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Dolphins camp Day One in the books

The first Dolphins training camp practice of 2013 has come and gone. Here are the highlights:

Rookie first round pick Dion Jordan was in attendance after signing his contract Saturday, but did not practice today. He spent most of the morning on the sideline doing calisthenics. He is on the Non-Football Injury list, according to coach Joe Philbin.

That means Jordan, who had shoulder surgery in February, cannot practice for now. Philbin declined to elaborate as to Jordan's status but one thing is clear, the rookie isn't going to hurry his return.

"Right now I've got to take care of my body first," he said. For any athlete, when this is your job and this is what your whole motivation is, it’s frustrating not being out there and watching the guys go. But I understand my health is the main concern right now. So that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

Frankly, it is five months since his surgery. I don't see this is a major issue at the moment. If we're sitting in the same spot in three weeks, then we have an issue.

On a much more positive front, cornerback Brent Grimes looked great in practice today. Truly. He moved with ease following a season in which he missed all but the first game because of a torn Achilles. Grimes and Richard Marshall, who also missed much of last year because of a bad back that required surgery, were the first-team cornerbacks and got the better of the receivers today.

The most clear sign that Grimes is back is he wasn't even wearing ankle tape to stabilize the repaired area. "I never do, I don't like it," he said. ""No reason to."

While the starting DBs looked good, the same cannot be said of the first-team passing game. The first play of practice on the field before an announced crowd of 2,700?

Ryan Tannehill threw a nine route to Mike Wallace down the right sideline. It was overthrown. It didn't get much better from there.

"It wasn't our cleanest day," Tannehill said afterward. "We definitely have some rust we have to knock off."

Tannehill found Brian Hartline on multiple occasions and that shows his familiarity with the veteran. But none of those were deep connections. Tannehill's throws across the middle were much more crisp. He connected with Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson on seam and in-cuts several times.

But the most productive receiver of the day?

Marvin McNutt, a first-year player out of Iowa. The kid caught five passes.

The much anticipated training camp debut of Jonathan Martin at left tackle was uneventful. He was not beaten on any pass-rushes by Olivier Vernon, who worked with the starting defense at right end.

The same cannot be said of first-year left tackle Jeff Adams. Although quarterbacks aren't being hit (or touched, really) it was clear Adams gave up at least two sacks had this been game action. He had a tough day.

The beneficiary of Adams' struggle was Vernon. He collected both sacks.

Second-team center Josh Samuda also was inconsistent today, with the most obvious sign of that coming when he short-hopped a shotgun snap to quarterback Matt Moore.

Speaking of offensive line, right tackle is not an issure right now. Tyson Clabo, wearing No. 77, looks like a good, solid, professional. He's just ... good. Nice technique. Nice tempo. He knows what he's doing for the most part.

As to the much talked about kicking competition. Dan Carpenter took all the kicks today. He connected on all of them. He was 10-for-10, with the longest from 49 yards out. Caleb Sturgis did not kick today.

The starting units today:

Defense -- DL was Olivier Vernon, Paul Soliai, Randy Starks and Cameron Wake up front. Jared Odrick spent much of his time inside at DT and also shared snaps with Starks with the first team. At LB Koa Misi, Dannell Ellerbe in the middle and Phillip Wheeler. Grimes and Marshall were at CB. Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons were at safety.

Offense -- OL was Martin at LT, Richie Incognito at LG, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry and RT Clabo. WRs were Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline in two-wide and Brandon Gibson added to the three-wide. Tight end was Dustin Keller and obviously Tannehill at QB.

By the way, I think I figured out why the Dolphins didn't show greater interest in Vonta Leach for the start of this camp: Tight ends worked as lead backs quite a few times today. It was interesting to see Dustin Keller and Charles Clay in that role.

[UPDATE: At tight end it was Charles Clay and Dion Sims behind Keller today. Michael Egnew was on the far field working with the third and fourth-team offense. So much for him having a great offseason. A rookie has already passed him, apparently.]

Due to the collective bargaining agreement, there are no real two-a-days anymore. The second practice of the day is a walkthru and, unlike last year, the Dolphins have closed those to the media. So this is it.

The Dolphins will practice at 8 a.m. Monday. I will tweet in real time until the club shuts down electronic coverage. You can follow me on twitter for those real-time updates. 


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Are you happy yoor the object of everyone's attention!!

Doing cartwheels yet son??

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YGs New Favorite Player Is McNutt.


You Created YG. Now You Can't Even Control Him. Where Is Zimmerman When You Need Him.

Posted by: Dashi | July 22, 2013 at 12:49 AM

Could be the post of the Millennium.

My labrador already has a McNutt doggy jersey with the new logo. He got a peanut butter stain and what appears to be some cream filling on it this morning so i must wash it tommorow!

