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Dolphins not signing Leach for camp's start

The Dolphins and the agent for fullback Vonta Leach had a heart-to-heart talk Thursday and the message was clear. The club is not signing the free agent fullback before camp starts Sunday.

General Manager Jeff Ireland told Ralph Vitolo that the club was starting camp on Sunday without Leach and that, although the club likes the player, the only way a signing would occur is if coaches look at the talent currently on the roster and finds it lacking during camp.

That sound you're hearing is Jovorskie Lane and Charles Clay breathing a sigh of relief.

I first reported this news yesterday on my twitter account. That's happening more and more so follow me for the latest Dolphins news and analysis there. The handle is @ArmandoSalguero.

Leach is not completely out of the picture in Miami.

The Dolphins open camp early this year so it might well be that they see something they don't like the first few days of camp and circle back to Leach. Leach, who has a standing $2 million offer from the Ravens, is in no hurry to sign but he is dangling and available. The Texans are a possibility are also a possibility for Leach.

The curious thing about this whole flirtation with Leach is that the team was so hot for him initially and then suddenly and unexpectedly cooled. The Dolphins were the first team to call Leach after his release from Baltimore. The coaches indicated to him they wanted him. The personnel department indicated to Vitolo they wanted him. Coach Joe Philbin told friends around the league he wanted Leach.

But after Ireland and Philbin returned from vacation, suddenly that desire to sign Leach faded. Interestingly, the Dolphins and Leach never discussed money. The sides talked general numbers but there was never an offer from Miami.


I like the idea of Leach over Lane. Yes, Lane is younger. But Leach is better. Leach is more experienced. Leach is a proven leader. Leach has been on a winner and in the playoffs. And he's healthy and never over weight.

On a Dolphins offense that is young at nearly every position, a little veteran experience would be a plus.

That apparently isn't how the Dolphins view things at the moment.


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We were to be the first Nation outside the US(yes Mark) to have had a Major League Baseball team. We might have it yet. How about the Havana Kingfishes.
Posted by: oscar canosa | July 19, 2013 at 09:16 AM

Oscar, the very first pro baseball game was played in Canada

Alright, Mark.

Second ....
Its early here in California :)

They need to pull the trigger on Leach, I think it is a big mistake, to not sign the best blocking FB in the league. More important with a young RB crew

Probably they thought it over during vacation and what's the hurry? It's not in Leach's interests to sign before all Teams are just about to start training Camp.

Maybe they see something in the Evan kid we got from Chicago. I don't know, after this offseason, I don't really see the FO not pulling the trigger if they thought they needed to. Any maybe after speaking to Vonta, they know he's not going anywhere just yet. So let a week of training camp go by, see what you have, then make a decision. Fine for me as long as Vonta doesn't go elsewhere in the meantime (judging Miami's interest fading). I don't personally think Lane is the answer. Maybe Clay, but he's more of a passing hybrid and not a blocking HB.

It is my guess that Jeff Ireland learned something about Leach that cooled him to offer a contract at this point in time. It could have been a financial matter or learning about the other teams in pursuit of Leach. Something... The cooling to an offer is not logic when you consider all the advantages Leach would bring to our offense and young players.

Well, Armando, if you say Leach was ready to sign and not using us for leverage, then not signing him it's probably a Personnel decision by Ireland and Philbin.

Health concerns popping up?

The season is over ! AHHHHHHHH !!!

Fire Ireland

Fire Philbin

Hire Armando and all his super bowl rings !

I love how this story makes it out to be
Philbin spread the word, told the milk man, mail man,
the bag boy at the grocer. Ireland told everyone.

Ring ring, alarm, wake up, this is a agent
driven story. Media gets it's info from agents
and then has to pretend it didn't.

His agent has pushed the Miami angle for months.

If baltimore was offering 2 million, he'd be all over it like white on rice.

We no fools here. Obviously, Mr. Lopez neither.

I am a little concerned about "Super Bowl Hangover" from these Ravens players. Ellerbe lived in Ray Lewis's shadow so maybe he is OK, but what have the other Ravens on the market got to prove?

Rodriguez will probably be our starting FB if Philbin can inspire him to improve his attitude. I think Philbin has a real problem with Lane's weight issues.

So again, Philbin doesnt get what he wanted, Leach. Ross/Ireland suck.

Its no wonder this team loses every friggin year.

Mel, overly-dramatic much? Season's over, before it ever began? After the most activity offseason we've ever seen? Let's wait to see the product on the field for a day before we start slitting our wrists.

What a pathetic franchise. Its all about the money with Ross. Heck, he wont even repair his own stadium so getting top players is out of the question.

I'm just laughing at all the confused commenters who read this simple article and didn't understand it. Ireland is playing hardball like he has been this whole offseason, and so far it has payed off. Why would he change the strategy that has been working for him all year for a guy who isn't in high demand and is in his 30's? We will get Vonta on a 1 year contract for $3mil or less, trust me.

