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Kapernick's cap

This is David J. Neal blogging in for a vacationing Armando Salguero, the favorite blogger of Dolphins fans from Kuala Lumpur to Marco Rubio.


San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick, photographed wearing a Dolphins hat at a July 4 shindig, thumbed his nose at those who might be upset about it. That prompted two questions from me:

How would you feel if you saw Ryan Tannehill wearing a 49ers hat during an offseason party? And would you rather have Kapernick or Tannehill as the Dolphins quarterback for the next five years?

Here I'd normally include something like the video of the classic Chuck Jones-directed Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs Bonnets (1956), in which Bugs and Elmer change personalties based on what hats they're wearing at any given moment. But, that's apparently one of the few cartoons Warner Bros. has kept off YouTube and Dailymotion, so back to my Saturday night....


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Clearly winning 4 playoff games, Mark Sanchez has provided much more excitement to Jet fans than Dolphin fans have experienced the last 5 years.

OK, enjoy butt fumble, his gay headband, and all his ungodly football gifts. Don't want him, need him, or like him. I'll take mine and beat yours...

Gay slurs and being on a Miami football blog show utter stupidity by a canadien.

Kraft says he'll feel duped if it's true. if it's true. if it's true.

Kraft reads my posts on ESPN as do all NFL execs. He saw me exposing the fraud of the so called evidence. Finding the clothes he wore on Friday is not evidence of a shooting on Sunday. The Pats, not Carlos Ortiz, gave police the apartment address so it was not a 'secret' from anyone. There is no video of Hernandez coming and going with a gun.
All of those are lies planted by the police because they have nothing on Hernandez.

What we do know as fact:

1. The rap on AH out of UF was weed smoking. He offered in writing to pay back his salary if he failed a drug test in the NFL. He never failed.

2. Odin Lloyd's method of transportation when he met AH was a girl's bicycle that he saved his landscaping money to buy. He's at a club with AH in a vehicle that AH rented for him. Conclusion: Odin was working as AH's chauffeur so AH would NOT get in trouble.

3. Odin was talking shht to known murderers at the strip club. AH told him not to talk to those guys because they will murder him.

4. If the police had investigated the whereabouts of the known murderers from the club they could have announced that those guys murdered Lloyd and left AH out of it.

5. It is extraordinarily preposterous that A) AH is a mastermind pot smoking serial killer that has eluded law enforcement for 10 years by hiding in plain site and B) Brought in accomplises from other states to murder his driver and dump his body a mile from his house. If he was that upset he simply would have fired him as the chauffeur.

ETF, don't know and don't care about Aaron Hernandez and his guilt. I'm just talking about this "Patriot Way" getting smashed.

But just to play devil's advocate, if you know Boston like I do (spend a lot of time there and have family there) and how they worship their sporting local boys as gods, don't know why they would sell one of their own down the river without guilt. Doesn't make sense.

You know those landscape guys that climb in the crew chiefs truck at 5:30am and don't come home until after dark? Odin Lloyd was not one of those guys. You ever answer the doorbell and there is a grown black man at the door offering to cut your lawn with your own lawnmower? That was Odin Lloyd's method of employment. When you tell him 'no thanks' he cans, "then can you lend me a couple dollars?"

America has become the land of Dumb people. Proof?

Obama is still president
People watch the Kardashians
Rex Ryan still has a job
Ireland still runs the dolphins

What more proof do you need?

Mark Sanchez does dress like a homosexual. Nothing homophobic about that. Certain gay men do tend to dress with a more feminine touch to their wardrobe.

The Dullfins are living proof that you cant win with choir boys.

By the way, At UF AH was known to have gang affiliations. That much is documented.

odinpinkeye still here blabbering nonsensically.

All we need is Big Mouth craig to come back to join forces with him to tell everyone how dumb they are.

Mark in Toronto,

Get an education. Then come back and blog.

Here's why:
Robert Kraft called the governor and said, "Tell the police chief to arrest AH now, just in case, so I can release him before he reports to camp and his salary vests".
The Robert Kraft called the commissioner and said, "No one is allowed to sign AH when he is exonerated. He's my property and he belongs to me".

The 'people' of Boston did nothing more than everyone else in the US did. The police mentioned AH's name 2 hours after the body was discovered and the press announced that AH had murdered someone.

All we need is Big Mouth craig to come back to join forces with him to tell everyone how dumb they are.

Posted by: Nothing changes around here | July 09, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Only 1 person here has admitted to being blocked on social media sites because of his annoying & conceited personality.

Starts with C ends with M. So, it's not just us who think he's a sissy ninny pants.

ETF, you smoking the Tyrone Biggums???

Why in the world wouldn't he want to pay AH??

Get and education?? Haha, I'm better educated than at least 85% of this continent.

How dumb would the country look if Mitt Romney was actually the President?

People were still waiting to vote when he lost, how sad is that?

Anyway Aaron Hernandez is a scum bag. He's so dumb, he thought

Detectives wouldn't find his other apartment where he kept the ammo

than killed the victim.


