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Dolphins not signing Leach for camp's start

The Dolphins and the agent for fullback Vonta Leach had a heart-to-heart talk Thursday and the message was clear. The club is not signing the free agent fullback before camp starts Sunday.

General Manager Jeff Ireland told Ralph Vitolo that the club was starting camp on Sunday without Leach and that, although the club likes the player, the only way a signing would occur is if coaches look at the talent currently on the roster and finds it lacking during camp.

That sound you're hearing is Jovorskie Lane and Charles Clay breathing a sigh of relief.

I first reported this news yesterday on my twitter account. That's happening more and more so follow me for the latest Dolphins news and analysis there. The handle is @ArmandoSalguero.

Leach is not completely out of the picture in Miami.

The Dolphins open camp early this year so it might well be that they see something they don't like the first few days of camp and circle back to Leach. Leach, who has a standing $2 million offer from the Ravens, is in no hurry to sign but he is dangling and available. The Texans are a possibility are also a possibility for Leach.

The curious thing about this whole flirtation with Leach is that the team was so hot for him initially and then suddenly and unexpectedly cooled. The Dolphins were the first team to call Leach after his release from Baltimore. The coaches indicated to him they wanted him. The personnel department indicated to Vitolo they wanted him. Coach Joe Philbin told friends around the league he wanted Leach.

But after Ireland and Philbin returned from vacation, suddenly that desire to sign Leach faded. Interestingly, the Dolphins and Leach never discussed money. The sides talked general numbers but there was never an offer from Miami.


I like the idea of Leach over Lane. Yes, Lane is younger. But Leach is better. Leach is more experienced. Leach is a proven leader. Leach has been on a winner and in the playoffs. And he's healthy and never over weight.

On a Dolphins offense that is young at nearly every position, a little veteran experience would be a plus.

That apparently isn't how the Dolphins view things at the moment.


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Here's YG's comment on Joe Ferguson.

Dumbass Odin Odor,

Joe Ferguson was always one of the better qb's in the league. Buffalo could always score with the best of them.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 19, 2013 at 07:51 PM

YG also posted this Big Lie:

Joe Ferguson cracked the 20td mark 4 times in the 70's. His career numbers overshadow Griese's career numbers. Tell your buddy fin4 to compare Griese and Ferguson's career numbers side by side.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 19, 2013 at 08:28 PM

The Facts:

Ferguson TD-INT 196-209 Yards 29,817 QB Rating 68.4

Griese: TD-INT 192-172 Yards 25,092 QB Rating 77.1

YG and his multitude of Fake Sign in names really cooked the books when it came to accurately portraying Ferguson's statistics.

Griese was never known to be a Gunslinger. But in almost every conceivable category, Griese almost always overshadows Ferguson statistically. And like I said, with Griese not being a Gunslinger, where does that leave Ferguson?

Ferguson wasn't even average throughout his career and the real stats bear this out. Whatever you do, don't take YG's word for it. Check them yourself at pro-football-reference.com. It's an awesome site.

YG is just out there. He'll post any old crazy thing and then call people names when they prove to him how wrong he was. He is truly and amazingly idiotic and ignorant.

Nothing he posted all last night was accurate. Yet he fought tooth and nail, called names and even had a major hissy fit defending all of his erroneous bullshyt! It's fvcking wild the extent he will go, without any basis in fact or reality-LOL!

He's Cooked Man, the Guy is TOAST - ROTFLMAO!!!!

ALL players report today for camp...the offseason is over! Hopefully everyone is healed and ready to play. There's no reason these players can't take this team a step forward and be competitive with every team in the league.

If you check YG's bullshyt, you will see it runs DEEP!

Joe Ferguson cracked the 20td mark 4 times in the 70's. His career numbers overshadow Griese's career numbers. Tell your buddy fin4 to compare Griese and Ferguson's career numbers side by side.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | July 19, 2013 at 08:28 PM

Besides Griese having better career numbers.........


.......wait for it......wait........ONE SINGLE FREAKING TIME!

Ferguson only broke 20 TD's 3 times in his entire 17 year career. 1975, 81 and 83. He threw for 20 even in 1980.

I'm done with YG and I'm done with this old, useless information. I just took some pleasure in showing everyone what an utterly useless Fraud Troll YG is.

Do you think he'll admit he's wrong about this?

My bet is he blames Wikipedia for everything and continues on his ignorant way-LOL! I checked Wiki, they got it right. YG didn't, Big Surprise.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if YG is a Urinal Cake or simply a Tool! Either one fits this Fraud!

YG you are an UTTERLY, USELESS FRAUD and your Football Knowledge is even WORSE!

Just Saying.................

Memo to rookie Dion Jordan...sign your contract today and get your butt into camp. The offset language is not a good reason to hold out and fall behind. This a deep veteran defense that isn't going to wait around for you to catch up.

Dadsmith word!


I know you have your theories on the depths (or lack of) on YG's mental stability....but I subscribe to the simplest answer is USUALLY the correct one....

