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Lamar Miller's summer work

Hi, gang. Barry Jackson checking in with another link to a Dolphins column on my blog.

I met with Lamar Miller and Frank Gore this week to discuss their workouts together and why Miller says he's a better player than the one who shined in limited opportunities as a rookie last year. Miller says he feels fully ready to become a starting NFL back, presuming he keeps the job ahead of Daniel Thomas. (It would be very, very, very surprising if he doesn't; he said he was with the first team throughout the entire offseason program.) Ryan Tannehill said Miller has improved in pass protection more than any other area.

Here's the link:


Glad to report that Armando will return next week with his usual mix of info and entertainment. I'll have another three Dolphins columns on my blog in the next week, before camp opens, and will link to one more of them here before Armando returns. Please follow us on twitter at @ArmandoSalguero and @flasportsbuzz.  


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I dont see any improvement. It may be possible that Lamar Miller plays as good as a veteran star Reggie Bush, but its highly unlikely. And the backup RB’s will be worse also when you take Miller out of the backup role. LT will be a severe dropoff IMO. The Dolphins were shut out when Martin played LT in the season finale. Tannehill has shown nothing to make me think he is an NFL QB. He is not accurate. What was he 30th ranked in QBR? The TE’s are below mediocre. I think the offense will struggle. And 10-11 new starters is like an expansion team. Tons of questionmarks that wont all be answered favorably. It also takes time to develop chemistry with all these new guys.

Allowing Ireland to rebuild the mess HE made was moronic on Ross’s part. He has more draft busts then any GM I know. Add in a tough early schedule and it looks like yet another crap season.

Posted by: eel | July 11, 2013 at 10:19 PM

Hey Jackass,

You havent seen any improvement because the damn season hasn't started yet. Not a fakin thing you posted is based in fact.

What, do you have a crystal ball that as already allowed you to see how the 2013 season plays out? I guess when the season begins and ends, it will be like TiVo for you. Do idiots like you ever bother to think before spewing your garbage?

I'm honored that eel was so enamoured with my posts the other day that he immediately took my name and started to run with it.

Glad I can be an inspiration.

Of course he is no match for the real eel.

Any future posts from anyone with eel in their name are not from the original, as I will now find a new name and leave my devoted fan with my original name.

eel, replacing Long will result in a dropoff at both LT and RT.

fake eel. How many gms do you know?

D . Thomas is a wussy. He will be cut.

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Nadhani wewe ni mjinga mafuta mbuzi ambao uume akaliwa na nguruwe!

Miller will be fine, if DT sucks waive or drop hime and pick up Mcgahee if needed. The Fake eel must be a Jets fan.

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How is that for an Amen?

Btw. Why would you even start post anything like you posted on a miami dolphins forum? Lets try sticking to the topic at hand shall we?

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I must read more of this great literature. I love good fiction.

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Excellent reply Eddie. From my encounters with atheists, they have a series of programmed responses that they have memorized. When there is no programmed response to a reply, they can't think past their conclusions. Also I have noticed that their rebuttal is a question that changes the topic. Yet, another attempt at evasion or misdirection.
Still why is this a topic on a football blog?

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New Dolphins uni's are soooooo sweet...

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I'm not religious, in fact I despise religion. It is a man made effort to control Gods own.

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Go Dolphins.... Miller will be THE MAN!!!!

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Fascinating Stuff.(for Me)

But if his responsibilities include covering RBs out of the backfild in the flat the he would be way out of position, he does not have the agility to do that.
I don't expect him to play much this season because he does not have the size to be on the line or the agility to be a LB.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | July 11, 2013 at 04:37 PM


PSALMS 14-1, not PROVERBS. Dont be yoked together with unbelievers: what communion hath light with darkness? Come out from among them, and be ye separate.(dont argue with satan or his minions)

Meanwhile now that the theology discussion is over, we should return to the true religion of Fall - football. I think that the phony eel above is a fool who should just drop commenting on Dolphins boards and go to write on his own Jets board.

The true revealed Word on the Dolphins says:
1. Tannehill is the real deal and will have a breakout season this year
2. Ireland has done an outstanding job finally, after about 15 years of a talent drought, moving the Dolphins to being a team with good to outstanding talent at the starter level in almost all positions.
3. The real challenge now is whether the Dolphins coaches can come up with game plans fully utilizing all of the speed and versatility we have - and actually training the team to fluidly execute on our offense, defense and ST. Coyle seems likely to effectively use the excellent talent he has up front, the speed and coverage capacity in the middle and now the fact that we have talent as safety and probably have upgraded our corners. The talent is there on offense but it will be a lot of work to pull it all together with so many young players.
4. The Dolphins will win at least 9 games, very likely 10 games and a 50/50 chance of 11 games and have a better than 50% chance of winning the AFC East.
5. It is our time.

Great story Barry. Love your work so much.

Nice to hear such great things about Miller and Tannehill and even J Martin. If all these threee guys pan out - that will be a historic Miami Dolphins draft ...