I've seen every episode of First 48. If someone murders your friend, you

Would at least cooperate with officers to help find the killer.

He showed NO remorse.


I see a pattern.




Get and education?? Haha, I'm better educated than at least 85% of this continent.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 09, 2013 at 11:45 AM




How dumb would the country look if Mitt Romney was actually the President?

Posted by: Jcb | July 09, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Less dumb than it has the last 5.5 years & allot less dumb than you look for making the statement.

Take your free Obama phone & food stamps to an acorn pep rally.


Agreed on your post regarding the Pats now saying they were duped instead of taking responsibility for the player they drafted. In 2010 after 2 straight bounces from the Playoffs the Pats rolled the dice heavy in the draft taking injury prone Gronk RD-2, troubled LB Brandon Spikes (also a Gator) RD-3 and of course Hernandez RD-4. Nothing wrong with rolling the dice in the 2010 draft I was on this blog typing away how we had to take Hernandez when available still in RD-4 and was plenty Pi ssed off when Pats got him. Jimmy built his team in Dallas with serious rolls of the dice that could have easily back fired with his best players constantly in trouble. Irvin's drug arrests along with Erik Williams, Alvin Harper, Leon Lett ect.... Without mentioning violent headcase C.Haley who gets traded to Dallas after punching S.Young in S.F. and urinating on VP Carmen Policy's desk while the man was sitting in it!

Interstingly if you see JJ's a Football Life on NFL Net you'll notice Bellichik goes out to the Key's in the Off-Seasons to pick his brain while they go fishing as the episode shows with Johnson giving him advice on his 3 rings boat. He was also known to call good buddy Urban Meyer to get advice on potential draft picks were the Pats have drafted a few Gators over the Yrs. and the odds were at some point somebody not buying into the Patriot way would get into trouble. Not saying anybody could have seen what Hernandez is accused of coming but he was a four game suspension waiting to happen at the very least.

Obama is the best president in over a century.

Aaron Hernandez has been represented by a top law firm since the day he signed his contract.
As soon as the police leaked his name his attorneys called him and said, "Say Nothing No Matter What".
So he is obeying them.

This whole thing is about the $10mil that Kraft doesn't want to pay. As long as this case is open the commissioner would have to suspend AH anyway even if he was not falsely imprisoned.

I'm not the idiot. A piece of chewing gum and 125 cigarette butts all within 3 feet of the corpse are not even rock solid evidence that AH is a cigarette smoker let alone a serial murderer who's been hiding in the Pats huddle. And they sell that ammo at Walmart you don't even need a permit to buy it.

In 2010 the Pats also took a flyer on Bama DT Brandon Deaderick (involved in shooting incident at BAMA 2009 slipping to bottom of RD-7) who they cut a few months ago as well for violating some team policy. Lots of question marks surrounding the Pats 2010 class for them to say they were duped BY anybody seems like they rolled the dice to give Brady another shot at ring 4.

f4l, agree with everything you say. I have no problem with rolling the dice with a troubled soul when it makes sense (as most make mistakes in their youth), but to hide behind your Patriot Way and act like it came out of left field is not the truth either.

ETF, you do realize that $10M for an NFL team is peanuts right. Robert Kraft is a billionaire. The team or even him spending $10m is like us getting our car fixed.

Obama is the best president in over a century.

Posted by: Reality | July 09, 2013 at 11:56 AM


- Record Highest EVER food stamp recipients.
- Longest sustained level of HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT in history
- Largest amount of people who have left the workforce in history
- Largest debt in HISTORY OF ANY NATION
-Weakest recovery of any recession in the history of the earth

Yea, greatest in a century LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUMB, low information people like this should be banned from a voting booth. AT THE VERY LEAST have to take a competency test before they're allowed to vote.

And what $10M are you talking about? They already paid him his $15M signing bonus and his base salary over the next six years would've been

1,323,000 ,1,137,000, 2,300,000, 5,000,000,6,000,000, 6,000,000

future bonuses:

•2013 Workout Bonus: $82,000
•2013 Roster Bonus: $118,000
•2015-18 Roster Bonus: $500,000
•2014-18 Workout Bonus: $500,000

Uhm, dude, where do you get this stuff?

ETF, you do realize that $10M for an NFL team is peanuts right. Robert Kraft is a billionaire. The team or even him spending $10m is like us getting our car fixed.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 09, 2013 at 12:12 PM

Another important point is that the Bilionaire owners aren't rolling the dice with they're money either. Every NFL team gets a % of the revenue that the TV contracts generate (estimated 9 Bil. a Yr. between FOX,CBS, NBC and ESPN) This annual profit sharing system is what sets the CAP from Yr. to Yr and the reason it has a clause in the new CBA were every team must use 90% of there allotment for payroll. I swear some of you don't pay attention! This and the new rook CAP allows teams to roll the dice more and more on troubled but talented players.

The raw material cost of a hot dog to Kraft is $.10, i he giving tose away? To people who buy is product? No.
Why would he give $10mil to worker producing his product if the worker could not report to work?

