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Dolphins not signing Leach for camp's start

The Dolphins and the agent for fullback Vonta Leach had a heart-to-heart talk Thursday and the message was clear. The club is not signing the free agent fullback before camp starts Sunday.

General Manager Jeff Ireland told Ralph Vitolo that the club was starting camp on Sunday without Leach and that, although the club likes the player, the only way a signing would occur is if coaches look at the talent currently on the roster and finds it lacking during camp.

That sound you're hearing is Jovorskie Lane and Charles Clay breathing a sigh of relief.

I first reported this news yesterday on my twitter account. That's happening more and more so follow me for the latest Dolphins news and analysis there. The handle is @ArmandoSalguero.

Leach is not completely out of the picture in Miami.

The Dolphins open camp early this year so it might well be that they see something they don't like the first few days of camp and circle back to Leach. Leach, who has a standing $2 million offer from the Ravens, is in no hurry to sign but he is dangling and available. The Texans are a possibility are also a possibility for Leach.

The curious thing about this whole flirtation with Leach is that the team was so hot for him initially and then suddenly and unexpectedly cooled. The Dolphins were the first team to call Leach after his release from Baltimore. The coaches indicated to him they wanted him. The personnel department indicated to Vitolo they wanted him. Coach Joe Philbin told friends around the league he wanted Leach.

But after Ireland and Philbin returned from vacation, suddenly that desire to sign Leach faded. Interestingly, the Dolphins and Leach never discussed money. The sides talked general numbers but there was never an offer from Miami.


I like the idea of Leach over Lane. Yes, Lane is younger. But Leach is better. Leach is more experienced. Leach is a proven leader. Leach has been on a winner and in the playoffs. And he's healthy and never over weight.

On a Dolphins offense that is young at nearly every position, a little veteran experience would be a plus.

That apparently isn't how the Dolphins view things at the moment.


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darkoak, thanks for the tip. I will be dressed for the worst!

I think given the fact that we have $$$ this year, that our FB play is suspect, and that Vonta Leach is a playmaker that won't cost the bank gives me confidence that reaching a little is worth it for our offense.

I keep picturing Wallace doing a double-move, he's open 5 yards down the field, Tannehill drops back, cocks his arm back to launch-> only to be hit by a blitzing safety from behind b/c Javorskie missed his assignment.

Or it's 4th and 1. We plan to send Thomas right up the middle, but Javorskie's feet slide out from under him or he makes a poor read, leaving a defender up on the line a good enough shot to halt Thomas's forward motion.

These are the kinds of key plays (go back and rewatch last year's game film)where time and time again our offense and defense missed on key plays b/c of a misstep or small mistake. Vonta is the kind of player that will eliminate those mistakes at his position. He's arguably the best at his position in the league and we have a chance to get him. Let's go after it.

I think we should put Vernon at DE and line up Jordan at OLB behind him. Have plays were Vernon drops back in coverage ( from a three point stance) and bring Jordan in on the blitz. We can really confuse the Oline with our blitzes and zone responsibilities with all the athleticism on our D.

Nobody gives a SHYT about your take Armando...just report the facts and STFU.

The End.

Add Vernon to that list but I get your point!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | July 19, 2013 at 12:52 PM

I didn't place Vernon on that list because Im not so sure about his coverage and edge setting abilities yet. This is due to the fact, his play time in the defense was so limited, and Coyle brought along slowly because he was a rook.

But, combined with his st's play, it screams the kid really is a football player. Parcells said if they don't bite as pups, they wont bite. Vernon definitely left some bite marks on our 2012 football season. Whether st's or his "limited rookie role" on defense.

you are right Armando, we should get Leach for all the reasons you mention, send the memo to Jeff, he has been all in so far why stop now, and Lane stinks can't move the pile despite his size and that is the truth


Leach is 32 years old veteran and doesn't want or need a full training camp. Dolphin's brass knows this full well... They want him, but also don't want to rush him into camp. Hence, there no serious rush. Meanwhile, they will use the early training camp to see what they have in Lane, Evan, and Clay, and then sign Leach when ready... maybe a couple/few weeks into camp.

