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Dolphins camp Day One in the books

The first Dolphins training camp practice of 2013 has come and gone. Here are the highlights:

Rookie first round pick Dion Jordan was in attendance after signing his contract Saturday, but did not practice today. He spent most of the morning on the sideline doing calisthenics. He is on the Non-Football Injury list, according to coach Joe Philbin.

That means Jordan, who had shoulder surgery in February, cannot practice for now. Philbin declined to elaborate as to Jordan's status but one thing is clear, the rookie isn't going to hurry his return.

"Right now I've got to take care of my body first," he said. For any athlete, when this is your job and this is what your whole motivation is, it’s frustrating not being out there and watching the guys go. But I understand my health is the main concern right now. So that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

Frankly, it is five months since his surgery. I don't see this is a major issue at the moment. If we're sitting in the same spot in three weeks, then we have an issue.

On a much more positive front, cornerback Brent Grimes looked great in practice today. Truly. He moved with ease following a season in which he missed all but the first game because of a torn Achilles. Grimes and Richard Marshall, who also missed much of last year because of a bad back that required surgery, were the first-team cornerbacks and got the better of the receivers today.

The most clear sign that Grimes is back is he wasn't even wearing ankle tape to stabilize the repaired area. "I never do, I don't like it," he said. ""No reason to."

While the starting DBs looked good, the same cannot be said of the first-team passing game. The first play of practice on the field before an announced crowd of 2,700?

Ryan Tannehill threw a nine route to Mike Wallace down the right sideline. It was overthrown. It didn't get much better from there.

"It wasn't our cleanest day," Tannehill said afterward. "We definitely have some rust we have to knock off."

Tannehill found Brian Hartline on multiple occasions and that shows his familiarity with the veteran. But none of those were deep connections. Tannehill's throws across the middle were much more crisp. He connected with Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson on seam and in-cuts several times.

But the most productive receiver of the day?

Marvin McNutt, a first-year player out of Iowa. The kid caught five passes.

The much anticipated training camp debut of Jonathan Martin at left tackle was uneventful. He was not beaten on any pass-rushes by Olivier Vernon, who worked with the starting defense at right end.

The same cannot be said of first-year left tackle Jeff Adams. Although quarterbacks aren't being hit (or touched, really) it was clear Adams gave up at least two sacks had this been game action. He had a tough day.

The beneficiary of Adams' struggle was Vernon. He collected both sacks.

Second-team center Josh Samuda also was inconsistent today, with the most obvious sign of that coming when he short-hopped a shotgun snap to quarterback Matt Moore.

Speaking of offensive line, right tackle is not an issure right now. Tyson Clabo, wearing No. 77, looks like a good, solid, professional. He's just ... good. Nice technique. Nice tempo. He knows what he's doing for the most part.

As to the much talked about kicking competition. Dan Carpenter took all the kicks today. He connected on all of them. He was 10-for-10, with the longest from 49 yards out. Caleb Sturgis did not kick today.

The starting units today:

Defense -- DL was Olivier Vernon, Paul Soliai, Randy Starks and Cameron Wake up front. Jared Odrick spent much of his time inside at DT and also shared snaps with Starks with the first team. At LB Koa Misi, Dannell Ellerbe in the middle and Phillip Wheeler. Grimes and Marshall were at CB. Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons were at safety.

Offense -- OL was Martin at LT, Richie Incognito at LG, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry and RT Clabo. WRs were Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline in two-wide and Brandon Gibson added to the three-wide. Tight end was Dustin Keller and obviously Tannehill at QB.

By the way, I think I figured out why the Dolphins didn't show greater interest in Vonta Leach for the start of this camp: Tight ends worked as lead backs quite a few times today. It was interesting to see Dustin Keller and Charles Clay in that role.

[UPDATE: At tight end it was Charles Clay and Dion Sims behind Keller today. Michael Egnew was on the far field working with the third and fourth-team offense. So much for him having a great offseason. A rookie has already passed him, apparently.]

Due to the collective bargaining agreement, there are no real two-a-days anymore. The second practice of the day is a walkthru and, unlike last year, the Dolphins have closed those to the media. So this is it.

The Dolphins will practice at 8 a.m. Monday. I will tweet in real time until the club shuts down electronic coverage. You can follow me on twitter for those real-time updates. 