There is talk of adding Obama to Mt Rushmore with the other great presidents.

Obama ended the senseless war in Iraq.
Obama is ending he senseless war in Afghanistan.
Obama caught Bin Laden.
Obama led us out of the worst depression since 1929 and into prosperity. Stock market at all time highs.

ETF, let me spell this out for you. He was going to pay out his base salary to someone anyway because teams are mandated to spend a certain % of the cap.

2. A large portion of Hernandez' contract was his $12.5M signing bonus which he paid out last July. Once you cut the player, you aren't able to re-coup that money since you fired that employee. For example, you can't re-coup that money since you can't say the employee couldn't do his job since the team is the one that fired him - he didn't quit on the team like Ricky or he didn't remain an employee and end up in jail like Vick did. The Falcons held on to his rights to re-coup the money. Pats didn't.

Any other conspiracy myths you need busted today?

Look at all of the headlines:
- Sheriff concerned about gang connections of AH's tattoos. The Sheriff announced a week later there was no gang connection with the tattoos.
- Sheriff will not allow Hernandez to marry in jail. Hernandez' never requested to be married in jail a reporter asked a hypothetical question.
- Police seek evidence from 2007 double murder in Florida. Why? Are the Attleboro police working on Fl cold cases? Or do they think AH left clues 6 years in advance in another state?
- Police link AH to unsolved double homicide in Boston. Based on what? The same lack of evidence they have against you and I?
- Police find evidence in secret 'flop house'. How was it a secret? The team, his neighbors and landlord all knew he lived there. They found evidence that he owns the closthes he was wearing Friday.

First the police fkked up by announcing AH's name before they gathered the facts. Then when Kraft ordered the arrest they started putting out these inflammatory press releases.

George Bush's senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were responsible for 90% of the budget deficit.


things looking up for Tannehill and Phins.

5-11 this season

9-7 this season

Robert Kraft orders arrests to not pay contracts now. Wow, you've got to be kidding me man - nobody can be this stupid. Especially when he could've just cut the player without him being arrested and end up with the same scenario cash flow and cap wise....

13-3 this season

I mean you've got ot be pulling my leg .. no other explanation

Heck, if the hapless Fins ever went 8-8 they'd throw a parade! LOL

I think Mitt Romney is happy to have the free time to devote to his offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. Just like a any other "regular Joe" hiding hundreds of millions in assets in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes.

Who really cares and does the person who really cares really give a sh**

One must consider the ramifications of melting owls. It is traumatic for children to observe an owl perched on a tree limb that suddenly begins to melt, leaving only a pool of goo on the ground. Even worse is the phenomenon of exploding chickens but of course this usually happens with such force that it horribly maims or kills everyone who is close enough to observe it. With melting owls, however, the child is left with permanent scars that never truly heal. Surely, a nation that defeated the scourge of fascism and put a man on the moon can tackle the menace of melting owls.

Thank you.

I mean you've got ot be pulling my leg .. no other explanation

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 09, 2013 at 12:48 PM

I didn't bother with it because of the obserdity of that post!

George Bush's senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were responsible for 90% of the budget deficit.

Posted by: Reality | July 09, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Of his budget deficit! His deficit was $450 billion a year. Obama's are close to 1.6 TRILLION a year. Almost triple!

It's still all Bush's fault??? LMAO

Bin Laden? LMAO If not for Bush's policies, Bid Lane would still be alive. In fact, Obama opposed the techniques used in interrogation which got the tips to find him years later.

Obama led us out of a depression? LMAO

Like I said, dumb LOW information people! #gamesetmatchdummy

And Mitt the Twit...

I'm not rich, but, I do have money in overseas accounts away from the US gov't taxing me to death.

That's not un-American. It's a smart, EDUCATED, financially smart move to keep more of the money I earn & not give it to the useless and wasteful us Gov't.

Get a clue dummy.

u dont have money in any accounts anywhere. in fact u dont even have a bank account

u dont have money in any accounts anywhere. in fact u dont even have a bank account

Posted by: dusty bottoms | July 09, 2013 at 01:34 PM

LOL another low life low information person.

I'm sitting in my home office, laughing at you & the morons like you. It's retards like you killing what made this country great.

Enjoy your gov't mandated insurance, food stamps & Obama cell phone. Low life peeons. LMAO


Are you close to the strip joint?

The Republicans need to stop their assault on women, gays, minorities, and the middle class.

What if you are a black middle class lesbian? Then ur really fukked...

Republican Ross was against raising any taxes to help the needy ....but wanted to raise taxes to help the greedy (himself)

It's just swag it ain't never hurt nobody - Colin Kappe

Kappe really spit in Tanne's face by wearing that Phins cap. That's like Kappe telling SF you better pay me cause I can go start for Miami in a snap.

Are you asking if I am close to the strip joint?
If yes do you mean emotionally close or in close proximity?

In either case I am at least 1000 miles away and I live in a state where strip joints are not legal.

Why would Kappe spit in Tanne's face like that?

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