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Dolphins camp Day Two in the books

I think I've figured it out. It took me a couple of practices and talking to a couple of people, but it is clear to me why the Dolphins applied the stiff-arm to fullback Vonta Leach late last week.

It's just that the Dolphins are going to use a one-back look with four pass-catchers (three receivers and a tight end) or an I-formation look with the tight end as the lead blocker look going forward. And none of that leaves a lot of room for a fullback on the roster.

It makes sense, really.

When you consider the Dolphins have three starting-caliber and high priced receivers in Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson on the team, it makes sense to get them on the field as much as possible. When you consider Dustin Keller is an experienced and solid tight end and the Dolphins are heavily invested in the position with Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Kyle Miller and Michael Egnew, it makes sense to have an extra roster spot not occupied by a fullback and instead used on an extra tight end.

Voila, mystery solved.

So at the end of this camp, it is possible the Dolphins can keep either an extra tight end, or perhaps use the spot elsewhere such as cornerback or linebacker or receiver, and not feel the pinch of being lessened because the fullback spot has become marginalized, anyway.

 I remind you the Dolphins still have two fullbacks on the roster: Jorvorskie Lane and Evan Rodriguez. But neither has gotten even one snap with the first or second-team offense in two days of camp that I've noticed. Both are in a deserate fight to merely make the team. I don't like their chances.

Now, I know at least a couple of you scoffed when you read Michael Egnew's name among the tight ends the Dolphins have invested in. Obviously, he was a disappointment last year. But today he had a relatively good day.

He caught a handful of passes (four actually) and that included a grab from Matt Moore between two defenders in tight coverage on a seam route that stretched 17 yards. It almost brought a tear to my eyes to witness. Almost.

Some other practice highlights:

Big men go one-on-one

I love the one-on-one pass rush drills when offensive and defensive lineman match wits, girth and physical attributes. Todays highlights?

Second-year defensive end Olivier Vernon, who is working with the starting unit and doing well in my opinion, schooled new left tackle Jonathan Martin on an inside move. Martin allowed his feet to get tangled. It was ugly.

Not surprisingly, veteran Randy Starks abused rookie Brian Thomas, a free agent out of Texas A&M, and he didn't even look like he was going full speed.

The Dolphins have an interesting situation working at defensive tackle. Jared Odrick has been impressive at the position which he's been playing exclusively so far in camp -- no defensive end work -- and so it could be Soliai and Starks on early downs and then Starks and Odrick on passing downs. Obviously, whichever player doesn't start will get plenty of playing time in rotation.

It's also possible Odrick might still be used at defensive end but, as I said, he hasn't worked at end yet in camp.

Devlin works with 2s

QB Pat Devlin got some second-team snaps today. Matt Moore worked some with the third-stringers. It was interesting perhaps only to me because I recall that Devlin has a reputation for being among coach Joe Philbin's favorite players.

I'm not saying Devlin is challenging Moore for the backup role. Moore's experienced, his ability to enter a game and win it (against the Jets last year) and his salary preclude such a sudden shift to Devlin. But it was interesting to see. Moore, by the way, had a good day of practice and was probably the best QB on the field today.

Yes, it is available

The read option is in the playbook. All I'm saying on that. 

Talking RBs

Although Lamar Miller is the presumed starting running back, I was told today to assume nothing about that. Yes, Miller is getting the first-team snaps. But Daniel Thomas is also getting some of those. And as a club source told me, the team believes Thomas is ready for a big season if he can stay healthy. Yes, big if, I know. Just sharing what I'm told.

Tannehill-Wallace update

My column in today's newspaper examined the need for quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace to get in synch so that Miami's popgun offense of a year ago might show more explosiveness. Check the column to see what the players said about their work on Day One.

Today, I hate to report, we're still looking for the long TD bomb from the QB to the deep threat receiver. Has yet to happen. Tannehill and Wallace did connect on three sideline out routes. There was even a slant pass completed. But the bomb?

