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Dolphins' battles looming

Camp starts in a week - on Sunday, July 21 - and several interesting position battles loom.


Barry Jackson checking in again, with a link to my column on that topic:


I'll post a couple more of my Dolphins columns in this space later this week before Armando returns.

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Have a good week. Good news: Just seven more days until continuous football until early February.




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Grow Up Son.

You And I Both Know Dashi Is Correct. Even About The Heat Head Coach.

But I Know You Love To Hate God. From All Your Other Ignorant Post. So Keep Talking Chit About Dashi. Wah! Wah! Wah! Grow Up You F'ing Nerd.

Dooshi, tell us again how Chad Henne is our franchise QB.

Dashi is eating Crow over Spo LMFAO!


I Had The Heat In 7 From The Beginning. How Is That Eating Crow?

I Never Had The Heat Losing. What I Have Always Said Is Simple. The Heat Are The Most Talented Team In Basketball There Is No Reason For Them To Be So Highly Inconsistent. Specially In Year 3 Of The Big 3. CONSISTENCY!!

I Gave Your BF His Respect Already. But The Heat Still Need To Win Another Title, If They Want To keep LeBron Next Season. Which Is More Important Than The Coach.

LeBron Can Make A Bad Coach Look Good. He Did It In Cleveland. And He Is Doing It In Miami. LeBron Has Never Had A Real Coach. Someone He Can Learn From.

LeBron Has A Higher Basketball IQ Than His Coach. Not Higher Than Riley. But Higher Than The Current Heat HC.

Dooshi = Sports Moron

Tell Us How Matt Moore Is Better Than T-Hill.

How Matt Barkley Is A First Rd Pick.

How M.Gillislee Is Better Than L.Miller.

Yes, C.Henne Is A Franchise Qb. If That Franchise Is The Jets Or The Jaguars.

I Said C.Henne Is Better Than M.Sanchez. I Have Never Said Henne Is A Franchise QB. Confusing Dashi With Someone Else.

Dashi Started Posting After Henne Left The Fins. So I Don't Know Where You Get That Lie. C.Henne Is A Franchise QB.

Remember when dashe said he is right 95% of the time?

Hi Doushey.....er.....Dashi!

Dooshi, tell us again how Spo isnt a great coach! LOL

The so called regular posters here are a bunch of arrogant numb nutz. I'll take the so called trolls, many of them do make good points without all the bs ego crapola.

Let's face it. Nobody knows nuttin. Only idiots(like dashi) think they do.

Dashi STOP LYING. You said Chad Henne was a franchise QB on NUMEROUS occasions. BE A MAN AND FESS UP! GEEZ!

Please forgive me.
Had I known that Dashi would turn out this way I would have kept my legs closed.









333 is a dumbasss.

What a bunch of gossip queens talking about that stupid case. Nothing but media frenzy. If both morons were the same color there is no story. The world would be just fine with both of them dead.

Suckers suck the media everytime.

There was way way too much doubt to find Zimmerman guilty. Anyone that didnt realize that is an idiot.

The 1st prosecutor wouldnt even take the case because there was no evidence!!

Dead body don't leave no doubt.

Why did Zimmerman bring a gun aka death tool?

How you going to have rights for people with guns?

But none for the people who don't carry guns?

God forbid you have to worry about being gunned down for going to

the corner store.

You and I Both Know That I Am The Chicken Before The Egg.

I Wouldn't Have To Ask Your Mom To Keep Her Legs Closed. I Just Have To Remember To Pull Out.

I See You Celebrating For The Pedophiles Murderer. You Always Had A Thing For Little Boys.

You Are The Reason Mando Has To Take A 2 Month Break.

They Had More Evidence That Zimmerman Killed T.Martin, Than A.Hernandez.

You Are Not Allowed To Just Shoot People.

And At Least You Feel He Is Latin. Cause Zimmerman Himself Says He Is White. If Zimmerman Is White, Dashi Is Whiter Than Milk.

He Outweighed T.Martin By At Least 100lbs.

The Job Of The Crime watch Is To Observe And Report. Not Seek And Destroy.

You Say Zimmerman Doesn't Live In the Projects. Then Why Would He Think T.Martin Was A Drug Dealer? The Black People In My neighborhood Don't Look Like Criminals. How About Yours?

