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Dolphins camp Day Two in the books

I think I've figured it out. It took me a couple of practices and talking to a couple of people, but it is clear to me why the Dolphins applied the stiff-arm to fullback Vonta Leach late last week.

It's just that the Dolphins are going to use a one-back look with four pass-catchers (three receivers and a tight end) or an I-formation look with the tight end as the lead blocker look going forward. And none of that leaves a lot of room for a fullback on the roster.

It makes sense, really.

When you consider the Dolphins have three starting-caliber and high priced receivers in Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson on the team, it makes sense to get them on the field as much as possible. When you consider Dustin Keller is an experienced and solid tight end and the Dolphins are heavily invested in the position with Charles Clay, Dion Sims, Kyle Miller and Michael Egnew, it makes sense to have an extra roster spot not occupied by a fullback and instead used on an extra tight end.

Voila, mystery solved.

So at the end of this camp, it is possible the Dolphins can keep either an extra tight end, or perhaps use the spot elsewhere such as cornerback or linebacker or receiver, and not feel the pinch of being lessened because the fullback spot has become marginalized, anyway.

 I remind you the Dolphins still have two fullbacks on the roster: Jorvorskie Lane and Evan Rodriguez. But neither has gotten even one snap with the first or second-team offense in two days of camp that I've noticed. Both are in a deserate fight to merely make the team. I don't like their chances.

Now, I know at least a couple of you scoffed when you read Michael Egnew's name among the tight ends the Dolphins have invested in. Obviously, he was a disappointment last year. But today he had a relatively good day.

He caught a handful of passes (four actually) and that included a grab from Matt Moore between two defenders in tight coverage on a seam route that stretched 17 yards. It almost brought a tear to my eyes to witness. Almost.

Some other practice highlights:

Big men go one-on-one

I love the one-on-one pass rush drills when offensive and defensive lineman match wits, girth and physical attributes. Todays highlights?

Second-year defensive end Olivier Vernon, who is working with the starting unit and doing well in my opinion, schooled new left tackle Jonathan Martin on an inside move. Martin allowed his feet to get tangled. It was ugly.

Not surprisingly, veteran Randy Starks abused rookie Brian Thomas, a free agent out of Texas A&M, and he didn't even look like he was going full speed.

The Dolphins have an interesting situation working at defensive tackle. Jared Odrick has been impressive at the position which he's been playing exclusively so far in camp -- no defensive end work -- and so it could be Soliai and Starks on early downs and then Starks and Odrick on passing downs. Obviously, whichever player doesn't start will get plenty of playing time in rotation.

It's also possible Odrick might still be used at defensive end but, as I said, he hasn't worked at end yet in camp.

Devlin works with 2s

QB Pat Devlin got some second-team snaps today. Matt Moore worked some with the third-stringers. It was interesting perhaps only to me because I recall that Devlin has a reputation for being among coach Joe Philbin's favorite players.

I'm not saying Devlin is challenging Moore for the backup role. Moore's experienced, his ability to enter a game and win it (against the Jets last year) and his salary preclude such a sudden shift to Devlin. But it was interesting to see. Moore, by the way, had a good day of practice and was probably the best QB on the field today.

Yes, it is available

The read option is in the playbook. All I'm saying on that. 

Talking RBs

Although Lamar Miller is the presumed starting running back, I was told today to assume nothing about that. Yes, Miller is getting the first-team snaps. But Daniel Thomas is also getting some of those. And as a club source told me, the team believes Thomas is ready for a big season if he can stay healthy. Yes, big if, I know. Just sharing what I'm told.

Tannehill-Wallace update

My column in today's newspaper examined the need for quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace to get in synch so that Miami's popgun offense of a year ago might show more explosiveness. Check the column to see what the players said about their work on Day One.

Today, I hate to report, we're still looking for the long TD bomb from the QB to the deep threat receiver. Has yet to happen. Tannehill and Wallace did connect on three sideline out routes. There was even a slant pass completed. But the bomb?

Not yet.

Kicking competition

Today was Caleb Sturgis day as the Dolphins apparently are alternating kicking days between he and Dan Carpenter. Today, Sturgis got only three attempts. He made two but missed on a 47-yarder.

[NOTE: The Dolphins do not allow updates to the blog during the major parts of practice thus I update on a real-time basis on twitter. So if you're looking for the latest on what is happening at practice, follow me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero].


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oscar, the ol are busy reserving hotel rooms in jan.

Gibson, Ellerbee and Wheeler looked Great today.


The biggest mistakes occurred in the Wannstedt era. I can't think of a single player that he drafted that worked out for us. He also threw away tons of picks for Ricky Williams and we lost Surtain and Madison for nothing in return. He brought aging veterans in that were well past their prime.
He lacked any vision for building a team.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 23, 2013 at 01:14 AM

Lots of bad info here. It was Saban that got rid of Surtain and Madison and replaced them with bust draft picks Travis Daniels and Jason Allen. The trade Wannstadt made for Ricky Williams was a great trade as he became the best RB in Dolphin history and broke almost all the Dolphin rushing records in short order. Wannstadt drafted Randy McMichael arguably the best TE the Fins ever had. Finally, it was Speilman that made most of the poor drafts during the Wannstadt era.
Posted by: Vazman | July 23, 2013 at 02:02 AM


Woodshed Gang, do some research before you post your onsense on here. Thanks.

tanne henne another pix.
luky 4 the phinz they only play the phinz d during practice.
what is that like 6 sax also.?

what a puke fest from the o at camp davie.