Fin4life, Lets get back to some football, Your thoughts on the 1st week of Pro and collage football for the weekend of Sept 8th and 9th??
Will the Canes beat the hated Gators and will the fin beat the Browns in Cleveland?
Your thoughts?

Emmanuel, you were right to discipline her for her forbidden consumption of coconut-based products.

I remember once at a State Dinner for the Prime Minister of Latvia when Pat had one vodka gimlet too many (as usual) and began piling pork cutlets onto her plate despite my instructions to her to never consume it.

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The rest of the meal was uneventful, thankfully.

On Football Talk.

The Spread Option.

It Was A Dream Last Season. Hopefully It Can Be A Reality This Season.

Wallace And Hartline On The Outside. And Keller And Clay In The Middle. With L.Miller In The Shotgun. 4 Wide.

Or Even With 4 WRs. On 3rd Down.

Not Saying We Will Do That A lot. Just That We Should See Some More This Season. By The End Of Last Season Sherman Was Running It A Little. Just To Have Film For The Off season.

We Can Even Run Screens Out Of It.

Or 5 Yard Slants With Wallace That Can Break It Open. Off The Play Action In The Spread Option.

Figures u would use a name that translates to Dickkk.


You Look More Like A Shi Tzu Kinda Gal.

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Just Passing By... | July 22, 2013 at 01:02 AM

I think we double down on happiness that particular weekend. The Browns will try an feature there rungame and I see tough sledding for Trent Richardson. They have no weapon in the pass game that truly alarms.

I think Golden gets the victory over Muschamp as well I feel Canes score in bunches this year. I would like to see MLB Perryman do more though and feel Canes LB's in general will dictate were this D goes from here but we should score enough this day.

I cannot control YG, Dashi, only because Armando refuses to go by the Majority. He wavers, you're a goner.

Not Saying We Will Do That A lot. Just That We Should See Some More This Season. By The End Of Last Season Sherman Was Running It A Little. Just To Have Film For The Off season.

We Can Even Run Screens Out Of It.

Or 5 Yard Slants With Wallace That Can Break It Open. Off The Play Action In The Spread Option.

Posted by: Dashi | July 22, 2013 at 01:04 AM

Philbin ran it in G.B. and right down Pitt's throat in the S.B. forcing Polamalu up into coverage which was key when they got Jordy Nelson on him.

The key here is the BIG QUESTION everybody is asking about whether Tanny can run it effectively and I believe he has the tools physically just a matter of if he can grasp it upstairs.

And it is very ea$y to make most People waver from his position.

F4L, Cant wait to see the Offense or the U this year, The QB and Running back are studs, It's the defense that concerns me.

Barry Jackson is reporting a time table on Jordan as being one to two weeks. Jordan himself has been mum on the subject. One is bad enough, two weeks is terrible.

Getting behind this far and from day 1, it could even affect how, when and where he's used far into the season. I know somebody will say that we have to focus in on him having a great and long career. But this is a guy we used the 3rd and 42nd picks on! Will we ever catch a break?


Jackson's also reporting that Lance Louis has healed well, but apparently hasn't regained enough strength. OK, so it's 2013 and NASA has robots on Mars. But Lance Louis, Team Doctors and Team Trainers couldn't figure out how to build muscle with low/non impact workouts?

Mr Ireland,

The "Pro" in "Pro Football" actually has a meaning! It means these guys you're hiring for Millions of Dollars are SUPPOSED to be "Pro's".

I hate to rag on Armando. Personally I like a lot of what he does.

But by reading his last two write ups, you'd think he's related to the SchlebRock Guy from the Flintstones. Tannehill missed Wallace on their first seep pass attempt and now it's going to take a LONG-LONG Time for this offense to get it together.

Forget that it was Wallace's first day ever at Dolphins Camp. Forget that it was Tannehill's first day of camp.

They missed that first deep pass attempt and SUDDENLY, ALL IS LOST!

YG called me names and told me that Joe Ferguson was ALWAYS one of the best QB's of his era. He lied big time and made up some fake stats for Ferguson. Then laughed saying that he still didn't think he taught me anything.

Apparently YG doesn't realize that we ALL KNOW EXACTLY what he's Full Of.

Turns out Ferguson:

1. Lost more games than he won.

2. Threw more INT's than TD's.

3. Had a paltry career QBR of 68.4

This is a small microcosm of YG and all the aliases he uses. Unfortunately it took a while for us to figure out exactly who it was that's been ruining the blog. I feel like I was one of the first to start exposing the Main Troll ruining things. I also feel vindicated somewhat, now that everybody has his number. I get some kind of hollow satisfaction knowing that EVERYBODY now knows and realizes the extent he goes to, to ruin this place for as many people as possible. Every single day of his miserable life, he tries to ruin everything for everybody. He is one sick, SICK person.