As much as I like the move to get Jordan and his ability / potential I can't help but wonder about the "what if's" had Jadeveon Clowney not been a Soph. and been able to declare for draft. I've seen Jordan some in Ducks Bowl games and get the hype but this Clowney kid is vicious and I believe will be a monster in the NFL probably best to come along in a while. every time I see this kid his ELITE ABILITY just jumps off the screen. Frankly the best I've seen in a looooong time! At 6'6"/ 275 Pds running a 4.5/40 this kid looks like a day one NFL STAR! Had to drop it because since the DJ pick been thinking about this.


On passing downs I envision Dion Jordan blitzing off of Cam Wake's side in some situations. Just imagine the offense trying to ward off both Wake and Jordan coming on the same side.

Then sprinkle in Ellerbee blitzing the middle on the same play. The offense already will have Odrick coming up the middle in pass situations too.

I envision opposing qb's no longer having girth of time to write their autobiography and find open receivers from the pass pocket this season.


Only "what if" surrounding had Jordan declared, is he beyond the shadow of a doubt would have been the 1st player taken in the 2013 draft.

He would be a KC Chief right now, and talks of a Branden Albert to Miami trade would never have existed. The Chiefs never would have greatly considered making Luke Joekel(LT) their first overall 2013 draft pick.

By The End Of Last Season O.Vernon Was The Nickel LB.

He Covered Better Than Misi, And The Other 2 Scrubs We Had.

OV And L.Miller Were On the Same Boat. If They Stayed One More Year At The U. They Would've Been First Round picks.

Last Year Ireland Drafted 4 Guys With A First Round Grade.

This Year Ireland drafted 3 guys with a first round grade.

Had Clowney been in this 2013 draft, Joekel or Eric Fisher would be our new starting LT. We probably still trade up to the #3 spot to grab whichever of these two LT's that were available.


I remember watching Clowney at The Under armor HS All star Game And Even Then He Looked Like He Was Ready For The NFL.

What you are saying is true. But it all depends on the draft that year.

The QB This Year Are Not The Same as last year.

Ireland went after the best defense prospect.

Dashi | July 19, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Very true!

History is important. There is nothing new under the Sun. If you know the Past you can predict Future occurrences, be it in Football or a returning fashion. For instance, in Football, I can predict the return of the dependence in the running Game and the traditional FB role in it(this is under way now).

Dashi, you have become tedious.

I think you should become a cat herder in Yemen.

Had it not been for his proneness for injury in college, it's possible that a super athletic lb like Jelani Jenkins could have easily had a 1st rd grade coming out of college this year. The guy was pretty spectacular in play whenever he was fully healthy.

I believe in Jenkins, we got a darn good football player, if he overcomes his injury prowess concerns.

Hi Dashi!

Guys agreed on Clowney probably going #1 overall if in the last draft. Just happens to be the player I followed most last Season in College because of the "SUPER ELITE" I see in him like I said I was playing the what if's.

Posted by: Dashi | July 19, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Good points Dashi. I also heard that Vernon stayed with Keller stride for stride in coverage drills during OTA's. I think we truly have the right pieces to run a hybrid defense unlike anybody else's defense. We have 4-3 OLB's that can set the edge and rush the QB (along with the necessary coverage skills. At the same time, we DE's that can rush and drop back into coverage. QB's will constantly be worried about who is coming for them and who is dropping back into coverage.
How often has Brady beat up this team with dink passes to a wide open Welker or Gronk and Hernandez throwing a DB off of them to gain an extra 10-20 yds? Those concerns are a thing of the past when you can put big bodies on them in coverage and still get a pass rush.
The fact that Welker and Hernandez are gone helps too of course!