We as fans have a responsibility also. I wonder how many empty seats there will be at the first home game.

Looks like Miller really putting in the work to be a stud in the NFL, please will the comparison to Bush stop, he's nothing like Bush, first off hes a down hill runner more so 1 or 2 cuts and get down field with speed. Reggie would make 10 cuts AKA "dancing" before he decided he need to get downfield

oscar, (אני כי אני),(hebrew), EHYEH ASHER EHYEH... I AM THAT I AM. Alpha, statements 1&5... i hope your right, 2&3... i agree(finally is the key word for me, i havent been happy with Mr Ireland about most of his decisions), #4... i can't/won't make a prediction. win or lose, i just want to see good football and the return of the dolphins among the elite.

The vast majority of the world's population has no belief whatsoever in the concept of Jesus or the Bible or any of the rest you hold so 'holy' and they never will. Their own beliefs evolved from their own history and culture, just as Western religion did.

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Amen, if you think about it it's ONLY Christians and Muslims who attach any kind of holy status to Jesus.

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Miller is also a whole lot bigger. This seems to get lost. Miller comes in at just about 220.

Doubtful that Miller can fill Reggie Bush's shoes.

Mark if Miller can stay healthy we might have a stud at RB, D Thomas will be cut, people sleeping on Gillesse this kid is also good and did it in the best conference in college football.

Amen, all I can say is AMEN! Well said. Most of my family is very religious and I respect them but I have no use for it either and as you said I do not need it to lead a moral life.

If you live in a country that doesnt have or refuses access to the Word then God doesnt hold that against you. Geez talk about grasping at straws.


Sammo, what a dopey statement. There are Christians in plenty of places like India, Japan, Korea, etc. and ANYONE has access to YOUR version of what the "Word" is yet far more people in those places have no belief whatsoever in the Bible or Jesus as a deity or any of the rest of it and instead ascribe to their own beliefs that evolved from their own culture. Just as YOURS did whether you want to accept that or not.

Again, does that mean THOSE people--the ones who are denied access to the "Word" at all---are consigned to eternal damnation?

It really is a yes or no proposition.

Obviously meant to say "those who are NOT denied access to the Word."

jeffro---thanks. Very similar situation in my own family. We have learned to simply respect each other (and do).

But should anyone tell me I NEED religion to lead a morally upstanding life will not hesitate to point out that I do NOT (along with all the hypocrisy wrapped in their own beliefs and the church structure around it.

That goes for ALL religions. Not just Christianity.

You guys are killing me. I am a Christian. I feel sorry for people who have no hope. If you dont believe or if you do believe on this site its all about the NFL Football Team known as the Miami Dolphins. You may have heard of them then maybe you havent. Anyway this is a site for PHIN FANS!!!! There are plenty of other sites to take up this discussion on.

When do Barry jackson, Greg Cote and Adam beasley begin thier 2 month layoffs?

Randy, where on Earth do you come up with a concept that those of us who don't share your religious beliefs have 'no hope?' That's ridiculous, my friend.

Do I believe in the concepts of Heaven or Hell or 'eternal life?' No. I completely reject them. But I live EVERY SINGLE DAY with hope. Hope for a more loving world. Hope that my family and friends are healthy and happy. Hope that reason will prevail over ignorance. Hope that love wins over hate. Hope that the hungry are fed, that the poor find relief, and a thousand other things.

And, yes, hope that Ryan Tannehill hits Mike Wallace on a 72-yard bomb to beat the Patriots, too, lol.

Not having religion in your life does NOT mean leading a life devoid of hope.

Anyone denied the Word aren't sent to hell.Kinda hard to learn about God when you don't have a bible or live somewhere so remote you never hear of God ( yes they still exist here on earth. The net isn't everywhere yet).In other words as you were looking for a one word answer : No.

With all due respect, you didn't answer the actual question, Sammo.

I asked whether folks in those countries (such as the ones I listed) where there is NO restriction whatsoever on being a Christian or access to Bibles or any of the rest but choose to instead follow Buddhism or Taoism or perhaps nothing at all---just like the vast majority of their fellow countrymen---are THEY consigned to damnation and hell?

Miller is getting lots of positive press and accolades. If he can put it out on the field life for Tannehill and the rest of the team will be a lot easier. Hell if our last two drafts mostly work out player dev wise we are looking good come next draft. This is year two of the rebuild and on paper things look good.

This got me thinking, Amen. What if, say, the Buddhist God is the real one? In that case, I guess all the Muslims and Christians will be the ones going to Hell, lol.

Amen Randy ... @ 10:31

Darkoak, I really liked the emphasis of the last two drafts. They really attacked skill positions (except for WR which they addressed big time in free agency) and left behind the guards and DTs. In today's NFL, the skill guys make the trench guys better, not the other way around. Hope the trend continues...

How come onlyCuban reporters get laid off for 2 months at a time?

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