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Jerry injured, Dolphins experimenting with OL

Dolphins coaches last night told rookie Dallas Thomas he should prepare himself for work at guard with the first-team offense today. Thomas, a third-round pick, had played only tackle since training camp began. And he hadn't taken any first-team snaps.

"Nothing is set in stone right now and they just want me to learn the whole offense," Thomas said.

The reason for the sudden promotion and change of position?

John Jerry has an unknown injury. He was not on the field today, neither in practice nor on the side rehabilitating. Coach Joe Philbin was asked about Jerry's absense but said the club's policy is to not comment on injured players -- which I suppose eliminates the possibility Jerry was absent for some other reason.

And so with their presumed starting right guard out today, the Dolphins basically blew up the starting offensive line.

Jerry went out.

Thomas went to left guard.

And Richie Incognito switched over from left guard, where he's started the past three years, to right guard.

So today, the Miami starting offensive line had one player back from a year ago playing a position he played all of last year. That was Mike Pouncey at center. You'll recall right tackle Tyson Clabo is new to the team. Jonathan Martin was mostly at right tackle last year. Incognito was exclusively at left guard and Jerry was at right guard.

That makes today all the more curious. One would think that the easy fix for replacing Jerry would be to plug in Thomas at right guard. (And although he took a couple of snaps at right guard, most of the work was at left).

You would think that Incognito and Martin, who are getting a feel for each other on the left side, wouldn't be broken up.

You would think that Thomas, a rookie, and Martin, a second-year player, form something of an inexperience issue on the left side.

Nope. Coaches would disagree. Philbin cited the fact it's still early in camp and that allows coaches to experiment a bit.

Thomas said he was initially "nervous" about working against the starting defensive line and with the starting OL. He added it is ultimately a good thing because it helped him know what "game speed" against better players is like.

(I got news for him, that wasn't game speed).

Anyway, the moving aorund of the different players is interesting because, frankly, the ofensive line hasn't been very good since camp opened. The defensive front has generally gotten the better of the unit and on blitzes the holes in the A-gap were sizeable.

So coaches are facing this question:

Do you only plug in the rookie and not shake things up and hope the unit comes together?

Or ...

You make more significant changes and see if that's way better.

By the way, I am only speculating here but if Jerry's injury were serious the move to blow things up makes more sense. Thomas, after all, is more comfortable on the left side and Incognito is a more natural right guard anyway.

But if Jerry is returning tomorrow and all will be returned to normal, today was something of a waste in the OL's search for cohesion.

Makes you wonder how serious Jerry's injury really is.


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late July......perfect time to experiment and see what you got

Maybe first!

How dare they try different alignments in practice #5. Don't they know the season is over 1 month away ? Stop wasting time !


Hmm wonder what's up with Jerry?


since when is clabo on left side?

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust?

Shoulda paid Big Jake...

cmon armando, a little slack for thomas regarding his game speed comment......dudes a 22 yr old rookie stepping in unexpectedly, at a different position.....surprised he's nervous?--we all know that he'll find out its not "game speed" soon enough and on his own, no need to point out the obvious--unecessary needling, no?

stuff all teams go through........over.....analyzing

Trade for Branden Albert

Armando and Kelly are so negative and then they wonder why Miami fans are what they are. The media drives the madness.

Lance Louis in the wings......relax

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust

can 3rd rd picks really qualify as busts?--I'll go with disappointing maybe, but busts should apply to 1st rd picks......maybe early/mid 2nds, maybe---not 3rds

1 week (almost) of practice and the sky is already falling on the OL Mando? I didn't know you had such a keen eye to be able to formulate an opinion so quickly.

ozzie newsome and bill belicheck have picked more busts than Ireland the last couple of years. Great qb play makes the difference.

Armando and Kelly are so negative and then they wonder why Miami fans are what they are. The media drives the madness.

Posted by: Slam

Gee, I don't know, maybe the fact we've been mediocre to terrible for the better part of a decade now has something to do with the negativity...although negative probably isn't the right word, "realistic" would be more accurate.

Yea great way to live your life Statler. No wonder nothing good ever works out for you

Not performing the print version of fellatio isn't "being negative." Keep up the good work, Armando. I'm sure none of the coaches are drinking happy juice about the OL.