I believe both Kaddu and Jelani Jenkins are a couple of under the radar players who will push Misi in his contract Yr. and more than likely one will replace him in 2014 at OLB.

Our draft strategy seems to be to take talented guys that fell on draft boards due to injury.

Miller, Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Jelani Jenkins all seem to fit in that category.

Clowney is the Lebron james of college football, the most phsyically dominating player as a sophmore talk about a genetic freak, this guy was lifing weights at 12 years old

The Woodshed Gang | July 19, 2013 at 01:27 PM

The multiple looks we give on D this Yr. will be very fun to watch indeed!

Well, all this talk here willsoon make you worthy or most probably bite you in the asss. You don't know History.

Funny thing about Clowney is the guy just turned 20 and is already the best NCAA player in the Country.

The mantel of 2013's defensive draft seemed to be based on speed, coverage, and pass rush ability. As were our defensive fa offseason haul.

I believe that we now have a defense, not only capable of giving Brady fits, it will give any nfl qb fits. Upper echelon or not.


You mentioned Kaddu as a guy to watch and I recall Philbin being high on him too. With us drafting Jordan and getting Michael Clay as an undrafted guy, I think their is something we are trying to replicate from the Duck's defensive play. They play lots of guys out of position in order to create pressure and turnovers with athletic mismatches.

It complimented their uptempo offense well, as the defense got off the field quicker with the turnovers. I know we ditched that style of offense early last year but I expect we will go back to it with all the offensive upgrades.

Wh's the third guy with a first round grade we drafted? I count only two in Taylor and Jordan...

f4l knows Football History so he'll probably be the "rightiest" among Us here.



What people overlook about Coyle's assessment of Wake is that he said Wake can also Cover.Expect Wake, DJ, And OV to be rotating. The Fins will be able to go from 4-3 to 3-4 on the same play presnap.

Wheeler can also play MLB. So expect him and Ellerbe to switch presnap. The QB won't know who the Mike is on most plays. And our Nickel Package will look even better. Heck, even Misi is learning to play MLB.

Not only was our Offense playing with a Limited set of plays because of personnel last season. But our defense was also limited.

On the secondary. People forget that was Coyle's Calling. He coached a lot of DB's up in Cincy. And he knows what real good NFL CBs look like. He did coach L.Hall and J.Joseph, From Rookies to All-Pros.

In 2013, this Dolphins defense will be able to have a tremendous amount of speed on the field in almost any and every situation.

Remember how exciting it was to see the offense on the field during the Marino era? I anticipate the same sort of excitement watching this year's defense. It will be a defense of "mini Marinos".

You no like my Clowney?


Dallas Thomas also had a First round grade. he was rated as the 3rd best interior linemen. He was graded in the 80s.

He was rated Way higher than the center the cowboys took.

If Odrick looks like you said, Our D-Line will not only be the Strength of our team again, but we might have the best D-Line in the NFL.

To me Odrick is what P.Merling was suppose to be.

Dashi, tell us again how don Shula wasnt a great HC.

When I look at our defensive roster, I see a potential to become a defense of "historical proportions". There's great speed, coverage, pass rush, and run stop ability.

We have the pieces to become one of the most "complete" defenses in nfl history.

Well, at least you can learn a lot from me, if you want.


Agreed. The FB position will still exist.

And You want to know why?

The Spread Option.

Certain Formations you need a Lead back for the QB or the RB.

Now what I believe is that the FB position will Become a Part of the TE Position. Most Teams Already use their #2 TE as a FB.

They will be more H-back than FB.

That Way you can go from A 2 TE set to the I-formation, To The Spread-Option Without having to Sub players in. It allows teams to go no-huddle which is another trend in todays NFL.

Position Flexibility.

Posted by LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | July 19, 2013 at 01:49 PM

Pass whatever you're smokin, son. LMAO

Funny thing about Clowney is the guy just turned 20 and is already the best NCAA player in the Country.