It's no wonder his wife left him and you can bet no kids are visiting on birthdays or holidays. You just KNOW he's done everything in his power to ruin their lives as well.

Now that everybody here knows YG, I'm done with you. I told you this was going to happen too, didn't I?

Let me part by saying: Indeed, many will rejoice the Day that your Fat, Balding POS "Breed" FINALLY Dies the LONELY Death YOU DESERVE!

In the mean time, my Life's going Excellently! All the Bills are Paid and I got it made in the Shade. All 3 of my Boys and I are fishing Back Bay on Lake Superior all this week. On top of that, I'm looking forward to hearing all the good stuff coming out of Camp!

Adios Dik-Head and now on to **FOOTBALL**!!!!

Ummm........I mean: FISHING!!!!


Must Suck To Be You YG. Living Out Of Gloryholes

Posted by: Dashi | July 21, 2013 at 04:23 PM

YG Sucks Just To Swallow.

Go Ahead Copy And Paste. I Give You Permission. So Open Wide Punk. We All Know How You Love My Junk. YG.

Posted by: Dashi | July 21, 2013 at 04:27 PM

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Posted by: Dashi | July 21, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Tannehill better get his ass on the field and start throwing 1000 passes/day. He did not impress anyone last year and he has a big issue with accuracy. If this doesn't work, it'll be back to square one. Why don't they bring in Marino for, at the very minimum, tips on how its done!

Tannehill = Henne 2.0

That Mike Pouncey is a JACKASS supporting a murderer.

WHY do they shut down electronic coverage and how can they do so

M Egnew, D Thomas, and John Jerry should all be cut before game 1. None of them are NFL material.

I know Fin fans like to try and put down Jets players but the truth is Mark Sanchez has won 2 road playoff games with a 130 and 140 QB rating. Pretty impressive in anyones book.

Its surprising no one on the Dolfans noticed Tanny's accuracy problems BEFORE the draft.

rust = excuse # 1002.

If Tanno doesn't have accuracy by now, he never will.

Just Passing By, the butt fumble puts down Sanchez without any help from Fins fans.

Everybody should know by now that with Devlin here, Matt Moore has become more of a trade bait.

How come, if they are watching the same plays, one guy says Tannehill on a nice drive and another says Tannehill's only decent pass of the day. Bias, has to be.

I smell a "BUST" in Jordan.

Mando tweeted Vernon blew up Martin on a 1 on 1 drill. Is that good news about Vernon or bad news about Martin.

Most of these Dolphin's reporters are rather young and therefore more prone to be biased in favor/disfavor of the Players they like/hate.

The Dolphins are not going to be a quick strike 7 points Team and rather a 1st down after 1st down one. If the opportunity arises for a deep pass then we'll take it.


Vernon blew up the back up LT Jeff Adams for what would have been 2 sacks of Matt Moore in live action on pass drills. Martin held his own and gave up ZERO sacks in those drills with the 1st unit. Tannehill apparently did wellin intermediate routes in the seam and deep middle but had trouble connecting long on corner or wheel routes with Wallace.

Respected team reporter Joe Rose reported that the team will use Jordan exclusively on pass downs coming off he edge. I wonder were he got that info and don't like it I want to see Jodan get every chance to excell at OLB/DE were I feel his impact would be felt more. The starting DL was interesting in the 1st day of camp with (from left to right) Wake, Solia, Starks and Vernon with Odrick spelling Solia at DT. The 1st day line ups mean little as Gerrard and Ocho were 1st team 1st day last Season but it does sort of give you an idea were the thinking on DL is with Koyle to kick off the Season.

Pat Devlin With The 2nd Team.

Jonas Gray With The 2nd Team.

I Like What I Am Hearing.

D.Thomas Is Looking Better.

Current Dolphin RB Depth

1a-Lightning L.Miller
1b-Thunder D.Thomas

Looks Good So Far.

The Dolphins are not going to be a quick strike 7 points Team and rather a 1st down after 1st down one. If the opportunity arises for a deep pass then we'll take it.
Posted by: oscar canosa | July 22, 2013 at 11:08 AM
oscar. the qb leads the nfl in 3 + outs.

but u'r correct oscar,
the qb can't hit the quick wr anyways.

some1 tell gumby 95 that the tour de france is over already.

If there is position flexibility on any unit of this Team, f4l, is in the DL. Both Starks and Odrick can play DT/DE at a high level plus plenty of what appear to be good backups. Like Philbin said today, this flexibility allows the Coaches to play the best matchup against any particular Team. Great advantage.

The 1st day line ups mean little as Gerrard and Ocho were 1st team 1st day last Season but it does sort of give you an idea were the thinking on DL is with Koyle to kick off the Season.