Whose going to pay $ to watch this crap team?

Do Your Job.

Tell Us Something We Don't Know.

I Guess Ireland Is Tired Of You Trashing Him. So You Get No Acorns.

3 million, are you on crack ?

Zonk, I will, December in Pittsburgh. I will be there!!

I Say Clay Will Be The FB.

It All Depends How The Other TEs Develop.

If Keller, Egnew, And D.Sims Can Take Care Of Our TE Situation. Clay Will Be The FB.

DC, it's called sarcasm, look it up.

I like Leach and I'd sign him. Having said all that I'm not sure he makes or breaks our season. The fullback position isn't as important in the NFL as it once was (and I don't want to hear this crap about how important the FBI is to a WC offence). If it was, Leach would be a Dolphin right now. I have little confidence in the other guys right now but maybe Ireland and company know a lot more about this stuff than me.

This is beginning to look like the old Ireland,,,,for a few more bucks the Dolphins could have the best FB extent. Ireland is going to F*** around and lose him.

Philbin has to be regretting taking this job LOL

I think Ireland is playing hardball and Leach might be using the Dolphins as leverage. I mean just because the source (his agent) is telling Mando its not a leverage play doesn't mean its true.

Ireland told him to come on board at his price or go elsewhere. I think Evan Rodriguez at FB is an interesting case if he can keep his nose clean.

Ross is a cheap SOB and will never get another dime of my money. He knows nothing about running a football team.

Ireland has NOT offered a contract !

Why can't people get that through their heads ?

Miami NO WANT HIM !!!

Position Flexibility.

Can Leach Play More Than One Position?

Philbin Likes Position Flexibility.

Another Reason I Pick Clay For The Job.

NFL Network was the media source that broke the story that Miami H.C. Philbin wanted the Leach deal done and had he been open to a one Yr. deal like D.Keller I believe it would have been inked right then and there. It's a matter of the 3 Yr. deal he wants with guaranteed money that has our interest fading. Some are speculating just how much interest we really had and who leaked the story ect....

When the source is NFL Net. you can pretty much take it to the bank that the League mouth piece / sounding board has the story right! We made an offer and judging by our CAP space we probably made him a more than fair offer with room for our Rookie contracts. This comes down to the level of commitment Leach is looking for in terms of length of the deal and were probably going to take a wait and see approach with the offers he gets between now and the offset of Pre-Season Football.

So now were going into camp with the fat pudgy Lane as FB who was good in preseason but once he played against real competetion sucked. And Rodriguez who I never heard of. Stop being cheap and sign Leach to open up holes for Miller and help Martin out by chip blocking he's like Jugaarnut from Xmen

I try to be objective, but I simply don't understand why we're not signing Vonta Leach. He's got a balanced skillset in both pass protection and run blocking and will provide an immediate upgrade in exectution to both. He's also a playmaker who actually hits a defense back with an attitude and moxy that could be infectious. He's a consumate professional. He's made of steel and rarely gets hurt. We are currently weak (no question that Javorskie is a question), we have the money to make the signing with ease and his contract would be at most, 3 years. Don't overthink this guys. Let's make the move!

Mark where are you sitting in Pittsburgh? If not on the lower level opposite the three rivers wear full rain gear buddy and expect snow.

AR-15 there could be many reasons why this hasn't been completed. I doubt being cheap is one of them, I think it's assessing the market for Leach. I mean the Ravens have offered a contract too are they "cheap" or losing out on this player? It's a business so they'll haggle on duration and price. Leach most likely doesn't want to move again next year and he wants to prevent a team from benefitting by cutting him next year if they say draft a player to play fullback.

guess he wont be "practically running the place now".

I think the big picture is that Leach is too expensive for a team whose offense will be a 1 RB backfield 75% of the time. With all the receiving weapons Miami now has, any FB that is on roster will be sitting on the bench for a majority of the offensive plays anyhow.

In the last decade there have only been 2 pure above average ELITE if you will FB's I've seen in Pro Football. One was Lorenzo Neal (best statistical Yrs. for both Eddie George and LT came with this behemoth blowing up the hole for them in Tenn & S.D. respectively) and the other is Vonta Leach (Lou Polite was good but not on the level of these 2) Yes the game has evolved past the Pos. hence the pass blocking RB once an anomaly but with all due respect to others that say the FB Pos. can't be an important cog to the type of W.C. system were trying to run just isn't paying attention to the historical facts.

During the 97-98 Packers S.B. run Mike Sherman was an Offensive Coach on that team and how important was FB William Henderson to those Packers teams lead blocking on those back door screens they loved throwing to Dorsey Levens (a play they ran often that you saw coming and took time to develope but was there bread-n-butter because it always seemed to go for a 1st down) Henderson was also the short yardage back and 3rd or 4th read on passing plays. Not coincidentally Pack H.C. in the ERA Holgrem learned the W.C. under Bill Walsh in S.F. were FB T.Rathman was a vitol cog in the 49ers S.B. runs of the late 80's and lost on everybody was the importance of FB Mack Strong to Holgrem's O in Seattle.

