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Dolphins not signing Leach for camp's start

The Dolphins and the agent for fullback Vonta Leach had a heart-to-heart talk Thursday and the message was clear. The club is not signing the free agent fullback before camp starts Sunday.

General Manager Jeff Ireland told Ralph Vitolo that the club was starting camp on Sunday without Leach and that, although the club likes the player, the only way a signing would occur is if coaches look at the talent currently on the roster and finds it lacking during camp.

That sound you're hearing is Jovorskie Lane and Charles Clay breathing a sigh of relief.

I first reported this news yesterday on my twitter account. That's happening more and more so follow me for the latest Dolphins news and analysis there. The handle is @ArmandoSalguero.

Leach is not completely out of the picture in Miami.

The Dolphins open camp early this year so it might well be that they see something they don't like the first few days of camp and circle back to Leach. Leach, who has a standing $2 million offer from the Ravens, is in no hurry to sign but he is dangling and available. The Texans are a possibility are also a possibility for Leach.

The curious thing about this whole flirtation with Leach is that the team was so hot for him initially and then suddenly and unexpectedly cooled. The Dolphins were the first team to call Leach after his release from Baltimore. The coaches indicated to him they wanted him. The personnel department indicated to Vitolo they wanted him. Coach Joe Philbin told friends around the league he wanted Leach.

But after Ireland and Philbin returned from vacation, suddenly that desire to sign Leach faded. Interestingly, the Dolphins and Leach never discussed money. The sides talked general numbers but there was never an offer from Miami.


I like the idea of Leach over Lane. Yes, Lane is younger. But Leach is better. Leach is more experienced. Leach is a proven leader. Leach has been on a winner and in the playoffs. And he's healthy and never over weight.

On a Dolphins offense that is young at nearly every position, a little veteran experience would be a plus.

That apparently isn't how the Dolphins view things at the moment.


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Greise was a better QN then Marino.


You have to admire Greatness. Else you won't know what Average Is.


That is what happens with heat fans. They don't hold the coach to the same standard as the players.

They don't know the difference between Good and Great.

The heat HC is a Good Coach. Not a great one. And the only reason you can even say he is a Good HC is because he has 2 titles. Else he would be an AVERAGE HC.

How can you have a STANDARD. If you don't know what the STANDARD looks like.

Some mat argue Griese had the better overall team. However, Marino had by far the greatest overall "natural ability".

Whether Marino win sb's with Griese's sb teams is still debatable. Marino seemed to save his worse for the playoffs.



D.Thomas had a Higher grade than


All 3 were First Rounders.

So if Marino carried the team in the regular to great records, why couldnt he elevate his numbers more in the post season?? I hate when ppl use the argument Montana had better talent. SO Duper, Clayton wasnt good, what about the D, the only thing he missed was a RB and with Marino wouldnt let a RB touch the rock anyways. Face it our beloved QB stunk it up in the post season, point, blank period!

No Dashi,

I save tat for you. Unless Clowney is putting one of our afc east rival starting qb's out for the season, I could care less.

Just the same as he could knock rival qb's out for the season, he could do the same to ours. Sorry, but, I take no solace in that. If a player's not a Dolphin, I view all of those players as potential nemesis we'll at sometime play.

When a QB (who is the most influential player on the team and a team leader) cant accomplish the goal of the game(win a SB) in 18 years I can not consider him great, period.

I view Reggie White as one of the best defenders ever. Still, he wasn't really one of my favorites until he retired and could not be our nemesis or potential nemesis. My only true "active" nfl players, wear the aqua and orange with "dolphin logo".

These are the players I root for most. These are the ones who can make me truly happy, or truly sad.

are they put in more seats at the traning camp games? becase I seen they have sold all there seats so if I want to go were do I sit at them. and then very soon there is the halls of fame game that is evry important I want to see the player for MIAMI DOLPINS like the qaterback Tannenhill and also Steve Wallace!

Barry has a Better per game average and Yard Per Carry Average than Jim Brown.

Again, Nobody is the Overlord of All Rankings.

For Me, Dan Marino is the Best to Ever Play. I could Care Less What You think. This isn't a Consensus Thing. Everyone has their Own Ranking.

Anybody Who Says MARINO SUCKS!! Isn't a Dolphin fan in my Book.

On Griese. The Team Went Perfect Without Him Most The Season. And They Had 2 Great RBs.

How Many SBs Do You Think Dan Would've Won If He Had M.Morris And Csonka. Or A Defense That Had The Record For Fewest Points Scored In A Season.

Marino Did Things With The Football, That Today I Still Haven't Seen.

And Marino Isn't Clutch?

Who Holds The Record For Most Game Winning Drives In NFL History? Well Til Peyton Passed Him Last Season.