Not yet.

Kicking competition

Today was Caleb Sturgis day as the Dolphins apparently are alternating kicking days between he and Dan Carpenter. Today, Sturgis got only three attempts. He made two but missed on a 47-yarder.

[NOTE: The Dolphins do not allow updates to the blog during the major parts of practice thus I update on a real-time basis on twitter. So if you're looking for the latest on what is happening at practice, follow me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero].


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The biggest mistakes occurred in the Wannstedt era. I can't think of a single player that he drafted that worked out for us. He also threw away tons of picks for Ricky Williams and we lost Surtain and Madison for nothing in return. He brought aging veterans in that were well past their prime.

He lacked any vision for building a team.

Gb beat the steelers a few years ago.

Dallas, Green Bay, Pitt, San Fran, giants, pats, redskins, are the only teams with more rings than miami and none of them went unbeaten

the encycopedia of football | July 23, 2013 at 01:04 AM

Those Oilers teams you mention were very good from 78-8o, I'd venture SB good but they had one BIG problem they played in the Old AFC Central Div. were Pitt. dominated winning the last of their 4 SB's in the span They also had the pesky Brian Sipe led cardiac Browns and Kenny Anderson / Forrest Gregg Bengals to deal with and still pushed their way to the 79 AFC Championship Vs. Pitt. were Pastorini hit WR Mike Renfro for a TD the refs called out robbing Houston of their shot had they gone Vs. the Rams to SB 15 I believe they blow L.A. out.

Vikings and Bills were great Reg. Season teams that would gointo a shell come SB time and roll over the Bills more getting absolutely run out of the building in three of those SB's.

Chargers were Playoff chokers in the Playoofs under Shottenheimer whose star players always quit on them come crunch time (my lasting images are of CRYBABY Tomlinson sitting on the bench in every meaningful S.D. Playoof game and the only LT was Taylor)

The Titans were a half yd. short with time expired in game were they had caught the momentum aside from peaking in Elway final hurra and beginning of Pats dominance.

Eagles McNabb seemed to save his worst for those NFC Title games and was hurt by Reid insistance to not establish rugame ever!

The Seahawks were jobbed by Refs and maybe League with phantom calls in SB XL.

Mitigating circumstances and some dynasty's peaking along with shell shoke by some of these teams killed possible runs.

The short term memory fais one here! Steelers were housed by Rodgers in Big D SB OF 2010.

and we lost Surtain and Madison for nothing in return. He brought aging veterans in that were well past their prime.

He lacked any vision for building a team.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 23, 2013 at 01:14 AM

Saban let these CB's get away (both to FA Surtain to K.C. and Madison to Giants)

Miami was a few plays away from going to five Super Bowls in a row. The Winslow game kept miami out of the Super Bowl in 81,
Miami went to the Super Bowl and was a theismann deflected pass away from winning the sb.
In 83 miami was upset in the last seconds at home against Seattle in the playoffs and
In 84 miami was in the Super Bowl and lost to San Fran
In 85 miami lost in the afc champ game to the pats because of six fumbles. They would have played a bears team that they whopped a couple weeks earlier. Miami was the only team that could beat the bears blitz and would have changed history if we would have beat ne in the orange bowl

Jay | July 23, 2013 at 01:33 AM

No bigger homer than me but no way we beat LA Raiders at home in 83 PLAYOFFS. That Yr. Marino's 1st extended game action off the bench as a rookie was at LA COLOSIUM on Monday night were he threw his 1st TD to Joe Rose on corner route and that was are lone highlight given they beat us up soundly. In 84 lets be honest our fossil D was shown up and Marino never adjusted to 7 DB's the 49ers flooded on the field given their 4 lineman and lone LB on the field MLB Keena Turner were more than enought o calling our rungame bluff with imobile Marino. 85 was probably best shot but overlooked the Pats who hadn't beat us at the Orange Bowl in a few Seasons in that ERA. In 82 Woodley single handedly gave that game away saving his steaky game for the biggest of the Yr. we were lucky to score 10 points that day with Fulton Walker kick return to start 2nd half keeping us in it. In reality Shula waited to long to pull Woodley for Strock that day.

