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Dolphins camp Day One in the books

The first Dolphins training camp practice of 2013 has come and gone. Here are the highlights:

Rookie first round pick Dion Jordan was in attendance after signing his contract Saturday, but did not practice today. He spent most of the morning on the sideline doing calisthenics. He is on the Non-Football Injury list, according to coach Joe Philbin.

That means Jordan, who had shoulder surgery in February, cannot practice for now. Philbin declined to elaborate as to Jordan's status but one thing is clear, the rookie isn't going to hurry his return.

"Right now I've got to take care of my body first," he said. For any athlete, when this is your job and this is what your whole motivation is, it’s frustrating not being out there and watching the guys go. But I understand my health is the main concern right now. So that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

Frankly, it is five months since his surgery. I don't see this is a major issue at the moment. If we're sitting in the same spot in three weeks, then we have an issue.

On a much more positive front, cornerback Brent Grimes looked great in practice today. Truly. He moved with ease following a season in which he missed all but the first game because of a torn Achilles. Grimes and Richard Marshall, who also missed much of last year because of a bad back that required surgery, were the first-team cornerbacks and got the better of the receivers today.

The most clear sign that Grimes is back is he wasn't even wearing ankle tape to stabilize the repaired area. "I never do, I don't like it," he said. ""No reason to."

While the starting DBs looked good, the same cannot be said of the first-team passing game. The first play of practice on the field before an announced crowd of 2,700?

Ryan Tannehill threw a nine route to Mike Wallace down the right sideline. It was overthrown. It didn't get much better from there.

"It wasn't our cleanest day," Tannehill said afterward. "We definitely have some rust we have to knock off."

Tannehill found Brian Hartline on multiple occasions and that shows his familiarity with the veteran. But none of those were deep connections. Tannehill's throws across the middle were much more crisp. He connected with Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson on seam and in-cuts several times.

But the most productive receiver of the day?

Marvin McNutt, a first-year player out of Iowa. The kid caught five passes.

The much anticipated training camp debut of Jonathan Martin at left tackle was uneventful. He was not beaten on any pass-rushes by Olivier Vernon, who worked with the starting defense at right end.

The same cannot be said of first-year left tackle Jeff Adams. Although quarterbacks aren't being hit (or touched, really) it was clear Adams gave up at least two sacks had this been game action. He had a tough day.

The beneficiary of Adams' struggle was Vernon. He collected both sacks.

Second-team center Josh Samuda also was inconsistent today, with the most obvious sign of that coming when he short-hopped a shotgun snap to quarterback Matt Moore.

Speaking of offensive line, right tackle is not an issure right now. Tyson Clabo, wearing No. 77, looks like a good, solid, professional. He's just ... good. Nice technique. Nice tempo. He knows what he's doing for the most part.

As to the much talked about kicking competition. Dan Carpenter took all the kicks today. He connected on all of them. He was 10-for-10, with the longest from 49 yards out. Caleb Sturgis did not kick today.

The starting units today:

Defense -- DL was Olivier Vernon, Paul Soliai, Randy Starks and Cameron Wake up front. Jared Odrick spent much of his time inside at DT and also shared snaps with Starks with the first team. At LB Koa Misi, Dannell Ellerbe in the middle and Phillip Wheeler. Grimes and Marshall were at CB. Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons were at safety.

Offense -- OL was Martin at LT, Richie Incognito at LG, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry and RT Clabo. WRs were Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline in two-wide and Brandon Gibson added to the three-wide. Tight end was Dustin Keller and obviously Tannehill at QB.

By the way, I think I figured out why the Dolphins didn't show greater interest in Vonta Leach for the start of this camp: Tight ends worked as lead backs quite a few times today. It was interesting to see Dustin Keller and Charles Clay in that role.

[UPDATE: At tight end it was Charles Clay and Dion Sims behind Keller today. Michael Egnew was on the far field working with the third and fourth-team offense. So much for him having a great offseason. A rookie has already passed him, apparently.]

Due to the collective bargaining agreement, there are no real two-a-days anymore. The second practice of the day is a walkthru and, unlike last year, the Dolphins have closed those to the media. So this is it.

The Dolphins will practice at 8 a.m. Monday. I will tweet in real time until the club shuts down electronic coverage. You can follow me on twitter for those real-time updates. 


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@ Cocoajoe...ditto for me...almost too amazing to believe.....unfortunate....

So....Tannehill looked like chit today. Anyone surprised?

@ Retsub...Okay I'll bite....from what did you arrive at that conclusion ?

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In Dave Hyde's article, Mike Wallace says that Tannehill has a stronger arm the Big Ben.

That's food for thought to the T-Hill is Chad Henne crowd.

The season hasn't started yet Jets trolls, it's not to late to join the bandwagon.

What if....what if.....oh..yeah..what if we talk football in here instead of everything but?...what if that?...why can't everyone just put the extraneous- subject makers on "IGNORE" and reply only to the football talk ?
And I understand this in itself is a digression from football, but it has football as its intended end result.

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Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 21, 2013 at 08:17 PM

Strong arm is totally meaningless. See Jeff George or Chad Henne.

Thank goodness.....@ Woodshed....Tanny's arm strength hasn't been in question.....it's his accuracy that has been the issue. Hopefully this off-season that has been corrected.

A blog can be no better than the blog leader. Armando is dismal. He can't write. He can't ask interesting questions. His IQ is in the negative territory. Therefore, after ALL THESE YEARS, he has only been able to attract a cesspool of maybe 20 followers, out of hundreds of thousands of fin fans.

This is the best Dolphin blog anywhere. Thats why you are here. And thank Armando for the great writing and timely articles.

Crap team = Crap blog


Armando is Cuban...not exactly a country known for being intellectual. The whole country is a good 50 years behind the rest of the world.