Don't Be Ignorant. Nimrod.

After reading a few of these ignorant, racist comments I can understand why some black people feel the way they do.

*Than Milk In Your Mouth.

Leave it to dashe to turn the subject to some form of swalliowng male semen.

Nuttin new.

Dat b 1 sick puppy.

I should have kept my legs closed.
I can't apologize enough.

Karl Kevin Kozo is an asian muslim from Papua-New Guinea.
His initials are kkk.
How sick is that?

Pictures of the Pouncey twins are all over the internet wearing "Free Hernandez" hats. I know they have a right to free speech but supporting a low life multiple murderer is not going to win them any brownie points with the NFL or their fans.

Don't know what the big commotion is about. When OJ Simpson went free, nobody protested. Don't worry about it, if this guy Zimmerman is the criminal type, eventually he'll be behind bars. For sure.

My initials are really KYKZK, so I just shorten it.

Let's not be so silly to judge someone by their name.

Now, the Psychopaths are harder to catch. Some People specialize in that.




Zimmerman is broke and will be homeless by the time the Pins break camp.

The Law necessarily has to be above all of Us. You cannot assume that somebody is guilty of comitting a crime unless you caught him in the act. You would not be Just if you did so. And if that person were to be found innocent of such crime by a Court of Law and you do no accept it, then you would also be Unlawful.

I own a couple of those 10 hour Adult DVDs they sell in gas stations im my collection. At first I thought all of the performers were skanky. Now they are like old friends. I would look up other work of some of the same performers but these DVDs list no credits.

The only purpose of the Law is to achieve Justice.


But if his responsibilities include covering RBs out of the backfild in the flat the he would be way out of position, he does not have the agility to do that.
I don't expect him to play much this season because he does not have the size to be on the line or the agility to be a LB.


I have to call "COMPLETE" Bull on this post Mr. Fraud.

It's amazing how much information you put out that's just completely baseless. Jordan was excellent playing in space at that's because of his agility.

If you don't believe me, just ask OUR Coaches, his Coaches at Oregon, his High School Coaches, The Sports Science Vids, etc, etc.

Jordan was athletic enough to play Tight End. He was excellent standing up, playing in space and in coverages. He covered Wide Receivers Man to man at Oregon for Christs Sake. Running Backs........?


Dude, get a grip for God's Sake. At least include a "disclaimer" along with your posts explaining how your posts have nothing whatsoever to do with REALITY!


Wow pages of non-football related drivel. It's a lot to sift through, should be enough for a case study in social deviance. Most normal people don't go and tell perfect strangers that lobsters wear hats and that they are someone's Internet handle's virtual Mom and not end up in the psycho ward.

When you really analyze the deviants behavior you see they get pleasure from their belief that they offend people, it's an intoxicating feeling for the subject. The sad part is that they lead the most pathetic existence a human can live, only gaining satisfaction from the supposed discomfort of faceless strangers.

Truth and Justice are constants of the Universe.

Funny how there was no backlash when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty.

So Pouncey is supporting a murderer?

Bad choice by the Pouncey bros There are so many more positive messages and causes they could display on their caps

All these are $-based decisions. I have no doubt in my mind Starks is a stronger and better fit at DT and 3-4 DE Player than Odrick is. Probably, they will not be able to sign both Starks and Soliai next year. The NFL has become a revolving door for most Players, 2-3 years on a Team then they are out.

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 15, 2013 at 09:10 AM

The idea of a "franchise player" is a fallacy in today's NFL. It's not about a player and teams mutual history it's about 1) what can you do and 2) how much will it cost?
That's why great players like Favre and Peyton Manning got dumped after carrying their teams for years.

oscar, you are very wrong. most atheists are atheists and not agnostic. because we are smart enough to know the difference. there is no "god" of any kind, no ghosts, no life beyond the one you get. period. pretty tough to confuse that with there is something out there i just don't believe in organized religion. that my friend is a giant chasm.