YG needs some poosy.....plain and SIMPLE....and there is NO WAY he can claim to be getting any while he is posting from his keyBoArD 24/7....365.....

FINS football is/was his only outlet...and without it (off-season) he is utterly broken and lost.....

You see....if we didn't post too...or ABOUT YG.....he would go even more BAT SH@T crazy than he is now.....we post too/about YG...therefore he IS.....

c'mon...let's be serious....YG hasn't had a real visitor (not talking about meals on wheels...or the dude that gives you a sponge bath) for years.....kids' don't visit him......hasn't seen his grandkids since they were toddlers.....the dude is hurting in a bad way.....WE are ALL doing him a great service just by acknowledging his pathetic existence....and we have ALL witnessed just how pathetic that existence really is.....

But i'll keep posting to and ABOUT you YG....I want to be the reason you open your EYES EVERT MORNING...and continue to live thru this HE!! on earth that you call a life.....

You have been asking for me for TWO days YG.....

I hope the above post (and this one) give you your fix...

Yes, the Collective is infallible. Of course.

This is too new for all of Us and we agree that the only real effective way to financially maintain this kind of Blog is thru the # of hits it receives. Up to now. We are working feverishly to find an alternative and save Us from this kind of drivel-shi- torrent that prevails here.

A bruizing F/B like Zonka is worth it's weight in gold, (as in a ring) but the fins have a different scheme up-coming. Tannihill and Lamare are so fast that a F/B would only hold them back... thus unnessary as the play evolves. If we are in a fourth and inches, let the ball fly to Wallace in an 70 yard TD...

That's how Shula and Marino would play it out. Zonka might agree between hunting guides

It has to be a good feeling for the players at the start of training camp today in Davie with so much optimism and positive buzz around the team. The team has turned the corner and for me the only question is how good are these guys going to be this season..? BTW...really not that concerned about the FB position.

Ross is too cheap to pay Jordan fairly? Or to pay Leach? Philbin wanted Leach signed a month ago. WTF Ross?

47 posts of blithering nonsense
3 posts about football

5 posts of angry, pent up hostility
1 post about football

I'll hold off on passing judgement on a minor.

13 posts flag bearing (pole bearing) in defense of his few chat buddies.
3 posts about football

Another Saturday.
We know what that means.

While James Walker had his nose so far up our bungholes he felt like Pinocchio I was exposing the fraud about the Phins offseason.
Finally the message got throught to Walker, check it out:


It's really sad that I cant wear the Dolphins NEW LOGO to the Gym....

It's just not a very MASCULINE LOOK.

You can't mix the
'Effeminate Supermodel'
style of South Beach with

Their new Uniforms are not appropriate for a FOOTBALL TEAM.

Oh well....I guess Stephan Ross will make more Merchandise money in two years when he changes it to something else.

Anyone know how many concussions Leach has had? That's a big issue with Fullbacks and may be why Ireland wants to see if the younger guys can impress. Leach is looking for 2 or 3 years at $3 million+ per year (if he can get it) and a big chunk of change guaranteed to boot. Ireland's hoping to get him cheaper than that especially since FB is a dying breed and he has younger guys already on the roster for training camp.

There's always more to the story than gets leaked to the public...

Anyone see Dion Jordan he looks like a WR, hope he gets on the Cam Wake workout regimen ASAP

I never defend anybody, I just try to help the OCD ASPD nutters.

Glad to see football is back! 4 posts, for the obsessed.lol

Dion Jordan needs to bulk up

You can't play Pro Football at his size

I hope his shoulder problems are behind him.... and
that he is able put some muscle on those bones.


Maybe you should find a new team? 'Can't wear it to the gym'? Yeah OK bud. Doesn't really sound like you're a really fan anyways. If you're not proud of the team or the logo then you're supporting the wrong team. Did we EVER have a non-pastel logo? Maybe you need to stop worrying about what people think of you or go support the Raiders. They're supposed to have a logo that all the gangs like. Maybe that's more your speed.

Jeff Ireland doesn't sign Leach.
Jeff Ireland doesn't sign Jordan.
It is clear that the chess master is back from vacation and moving the pieces.
A team can get stronger from who they don't sign as well as who they do sign.
What a privilege to have a personnel genius guiding our team.

Hey Craig, remember when there was zero chance we were dropping Dansby because of his contract? Well those days are behind th team now. I feel the Fins might finally be assembling a line backing core that is athletic and has future promise.

Does anyone here see Trusnick making the team now that we have some young promising LBs?





To me Trusnick is everything wrong with how the franchise has been run for years. If we had good young depth a guy like that would not be on the team. Now maybe we do?

D.Jordan Aka The Ice Cream Man Is Like Having Lebron On Defense.

J.Taylor Was Never Real Big.

The Vision Of Ireland Is What I Like.

