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Dolphins' battles looming

Camp starts in a week - on Sunday, July 21 - and several interesting position battles loom.


Barry Jackson checking in again, with a link to my column on that topic:


I'll post a couple more of my Dolphins columns in this space later this week before Armando returns.

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Have a good week. Good news: Just seven more days until continuous football until early February.




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C'mon Barry, leave Armando with some readers when he gets back

Barry Jackson's reporting confirms what a few of the good posters here have already been saying.

Jordan will be playing OLB on early downs if he can beat out Misi.

Dion Sims quickly passed up Clay and has all but locked up the no. 2 TE job.

Louis has a better than 50/50 chance of beating out Jerry.

Devlin does have potential, but he'll have to make the most of what little chance he gets.

Say what you want about Odin and/or Fin4life. So far they've been on the money.

Barry Jackson's reporting confirms what a few of the good posters here have already been saying.

Jordan will be playing OLB on early downs if he can beat out Misi.

Dion Sims quickly passed up Clay and has all but locked up the no. 2 TE job.

Louis has a better than 50/50 chance of beating out Jerry.

Devlin does have potential, but he'll have to make the most of what little chance he gets.

Say what you want about Odin and/or Fin4life. So far they've been on the money.


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Don't Ban me Bro!!!!


You might be able to talk about Loads and ban, block and plagiarize people.

But who knows YOUR Dolphins..........?


Whose your Daddy-ROTFLMAO **AND** SMH!!!!

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I hope Tannehill can utilize Dustin Keller effectively. He (Keller) can be the lynchpin to turning this into an explosive and hard-to-stop offense. Tannehill needs to get comfortable with both him and Wallace (and not just Hartline and Binns).

There are going to be some interesting cuts this year for sure. The team is busting at the seams with talent. It's a shame we won't see these guys on hard knocks. Finally the end of offseason and who knows Mando may write something for his blog sometime soon.

DC is back stating the utter obvious.

And the RB's need to bust through holes into the second level.

And the defense needs to pressure the qb quickly and get sacks.

And special teams needs to make some plays.

And we need to do a better job on 3 and short.

What a dullard,


Read that and it will put a chill on your hopes this season.

Dolphins will be a playoff team this year can't wait for the season to start

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According to mr. Jackson.....Daniel Thomas is handing gillislee his @ss....

That's either great for us FIN FANS because Thomas finally gets it.....or it's really sad be because Thomas just sucks less than the completion.....we could be one Miller pulled hammy away from a struggling running game.....

Ireland needs to address his when teams start cutting....



Didn't you say only yesterday all was roses and rainbows?
Yet now you take on the most pessimistic angle to the report on Thomas.

Go figure.

Thomas looked great last year when healthy. Let's not confuse the issue. Getting injured doesn't mean he sucks, it means it sucks he's getting injured. So far he looks better than the couple of rb's taken ahead of him.

Actually 2015....

I gave 2 possible scenarios....

But you blog about the one that fits your agenda best.....ok.....

It's BECOMMING evidently clear that you are not interested in football conversation....but rather just arguing....

It would appear that the others that responded to you very harshly had you pegged right.....and me....I gave you the benifit of the doubt.....

Go figure....

Who are these running backs 2015.....

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Kris, take your own advice (that you've expressed many times here). 2015, Amoeba, etc. It's all the troll we all know (please go Home) who's had a horrible month off from trolling, and now needs to make up for lost time.

Save your breath and talk football to other posters that are here to talk football.

Kris, I think we know what Thomas is, or better yet, what he' not (game changer). Let's hope Gillislee grows in his position. Not that I don't like Thomas, I think he'll be a good change-of-pace guy from Miller, but honestly, I doubt he plays much of a factor to win or lose 1 game by himself.


It was you that responded in disagreement to me yesterday, telling me all was roses in your eyes until proven otherwise. One day later you changed your tune.

Yeah, you gave two possible scenarios, the first one that was positive was one single sentence, which you proceeded to follow up with 3 negative doom and gloom sentences. If you can't see how that leaves a negative connotation, then you are in denial.

Those who responded to me harshly didn'tresponded to what I wrote, they responded to what they wanted to read. Nothing I can do about that.

No matter what the RB is, the most important improvement the team can make at that position is acquiring the services of Vonta Leach. Blocking, outlet pass capability, short-term yardage. He would help the team immensely (by making all those RBs better).

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Meanwhile, just this morning PFT rated Miami at 23 and gave their analysis of the pro's and con's of the team.

For those of you that don't see my opinion as being objecive, fair enough, maybe you will consider theirs.

This has the makings of another 1-15 season if Miller, J Martin, and Tannehill all dont make huge progress from last year.


I doubt the Fish are better then 9 teams. This is year 1 of the massive rebuild and looks likes an expansion team.

Bye bye Pouncey!

The fool is wearing a Free Hernandez cap.

How in the world does Ireland still have his job? Its mind boggling. Is Ross in a coma or what?

Well 2015 we'll see when the games are played where they stand. Seeing as almost all the meaningful player acquisitions have been completed this is the team they go in with this year. I think most people on here have heard the gamut of how the team will suck from jaded fans, social deviant trolls and rival team trolls so at this point I think you got your message across.

Now the non-jaded fans are not going to throw in the towel on the season regardless of how logical and convincing your assessment of the Dophins deficiencies is so no point beating a dead horse.

My question for you is, is there anything about the team this yet that you like?

Hey it's year two of a massive rebuild.

I've got a massive rebuild for you.

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Ireland's top 3 draft picks of 2012

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I'm not beating any dead horse any more than you and others are on your points of view. Think about it. I am just not ready to join the same glee club.

And your question confirms to me that you misinterpret my posts as being down on the team.You can find the answer to your question in what I've already written.

Really my main point was that there might be 'too much new' on the team to be expecting too much this season, and so many of you miscontrued it into a major negative attack.

Lighten up.

I'm curious as to what you think of PFT's assessment since my personal opinion is so offensive to you. I agree with much of it, only that I'd rate the team higher than they have, maybe 18.

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tim and others. Do not play into Home's hands. If you haven't been on the blog, he's a disgraced troll who's tired antics have gotten him kicked off the blog more than one time. It's best to ignore him, let him spew his stupidity, because provoking him only entices him to keep up his ignorant chatter.

Let him play his immature games, while we discuss the Dolphins and the upcoming year (pros and cons).

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