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The problem is, he suffers from stunted mental and verbal development. He can't get beyond 13 yo locker room talk. The harder he tries, the more pathetic he looks.

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Sanchez. first day of training camp and everyone is talking Sanchez?

I hope the offense picks it up. A lot of greenbacks on the field.

Nappy Dashi from the Dominican Republic. LOL...

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From the PBP

Center Mike Pouncey and his twin brother, Pittsburgh center Maurkice Pouncey, were chastised a week ago for wearing “Free Hernandez” hats at their joint birthday party.

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was a college teammate of the Pounceys at UF, is facing first-degree murder charges.

While Maurkice Pouncey apologized last week for wearing the hat, Mike Pouncey had been silent.

The thinking was that Mike Pouncey would address it at today’s opening practice, but instead he deflected questions. He said he only wanted to talk football. When asked specifically why he wouldn’t speak about the hat considering that his brother had already apologized, Pouncey still refused to budge.

“We’re all football right now,” Pouncey said. “Any football questions I’m welcomed to answer.

When asked later if players’ off-the-field actions get too much attention, Pouncey acknowledged “We get paid a lot of money to act a certain way. That’s the way we should be acting.”

Philbin wouldn’t reveal the nature of his private discussions with Pouncey about the hat but said that it’s important for every member of the organization to represent the Dolphins in a first class manner.

It’s unclear what’s going through Pouncey’s head. Does he believe Hernandez is innocent? Does he think it will make matters worse by apologizing for wearing the hat? Did the Steelers force Maurkice Pouncey to apologize and the Dolphins leave it up to Mike Pouncey?

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Your boolsheet is getting really old. All day long you blog non football related nonsense and smear Odin and Dashi. It continues when the join in and it creates a sideshow where no Dolphins football is even discussed. It's pointless and pathetic!
It's funny because on the rare occasions where you talk football you even make good points to talk. However, no one takes your point of view seriously because of all the B.S. you spout all day long!

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I'm not overly worried about Egnew at this point. As soon as we signed Keller to pair with H-Back Clay and drafted Simms who seems to have real upside I closed the book on Egnew and posted about it. Egnew had every chance last Yr.(given draft pick invested RD-3 was 78th pick while Jimmy Graham was the 95th of RD-3 in 09) On a team with a glorified OL at T.E. a parade of scrubs backing him up another a converted FB making the switch to H-Back and a player so slow his upside was converting to OT (Yeatmen)

I waited all Season after Sherman ripped Egnew for him to show us something given at 6'5"/255 Pds running a 4.8 you at least expected him to get on the field at some point as a Zedzone target in the very least with the Rook QB offering a glimpse into the future while he worked his way into the O which I thought would be gradual threw the Season and it was just the opposite. The more the 2012 Season went the further down the depth chart Egnew went losing out to the converted FB who showed more his rookie 2011 campaign as a 6th RD pick by comparison. The whole thing closing with that thud of a performance he gave in the Season final in N.E. were you would have thought that even if 75% of the team had packed it in he would have shown up with Tannehill who gave an effort.

Picks hit and picks miss I loved both Ron Brace (DT Boston College) and Darius Butler (CB UCONN)in the 09 draft. The Pats had 3 picks in RD-2 and took these 2(40th and 41st picks of that draft) and with the other pick took Gronk at the time it really seemed like some bargain steals at Positions of need for them hurting us in the process. Butler to me was a T.Buckley clone who would emerge as solid Nickle Back while Brace was such a stud next to Raji on that BC Defense. Picks didn't pan out though and if you do your homework the Pats since 08 had multiple picks in the Top-3 Rounds every Yr. with nothing to show and Belichik (modern day Shula, great H.C. lousy G.M.)Seems to get a lifetime pass here!

The Pats have been killed by attrition as much as anybody through age and lousy drafts. I was one of the leaders of the Anti-Ireland chatter here and the regular posters know it but when Boss Ross retained I accepted it while looking for comfort in the thought that he had to a certain extent been a puppet in the Parcells regime and gave him the benefit of the doubt and in honesty the last 2 drafts haven't been BAD and you can say are looking like they could end up yielding some Pro Bowl talent. I hated what we fielded last Yr. but in hindsight it's obvious we used 2012 to let the new Coaches rate what they had while we took one on the chin to clear ourselves from CAP restraint eyeballing 2013 to make a move back into contention and I for one am pretty psyched!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 21, 2013 at 05:40 PM

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Drafting Simms was a statement against Egnew. That much is obvious. They will play their cards and try to get at least something for ppuussyyEgnew.