Marino Lead Twice As Many GW Drives As Montana.

Posted by: Asogue | July 19, 2013 at 09:56 AM
"It is my guess that Jeff Ireland learned something about Leach that cooled him to offer a contract at this point in time. It could have been a financial matter or learning about the other teams in pursuit of Leach....
OR, it could have to do with Leach's mama.
Bad taste, I know.
Actually, for the first time watching last year's Dolphin's "Hard Knocks" I have a bit more respect for Ireland, and believe he has grown into the job somewhat.
If Leach was a top 10 RB or corner, I doubt he'd be biding his time.
So far, who else has come calling for Leach? Exactly. These contracts are examples of the Fins business paradigm, and other than the Wallace contract, he has established a framework for our salary structure. If Philbin wants him that bad, I'm sure we'll get him at the right price, if not, it was the wrong price.
I can't believe I'm saying this. LOL

WHat good is being clutch in the regular season if it doesnt translate into the post season?? Just read about the post season numbers, there astrocious.

Sorry, I meant "I doubt Ireland would be biding his time." He would act quickly.

Posted by: No Ring Dan | July 19, 2013 at 02:38 PM

He can no longer hold the title of "greatest regular season" qb ever. Even those records have been smashed!

So how can you really consider him even close to great. Besides 3-4 off the chart seasons in 18yrs, Marino was pretty close to mortal. Check the career numbers.

The career numbers don't lie. Marino's fame is really only based on 3-4 "super seasons over an 18yr career. The rest of his career's work is pretty none special.

I Agree, When The Guy Is In The NFL He Is The ENEMY. But While They Are In College. I Just Enjoy The Game. Unless They Are Playing UM.

But Even though I Hate the Guy. I have to admit Bruce Smith is One Of the Best to have Ever Do It.

Talent Is Talent. Hating A Player And Saying He Sucks Are 2 Different Things.

K.Durant Is The 2nd Best Player In The NBA. But Because He Doesn't Play For The Heat, I Won't Say He Sucks. I Just Won't Cheer For Him.


Your perceptions of events have always been twisted. However, that's what makes you the Dashi that you are, and no one will win an argument. You're more stubborn than a mule that doesn't move, even with flesh blistering fire at his feet.


How in hell do you come away with "suck" when I used the term "nemesis" in my post? Has your comprehension sunken to new lows?

No one cares about the Dolphins anymore.

I propose that there should be a "comprehensional skills test" login, before be allowed to access the internet. Its the only way to "dummy-proof" all cyber blogs.

We've all heard "The biggest stars shine when on the biggest stage". Thats the OPPOSITE of Marino!!!

YG, I remember you laughing at the mention of Mingo at 12 once. Well, he actually went higher. LMAO!!

The Heat Have Won 2 Titles In 3 Years. And Football Still Rules In Miami. They Had A Poll On That.


You are the one who isn't Comprehending.

"Talent Is Talent. Hating A Player And Saying He Sucks Are 2 Different Things."

That Comment Was A General Comment. It Wasn't Even Referring To You and Reggie White. Notice Different Paragraph And All.

I was making a General Statement. Just Cause "People" Don't Like A Certain Player, Doesn't Mean "People" have to say they Suck.

Is that Direct Enough For You?

Again, That comment was more to the People Saying Marino Sucked.

I Agree With you that Unless They are on the Fins they lose Points In My Ranking.

To me the 2nd Best Qb after Marino Is Peyton Manning. And The Only Reason He Isn't First Is Because He Isn't A Dolphin. If We Would've Signed him Last Season. He Would've Been The Greatest In My Book.

Basketabll is considered to urban for these white guys out here but in all actually is a much better sport. An average man can play recreationl but you cant play recreational football can you?? Seriously who wants to ram there helmet into someone else helmet or no helmet??


Im sure that the Daniel Boone's very impressed "MINGO" was drafted higher the #12. On my behalf, I don't think that he was a very good fit for our D.

IMO, Mingo is comparable to a slightly smaller version of Vernon. I also believe that Dion Jordan has a much greater upside for nfl greatness.

Mingo, also, admittedly expressed that he had some potential for "taking plays off" against lesser opponents on our schedule. I don't fully trust players hat would publically make those sort of comments.

Posted by: Dashi | July 19, 2013 at 03:00 PM

Great, but when specifically addressing a post to someone, make it clear when you've "changed horse midstream". We are not mind readers here.

Miami has been a basketball town for 6-8 years.

None of what you said has anything to do with him being a top 10 pick as I said he was definitely a solid first round pick. Didn't compare him to Jordan either so I don't see what that has to do with anything.