Hard to be anything but negative when this team loses every friggin year.

the oline is one thing Anderson but to write about every overthrow on drills done after practice is a bit excessive.

ozzie newsome and bill belicheck have picked more busts than Ireland the last couple of years.
Posted by: Slam | July 26, 2013 at 12:02 PM


I'm hearing the injury may be somewhat serious. Not sure what it is but those are the whispers.

I know it's very early but my fear is that all the good work this offseason will go for not if the OL struggles. Will Tannehill have time to get the ball to Wallace and Keller. Will there by holes there for Miller and Thomas.

It's early but if the line strugggles, we will struggle. Shoots down that argument that I've seen on here SO many times....'just get weapons and we'll win'.

We'll see....

yea fact terrance cody, Courtney Upshaw, jermain cunninghame, taylor price, arron hernandez, all the sorry conerbacks on new englands roster, jimmy smith are all ballers!

A top QB doesnt need a great OL to be effective. But TanneHnne needs all the help he can get. He's pretty pathetic so far.

Well, if Tannehill gets hurt we improve dramatically with Matt Moore. Just like when Henne got hurt.

like i said yesterday, specifically about Martin at LT.....if he isnt very good (applies to the OL in general obvioiusly, but LT is key), then none of the offseason signings or progress matter all that much--OL injuries are gonna happen, every team deals with them......"weapons" are nice, and necessary, but dont matter too much if your QB is on the run, or on his back--Im hopeful, but realistic.....think most fans need to dial it back some, re: Wallace, Keller, etc--OL is the whole ball of wax

Jeff Ireland has more busts then Dolly Parton!!! LOL

Settle down people! It's way too early in Training Camp to be jumping on bandwagons...

fact is that blogs like these attract mostly negative comments/people......happy people dont bother commenting, for the most part.......negative people like to wallow in it, commiserate with other negative people......pretty much what you got here--not right or wrong, just fact

Well since Incognito sucks when he has to move to the left to help out the LT the move to the RG is probably a great idea, especially since Thomas was one of the highest rated at OG and has manned the position for two yrs at Tennessee till he had to play LT last yr (which he also handled well)... This could be a thing of genius in the end for the Dolphins cuz everyone is Now At Their Natural Positions on the Oline... And Thomas was supposedly Great at picking up blitzers so that should help the left side as well cuz Incógnito struggled when they came from the outside shoulder tween he and the Lt.

Being positive now is the equivalent of being negative after a SB win. Its ASS BACKWARDS!!!!!!!

Jeff Ireland has more busts then Dolly Parton!!! LOL
Posted by: LOL | July 26, 2013 at 12:22 PM

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over an over and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

Ozzie Newsome.....R U serious? Ellerbe, kruger, Flacco and Ray Rice. Didn't raven's win the super bowl. One of best GM in the game, get a clue.


We've been told REPEATEDLY on here by many, that you can get by with anyone playing LT. I've heard all the BS about 'name so and so's LT who won the Superbowl' and 'of the 12 teams that made the playoffs, how many had a Pro Bowl LT'.

We're about to learn just how true those statements are.

boy, I'm just taking in the wisdom here......soaking it in......

Well, that wasn't a bad entry at all, Armando.

craig, i get your point but its a stretch......i dont think too many have said that "anyone" can play LT, and the team can still be successful--plenty have said that some of the top/SB teams simply dont have a Pro Bowl/stud LT, thats all......that they've gotten by and been successful with only solid LTs, not elite LTs......and thats true, bottom line--nobody said "anyone" can/should play LT, just that you dont need an elite/expensive LT to be good-dont exaggerate

I hope people aren't saying John Jerry was the difference between a good oline and a horrible oline (this isn't directed at anyone in particular). Because I remember a lot of folks who were looking to upgrade from him during the offseason.

I get that the oline hasn't looked great, but I've always heard that the defense comes in more ready-to-go then the offense on most teams. Or, another way to look at it is our defense is so outstanding, they will even make an otherwise good oline look pedestrian. We really are just speculating until they actually line up against another team. We have 5 Pre-Season games to observe things, I just think it might be prudent to get to see 1 Pre-Season game before we start making claims about the team.

Mando, I'm all for realism, but this just seems like blatant negativity. Its one day in camp in July for the oline.

No mention of Tannehill having his best day of camp so far either. Every other twitter update seems to be OH MY GOD TANNEHILL MISSED WALLACE DEEP !