Buster I'm optimistic Tannehill will improve, that's almost a given considering how raw he was coming out of college. The question is just how high does that ceiling go? Year two will tell a lot.

There Is A History Of Mental Illness In My Family.

I miss dashe's posts about swallowing.

@ Darkoak...I agree, and I'm optimistic....hope he has a stellar season...

GO PHINS!!!!!!

Strong arm is totally meaningless. See Jeff George or Chad Henne.

Posted by: NFL Analyst | July 21, 2013 at 08:23 PM

Jeff George was a head case and Chad Henne was detached from the game, competitively speaking.
I see neither one of those things being the case for Tannehill. I saw what I needed to see from Tannehill the last game of the season vs the Pats. Everyone else packed it in early and he went out alone and competed every single down. So he has that, arm strength and athleticism going for him.

He says he primarily worked on footwork this year so his accuracy should also greatly improve, especially considering the upgrades to the receiving corps.

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Why Some Hate On T-Hill. Well Really Only One Clown. Because He Wanted Matt Moore As The Starter And The Fins To Draft Barkley At #8 Last Season.

What He Fails To Realize Is That T-Hill Was The Smartest QB Coming Out Last Season.

Picking Up The Game Will Be Easy. Specially With Pennington Mentoring Him.

And Yes T-Hill Was The Smartest QB Coming Out Last Season. Not Luck, Not RG3, Not R.Wilson. T-Hill Was The Only One That Was Pre-Med. And The Only Rookie Qb Last Season That Was Allowed To Audible. Well Him And Luck. RG3 And Wilson Didn't Audible At All Last Season.

T-Hill Was Allowed To Learn The Position With ZERO Weapons. Can't Wait Til This Season. And Sherman Is Even Allowing Him To Run The Spread-Option Like He Did At A&M. Expect T-Sizzle To Come Out This Season. Can't Wait Til He Breaks One Of Them 50yd Runs. White Lightning.


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Your only advantage here is that 98% of these bloggers are dumber than fk and clueless. They are mental invalids that think they are smart.

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I am what you say I am!?

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@ So Sad...maybe you're right about NFL Analyst...if so , thanks for the heads up....but why the name calling ?

Posted by: Buster | July 21, 2013 at 08:45 PM


So Sad is in all likelihood YG. That would explain the name calling bc I upset him earlier by trying to shoot it straight.

He resorted to name calling but he stopped posting under his known name when I got the better of him.


Those Doubting T-Hills Accuracy Will Be Pleasantly Surprised. He Has Been Working With The Most Accurate QB In NFL History.

Plus, It Isn't Like He Is Throwing 5 Yard Lasers Like Henne. T-Hill Can Switch Up The Speed.

f4l you are on record from way back. I remember!!! Don't try to wash away your true feelings with all this crap about fighting for the country. Everyone's family originally from here has fought for their country.

Posted by: Verdad | July 21, 2013 at 08:22 PM

You mean Native Americans I'll bet a whole hell of alot of them fought for their lives you maybe right in saying all of them????? Or are you talking about the Colonial Masses with their diverse Europian heritage which includes Spaniards??? After all the State is called Florida and your right this is a big Country alot of folks in the South are direct liniage of the heroes of the Confederate States of America just ask Paula Deen! I'm coming to the conclusion your probably one of these huddled masses???

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I'm betting Marshall gets relegated to the Nickle by mid season. His reps will shrink and by Seasons end he'll be a back up.

My Biggest Prediction in the Secondary, I think Davis will transition a little quicker than Taylor. Ireland hit Two Grand Slams **THIS TIME**-LOL. Davis will be starting by Mid Season and Grimes, Davis and Taylor will be our Top 3 before the seasons out.


I keep harping on about Sims. Most people don't know that his biggest problems his last two seasons at MSU was his blocking. He improved dramatically and it's paying off.

What people don't know is that he was a pass catching TE at State and was awesome stretching the seam and finding the soft spots in the zones. Even at his bigger weight of 280.

Sims is a much improved blocker. But he's going to surprise a lot of people with his route running and pass catching abilities. Especially now that he's playing at a Sculpted 260!

He reminds me of a Poor man's Keith Jackson.

Woodshed, read up or watch some youtube on McNutt. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.


Sorry if I missed a post to me. YG was doing his thing and ruining the blog and I didn't feel up to beech slapping him around some more. The simpleton doesn't even present a challenge. In other words, he's boring and played out. He's like an aging Crack Hoo-ker. Kind of pitiful.


You couldn't be more correct.

YG came on and repeatedly LIED, made up erroneous facts and made up non existent stats and attributed them too Ferguson. All to try and cover up for a pretty ignorant post he made.

He was wrong, we were right and he can't handle it. He owes the entire blog an apology. He also needs to admit how wrong he was and how he outright LIED about Ferg's stats.

Having said that, I'll bet the ENTIRE Blog that YG WON'T do the right thing and admit he was wrong-LOL!

Anybody want to lose their Money-ROTFLMAO....?

Hi Dashi!

What's a mongolois?

odinseye is one level above a cockroach. if that.

Maybe every stupid post isnt YG but he has earned that kind of respect in here. Any time someone posts something moronic the proper thing to do is to call him yg in a way to distinguish lonely losers from real fans. A new saying around here is , "he really yg'd that one". And nine times out of ten it's yg anyhow so no harm no foul.

"Success might take a while, folks. That’s the conclusion to draw after the Dolphins’ first practice of 2013". -Armando

Tannehill does not have the accuracy or poise to be an NFL QB.


Your pledge to focus on the postive lasted 3 milliseconds. As usual. You are hell bent on being a derelict moron.

Odin, too many drugs in you, son.

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