Not surprised you didn't say you were wrong and manned up. Especially after you were such a douchebag in chopping down my analysis to start with. Not surprised at all.

reality @ 3:12 ... now that's a long standing sports tradition. And it will end next year after LBJ bolts.

Recreational Football is flag football. Or 2 hand touch.

You need more people to play Football than Basketball. But you can still find a Good 7 on 7 if you look for it.

Folks forget that Marino had terrible, terrible teams surrounding him. Horrible defenses and no running games. And he made the Marks Brothers better, not the other way around. No Jerry Rices there. He lifted the Dolphins up almost sigle handedly. Put Montana on those teams and no one would even be mentioning his name. How many SB's did Montana win with KC?? And then Jimmy Johnson gave him no receivers at all, crappy running backs, and a terrible OL. Then let him play in the playoffs with a pinched nerve in his neck. Elway sucked completely until they got a great running game and OL, and a solid defense.

Mark In Toronto,

Also bozo, Ireland proved out my predraft statement of why draft a 1strd DE, after boasting a year previous Vernon was a 1st rd pick a year early. He drafted Jordan as DE/OLB who can wreep havoc in a number of ways, from a number of positions, and excel in coverage.

He wasn't drafting another "pure pass rush" DE, like Vernon. Jordan's great versatility and athleticism to play various positions will help take this defense to "new heights".

I am sickened by the rampant lesbianism on this blog.


That Post Was A General Post. Yes, I addressed some of what you said before. But that post was for the whole Blog.

When I Direct A Post Directly At Someone. I Usually Post Their Name On The Top.

At Least You are Using "Reading Comprehension" Today. Not Illiterate. That Makes More Sense.

Again. If you Talk To Dashi Like A Regular Person. I Will Respond Like A Regular Person. But If You Want To Act Ignorant, Dashi Can Get Ignant.

YG, what does your retort have anything to do with my original post - that Mingo was worthy of a top 12 pick.

I will give you 4-6 weeks to process that ...

In the meantime, continue with 6 year old insults and general douchebaggery

Cam Wake has about 3-4 more great season left at best. By then Vernon should be well placed as a pass rush force on one side.

Once it's clear Wake's done, Jordan becomes fulltime pass rush DE. Only hitch in that plan would be Wake sustains career ending injury, or Vernon doesn't live up to expectations.

In the meantime, continue with 6 year old insults and general douchebaggery

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 19, 2013 at 03:27 PM

Always ready to oblige. You'll always be ranked highest in my poll of "mountain of sh-t".

Thanks for your unyielding patience.

Im concerned that Ireland took Jordan at number 3, I feel like we drafted him on his potential vs what his stats actually produce on the field. A career 14 sacks shouldnt be draft a guy @3 as a sure fire cant miss prospect vs he looks like he trannslate good into the NFL?

But If You Want To Act Ignorant, Dashi Can Get Ignant.

Posted by: Dashi | July 19, 2013 at 03:25 PM

Ignant? Tried to look this word up, but, I cant seem to locate it in the normal world of literacy.

Can you expound on this seemingly imaginary word called IGNANT?

He was clearly using "ignant" in the vernacular of an uneducated person such as a redneck who might pronounce it as such.

Frankly, both you AND Dashi share this affliction.

Hey FED UP, maybe if you would come out from under your rock you might notice that Ross has spent 200mll. on free agents this off-season. And you call him cheap.WTF? If yo are so "fed up" why are you commenting here. Go to the Jets blog and have a nice life,moron!

Dashi isnt the sharpest tool in the shed! LMAO!

Im concerned that Ireland took Jordan at number 3, I feel like we drafted him on his potential vs what his stats actually produce on the field. A career 14 sacks shouldnt be draft a guy @3 as a sure fire cant miss prospect vs he looks like he trannslate good into the NFL?

Posted by: Truth | July 19, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Just as beach heads have a very strong "UNDER TOW", Jordan is like an very strong under tow for our defense.

Jordan's lack in stat bulk, can be attributed to playing DE/LB, playing a lot of coverage, and Oregon's abiity to put points up so fast offenses had to eliminate the run from their game plan.

Plus, throw in the fact, Oregon at times had leads great enough that Jordan's playing day ended at times by late 3rd qtr. Certainly by mid 4th qtr.

Oregon had games that were so out of hand, at times there may have been "walk ons" playing by mid to late 4th qtr.

Hey FED UP, maybe if you would come out from under your rock you might notice that Ross has spent 200mll. on free agents this off-season. And you call him cheap.WTF? If yo are so "fed up" why are you commenting here. Go to the Jets blog and have a nice life,moron!

Posted by: Mr Titman | July 19, 2013 at 03:44 PM

What you fail to admit is the fact that more salary was CUT then was added.