In the latest incarnation of the W.C. in G.B. they feature FB George Koonce plenty on short yardage and as the security valve in the pass game in an O that Philbin helped put together and game plan for Sunday. Leach is a better blocker and athlete than Koonce from my prospective. Also alot on here like to rip Sherman and say he's a lousy Coach ect.... The man took over for Holgrem in G.B. in a rebuild outside of Favre and if not for the 4th and 26 play in the 03 playoffs were McNabb hit Freddie Mitchell he takes the Pack to the S.B. that Yr. the Season the Panthers went Vs. N.E. and coincidentally in the Sherman ERA Favre enjoyed his best statistical Seasons. Say what you all will but we employ one of the very few O's in the game today that actually does use the FB extensively.

Philbin wanted Leach signed a month ago lol

Apologies Mel, sarcasm can be difficult to spot in this medium. Plus if you look at many posts, you'll see how that thought-process permeates this blog. Glad you're one of the sane posters.

Don't forget final cuts. There might be a maybe not cheaper but younger FB there. I also believe that if Ireland is going to sign Leach it will be a 1 year deal.

I've said it before but this is a perfect example. Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Irescum as his GM.

We can clearly see now that the emphasis on this Team is on Youth. Makes sense in these Times.

maybe Ireland and company know a lot more about this stuff than me.

Posted by: Craig M | July 19, 2013 at 11:05 AM

How the heck did you acquire your encyclopedic Football database, f4l? I mean, if it can be told.

Camp starts tomorrow.

The Leach Story Has Been The Same For The Past Month.

F4L From Yesterday,

What Do You Want To See Going Into Training Camp And Preseason.

Like You Said I Want To See The Secondary. How Good Are The Rookies. Is The Real B.Grimes Back.

How Are The New LBs Setting In.

How Will D.Jordan Fit In. Will They Move Him Around. How Does O.Vernon Fit In. How Does Odrick Look.

Does Martin Look Good At LT. Does Clabo Look Good At RT.

The Battle At RG.

D.Thomas Backing Up Incognito.

The FB Battle.

L.Miller At RB.

And Last But Not Least.

How Much Better Does T-Hill Look. The Command Of The Offense.

Not even Vince Lombardi could be successful with Irescum at GM.

Even in an age where fb's no longer spearhead their offenses, championship offense seem to have a pro bowl quality one.

The Niners dynasty had Rathman. The Cowboys with Darryl Johnston, just naming a few. Heck, you can even qualify Vonta Leach himself, seeing that the Raven are this year's champs.

No, they are no longer Thor's Hammer as far as carrying the ball in a modern offense. Still, you cant underestimate the importance these modern road graders play in paving the way for a successful championship quality offense.

Stop kidding yourself about this Mr. Ireland!

Listen, if it can't be talked about, it can't be talked about. We understand. But keep on giving us Football knowledge. Please.

No wonder Mike Dee left this rinky dink franchise....

Can we influence any Ireland decision by writing here? Hmm... Perhaps once in a Blue Moon.

Dashi, have you seen picks of Odrick lately? The man is chisled!!

We are still talking about players not on our roster?

Thank god real football will be back with us tomorrow.

You Are Repeating The Same Pattern Again.

Taking Peoples Name.

What Is Next Cut And Paste.

Then Denial.

Then The Constant Name Changing.

It Is Like You Wake Up Everyday And Forget The Ignorant Stuff You Did Yesterday.

The great asset of our front 7 is that multiple players can play multiple positions. So, there's a lot of confusing looks in store for opposing teams qb's.

Wake can play both sides at DE, and olb. Odrick DE/DT. Both Ellerbe and Wheeler can swap positions. Misi plays multiple positions. Even, Soliai can play DT/NT.

Dion Jordan is a multi talented, multi positional piece. I see much indecision and confusion this season, going on in our opposing qb's heads. Hell, even the lb Jenkins from UF, played some safety in some defensive looks for the Gators defense.

Im sure Kvion Coyle's absolutely beside himself, in anticipation for this 2013 season to begin. Just like a John in a brothel with a fist full of $100 bills!

fin4life Marcell Reece is pretty awesome, one of the best this decade.

Add Vernon to that list but I get your point!

Though we now have a much improved and revamped offense heading into the 2013 season. I undoubtedly believe that it will be this new-look Dolphins defense that will be our true super shining star this year.

Im sure Kvion Coyle's absolutely beside himself, in anticipation for this 2013 season to begin. Just like a John in a brothel with a fist full of $100 bills!

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 19, 2013 at 12:46 PM

I've been looking at the possabilities up front with our D as well. You forgot Vernon who could go outside as well really ever since we made the Jordan pick been wondering how many looks Coyle will give opposing QB's in 2013. Doubt we see it before Reg. Season given we'll need to dial up the rush in 1st five games masking DB's a little while they get their footing but it should be fun!

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