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Dolphins to work out Laurent Robinson

The Dolphins were very interested in Laurent Robinson last offseason until the Jacksonville Jaguars swooped in and signed the receiver coming off an 11-TD season to a $32.5 million deal. That didn't go well because Robinson suffered from concussion issues in Jacksonville and was eventually cut.

Well, with the Dolphins needing wide receiver help and Robinson still available it is apparently time to revisit the idea.

Robinson will be in South Florida and will work out for the team by tommorrow, according to The Herald's Barry Jackson who broke the story on twitter. Follow him!

It's likely the Dolphins will be looking at other WRs as well after losing Armon Binns to a catastrophic knee injury on Sunday. Binns reportedly blew out his ACL and MCL during practice.

Robinson has been making the rounds on workouts. He visited New England, Detroit and the Jets and didn't sign with any of them.

The concussion limited Robinson to seven games and 24 catches a season ago. But he had a monster season for Dallas in 2011 when he caught 54 passes for 858 yards and 11 TDs. That performance obviously made him a free agent prize.

Now he's hoping to land a job with a team that has already signed several free agent wide receiver prizes -- Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson -- this offseason.

Other names on the receiver free agent market include Austin Collie, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Early Doucet, perhaps Donald Driver and Steve Breaston.

Don't bank on Johnson or Moss being in the mix, however. They simply don't fit Joe Philbin's style, as we already saw with Johnson last year.

"We're always looking to improve from within or without," Philbin said today. "We're not afraid as an organization to improve the ballclub at any position."


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I wonder what Leagudu Nannee is doing these days?

He might not know his name anymore but he can still catch a football !

Two words: Terrell Owens

Bring back greg camarillo!

Yes T.O

Apparently they are not satisfied with any of the young receivers, McNutt, Fuller, Matthews, they have been plenty inconsistent.

I don't think we are that desperate yet to sign T.O.

Why not Austin Collie?

Please bring in somebody that can catch the football first. Tannehill's ball is not the easiest to catch.

fin4 too still feeding the troll etf, pricemaster, jack sparoo, the smf and the other 9 characters that have told everyone to swallow his load.

you guys really are PATHETIC

and desperate.

Your lives must be so dull.

James, that's the name that caught my eye too (Collie). But didn't he do something to get suspended or something from Indy? Thought there were issues there. Breaston might be intriguing (as like a #4 guy). He has some skills. Might have fallen off by now though.

The Dolphins still have a few people in camp that may be able to step up and fill the "4th Receiver" role.
I say give them a chance first.

Haha! They are trying to replace Armon Binns, the #4 or #5 WR. Who cares who they replace him with.

Binns? Much ado about a udfa cut by the lowly Jags!

Please no more white WRs.


Collie had three of the worst concussions you've ever seen. One was against Philly and another Vs. Jax were he was layed out in disturbing fashion on both plays which got alot of coverage on Nfl Net/ESPN. They weren't the type were a player gets up and walks off the field he was carted off on those 2 and there was another yet that Yr. (2010) that ended his Season. He was brought back slowly playing very sparingly in 2011 before getting his 3rd concussion in Pre-Season 2012 Vs. Pitt. he has serious trouble with the concussions. He's been plenty in the Sports news on all Sports channels with this problem and the growing concern with the head injuries and is probbably another good shot from retirement Ala Javid Best. It's a shame given if you ever saw anything on Collie you know he can play and won't be a problem given he's a devout Mormon whose even done Missionary work around the World.

Since we are looking at WRs, why not workout Brian Robiskie? He is young, has size and upside.

ummmmm don't we need an OL more then receiver?

AH has had legal representation since before he entered the draft, they are not allowing him to talk.

Ahh, thanks for the info fin4life. Now I'm remembering (I knew I saw something about him). Yeah, on that note, pass (I was thinking the same about Robinson). Recurring concussions are hard to come back from nowadays. People are saying what's the big deal with #4 WR, but in this day and age (3-4 WR sets, etc.) it actually is pretty important, and we want a guy that can see the field (not just the training room).