Posted by: fin4life | July 19, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Nah, that distinction belongs to Johnny Manziel.

Yes, "The D" in "Fence" appears to be back in, Alright................Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Shula is the Greatest Coach of All Time.

Dan Marino the Greatest QB Ever.

Ricky Williams The 2nd Best RB Ever.

And Ricky Falls To #2, Because Nobody is BETTER than Barry.

Barry and Dan Marino. I still Hurt over what could've been.

Marino is the biggest choke artist of all time.

Screw Clowney. Only way we'll even sniff his jock strap, is to have a scout in his locker room after his games.

Discussions of Clowney in this blog are totally moot, unless based on the 100% certainty that he wont be a Miami Dolphin during the 2014 draft. Please move on!!!!

Manziel will be in for a Rude Awakening this Year.

People underestimate how Good his O-Line was last season.

And He already has reached his full potential.

Clowney still hasn't even tapped into his.

Manziel will be lucky to be a 3rd round pick when he comes out. He is no Russell Wilson.

Montana 4 SBs and Marino 0. Marino had the superior arm, but check his playoffs stats they were consistentley lower than his regular season numbers

I'd love to see u draft Manziel the real deal!!

Dashi, love your knowledge man but Dallas Thomas? no way was he ever a solid first round grade.

Marino stunk on the big stage. He consistently dissapeared when his team needed him the most.

And that 1st pick of the Cowboys was a joke and shouldn't be the bar to be compared too. Everyone on this planet had that boy Frederick as a mid round prospect except for Jerry Jones. Dam jerry, at least peruse through CBS sportsline or ESPN to see that you don't look like a complete arse.

Tanny would be sitting on the bench if he were still at Texas A&M.

Jim Brown is the best rb ever. Everyone else is 2nd. Jim Brown played nearly half his 9yr career in the 12gm era, and the other half in the 14 game era. Other rb's such as Payton Smith, and Sanders played all of their career games during the 16gm era.

Had Jim Brown played all of his career games in the 16 gm era, and as long as all of these great rb's. The career rushing record would be as untouchable as Joe DiMaggio's 56gm hit streak.

Montana 4 SBs and Marino 0. Marino had the superior arm, but check his playoffs stats they were consistentley lower than his regular season numbers

Posted by: Truth | July 19, 2013 at 02:01 PM

His teams also were consistently void of talent compared to the 49ers too. Montana didn't carry his team like Marino did.
Look at those championship Patriots teams where Brady was so clutch in the playoffs. Brady didn't carry the team in the regular season, he had tons of help on both sides of the ball. Now that he carries the franchise, he hasn't been able to replicate that level in the playoffs because teams know he is the only catalyst.

Jim Brown was a man among boys but my personal favorite is Walter Peyton.

IMO, had he not a proneness for injury, Jelani Jenkins could have been that "3RD" player in our draft with a 1st rd grade.

Dallas Thomas? You are kidding right? ROTFLMAO!

Can't talk GOAT RB's without mentioning Walter Payton and OJ Simpson as well. Another guy I like watching highlights of is Gayle Sayers. His career was cut short by injury I believe.

Are we still arguing pros and cons of Marino? ) championship rings is self explanatory and impossible to overcome.

I'll never get baited into a Marino argument with a troll. 0 championships is an argument that's impossible to overcome. Even Jim Kelly appeared in 4 sb's even though he lost them all.

Marino's accomplishments are but foot note in history now. Carrying no real merit, except those recorded as "personal accomplishments". There's no "I" in TEAM.

Marino could never win the big games. Just not a money QB. If I were picking a QB to play a SB Marino wouldnt be in my top 30.

When talking longevity of greatness, Simpson's clearly eliminated as best ever. Simpson's greatness only exhibited over a span of 3yrs. Other than that he was "mere mortal" as a rb.

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