How simple minded are you?

I speak the truth so you start trolling me and impersonating my name.

How many times are you going to repeat the same shtick?

Where's the guys saying Jordan is going on IR? He's off NFI and in practice.

oscar, don't worry,
there's still 47 days left 2 fix the vomitting from the phinz o 'til clev.

The O didn't know what hit them today. It is possible that all those blitz packages were just uncovered today.


the d better score some td's 'cuz tannehenne sure can't.

how long 'til wheeler gives ^ like barnett and dansby 'cuz of the 3 + outs.?

I mean, you can look bad but not That bad.

Omar Keeps A Good Detailed Log Of Practice. Good Breakdown Of What Is Going On.

Chill 2 watt, because we don't know if pix six was Tanne fault or DB just made a good play. But he does need to work on looking off the defender which will
come with experience.
Is Tannehill the only QB in NFL to throw pick 6 in camp?
If so, we may have problems.

Who's Omar?

I'm baaack! Just in time too. So no Leach. I won't second-guess our HC yet, he's eliminating the need for a HB, but that doesn't help the lack of veteran leadership on the offensive side of the ball much. I'm happy to wait and see.

But what Mando reported about Tannehill/Wallace is much more of a problem. They should have worked all offseason to get acquainted with each other. Everyone's rusty, I get it, I'm not slitting my wrists yet or anything, I just thought they'd be much more acclimated to each other by now.

Also, what I've always been worried about with Tannehill is his long ball, not very accurate (last year). He missed Hartline a few times, and some others too I think (Bess, couple of others). If you don't have that touch, you'll never be a great QB, so he needs to develop that soon.

Omar is biased as all hell.

I think Tannehill led the league in 3 n outs last year.

omar hates tannehenne but the ize don't lie.

mike the ss phinz dude like armando here.

Philbin wanted Leach but Ross/Ireland said no.

2 chainz, irecorn and his stubborn axx will shove poor qb play down the phanz throat 'til at least the boycott or a full on walk out from the coaching staff themselves.

They Are All Biased. At Least Omar Likes The Dolphins.

And I Didn't Say His Articles. His Breakdown Of Practice. He Even Tells You What Music They Are Playing At Practice. He Gives A Better Play By Play. Not Just The Negative.

ross is in ny and doezn't care that cheap b.stard.

j phil says 2 himself,
wtf did i do, i went from a rogers 2 this.

Ross is saving his pennies to fix his stadium.

I See Some Are Just Being Ignorant As Always.

Why? Is The Question.

Ross is fixing stadium?


It's training camp lol. Save the jokes and trash talk for after the first pre-season game. Man jumping the gun.

The coaches say let it all hang out in training camp, try for everything. That means not checking down or throwing it away so our QB's will go for everything. Much ado about nothing, it's day 3 lol.

u play like u practice.

Brent Grimes > X's 10 Sean Smith

Sean Smith, major liability

Brent Grimes, ball hawk

The offense is always behind the D at the beginning of camp.
Move along.
Nothing to see here.

2 watt your quips are really garbage today, come on man bring your A game. I'll give it to you it's the third day of camp you're probably rusty. Don't want another 2wattyhenne day out of you. Lol

Ellerbee and Wheeler killing people with the spin move.

Per Jimmy Wilson, if you do not have a hand on Mike Wallace when he catches the ball he will be gone for a TD.

Brandon Gibson, very strong hands and excellent route runner.

Hartline should have a field day with the help he just rcvd.

Ellerbe, Wheeler very athletic, now, can they tackle?

The more we see the more Tannehill looks like Henne.

Ellerbe, Wheeler very athletic, now, can they tackle?

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 23, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Judging from their numbers last year, I would say that is a yes.

I wonder who is calling the coverage in the D backfield. Clemons?

The more we see the more Tannehill looks like Henne.
Posted by: Just Sayin | July 23, 2013 at 11:04

The more you say it doesn't make it more true, just saying.



Well, if that is so, they better be looking for some help at LT.

Can the rookie from Tennessee play left tackle?
We may need to trade for a LT just to be safe or try John Jerry.


Or should I call you "Negative Nancy"? Why do you dislike the team? Everything I've read that you've written seems to revel in finding problems, crisis, etc. with the Dolphins, but only gives a minor note or two on the positives of the team. Is it just a habit with you? I know the team has been bad for a long time (I know because I've been a fan since they were an expansion team), and we've been duped before by optimism in the off-season only to feel frustrated in the end. But, something feels different this year. Open your eyes (and your mind) to the fact that some big changes have been made. Please! All of the other football pundits and writers can see it. Why can't you? This is a team on the rise! But, apparently you refuse to acknowledge that. I know it's going to be real hard for you to have to write good things about the Dolphins; you'll have to use adjectives that you may find distasteful. It's like you're hoping they're bad this year so you can say, "I told you so!". Sounds egotistical to me. And, you may be disappointed!