Why does YG always talk to himself?

That Mark character, that was him trying to snake his way back to the good graces of this blog. Here is a hint everyone. When someone comes on here just posting more negative stuff about the fins than Armando Salguero, it is usually YG. Notice he is usually quick to agree with himself.

I prefer that though over his constant desecration of this blog.

YG is so in denial and just plain looney. That he won't go back to his sign in name YG. That is the only thing he doesn't flop on. How crazy do you have to be to think that just because you won't use your old name we will forget all the crazy stuff you say and do.

For someone who says that they lived thru the 60's and 70's. How come you act like a 5 year old?

Is it Dementia?

Is it Alzheimer's?

Lack of Social Interaction?

Please advise, because I would hate to end up like that at the end of my life. I wouldn't wish your life on anyone YG. Not even on my worst enemy.

May God bless you before you die. So you can find clarity and get rid of all the Negativity you live with.

"If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?"

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think"

Maybe this can enlighten you. Cause you need it. Open up your mind to positive thinking, maybe you won't be so mad and hostile all the time.

The biggest mistakes occurred in the Wannstedt era. I can't think of a single player that he drafted that worked out for us. He also threw away tons of picks for Ricky Williams and we lost Surtain and Madison for nothing in return. He brought aging veterans in that were well past their prime.
He lacked any vision for building a team.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 23, 2013 at 01:14 AM

Lots of bad info here. It was Saban that got rid of Surtain and Madison and replaced them with bust draft picks Travis Daniels and Jason Allen. The trade Wannstadt made for Ricky Williams was a great trade as he became the best RB in Dolphin history and broke almost all the Dolphin rushing records in short order. Wannstadt drafted Randy McMichael arguably the best TE the Fins ever had. Finally, it was Speilman that made most of the poor drafts during the Wannstadt era.

KNOW ONE will admit it, but, first blame goes to Don Shula for being where we have been.

Because of his JJ and who was really "king of football" in Miami, Shula refused to draft UM players until near the end of their great era. It may have had a little to do with the perceived bad boy aura of the Cane players back then too.

Another great problem in post sb Shula era was his teams were never good enough to win it all, and never bad enough to get great upper draft picks. We were pretty much stuck in "slightly better than middle of the pack as a team the whole time of post sb Shula era.

So much so, that JJ commenced to nearly doing a clean sweep of the roster immediately after replacing Shula. Its just a shame that JJ couldn't pick a great offensive player to save his life.

Wannstadt was the last good HC the Dolphins have had pretty much perennially making the playoffs except his last year. He was certainly better then Saban, Cameron, Sparano, and Philbin. He had a winning record with the Fins and previously won a Coach of the Year honor with the Bears. He had about 90 NFL wins not too shabby.

Wannsstadt was handcuffed with crappy offensive players he inherited from JJ. He got the Ricky trade but commenced to running Ricky right slap into the ground.

Wandstadt was about as crappy drafting offensive players. But he was responsible for drafting Chris Chambers.

I think Nick Saban did more damage to this franchise than Dave Wannstadt. Satan snook off to Bama and in came Cam Cameron. However, Wannstadt did have first opportunity to grab Drew Brees and passed. This may have been Wanny's greatest crime.

Yes, Saban did more damage then anyone until Jeff Ireland. Saban had Drew Brees in his office and passed on him for Daunte Culpepper.

What Saban did to ruin our secondary and QB position was borderline criminal.

Cam Cameron was pretty much the final straw that broke the camel's back.

As difficult as it is to say this, but, Dave Wannstadt has so far been the 2nd best hc post Shula. Johnson is the best.

JJ would surpass even Shula if he could pick offensive players as well as he picked defensive players.