At least wait and see how the hall of fame game plays out.

John Jerry is the first injury of camp not the last.
Ireland did a good job bringing in players but let's face it we are not 2-deep at most positions.

In my opinion OL and DB and QB are the 3 spots where we cannot afford injuries.

LOL! Why can't these guys show up with their pads on from the parking lot ready to hit. The coaches should have these guys ready by day 2 at the min. They should not be permitted to experiment or move people around and absolutely no injuries. The media is in pre season too; poor decisions and mental errors.

Craig M....

Its about the QB...not the OL......

a great QB can overcome a mediocre line.....an average or below average QB will wilt.....

I think think that is what we will see....

If EVERYTHING needs to be perfect for Tanne....then we are YEARS from competing.....if Tanne can still hold it together with a bit of pressure.....then he is our guy.....

i'm looking forward to finding out...

I dont get it........alot of folks here think Jerry sucks anyway, or is not that good/not dependable at least......and Thomas was a pretty highly regarded OLman, for the most part--so whats the problem?--he's inexperienced but can learn......let the kid play

Please provide some precedents for QBs that did well behind a crappy line.
For example who are all of the QBs that took the top 5 most sacks in a season and was a top 5 rated QB for the season.

We got Jamar Taylor in the 2nd. Will he be more valuable than Albert that we could have had for that pick? It seems that he would be starting and so far Taylor is injured and hasn't taken a snap, you tell me.

again, stuff that all teams go through......dealing with injuries/setbacks, etc.....rather be dealing with it now than in October--think SEA feels great about now, after giving up 3 picks and 11 mill/yr for Harvin?--sh&@t happens

Fraud, Aaron Rodgers comes to mind.

hey sinatra.....think "money" too......huge issue, for all teams......taylor costs 3 bucks/year for the near term......albert costs alot.....decisions all teams gotta make.....and taylor will heal.

All of this talk is a waste of time. I'm sorry to tell everyone who is living in a fantasy world, but Tannehill is going to be a bust. Bottom line he is a choker, he panics under pressue. This is something he carried over from college into the NFL--he chokes in big games. Tanne was the WORST ranked QB last season on 3rd downs and in 4th quarter perfomance. You can teach a QB how to better his technique like footwork or ball release but you can't teach someone to be a winner and not to panic in important game situations. Some QB's have the "it factor" and some don't. Russell Wilson has that winning spirit...there is this intangible quality that all the best QBs in the league have, the greater the pressure, the better they perform. Unfortunately, Tannehill does NOT have this quality..He is a choker and always will be...same as Henne...this team does not have a chance to be great until they find a QB that thrives in the pressure and doesn't cave to it...come back two years from now and you'll see this team searching for a new QB...I've been a fan of the Dolphins for 30 years and always will be but it seems so simple to me and I don't know why the front office doing the drafting doesn't see it..I wanted us to draft Wilson (since we had no chance at Luck or RG3)...imagine the team we'd have if we used our 1st round pick to address the OL and then used our next pick to draft Wilson..we'd be a superbowl caliber team...as long as Tannehill is our QB we won't be anything more than an average team..

lance louis better be good....

Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion!!

Let's see how these young bucks handle this!! You have to give these young OLinemen a chance to compete and see what they have. This is the end of July, not August.


You can make that case after this year, not right now!!

This kid played 1 full year in college at QB!!!


Aaron Rodgers...led the LEAGUE in getting sacked....51 times

Andy Dalton...3rd....46 times

Andrew Luck....4th...41 times....

SB MVP JOE FLACCO tied for 8th (with Tanne) with 35....

Is there any other homework you would like me to do for you....



Aaron Rodgers led the LEAGUE in QBR...with a 108.0 rating....


Why even bother!! There are people on this blog who know next to nothing, and are what I call the "Half Glass Empty Gang"!!

Just been watching NFL channel's "Inside Training Camp Live". Exactly how long does Heath Evans spend in the bathroom with a picture of Belicheck?

But as for this article.....way too many people getting their panties in a wad this early in camp. My guess is that the highly-paid coaches of the Fins know more about these players than all of us combined.

Thank you for the info.
Good work.

I stand corrected.
A Top QB can thrive behind a porous O-line.

Tanne my man you have no more excuses.

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