O.Vernon Is A C.Wake Clone. And DJ Is A JT Clone. We Have A Young Duo Of DEs That Can Rush The Passer With Different Skill Sets. In A Couple Years When They Both Grow Into Their Own. WOW. Just Flipping Sides From Play To Play Will Cause Havoc.


The LBs Are Still The Position On Defense That Lacks The Most Depth. But Agreed We Have Better LBs Than Last Year.

Our Starters Are Still Young And Can Get Better. And The Players Behind Them Are Even Younger And Are Hungry To Prove Themselves.

Agreed. Trusnik Must Be Worried. Right Now He Is Our #6 LB. And He Probably Will Get Competition For That Spot From Some Undrafted Rookie Acorn Ireland Brought In.

Last Season Was An Evaluation Season For Philbin, This Season Is The First Season Of The Rebuild.

I Like The Way Philbin Builds A Team Better Than Parcells. Philbin Is Rebuilding Thru The Draft. Not Handing Out 4yr Deals To Free Agents With Injury History To Build Most The Roster. Philbin Wants To Develop His Own Players.

Wowee I Like Football And My Team Makes Me Happy They Are Good Players And We Win Games. Now I Go For Ice Cream! It Is Saturday!!! Yaaaay! Yippe!

Shouldn't Your Rear End Be Sore From The Pounding You Have Taken The Last Couple Days Here.

Actually...I've been a Dolphin fan for a very long time Craig...


It's just SAD and PATHETIC to see the INCREDIBLE LACK OF AWARENESS that Dee used when he came up with 'this new concept'

The last time I checked....successful Football teams are violent and tough.

The overall look should be MORE AGGRESSIVE than the
under illustrated
image that will be on their helmets this year.

(For what it's worth...I never liked
Jimmy Johnson's little 'Punk Dolphin' either.)

Ross spent a year trying draw the AMERICAN IDOL crowd into their fan base.

They had a chance, recently, to do something cool.
But instead...they're trying to mix

It's amazing how the freaking Jacksonville Jaguars managed to wipe their @ss with innovation.


Mommy Tied My Shoes Real Good So Now I Can Run Fast!!! Today I get Two Scoops And Sprinkles!!!

Yippe Yiyaaaah!

Mike Dee bailed the sinking ship. Cant blame him...

'Live action tomorrow' (@ 11:34)

That funny...because at the draft, Jordon was briefly standing
next to a woman reporter and their shoulders were both about the same width.

I'm sure he's a great athlete BUT He's gonna have to
GROW MORE MUSCLE to be an elite NFL player.

Ted Hendricks, Jason Taylor, and even Vern Den Herder were all broader.

We have the biggest douche bags in the world for fans. Seriously, I just read through the first page of comments and how morose can you people get. It's pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourselves. If we don't sign Leach, it's not the end of the world. He's a fullback. He's not Jesus. He won't make or break this team. Ireland is not sabotaging the team. Ireland is the reason we picked up so many new pieces and the reason we have so much hope for this season. Ross is not cheap. Really? With 14 million in cap room, if Leach helps our team to win, do you think Ross gives a damn about shelling out 2-3 million dollars for him? Get real. Ross's allowance of spending has nothing to do with the players that Ireland is bringing in this year. The reason he doesn't pay for all of the restorations for the stadium is that no one just has 400 million to shell out like nothing, not even billionaires and doing so would basically show weakness and give the Florida politicians what they want. It would destroy partial public ownerships in the future. What you people should be paying attention to is how much cap space we have so we can roll it over next year when certain contracts expire or explode in value. We're going to need the money next year.

You pessimistic fans need to get your heads out of your collective asses and support your team. Grow some balls. Giving up over one player before the season even started? You guys are like a bunch of hormonal teenage girls.

Ross is too cheap to fix his own decrepid stadium.....so star players are certainly out of the question.

Hooka Moms is NOT professional! GEEZ!


Get over it. The past is the past. You can't create the future while clinging to the past.

Irescum should've drafted Dez Bryant instead of insulting him.

I never found any fraud in the martin cas so there was nothing to expose.
It was just a horrible accident.
And when there is an accident than insurance companies have to pay out.
In this case Z-man followed Trayvon first in his car and so his auto insurance company has exposure.
Since he was taking it upon himself to protect his home and neighborhood then homeowners underwriter also has exposure.

REALLY TWEETY? Jordan standing next to a women reporter, shoulder to shoulder?

What is she a Giant?

Ill see for myself how big he is at practice tomorrow as I live

only 15 minutes away which = PARADISE :-):-):-)

Just watched Dez fumble on NFL Network replay of Skins-Cowboys game from last year.

Seriously 'Live Action'

Jordan is tall....but he's NOT Wide.

He needs a year of

Enjoy Camp !

Like I said, Leach is good at what he does; he is a blocking FB.I like him in that role. But, is that a position of dire need in this offense?
I think our offense will open up to the point that a blocking FB will only indicate to the D a narrow amount of plays that are coming.
I am not promoting Lane; I think he is gone. Think out of the box.

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