Saban quickly found out that you couldn't hand out scholarships to cover your mistakes in the nfl.

Vazman, the jury's still out on who was actually running the show when Parcells was here. But clearly, Ireland has made several blunders too.

Don't let me start on Parcells making Sparano hc. After revisting the situation I take back every positive I said as to Sparano's hc ability. He was even fired his last OC gig at the Jets.

Also, Sabans 2nd draft was widely considered the worst ever with zero production and probably the worst pick ever, Manny Wright.

Parcells was another HUGE Wayne Huizenga blunder. Huizenga made one blunder after another leading up to the Parcells hiring.

Hopefully the buck now stops with the Ross Joe Philbin hiring. Also, hopefully now, Ireland's fully shed the GM training wheels.

Manny Wright, the same kid Saban also made cry like a baby. LOL...

Huizenga made some bad hires but Parcells did turn the team around enough to allow Wayne to sell at top dollar.

Even Wayne Huizenga's offspring should never be allowed to own an nfl franchise. That's how morbid he was aa an owner. Good thing he inherited Don Shula.


Remember, Huizenga bought the team during the infancy of the Marino era. The Marino/Shula era allowed Huizenga to sell at a profit.

Nothing was done post Shula/Marino that would have appreciated this teams value as great as that era. So, Huizenga basically sold while the value was still good.

Nothing appreciates a team's value like winning or having a very exciting team.

I think James Walker is the most unbiased of the newsmen reporting on the Dolphins.

1:46 AM.....

great post....

I may cut and paste that over the course of a few blogs if you don't mind....


Maybe it is you with dementia? Too scary a thought? Why not zip Armando an email and see if he will confirm for you that not every single person you think is YG is YG.

Just because you think it is, doesn't make it so.

All I am saying is, prove your accusations before making your daily attacks.

Unless of course you are basically against our system of Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Posted by: Asterisk | July 23, 2013 at 06:52 AM

These are the same blog trolls who say the blog would be a better place if I were not here.

If I died tomorrow they would still e accusing anyone not in their circle-jerk of being me. These guys are way past the point of no return.

Anytime I make a peace pact with the circle-jerk boys, they are ALWAYS the first to break it. Then they cry Im the blog disturber.

They represent every that's wrong with America today. Their either to blind or just plain old dumb to see it.

The '85 Bears worst nightmare. Having the 3 and out queen as your QB.

YG do you sleep?

I KNOW you spent all night talking to yourself. Do you plan on going to sleep? Or are you in such a meth rush that you can't sleep. Prolonged drug use also causes your condition. (Going crazy and being so aggressive.)

P.S.- For someone always calling people illiterate. You still don't KNOW how to use words correctly. It is NO ONE, Not KNOW ONE.

So you admit to try and get back in the good graces of the blog.

Please stop using Lewd Language. Nobody has cursed at you. And we all find your name highly offensive, Not just the CJ boys you Urinal Cake. Just switch back to YG. That way the only thing offensive is what you say. Punk.


We KNOW you have no friends. NOT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE. So anytime "Someone New" comes to defend you, We know it is you. You are only tricking yourself, We all know the truth. You have been doing the same little shtick everyday for years now.

Heck, we know when you don't insult another person it is because you are talking to yourself. You even troll and insult your own father. How would your mother feel about how you hate & degrade women everyday.

Bill Parcells revived both the fan base and the team after Saban and Cameron. He was a godsend to Huizenga engineering the biggest turnaround in NFL history from 1-15 to 11-5 and playoffs in his first year! But its been downhill ever since he left.

insane in the membrane.

"When you don't insult another person it's because you're talking to yourself"

Bingo! Priceless, what a mess.


Even your dolphin history is skewed. Do you say anything that is factually accurate?


Cause you think it is true. We all have to take it as Gospel.

