely fellow preyiing on fools.

BTW my CadillacDeville flooded ad was totaled by my insurance co. I test drove a LinconContinental last week.

Jack Sparrow = Aloco = Dashi = Captain = oscar canosa = Exposed.

One more thing: neither my buddy Mark In Toronto, nor I, require any advice from you.
MIT bangs women with big boobs and then attaches thier picture to his name.
MIT sends links to SI Swimsuit models that have thier bikinis painted on so that you can see thier nipples and big lips.

You bang your hand and then tell everyone all of the bands that you played with.

This blog is a study in just how gullible and unaware the average idot American is these days.

Politicians love people like you.

Clearly Wallace is worth 50% more than Cruz that is why Ireland wisely decided to pay him $12mil/season when bums like Cruz can be had for $8mil/season.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 08, 2013 at 01:57 PM

Come on man, I thought you were better than this.....?

Last season Wallace had to play with Rapeliesburger, who struggled at times. Then he had to play with Leftwich for most of two games. Then Batch, who's almost 40 years old, after that.

It is what it is, but come on, if you're going to make a comparison like this, you might want to include these important **FACTS**.

Cruz played with Manning for every game since 2010. And no matter how you want to slant it, Leftwich, Charlie Batch and maybe even Rapeliesburger himself, ain't no Manning.

ETF, Pricemaster, whatever u are. You should note in your analysis that the Steelers offered Wallace ~$9M per season, more than the Giants paid Cruz. Of course you neglect to mention that. So you think the Steelers and their 6 super bowls are stupid like Ireland?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 08, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Nice post Mark, I believe someone or something has indeed been exposed ;)

When the season ended Miller was behind Thomas on the RB depth chart. What has changed in the offseason to move Miller ahead?
You're the one with the flawed evaluations.
(And claiming 43% arr without referenceing the period of time is pretending).

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 08, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Wow! You make all these sweeping judgements, yet you don't even know that Miller has earned the starting job?

Unless something changes, that's how it's been reported to date.

Freaking Amazing-LOL!

Evidently Leach is not a done deal after all.
Go back through the archives and look what I wrote on the subject:

"There are 2 teams that spit in the face of the Pats in postseason: Bal & Giants. Leach will not be coming to a team where not only the whole organization but even it's beat reporter are afraid of the Pats"
"The root word of 'Free Agent' is 'Free' as in free not to sign for a shtty team like ours".

That's right once again I was the only one willing and able to expose the fraud.

Now I believe that I will go and expose myself.

No starter in any sport has ever made all of his starts the season following achilles surgery.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 08, 2013 at 04:18 PM

Uhm Dan Marino in 1994??

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 08, 2013 at 04:21 PM


Hey Cut and Paste, How Ya Like Me Now-lol.....?

PS: You do realize that I was only kidding yesterday when I said don't let the facts get in the way........RIGHT.......?

It's true I've changed my handles over the years but when I start a new one Iretire the old one.
5 years ago I was PriceMaster.
4 years ago I was TheSMF.
3 years ago I was MooreIsLess and LessIsMoore.
2 Years ago I was PhucYu
1 year ago I was CadillacDeville and LincolnContinental
This year I have taken on my mission s my handle.
It was me that told all of you that the Wildcat was BACKDOOR football. I exposed that before the 1st half of that game was over.
For 5 years I've been shouting, "Hey all of our top draft picks are leaving and we are getting nothing for them".
I'm the only one that stood up for Aaron Hernandez and said, "The cops should have found thew evidence first and then taken it to the grand jury before they announced to the world that AH murdered someone".

So it's true I've used different handles but I used them sequentially not all in the same sitting.

Odin stll chatting with ETF? There is no cesspool that guy won't drink out of.

I've got a hottie over! I had to tow her Rolls Royce to the mechanci and she decided to 'wait' for it at my place. Wink, wink!

Just thought I'd check out the blog before doing the deed ;)


Posted by: Rare Dirt | July 08, 2013 at 07:40 PM

You might as well stick to these kinds of posts bhecause when it came to football today, you got squashed like a bug-ROTFLMAO!

That only makes sense if Odin, MIT and rare Dirt are the same person.
But if that were true then you would also have to be the patient of Dr. Oscar Canosa if which case you would also be oscar canosa, Aloco, Dashi, Captain, bobbyd12, fin4life, Cuban Menace and oh yeah Armando Salguero.

....So the question was asked who would I rather have. Kaepernick or Tanny? I wasn't a huge fan of Kaepernick when he was coming into the league just because I had not seen him play much more then a few highlight reels, and the Senior Bowl. Difficult to form an opinion about a guy you don't know much about.

Same for Tannehill. I was against the thought of taking a receiver turned quarterback. A relative unknown commodity with a top ten pick(especially at the quarterback spot).. Like Kaepernick. I really knew little about Tannehill. The difference was that I thought the odds were pretty good we would take him last year. In turn I did much more homework on him. I was still in the WTF are we doing camp until his name was called...Time to support the colors.

Anyway. Kaepernick is the flavor of the month. Deservedly so. But he was drafted by another team. who is to say that his skill set would translate to what we do here? I know that sounds crazy..he has a rifle arm, he is mobile, has tattoos..The whole package. And who knows. Perhaps if Philbin and CO. were making the choices in 2011. Kaepernick may have been a Phin. The only thing we know for sure is that he(Kaep) works with the personel and coaches in S.F. Our guy is Tannehill. So I will stay with our guy. He fits into the scheme, into the idea of what Philbin is trying to build. If he didn't...He wouldn't be here. IMO it is shows a complete lack of trust toward the coaches, and the staff(which is completely understandable) if you would prefer to see Kaepernick behind center right now.

I like the unknown. I like to think that perhaps we got it right. I would play it as it lies.

Kapernick has better field vision, is a better athlete, throws with more touch and is TOUGHER than Tanny.


...One more thing...Really?? Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat is news why? The news cycle is so pathetic that something that has no meaning, that is nothing. It becomes a news story worthy of the bottom line. It becomes a topic of debate for talking heads filling airspace during the slow time. I'm sure that Kaepernick should have been preparing, nose down in the playbook. I'm sure that because he wore a Dolphins hat that it will cost the Niners a game down the road, it may even lead to an injury. This obviously shows some huge maturity issues. Come to think of it. Good thing we didn't take this guy in 2011..He is definitely a loose cannon!

Why hasn't a team used clear, plastic helmets so we can see the players heads? The technology is there and it would look cool.

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