Posted by: fin4life | July 22, 2013 at 11:10 AM

I have to think it is a little more set this year. I say this because last year, our coaches didn't know the personnel. I'd say Coyle definitely knows what he has as Odrick, Starks, Vernon,Soliai and Wake are all returning players.

I would expect to see more Soliai on rushing downs and Odrick on passing downs.

Has anyone heard of any hazing of the rookies yet? I'm sure Incognito is probably in charge of that...

Pat Devlin is a specialist in moving the Team methodically to inside the red zone and hopefully scoring from there. If Tannehill fails, we could use Devlin. What you think about that one, 2 watt?


Gray is an interesting player burried on IR last Yr. that probably is a late RD pick in 2012 draft if not for knee injury but it's tough sledding at RB this Season. Last Yr. we carried 4 RB's on the roster (Reggie, Thomas, Miller and Thigpen) but with the team looking to spread it out more with 4 WR and good Pos. battles for those final spots at WR it's a possibility that this Yr. we keep 6 WR's and 3 RB's on the active roster. I think the competition at the bottom of those depth charts will determine this with BA player winning out the discussion.

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If the reporters are biased, imagine the Fans!

Will there ever be a day when we don't have to sift through all of the sewage posts on this blog just to get to a few actual posts about the Miami Dolphins?


Fin4life, I was just repeating Mando's I guess inaccurate tweet?

Jordan being used sparingly and on passing downs off the edge is exactly what I have said many times. Too much missed time because of school schedule and his injury. No way is he an every down player right now. Get him healthy and fit and get him some reps then let's start talking about more from him.

I would expect to see more Soliai on rushing downs and Odrick on passing downs.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 22, 2013 at 11:28 AM

Of course it's more of a done deal this Yr. and we all know Solia is the space eater and will come off the field on obvious passing downs with the transition of Odrick inside something we've all been waiting for since his rookie Yr. My point is in Vernon getting the starting reps given he was suspect on run plays last Yr. at RDE and Odrick exclusively so far the swingman at DT.

Right now there tinkering with what they have early after all remember we signed a swing DT in V.Martin. The fact Jordan won't see the practice field till sometime before or after our 2nd Pre-Season game this Yr. hurts the concept of what Koyle did on day One. Add the fact the team never carries more than 8 DL on the 53 man roster with a sort of question mark in what we really have in our 3rd overall pick and you see were my thinking is here. odrick by default may need to go back to RDE on run plays unless Vernon proves he can hold it down and if that's the case do you keep developing Shelby or keep V.Martin (4 DT's) on your active roster. It will be interesting t watch during the course of the Pre-Season/

Same as with the TE/FB position. Many responsibilities there, blocking, pass protecting, running, receiving. The Player that is flexible enough to accomplish all these tasks well will be greatly appreciated.

"They(the Dolphins) told me I was brought here to play with my hand on the ground", Dion Jordan. Joe Rose is no mind-reader.

Dear Charles,

That is the most interesting piece of information that I've ever read.

Maybe you could strike a partnership with the city of Miami that would authorize you to pour several tons of BAKING POWDER all over the CROOKS who want to use public money to fund Stadium renovations.

New blog up!


That Is A Great Reason To Not Keep A FB. And Keep 4 RBs. We Have To Many RBs. Our 5Th Rd Pick Might Not Even Make It Out Of Camp. We Are That Stacked.

Another Reason To Keep Thigpen Is That He Can Play The Slot. And Return Kicks.

Gray Might Be A Better RB, But Thigpen's Position On The Team Is Safer.

D.Thomas To Me Is A Player To Watch. This Is His 2nd Year In The System. He Needs To be More Decisive. Also The Fumbling. L.Miller Doesn't Fumble. He Will Get More Snaps If D.Thomas Starts Fumbling. But As A #2 I Think D.Thomas Will Be Fine. He Won't Be The Ronnie To L.Miller's Ricky. But He Has Done Better Than Other 2nd Rd Pick RBs The Dolphins Have Had. JJJohnson. And D.Thomas Is Still The 2nd Or 3rd Best RB From His Draft. Rather Have M.Pounce And D.Thomas, Than M.Ingram And Some Other Center From That Draft.

That Will Be Another Argument From XYGenius That We Can Put To Rest.

My point is in Vernon getting the starting reps given he was suspect on run plays last Yr. at RDE and Odrick exclusively so far the swingman at DT.

Posted by: fin4life | July 22, 2013 at 11:46 AM

I never got the feeling that Vernon was weak on setting the edge last year. I thought he was just too raw to offer enough pass rush moves and being that Odrick was much bigger and experienced, he was given PT while Vernon learned.

Either way, I definitely get your point and agree it will be an interesting camp battle. It's going to be hard to tell one way or another what we do until we see Jordan on the field.

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