Wannstedt NEVER WON COACH OF THE YEAR. HIS ALLTIME RECORD IS 82-86. He only led the fins to the playoffs TWICE. With JJ's Team, One with L.Smith at RB. Then he sucked.

Check for yourself

Never won such a prestigious award.

How do I know YG=Vazman.

Simple really. Look at the post@2:02 and @2:20. Both of them misspell Wannstedt and Sporano the same way. Even though they Cut & Paste a post from Woodshed who spelled it correctly.

Looks like Dion Jordan is in pads and practicing today, good to see.

In 1993 and 1994, Wannstedt did an admirable job, leading the Bear team to a two-game improvement in '93, and a playoff berth and victory over Minnesota in '94. During these years, most in Chicago gave full confidence and credit to Wannstedt. One organization awarded Wannstedt Coach of the Year for the '94 season. Wannstedt also has earned multiple Super Bowl rings albeit as an assistant.

Dave Wannstedt was 42-31 with the Dolphins....

1994 NFC Coach Of The Year

Dave and his wife tell of how they’ve dealt with the many struggles and pressures of life in the NFL. In 1992, with Dave Wannstedt as Defensive Coordinator, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl XXVll. A few days later, Dave was named the head coach of the Chicago Bears. In his second year, he was honored as the NFC’s Coach of the Year.

Wannstedt sucked! That's why he dick tucked into the college level only to suck as a HC there too.

I will say a lot of that is also on the GM at the time. Vazman/YG, do you really want to point out McMichael as a great TE for the Dolphins? Seriously aside from Chambers, who may have been special if given a QB to get him the ball, this team drafted nobody.

Also, the Ricky Williams trade might've been worth all the picks if Ricky didn't become a pothead. Then again, it's not like we were drafting or developing talent at that time anyways.
That stopped when JJ decided to quit on us.

Through 2006, Randy McMichael played 80 career games without ever missing a start. At season's end, McMichael was already the Dolphins all-time leading tight end in receptions and receiving yards.

Stop circumventing the argument to try and make you sound right. Plus, stick to one name fool. Or are we to think this isn't you, again.

I gave you a link. No such thing as conference coach of the year. Coach of the year is a league wide award. It is like the MVP. No Conference MVP. Just league MVP.

Ok, thank you Dolphins. Now we can watch Dion J all we want.


Your sources are more suspect than Armando's.

It's supposed to be that way early on. D over O. The O will gel, hopefully.

Remember, Huizenga bought the team during the infancy of the Marino era. The Marino/Shula era allowed Huizenga to sell at a profit.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS!


Huizenga bought the team in 1993, when Marino had already played a decade for the franchise.

He sold the team in 2008, 12 years after Shula had coached his last game.

You really need to brush up on your Dolphins history.

One guy says it's 11 on 11, another guy says it isn'. My experience in these live practice Blogs has not been pleasant.t

Tannehill throws 2 sick passes to the TE's, then pick 6 to Chris Clemons.

It's looking like the best FA acquisition we got is Dustin Keller.

If ya read the last page its pretty clear that Woodshed Gang is just a boatload of misinformation lol

Ellerbee looks active as hell.

Tannehill excels at throwing the pick 6!!

and we lost Surtain and Madison for nothing in return. He brought aging veterans in that were well past their prime.
He lacked any vision for building a team.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 23, 2013 at 01:14 AM
Saban let these CB's get away (both to FA Surtain to K.C. and Madison to Giants)
Posted by: fin4life | July 23, 2013 at 01:30 AM

Woodshed Gang is ALL WRONG!!

Listen, we are not expecting the Baltimore Ravens here just a better Team.

I'm going to base all my opinions on the prospects of the 2013 Dolphins on individual practice plays (in shorts) on the third day of training camp.

Therefore, my opinion will be changing every 24 seconds based on what happens.

It looks like someone likes to keep my name coming out of their mouth. All while posting under different names. Wonder who that could be?

Our O line sure looking like crap.

pix six

tannehenne was a wr 4 a reason.

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