My wife Doris awoke this morning, made me coffee, and then put our cat in the blender.

Posted by: Mr. Frisky Is No More | July 21, 2013 at 05:42 PM


Posted by: fin4life | July 21, 2013 at 05:44 PM

WOW, wished your mental capacity was as wide as your unnecessarily long winded post. We would be able to time travel by now.

Can we reverse the Egnew - Marshall deal?

Egnew = yet ANOTHER Irescum bust

Posted by: fin4life | July 21, 2013 at 05:44 PM

Way too long to read

Woodshed Fart,

Who gives a sh-t about your opinion. Youre just as mentally depraved as the idiots here you foolishly try to defend.

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Woodshed, somehow thinks the world will cease to exist once he's delivered to death. The intelligence of some here is totally indescribable.

Posted by: fin4life | July 21, 2013 at 05:44 PM

I think Ireland drafts with a high regard placed on the input of team coaches. With Sparano, he wanted a lot of safe picks that he could plug in without a lot of coaching to do their jobs.

That mentality has seemed to shift with Philbin. He now seems to be interested in taking the picks with the highest upside currently available on the board. This means that coaches have to actually teach the players and the players have to be bright enough to learn to be successful. Egnew just doesn't seem bright enough to excel at this point.

It's obvious Dashi, YG & Odin are trolls & sissy ninny who cant let anything go.

They ramble on & on & on & on & on & on.

Just ignore them. The odds you are missing ANYTHING relevant to football is minimal at best.

Spare yourselves the heartburn of reading their nonsense.

Does Odindooshy know what day it is? Too many drugs?

Ireland has obliterated the record for most bust picks ever by a GM but Ross is in a coma allowing Ireland to add to his record.

Woodshed, somehow thinks the world will cease to exist once he's delivered to death. The intelligence of some here is totally indescribable.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 21, 2013 at 05:59 PM

Posted by: fin4life | July 21, 2013 at 05:44 PM

I said this somewhere? I plan on being alive much longer but if I died today, I guarantee I will have left a bigger impact than you could ever hope to achieve.

Face it YG, the best part of you ran down your mothers leg at conception.

Hilarious, the blogtards are blogging away about swalling and deek and this guy tries to sneak in a long football post that not one person here has the attention span to read even on a good day!

I would rather blog with them because their "filth" is only directed at you and your cast. And that goes for everyone else in here YG because no one likes you and no one wants you around. Unfortunately you're to ignorant to see it.

DO blog with them....as you wish...

Clearly, anyone with half a brain deserted the Dullfin circus many moons ago.

Calling Sanchez a caretaker QB is not true. He is not good enough to be a caretaker QB. he is one of the worst 3 starting QB,s in the league and there are many back ups better than him. The Jets made it to 2 AFC championship games despite Sanchez. A caretaker QB would of made it to the superbowl and a good QB would of won at least one with that team.

the number #3 pick in the draft should have been an IMMEDIATE inpact player!! only the dolphins!!this guy might not see the field!!

In a post at 5:46 YG has revealed a deep family secret. Apparently his mother is a lady of the night who is unfortunately infected with a deadly virus. This explains a lot about his personality so take it easy on him. He lashes out because he's hurting inside. Poor kid.

There is simply no defense of Dashi's vile, degenerate posts. None. He is an absolute disgrace as well as anyone that supports his antics.

In a post at 5:46 YG has revealed a deep family secret. Apparently his mother is a lady of the night.

Posted by: Dr. Dolots | July 21, 2013 at 06:28 PM

Jeff Ireland must be interested!!!!!!

Yo Jeffy. Is your momma a hooka?

In Dashi's defense he is carrying Odin's baby and pregnant people often act irrational.

I'm just hoping the two of them will behave more maturely after the Blessed Event occurs.

Jordan is out? Ireland has this nasty habit of drafting injured or terrible players. How are they gonna win 7 games now?

By the way was reading through the weekend posts (I actually do read throught them since I last posted going further back than 3 Hrs.) and am astonished at the level of B.S. that Dying Breed kept posting about the Bills Joe Furgeson.