Eye see the process playing itself out,when you have the opportunity to bring someone in you do so whether its Laurent Robinson or Brandon Lloyd,or whom ever fit your team now an for the rest of the season.

We don't have an OTackle problem, yet.

From a post yerterday "That leaves — for now — Marvin McNutt, Jeff Fuller, Brian Tyms, Chad Bumphis, Kenny Stafford, Jasper Collins and newcomer Andrell Smith competing for the No. 4 and 5 receiving jobs. McNutt has had the best camp of that group. Another receiver might be signed."
This just confirms that the coaching stff does not have the confidence in the names mentioned above for any one of them to step up. All developmental palyers I guess????

I'm not too worried about our WR corps this year. Tannehill will have plenty of targets to WR + TE + RB out of the back field....that is a bummer about Binns, he looked good.

Out of all of those names, Early Doucett has a very high upside. Collie and Robinson are concussions waiting to happen.

Ankle-Weights Wallace, Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates are all available what is the problem?

Well if they don't have confidence with the guys they have tell Jeff Ireland to stop getting are in the six and seventh round and draft some studs in rounds 1-3.

Find out who the Patriots are interested in....they unfortunately seem to always pick people that contribute

Is Matthews hurt as well?

But ill take him, he has experience.

We have nothing to lose if we give him a shot.

If Tony Soprano were the HC he'd make Tanne the 4th WR and have Moore come in a few times a game to take some snaps.

d bess? oh wait we gave him away for nothing

yea, I am not happy about Bess being gone ether. supposedl he did not fit the offense, but that is the weakest reason I have heard. A receiver who gets open and catches the ball does not fit?

It's a good thing they are playing at 7PM today. It's probably the hottest here it has been this year.

i know wtf?

Is it true that Wallace is not adjusting to the heat well, that is why there is no "5th gear"? Or is that BS?

brandon llyod

Randy Moss.

If We Are Going To Bring Someone Else. Randy Moss.

Randy Moss On 1 Side, Mike Wallace On The Other.

Randy Moss Is Still Fast.

But We Are Not. So Let The Young Guys Battle For The 4,5,6s.

Exposing - Sorry but Clyde Gates is with the Jets now, and looking great!

gates is horrible and will probaly not even make the jets roster which basically has the worst set of wrs in the history of the nfl

Did you really just suggest that Donald Driver is available? Using the word "perhaps" doesn't negate the ridiculousness of that statement.

Moss is done like TO.


2 watt is mad at me.

So Gates looks great at Jets camp AND he looks horrible at Jets camp?

Sorry but I don't see a big deal or significant story here!

The team is looking IMO for depth in the event one of it's 3 WR's were to get hurt. The Dolphins will this Yr. employ alot of 3 WR sets with a T.E. (Keller) out of the one Back formation. I think were more than set here with other looks in double T.E. (Sims looks like he's coming on) and/or an H-Back (Clay) The 4 WR set will undoubtedly be used but I think McNutt has shown some flashes (albeit in T.C. Ala 7/11 last Yr.) but aren't we forgetting about R.Matthews? This move is IMO based on depth should either Wallace, Gibson or Hartline sustain injury.

The OL in my book is getting shifts in an attempt to place the best 5 on the field something we NEVER did with Sparano (OL GURU) given when players were signed they were placed in spot to plug hole with little in the form of tinkering, again see little to overly concern myself about especially with Samuda more than holding his own Vs. our stellar DL and Louis set to return full strength after the HOF game.

How many teams in the FA ERA have had great depth across the board because I can't recall any much less 5 starting caliber WR's on their roster (outside of the Pack who have built through draft and know what there doing when it comes to drafting WR's Recievers)In the FA ERA it's a race to see which teams survive come Dec. with a healthy roster again ZERO story here!