Hey, Ross wont even pay to fix his own stadium.


Which one are you?

Rememeber the english language is the only language that doesn't have A Language Academy. So A Slang Word Is As Good As A Regular Word.


“ignant” – 1) The ignorant way of saying ignorant. 2) Proudly and willfully ignorant; using one’s ignorance as a virtue. 3) Slang for ignorant.

9/1 Arkansas State W 57-34
9/8 Fresno State W 42-25
9/15 Tennessee Tech W 63-14
9/22 Arizona W 49-0
9/29 @Washington State W 51-26
10/6 Washington W 52-21
10/18 @Arizona State W 43-21
10/27 Colorado W 70-14
11/3 @USC W 62-51
11/10 @California W 59-17
11/17 Stanford L 17-14 (OT)
11/24 @Oregon State W 48-24


1/3 @Kansas State W 35-17

Look at these scores. Now, do you see why Dion Jordan didn't accumulate a mountain of stats? Pretty difficult to do when your playing day is done as early as mid 3rd qtr, right?

The 2012 Oregon victory margins totals don't lie.

Dion Jordan will be compiling stats in Miami. Its highly doubtful our offense will be consistently blowing away teams like Jordan's team in Oregon did.

Jordan will play "ALL FOUR QTRS" in Miami on a very consistent basis.

..I'm fired up for training camp. It has been a few years since I have gone into a season thinking this team could be pretty good. Whether the team is or not we will see. This said. It feels good to be excited about the team.

Like any season, 90 percent of the teams.. A few plays here, a few bounces there can turn a 6-7 win team into a 9-10 win team. There really isn't much difference. Where we do we fall? Would anyone be shocked if this team won 10 games? Do some expect this? Would anyone be equally shocked if this was a 5-6 win team? I would. Even with the very difficult opening 5 weeks. I have higher expectations for this team. I think we will be not only competitive, but by the end of the year. A pretty good football team.

I can't wait to see how this season, this camp plays out. Here's to a great season!

Love Faking, thats only for 1 season, what about previous season

Philbin has to be pissed. First they wouldnt pay Matt Flynn and now they wont pay Vonta Leach? Cant blame Mike Dee for bailing on the garbage franchise.

Love Faking, thats only for 1 season, what about previous season

Posted by: Truth | July 19, 2013 at 04:05 PM

Oregon's offense has been compiling these type of scoring numbers for at least the past 4-5yrs. Where have you been?

Love faking, again so technically the Dolphins drafted on potential in Jordan vs actually production all Im saying is thats risky for a top 3 pick. Mario Williams produced at Maryland, he didnt go #1 because he had the potential to be great.

jake Long = another wasted pick

..In the case of Dion Jordan. Throw away whatever he did or did not do in college. These days, for pass rushers. Teams are betting on attributes more then any other time. It isn't important how many sacks a player has in college. what is importan is how a team views each individuals ceiling for growth, and production. If stats we the most important barometer. Teams would take the most productive college players, and not even worry about future potential. Who would care.

As fans..We use the stat lines as the most convenient way to evaluate a player. since most, if not all of us cannot possibly do a real player evaluation for a team. The stats make it the one way we can all qualify a player. I'm not accusing anyone of simpy saying player x has these stats so it means he will accomplish this, or he will fail to do that. I'm just saying. Look at some of these first round pass rushers taken in the last few years. Very few of them were stat stuffers.

Also, Dion Jordan began his college career as a highly recruited TE out of high school. I think it was because of injury, that I read, Jordan was asked to play on the defensive side of the ball.

He's really only played 2 "full seasons" on this side of the ball. Somewhere during his sophomore season he made the switch. This is why his "upside" on this side of the ball is so huge.

He has played very well on the defensive side of the ball with the limited experience. That's why experts feel he's barely scratched the surface of what his potential will be at the pro level.

Hey YG,

You're talking a LOT of shyte, man....

I'M the one who told you the Dolphins would draft a pass rusher in the first round. I even suggested it would be Dion Jordan. You scoffed at my comments and said 'if they did that it would mean Ireland would be admitting his mistake taking Vernon the year before', which I said was BS.

So don't start spinning this stuff and say 'Ireland taking Jordan just further proved my point' or whatever crap you're trying to come up with. You said the Dolphins taking Jordan would never happen. End of story. Put all the BS spin you want on it 4-5 months after the fact. You said they'd never take a pass rusher in the first round. Not only that, but you gave some crap excuse that because they were third in sacks last year they didn't need one.

Admit you were wrong for ONCE in your life please...

Considering the questions at O-line and even more questionable blocking at RB, I don't understand why the delay on Leach. I mean they've spent all this money on upgrades but it will be a waste if Tannehill doesn't have time to throw the ball.

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