Dumbass Odin Odor,

Joe Ferguson was always one of the better qb's in the league. Buffalo could always score with the best of them.

When OJ Simpson was a Bill, the problem was their defense gave up points even faster. The Bills could have been a perennial playoff team in the early 70's if they had a defense.

Still, I have great feeling I haven't taught your dumbass a thing. ROTFLMAO!

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 19, 2013 at 07:51 PM


Snubbed H.O.F. QB Joe Furgeson career records.

In 18 Seasons 79-92 career win / loss record

Career stats 196 TD's / 209 Int's / 29,817 Yds with a 68.4 Career passer rating.

The passer rating says it all given 70.0 is considered mediocre while throwing more picks than TD's, yeah! They were a real jugernaut in the ERA and by the way he only had the 20 plus TD campaign once in the 70's (with OJ as teamate) you posted was 4 as your fact from some fiction site you visited.

He had terrible stats with OJ as his RB who by the way was traded to S.F. after the 77 Season in which Furgeson threw 12 TD's and 24 picks, yeah he was great for Simpson's career!


Your argument was that Furgeson was stuck and some dead beat team wasting his talents with no D to help him yet you dropped this doozy about Marino who I feel earned the distinction more of QB who carried team.


Marino's accomplishments are but foot note in history now. Carrying no real merit, except those recorded as "personal accomplishments". There's no "I" in TEAM.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 19, 2013 at 02:18 PM


Reality check! Joe Furgeson couldn't sniff Marino's jock much less carry it in any discussion regarding QB's so now that you've taken us all down this cosmic bunny hole of LOGIC please enlighten me on PERENNIAL POWERHOUSE Joe Furgeson and MERE MORTAL Marino in a statistical converstation about how Marino sucked without help but Furgeson was a sacrificial lamb WASTED on some BAD Bills teams???????????

Posted by: fin4life | July 19, 2013 at 08:57 PM

You later said you posted no such thing regarding Marino and my comparison is out of context. Well your th one that posted he was a MERE MORTAL (YOUR words on another post I can put up to refresh your memory if you'd like) while Furgeson was a PERENNIAL POWERHOUSE whose D kept letting him down and the reason he NEVER advanced. I guess had Joe "H.O.F."Furg played in Dallas in the 70's the Cowboys beat Pitt. in their 2 S.B.'s of the 70's and they're the real dynasty of the ERA??

You said to compare stats of the ERA well NEWSFLASH!!! I SUGGEST YOU DO JUST THAT!!!! Compare to

Craig Morton
Ken Anderson
Dan Fouts
Stabler ECT.............................

Interesting read.


Welcome Darkoak.

With you and Fin4life on board maybe someone can finally have meaningful blog contributions.

AIDS, Another Acronym YG Can't Capitalize.

YG Types So Much On This Blog That He Faded Away The Letters On His Keyboard. He Knows Which Letter Is Which By The Amount Of Stickiness.

YG, Why Is It When You Get Mad You Just Go Haywire Posting.

I Agree With Woodshed. Anytime Someone Is Beating On You Think Of Me. Only Exception Is That I Won't Hold You With One Hand And Hit You With The Other. I Don't Want To Make My Fist Jealous. I Will Be Swinging And Kicking Away With Both While You Are On The Floor In The Fetal Position. Then Curb Check You American History X Style.


Are you ok with dashi's vile posts above on this page? Why do you say it's ok to blog with such filth and condemn the others?

By supporting dashi by engaiging him, you indirectly promote more filth.

Posted by: fin4life | July 21, 2013 at 06:52 PM

way too long to read

fin4life, the attention span here is 3 sentences. Please cut your post into 92 diferent posts and post individually.

You wet chicken smelling honkies can't afford to eat my grade-A yams. Y'all a bunch of white trash eatin' Bruce's Yams from the can. Dumbass milk faces.

4-12 with Jordan injured

Then Curb Check You American History X Style.

Posted by: Dashi | July 21, 2013 at 07:00 PM

I want in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Moore is much better then Tannehill IMO.


f4l is a latino supremist. he loves our money but hates white america. He should go live in his mommy country cooooobaaaaaa.

My nieghbors are from cuba. Lawyers, engineers, they made dog food money there.

fin4life is a closet racist against white america. He has shown his true colors many times!

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