The Dolphins are pathetic. 5th consecutive losing year coming up.

ZERO story here!

Posted by: fin4life | July 29, 2013 at 03:14 PM

So why is everyone harping on it? Binns is nothing more than a udfa that was cut by the worst team in football.

I agree.
This is not a real story.
Being falsly accused and imprisoned even when the prosecution cannot provide evidence for a simple probable cause hearing is the issue.

Maybe this sort of thing goes on all the time and I have never been informed, but now that I am aware of this injustice then I must protest loudly. The thing that amazes me is that I am not Hispanic and yet I am the only one that cares about this violation of human rights. Where is the voice of Mando, Dashi, oscar canosa, Cuban Menace, Rodriguez etc?

No story here nope. But let's just discuss it all day long anyway.

I'm going for a manicure and I hope we have moved on when I get back.

Who is Rodriguez?

So why is everyone harping on it? Binns is nothing more than a udfa that was cut by the worst team in football.

Posted by: 0 + 1 | July 29, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Because Mando has been offering ZERO in the form of Camp stories (Competition wise of who is challenging who) droping crappy posts.

For instance yesterday Samuda getting his shot at 1st string Center went up against Odrick and it got nasty were they had the 1st Camp fight were the OL backed him and had a minnie free for all with the DL.

Wallace and Tannehill connected on 2 long pass plays Vs. #1 CB Grimes (HUGE) and Keller was owning the middle of the field ect...

But we get stories about adding depth at the 4 or 5 spot at WR or about Free AH caps ect....

Today Mando finally gives you 2 posts and not one is about what to look for in todays full on live scrimmage, come on man!!!

Who is Samuda?
Where did he come from?
How can he be a starter?
What about Dallas, Texas & lance Louis?

Who is Rodriguez?

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 29, 2013 at 03:28 PM


The Dolphins are pathetic. 5th consecutive losing year coming up.

Posted by: Matt | July 29, 2013 at 03:20 PM

Very informative Matt. Please share your wisdom as to why you believe that? It would be nice for some detractors to offer some supporting evidence, since reality has proven otherwise. See, Miami hasn't done anything that's even remotely similar to the last 4 years this offseason. And over the last 2 seasons they've totally restructured the team. Now, I don't know if they will have a winning season or not, but I haven't seen anything in 1 week of practice to be pessimistic at this point (so I'd like to hear what it is you've seen to make such a comment).

Could the Dolphins add John Abraham that their pass rush?

I think this Team could be a sleeper team this season....

Starting to feel this Dolphin vibe....


I liked everything I heard and seen about Will Davis. I have even posted that I think he can be a starter soon.

Of course **SOME Phantom** poster here jumped all over me for this.

Nonetheless, Davis is leading the team in passes defensed and has a pick 6 to his credit.

Not surprising as he led his team and conference as a Senior. Davis is extremely Raw(IMO)and has a high ceiling. Thankfully, he keeps getting better.


I don't know if you read this, from Barry Jackson's column:

### Dolphins players have been buzzing about rookie tight end Dion Sims, who is getting work with starter Dustin Keller in two tight end sets. “He’s definitely opened my eyes,” Moore said. “Good blocker, great size, good hands. Really good job creating space for himself.”

Meanwhile, a veteran defensive player said Michael Egnew's blocking remains a shortcoming.

Good hands, REALLY Good at creating space........?

Sounds like he could be MORE than just a Blocker-LOL!

Who is Samuda?
Where did he come from?
How can he be a starter?
What about Dallas, Texas & lance Louis?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 29, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Samuda played College ball at UMASS which if your a hoops fan you've heard of. He was 1st team All CAA (Colonial Athletic Assosiation) which pretty much gives you an idea of his exposure in the NCAA. Dallas Thomas alog with Samuda likely get the starts at LT & Center respectively in HOF game making it must see at least for me.


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