also atheist, for the most part could care less what believers think. most of us find it amusing that the vast majority you are all busy arguing over which version of god is the real one.so here is the first of bout a million holes i can punch though the christian faith. it's been a very long time since i was forced to go to church. but if the christian faith is the true faith then shouldn't you god have already punished all those people worshiping false gods and false icons?? wen mosses can back with the "true" words of god weren't people destroyed for that offense?? you're book, was supposedly written by men who wrote gods true words. if so god really is a very big liar. how old did he say the earth was? the flood? pretty much disproved, there is very little in the bible that science hasn't already disproved. but it's no surprise. the authors wanted power, they wanted the poor to not rise up. so they invented the world's greatest pyramid scheme. convince dumb people who couldn't read or write and were mostly just peasants working the land for the rich that if they follow these rules, no matter how crappy their life is, they will go to a paradise after they die. they set up buildings and men who could read strike fear into their hearts about the damnation they will face if the don't follow the rules. the parents bring their children, and this has been passed down and spread for a very long time. so long that people don't even bother to do any actual thinking. they just have "blind faith" a great phrase for believers.

when science gives you actual facts that should open your eyes. but what seems to happen is your big book of BS is edited to line up with facts an everyone just goes with it. like sheep. you are sheep because even when prof is handed to you, you ignore it and go with fantasy.

i think the thing i find most humorous is when people of one faith look at some one else's faith and dismisses it as crazy. but from the outside christianity, judaism, islam and all other mainstream faith looks just as cultish as lesser ones. dancng with snakes, scientology and such. chanting prayers, kneeling sitting standing, eating the body and drinking the blood of christ. cultish!!!

Agreed with WG... no such thing as loyalty or franchise players but for a small handful of players. The rest are just like us ... trying to land a job for the most amount of money and best fit possible.

And what about those Pouncey bros? Good thing they can play ball or they'd be nothing more than night club bouncers in their lives. And I heard these guys were smart .... pff

With people like Hernandez and the Pouncey bros holding degrees, it's no wonder so many college educated people can't find a job these days.

Our education system is completely broken. How well you play football or basketball is more important to universities than your ability to recognize and solve a "real world problem".
And we wonder why companies are outsourcing to India and China.


Clearly the Pouncy's lack sound judgement....

If Hernadez is their man...than...

Call him...

Put money in his account...

Send him ciggarettes...

even go visit him....

but to come out in such a manner is disrespectful to all involved...When will these No Class athletes grow up.....and don't they realize that every action has consequenes....

Can't they see the blatant colusion that is being played out right in front of their eyes with players who haven't disrspected the league....

That picture that the Pouncy Brother's took should be in the dictionary next to the word DUMB....

....Because you play quarterback for a franchise. Does not make you a "Franchise Quarterback" That is like saying that if you are the Head line cook at Dennys that you are a chef at a restaurant. Big difference. Chad Henne is no more a franchise quarterback in Jacksonville as he was here. Plus..Who cares?

2015/WD-40/whatever name you choose next....


I hate to break it to you....but I don't spend my weekends on a FOOTBALL BLOG waiting for responses....I got a live to live that involves family and friends...perhaps should should try and meet some real people....and then you would better know how to conduct yourself in your personal space of privacy on the NET...


I am still waiting for that LIST OF RBs who have done far worse that D. Thomas....its been like 24 hrs....

what's wrong...got foot-in-mouth disease....

You wanna talk 2015....acknowlede you were dead wrong...or provide this list....

i'll stand buy...after all....i'm back on somebody else's time now.

WS, Kris, yeah it's really wrong. I'd like to think booze was involved because I've done A LOT of bad things when booze was in play and can understand. But people want to discuss consequence? people as talented as the Pouncey's have never known consequence in their lives ... possibly even hernandez. Their physical talents always made them needed by somebody because there are very few people on the planet that can take their spots. In time, when age creeps up to them, they'll learn the lessons Chad Johnson and many other former athletes find out about consequence.

Read that the Fins brass will talk with Pouncey this week about the hat.

Haha, would could that discussion be like? Mike, please don't wear hats like that ... please sign this 5 year $50M extension and be a nice boy, ok?

Not sure what they can say really, as guilty as Hernandez looks in the media he is still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


eel, you are by definition a fool

Summer home and all you other losers... This is a FOOTBALL blog!!! We do not care about your social ideas. Talk Dolphin football or get off!

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