The most noticeable thing I've noticed in all the Blogs I've been to is that People tend to fight more frequently than not.

..Dashi. I disagree with you that Salguero is biased against the Phins. He is objective.(IMO) I would rather have a reporter tell it as he sees it, then a local yes man. This is big boy football. The Dolphins have done a lot of things that deserve being called out on. Until things change here, and the win column is a higher number then the loss column..For more then 1 year may I add. How much positive can be said? Everything is hyperbole, or just spun hype.

We had a great offseason(on paper) things look from the outside that the club may be turning the corner. but how many times in the last 20 years have fans had this feeling. This isn't the first time.. What it is time for is proof on the field. Until then Salguero has an obligation to be critical.

Kristina never responded.

Salguero isn't biased for OR against the team.

He occasionally makes rash, spot judgments that are ludicrously premature but such is the nature of 'reporting' in the internet era when the temptation to manufacture controversy or give opinions before one is warranted replaces a more thorough and careful analysis.

I mean, you guys do it all the time. Each and every tidbit from every practice or meaningless exhibition game becomes fodder for instant analysis. Analysis that, truth be told, is pretty much worthless.

Salguero's only real problem is that he's a thoroughly mediocre writer. If you read someone like Judy Battista in the NY Times and then Armando, it's like going from Princeton to Hialeah High School. He's just not very illuminating or much of a wordsmith. But biased pro or con? Not really.

When does Adam Beasley begin his 2 month layoff?


Objective, Is When You See Negative And Positive. When You Aren't Bias. Good Or Bad.

Look At His Twitter Feed. Look At His Articles.

Is He Objective With Egnew And Martin?

How About With The Team In General. Mando Already Has His Mind Made Up On How The Team Will Perform. Bad, Real Bad If You Read What He Says.

Is Mando Objective With Mr.Ross? Or With Ireland?

Objective Is Barry Jackson. That Guy Tells It Like It Is. Good, Bad, Ugly.

You guys need to lay off Tanne.

Remember what Evander Holyfield used to say in all of his post fight interviews? He said, "I gave the best fight I could give today".

Tanne gave the best practice that he could give today working with the resources he has to work with.

..tj turner..Great post.

When does Barry Jackson begin his 2 month layoff?

Objective Is Adam Beasley. He Doesn't Have A Horse In The Race And Writes As He Sees It. Yet, He Sounds More Positive On The Fins Than Mando.

If You Are Raised In Miami, You Know Growing Up There Is Two Types Of Fans In Miami. Those Who Love The Fins, And Those Who Hate The Fins. Mando And Omar Grew Up In Miami, Which One Do You Think Is Which.

This Isn't Like Basketball Or Baseball. Where Fans Are Band wagoners. And You Have People That Only Like The Team.

Football Is A Way Of Life In Sfla.


They All Take Vacation, Mando Is The Only One That Gets Laid Off.

On Him Getting The Extended Period Of Time. I've Said It Before, Mando Is A Conformist. If He Is OK With It What Is It To You. It Is Also Mando's Decision. He Can Find Another Job If He Feels Injustice.

Have You Ever Seen The Movie Office Space? Mando Is That Guy That They Take His Stapler, They Don't Pay Him, And Everyone Picks On. Just Cause He Doesn't Want To Leave. Just Hope He Doesn't Burn The Herald Down.

...Dashi. I am only offering my opinion as I see it. Martin is a question mark. That is fair to say. Even more fair for Salguero to bring up. Egnew has been a non factor. It could be said that he will struggle to make the team. Again. These are both fair points. I don't understand why that is negative reporting.

Now I get it that Salguero may have used a harsh tone in his descriptions of both players. And he could very well be wrong. He is just offering his opinion of 2 players that are targets for a lot of conversation.

How would you have liked to see these 2 covered? If at all?

Finally. I do not use Twitter, and I only read Salgueros articles on the Herald. I don't see it the same way you, or some of the local posters do. Maybe I am blind to it, or perhaps I am better qualified because it isn't my home town and I see it from afar. But to me. I have absolutely no problem with how Armando covers the Phins.

Nah, Football is a bandwagon sport as you can see by the empty stadium.

Hey, its hard for anyone to be positive when all the team does is lose......


His Twitter Feed Is On The Left Of This Page. Read What He Says About Egnew. I Don't Follow Mando Either. Or Have A Twitter Account.

I Know Those Players Are On The Bubble. But Post The Good And The Bad. Mando Just Posts One Side Of What Is Going On, The Side That Benefits Him. He Doesn't Post The Whole Story.

To Get Your Dolphin News You Have To Read Multiple Sources To Get The Whole Story.

The Dolpgins are a pitiful franchise. They havent won anything meaningful in 40 years LOL. Its not ALL Tannehill's fault.

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